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Showing: “Extraction” @ The Hole

The Hole gallery in New York continues it’s run of great shows. This one is a group exhibition titled Extraction and it’s focus on new approaches in abstract painting. This showcase features an expansive list of artists such as Ara Peterson, Chris Johanson, Cory Arcangel, Gerhard Richter, Kadar Brock, Mark Flood, Peter Sutherland, Sam Moyer, Wade Guyton, Xylor Jane to name a few and aims to show how this current generation of artists’ take on conveying the non-figurative. Check out this excellent show below.

ADAA: Fred Tomaselli @ James Cohan Gallery

During this year’s ADAA Art Show one of the booths that caught our eye was James Cohan Gallery. Featuring works by Contemporary mainstay Fred Tomaselli, this booth focused on exhibiting twenty five pieces from his famous New York Times series. Utilizing the New York Times, Tomaselli collages a light and witty viewpoint with his signature vibrant colors and patterns. Check out this engaging show below.

Openings: Tracey Emin – “I Followed You To The Sun” @ Lehmann Maupin (26th Street))

Tracey Emin recently revealed a duo gallery show at New York’s Lehmann Maupin. Entitled I Followed You To The Sun, this massive show featuring 100 works of art was displayed at both it’s 26th Street and Chrystie Street gallery locations. We had the pleasure of visiting the 26th St. location to view a diverse selection of mediums which the YBA (Young British Artist) alumnus created for this showcase, including paintings, drawings and of course her signature neon installation. At the center of this exhibition is seven […]

Openings: Ellsworth Kelly – “At Ninety” @ Matthew Marks Gallery West 24th Street

Matthew Marks Gallery is currently celebrating the 90th birthday of American artist Ellsworth Kelly with an exhibition aptly entitled At Ninety, which spans all three of the gallery’s Chlesea spaces. For over 60 years, Kelly has expressed his own style of minimalist art through painting, sculpting and print-making, often focusing on simple forms and monochromatic colors. In the gallery on W. 24th, the space is dominated by four large relief paintings from 2011, respectively consisting of a red, blue, yellow or green shaped panel overlapping […]

Adrian Ghenie – New Paintings @ Pace Gallery

Prior to the Yoshitomo Nara exhibition (covered), Pace Gallery hosted another excellent exhibition by Romanian painter Adrian Ghenie. This series of new paintings shows off why Ghenie has been touted as the next coming of Francis Bacon. A tough title to bear as the legendary painter from the United Kingdom has already cemented himself as one of the all time great painters. Utilizing just paint and canvas Adrian tackles the dark side of modern European history by combining sources from film stills, books and his […]

Openings: Dan Colen – “The Spirits That I Called” @ Oko Gallery

New York artist Dan Colen debuted a new show in the Lower East Side at Oko Gallery. Entitled The Spirits That I called, this select body of work is a juxtaposition with that of a 19th century kindred spirit. Kind of an exploration of the ways which fantasy, theatrics and a deliberate challenge to high culture standards have preoccupied artists across the span of time. Colen painted two of what he dubbed “Miracle Paintings” inspired by a classic  Disney movie Fantasia. At the center he […]

Openings: Marco Mazzoni – “Animanera” @ Jonathan Levine

Italian artist Marco Mazzoni recently crossed the pond to exhibit at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Entitled Animanera (Italian for “black soul”), this show explores the dark themes of social ailments currently plaguing his home country of Italy. Utilizing his signature style of combining organic shapes & textures with chiaroscuro contrasts in light and shadow, Marco created ten works of amazing color pencil works that balances portrait and still life. Check out the detailed goodness below. Discuss Marco Mazzoni here.

Openings: Souther Salazar – “Souvenirs” @ Jonathan Levine

Opening alongside of Andy Kehoe (covered) at Jonathan LeVine Gallery is his peer Souther Salazar. The exhibition, titled Souvenirs, is a look at Salazar’s artistic version of the Trading Tortoise project. Utilizing a selection of media and ranging from new paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations, Souther reflects on the journey with his wife Monica Choy. The two recently collaborated in a tortoise-shaped trading post where fans from over 30 different cities around the US to interacted and traded objects. Check out the cool show below. Discuss Souther […]

Openings: Faile – “Les BALLETS de FAILE” @ Lincoln Center (Part II)

Last Wednesday marked the return of Faile’s Les BALLETS de FAILE to the New York City Ballet at the Lincoln Center. After an epic tower installation for their first showing (covered) at the same venue for the NYCB art series kick off, the duo Patricks premiered a new body of work that consisted of their signature prayer wheels. Each hand-carved prayer mini-totem is a hand painted gem. Faile took back the massive entry way with a grid of the spinning piece. The collective also unveiled a second […]

Openings: Andy Kehoe – “Luminous Reverie” @ Jonathan LeVine

Andy Kehoe recently returned to New York for his third solo show with Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Entitled Luminous Reverie, this show explores the idea of experiencing a lucid moment while drifting along in a daydream. We enjoyed the works, which continued the new direction that he premiered during a show in Los Angeles last year (covered). Again, Kehoe explores the technique of painting layers upon layers of resin and creating a natural 3-D visual element for the viewers to enjoy. This show will be up until […]