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Releases: New Murakami Prints

Remember when we posted some interesting gems gleaned from Takasahi Murakami’s twitter. We now know where some of these prints Murakami-san was furiously signing in this photo are headed – to Hidaro Zingaro. For those who haven’t heard, this is the new gallery for the Super-Flat founder’s Kaikai Kiki division that opened in April, located on the third floor of Nakano Broadway (site of the previous Inochi display). The prints were released today, June 9th Tokyo time so head over to their website to see if you […]

Streets: EWOK & Sever (Israel)

Since we last reported on EWOK (coverage of his show at Known Gallery) and Sever (Montana Cans Across America), the two MSK members have join forces while taking a trip to Israel.  Not only did they get up on numerous walls with beautiful complex pieces like the one above, they also took time to leave tributes to the recently freed REVOK – one of them on the Hebron Police Precinct! More after the jump…

Streets: Herakut (Tel Aviv)

German collaborative duo Herakut have been keeping busy recently.  After hitting up Los Angeles and New Hampsire with a series of shows and walls, they traveled to Jaffa Port, Tel Aviv to participate in the CASTRO Street Project with two murals entitled If I gave up my arms could you teach me how to be happy? and I took my world apart just to be here with you. More pics of their collaboration with Cantwo and Suiko after the jump…

Releases: Naoto Hattori Mini-Paintings (Part II)

It’s been a couple of years since we told you about the mini-paintings from Naoto Hattori, so we thought it would be a good time for a reminder seeing that he just released a new batch.  These incredibly detailed pieces are released periodically and are amazing to see in person when you realize how small they are (the one above is only 3.7 x 3.7 inches). If you are interested, make sure you join the mailing list here.  Its a perfect way to get a regular […]

Ai Yamaguchi – “kumogakure” @ Aki Gallery (Taiwan)

Closing just last weekend, the Aki Gallery in Taiwan hosted Ai Yamaguchi’s new body of work entitled kumagakure or hidden in clouds. The title is taken from a chapter of The Tale of Genji from Japanese literature and along with inspiration from the beauty of Taiwanese nature, Yamaguchi has woven together an exhibition that features a continuation of her custom shaped paintings, a large-scale piece, various art-related products, and a special walk-in art structure. Besides a piece here or there for various art fairs, we don’t […]

Scott Musgrove Summer Online Show (2011)

A couple years back, we brought you word of an opportunity to purchase some nicely priced works from Scott Musgrove (featured). Included in this rendition of his summer online show are affordably priced studies, small watercolors, and drawings (including a sketch of part of a painting that we highlighted in a creative process article). His next solo won’t be until 2012 in Rome, so don’t pass this chance by if you are looking to acquire something from Scott. More of the work available as of […]
Space Invader @ Paris (France)

Openings: Invader – “1000” @ Galerie Le Feuvre (Paris)

Yesterday night in Paris, resident street tilemaster Invader put on the mother of all shows to celebrate getting up for the 1000th time at La Générale, organized by Gallerie Le Feuvre. Almost as impressive as the amount of work the French artist created is that fact that it seems he meticulously documented everything as evidenced by a large wall covered by what looks to be a photo of every single piece (perhaps not surprising as being obsessive-compulsive may run in his blood seeing his cousin […]

Showing: “Street Art – Meanwhile in deepest East Anglia, thunderbirds were go . . . .” @ Von Der Heydt Museum (Germany)

Currently showing at the Von Der Heydt Museum in Wuppertal, Germany is an exhibition with a rather cumbersome title – Street Art – Meanwhile in deepest East Anglia, thunderbirds were go . . . . Not sure who came up with the name, but included are a great group of street artists – Ash, Herbert Baglione, Boxi, Brad Downey, Ben Eine, Faith47, Boris Hoppek, Mark Jenkins, JR, Os Gêmeos, Mirko Reisser (DAIM), Swoon, and Zezão. Take a look at more pics sent to us from […]

Streets: Phlegm – “Shrines and Caskets”

Looks like Phlegm has found a new location and is continuing to work on murals for his forthcoming photographic edition of his zine Phlegm Comic. If you remember, the UK-based artist had taken us on a tour of an abandoned school where he had spent time getting up a series of works, also slated for the epic comic which has been two years in the making. For those impatiently waiting for the wall zine, you may want to check out a separate project presumably to be […]

Preview: Fafi Pop-Up Show @ Galerie L.J.

We recently brought you coverage of Miss Van’s show in New York, but it looks like the other femme fatale of French street art also has something planned. Fafi, who is also able to claim graffiti roots from Toulouse starting in the 90s, will be hosting a pop-up show from June 14th to the 22nd at Galerie L.J. in Paris. Attendees will have a shot at ten new limited edition giclee prints, customized VANS sneakers, and other products. Take a look at more of the […]