Downtown Oakland was in for a treat last Saturday night. Local artist Lauren Napolitano teamed up with UK’s David Bray and Word To Mother to collaborate on a group exhibition called Better Habits at Athen B. Gallery. Collectively, these three artists’ work compliment each other’s styles so well that at times it was hard to tell who’s who on each piece. Those who follow graffiti & street art will immediately recognize Word to Mother’s work. Napolitano’s work is a lot more folksy with painted found objects, skulls, photographs, and other knick knacks with the central theme focused on myth, symmetry and the symbiotic relationship between animal and earth. Bray’s work is a lot more graphic with symbolism and stories within his pieces. The exhibition resulted in a mix bag of individual works by each artist and a series of collaborative works.

Texts & Photos (except crowd shots via the gallery) by Iqvinder Singh.
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