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Mars-1 x Oliver Vernon x Damon Soule Collaboration

What do you get when you put three artists together over Halloween weekend and let them all work on one painting together?  A pretty intense collaboration… Often times when artists work on the same canvas, what initially may have seemed like a good idea may not turn out as well as one would hope.  Discordant styles, varying familiarity with different mediums, and differing artistic visions can all be detrimental to the final result. We have witnessed much of the maneuvering and politics of this interaction […]

Video: Shepard Fairey Stencil Collection

You may remember our studio visit with Shepard Fairey around the time of the presidential election where we got a pretty extensive tour of Studio Number One. Now comes a fascinating video from Bomit where he takes a informal look through many of Shep’s stencils. Interestingly enough, do we hear some Howard Stern on the radio in the background? Discuss Shepard Fairey here.

Streets: Blu in Buenos Aires

For those of you following Blu’s blog, you already know that he is working on a new stop-motion animation in Buenos Aires. No doubt, this newest video from the Italian street artist will be just as fantastic, if not better, than the original groundbreaking “Muto” and the followup collaboration “COMBO” he did with David Ellis for last year’s FAME Festival. A closer look after the jump…

Teaser: Kenichi Yokono @ 2x2projects, Amsterdam

In our recent recap of Kenichi Yokono at Pulse Miami, we lamented the fact that audiences outside of LA and Tokyo rarely get the chance to see this talented artists’ work firsthand. Well, this Friday, Europeans will get one of those rare chances when Amsterdam’s 2x2projects hosts the artist’s latest solo show. And from the looks of the above teaser image, it seems that Yokono is continuing with his new black and red style and may show darker and edgier imagery than what we saw […]

Second Helpings: December 2009

December was a fitting end to a momentous 2009 as visually addicting goodies kept us busy around the world. The staff from AM wraps up the last month of 2009 with a loaded edition of Second Helpings to revisit some of the best articles from the month. Get served after the jump.

Adam Wallacavage – Tarina Tarantino x Sephora Launch Pary

Fashion and art often intersect (Louis Vuitton x Murakami, Sprouse, and Hirst, Shu Uemura x Ai Yamaguchi, just to name a few) , so it comes as no surprise that we see Tarina Tarantino ask Adam Wallacavage to help her with the launch party of her new Sephora “Beauty Collection” set to be released in March. Looks like custom pink versions of Wallacavage signature octopus chandeliers were out in full force during the event. Take a look at more pics after the jump…

Teaser: Os Gemeos – “Nos Braços de um Anjo” @ Galleria Patricia Armocida

On January 25, Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, better known as Os Gemeos, will open “Nos Braços de um Anjo” (In the Arms of an Angel), their second solo show at Milan’s Galleria Patricia Armocida. According to the gallery’s press release, the twins will present new canvases and sculptures, as well as a site-specific interactive installation. See two other teaser images, after the jump

Preview: Ryan McGinley – “Crooked Aisles” @ The Breeder

Athens’ The Breeder graciously sent us some preview images for “Crooked Aisles,” Ryan McGinley’s first solo show in Greece. The exhibition opening January 14 will consist of a varied selection of new and old photographs, including images from McGinley’s summer road trip and “Moonmilk” series, as well as black and white portraits. See all the preview images, after the jump.

Sketchbook: Yoskay Yamamoto

We hope you enjoyed looking through Nate Frizell’s sketchbook a couple of weeks ago. This time, we take a look at some of Yoskay Yamamoto’s (interviewed) creative process as we flip through his sketches. He was kind enough to share it with us during our studio visit with him last year. Take a look after the jump – maybe you will see something that will become a painting for his solo show in June at LeBasse Projects.

Studio Visits: Jesse Hazelip – “Sentimental Journey” @ White Walls

In 1944, the B17 Bomber “Sentimental Journey” rolled off the Douglas Aircraft Company’s California assembly line.  With it’s eight thousand pound payload capacity and thirteen .50 M2 Browning machine guns, the B17 aptly earned it’s nickname, “The Flying Fortress”.  The “Sentimental Journey” (whose nose proudly displays a picture of Betty Grable, World War Two’s most famous pin-up girl), the “Celestial Siren,” “South Sea Sinner,” and “Tempest Turner” are all subjects in Oakland artist Jesse Hazelip’s upcoming show at White Walls opening January 9th. More on […]
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