Recently, celebrated Brazilian DJ/Producer Amon Tobin arrived in Los Angeles and played the last leg of his North American tour over at the famed Greek Theatre. Titled ISAM 2.0, this second reiteration of this tour, is a visual masterpiece layered with Tobin’s unique sound design and rhythmic style that’s unlike most electronic music out there today.

Tobin, who entered the scene in the mid-90’s through his still current label Ninja Tune, has been evolving as an artist.¬†Whereas his music was once more akin to drum n’bass and acid jazz, it’s becoming more fully constructed out of foley sounds and real-life field recordings. The roots of his musical style are still present however and with this recent tour, he not only wanted to push the boundaries of sound creation but he also wanted to push the limits of visual presentation. This is where the company V Squared Labs stepped in, spearheaded by founder by Vello Virkhaus. Recognized as a world renowned visual arts company, V Squared Labs teamed up last year with Tobin and created a show that involved a multi-cube installation on stage, 3D digital mapping and projection techniques that would give the performance a fluid and morphing visual narrative, all driven by Tobin’s musical direction and style. The end result of this collaboration was a show that combined art, music and technology in incredible ways unlike most concerts today. For those unable to catch Tobin on tour, check out the photos after the jump to get a glimpse of what was ISAM 2.0

Photo credit: theonepointeight