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Album Covers: James Jean x Talib Kweli – “Prisoner of Conscious”

As with many other artists followed by AM in the past, it looks like James Jean (featured) has been tapped to provided the cover art for Talib Kweli’s new album Prisoner of Conscious. Featuring the LA-based artist’s intricate stylings as a mask, the American rapper has chosen the title from his constant labeling as a “conscious rapper” and as a play off Nigerian reggae artist Majek Fashek’s album named Prisoner of Conscience. For those looking for more from Jean, look for his work in an upcoming group […]

Videos: Cheryl Dunn – “Sometimes the Answer” @ Ivory & Black Soho

This Friday night, March 23rd, the new Ivory & Black Soho gallery will hosting their debut show which will put accomplished filmmaker and photographer Cheryl Dunn’s work on display. Sometimes the Answer will feature photos from the 30 year career of the NY-based Dunn who was one of the subjects of the Beautiful Losers documentary and who has exhibited in the past at the Deitch Projects in New York, The Tate Modern in London, and the Art in the Streets exhibition at the MOCA. The exhibition will […]

Studio Visits: Yoskay Yamamoto – “Jokes On Me…” @ LeBasse Projects (Chinatown)

Coming up this Saturday night (March 24th), the LeBasse Projects in Chinatown will be presenting a collection sculptural works from Yoskay Yamamoto (interviewed) that he has been working for the last several years. The showing, entitled Jokes On Me…, features customized figures of iconic toys from childhood as well his own creations putting his skills with a range of mediums including plaster, resin, vinyl, clay and wood. See more openings photos taken for us by ©Carlos Gonzalez after the jump… Photo credit: ©Carlos Gonzalez for […]

Streets: Hush (Melbourne)

After a showing in San Francisco at the beginning of this year, Hush (interviewed) has moved on to Melbourne to prepare for his next exhibition scheduled for May at the Metro Gallery. For fans down under, you can expect a body of work ranging from large paintings, one off screen prints on paper, wood cuts, 3D plastic drawings to sketches which will show an in-depth view into his working practices and techniques. For now, take a look at this latest piece the UK-based artist created for the […]

Teaser: Fumi Nakamura – “Our Hands Will Eventually Destroy Everything Beautiful” @ Thinkspace

On March 31st, Fumi Nakamura will be putting a new body of work on display at Thinkspace Gallery’s project room. The New York-based Japanese artist works with graphite & color pencils, and has been creating interesting clusters of animals, birds, humans, plant life in various configurations. This will be her first larger collection of pieces for the Culver City showspace so plan to attend if you are in the area. Showcard after the jump…

Openings: Todd Schorr – “Neverlasting Miracles” @ Merry Karnowsky

On Saturday night, one of the most anticipated exhibitions by AM for the first part of 2012 opened at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery. World renowned painter and one of the most prominent members of the lowbrow art movement, Todd Schorr (featured), revealed his new body of work – Neverlasting Miracles. Not only did this solo showing (first at the gallery since 2009) include a selection of medium to large paintings, a huge new sculptural piece, Antidote for a Worrisome World (standing 9 feet tall and […]

Streets: Invader (Belgium)

We haven’t heard much from Monsieur Invader since he served up space waffles at a showing in London (covered) back in December. It seem though that the street tile specialist has been busy putting in work in Brussels recently plastering the walls with his pieces. As usual, he put a little local flavor into this invasion with references to the famous peeing statue that is a symbol for the city as well as some use of the Belgium colors. More looks after the jump…

Preview: JR – “The Wrinkles Of The City” (Cuba)

After blessing some walls in Los Angeles with his photographic touch along with giving another TED talk, JR (featured) headed over to Cuba for the next phase of his ongoing The Wrinkles Of The City project. While there, the French street artist documented the people and their culture, enjoying the hospitality of the locals on the island where life seems frozen in time. It looks like JR was accompanied by another AM favorite, Jose Parla, where they are working on a collaborative project together. JR is […]

Showing: Ron Ulicny – “New Works” @ Spoke Art

Earlier this month, the Spoke Art Gallery opened its doors to a solo exhibition from Portland-based artist Ron Ulicny. His collection of New Works feature familiar objects that have been modified in novel ways to give new meaning to the pieces. The show included sixteen new sculptural creations, each challenging the viewer to find new purpose in the transformed items while showing off Ulicny’s humor and wit. More photos after the jump…

Streets: World Roundup (March 12 – March 18)

As always, AM has more street work to share with you in this week’s Streets: World Roundup segment. Leading things off is this sweet new piece from Zilda (interviewed) in Naples that benefits from a great placement integrating a tree (the extra phallic graf helps keep things interesting as well). As always, the thoughtful French street artist draws his own pieces which are often influenced by classic master paintings (like the work of John Spencer-Stanhope Rodham) and translates them into paste ups. See his process […]