This past weekend, AM had a chance to visit L.A.-based art collective Cyrcle. as they prepare to unveil their second solo show, which takes place this Friday in the city of Los Angeles. Titled Organized Chaos!, this new body of work shows a continuing evolution of both their style and aesthetic so people who have been following their work will be pleasantly surprised when they see what the group have been up to as of late. Using the cube as the central idea behind the show, as well as the interconnections between the bee and the flower, Cyrcle. have managed to make an exhibition that’s not only interesting to look at but also, one which turns into an interactive experience.

It’s been a busy 2012 for Cyrcle., who collaborated with JR earlier this year in Europe, as well as take part in two group shows, one being the Daydreaming with…James Lavelle and our own City of Fire group show (covered). They also finished one of the biggest murals in Los Angeles no more than a few months ago titled “Magic is Real” (covered). It only seems fitting that they finish the year with a solo show that’s gonna take their work to another level, so if you happen to be around Los Angeles this Friday, don’t forget to check out this exhibition which will be opened from Nov.30 – Dec.16th at  6608 Lexington Av. in Los Angeles, California.

Photo credit: theonepointeight for Arrested Motion.
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