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Teaser: Melissa Haslam – “Kigurumi” @ LeBasse Projects (Culver City)

When we first saw this new piece from Melissa Haslam’s (featured), we thought it was a photograph.  But, it looks like she has just upped the detail in this new body of work since her last show at LeBasse Projects (covered). Her new show is entitled Kigurumi will open in July and is inspired by cosplay enthusiasts that she knows. Take a look at a video by Melissa’s sister during a photo reference shoot of Kigurumi girls…

Releases: Andy Warhol x Incase Project

It looks like our friends at Incase are continuing their great artist collaborations with their newest project – a series of products featuring the king of pop art – Andy Warhol. You may remember their recent work with Jose Parla (covered). Well, this newest offering is no less impressive. In conjunction with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the collection features Warhol’s artwork applied to select cases, sleeves and bags for iPhone, iPad and MacBook. You can see some examples after the jump […]

Streets: ABOVE (Melbourne)

ABOVE (interviewed), who we last caught up with during his well received show in the Bay Area (covered), continued his prolific traveling with a recent trip to Melbourne.  Of course, he took time to introduce some of his signature wordplay and arrows down under as well. Take a look at more pics he sent us after the jump…

Releases: Joe Ledbetter – “Colossus Bunny”

Collectors of art toys out there know that one of the old school holy grails out there are the original Wheaty Wheat figures from Joe Ledbetter – Mr. Bunny, Snow Bunny, and Lava Bunny. After a six year hiatus, the signature character from Mr. Ledbetter is back; this time in a 48″ tall fiberglass edition appropriate entitled Colossus Bunny. The run will be very limited and cost about $4000 depending on the retailer and edition. More details including the new design after the jump…

Openings: “Art in the Streets” @ MOCA (First Look)

This morning, the Los Angeles MOCA lifted the veil of secrecy on its highly anticipated “Art in the Streets” exhibition.  This first major U.S. museum survey of graffiti and street art is the brainchild of Jeffrey Deitch (along with associate co-curators Roger Gastman & Aaron Rose) and was certainly one of the first enticing possibilities that came to AM’s mind when we first heard of his unconventional hiring as MOCA’s director early last year. Despite the inevitable quibbling about who was and who wasn’t included […]

Streets: Urs Fischer Bear Sculpture (New York)

A 23 foot tall, 20 ton bronze teddy bear from Urs Fischer was recently installed in New York at the Park Avenue plaza. The signature sculptural piece entitled Untitled (Lamp/Bear) from the young Swiss artist will be in place for public consumption until it goes on the block next month at Christie’s where it’s expected to fetch over $10 million dollars. To install the work, the auction house had to get six city permits and pay to reinforce the floor so that it could take […]

Streets: Invader (Los Angeles)

As you know, there is a little show called Art in the Streets set to open to the public this weekend in Los Angeles. Besides work inside the MOCA and the surrounding walls, some artists like Invader here could not resist hitting up other parts of the city with their work.  Take a look at more detailed pics of this tiled piece in Culver City as well as another piece in Echo Park after the jump…

Videos: Pep Williams Talks to Saber

Take a look at this recent interview with SABER (interviewed) recorded by his friend and photographer Pep Williams. They touched on many topics including stories of growing up together skating in Venice and how Saber started as an artist, but most interesting of all is the discussion about who’s painting what in the MOCA Art in the Streets show. Yes, it’s getting close and AM will be taken over by coverage of the monster show soon. Take a look at part II of the video […]

Openings: KMNDZ – “The Heaviest” @ Fifty24SF

Last week, AM stopped by Fifty24SF, literally right next door to the Josh Keyes opening at Fecal Face (covered), to check out the new paintings from KMNDZ. The Los Angeles-based artist brought along his boys (they recently worked on a large-scale painting with him), up north to the show with him making it a family affair. Take a look at all the opening photos for The Heaviest after the jump…

Video / Releases: RETNA – Factory 413 / “FAIRFAX TITANS” Installation & Print

Retna (featured), who we just saw at the Kehinde Wiley show (covered) and at his Hallelujah World Tour in New York, recently created an installation for Factory 413 in Los Angeles as part of their FAIRFAX TITANS project (in conjunction with Known Gallery where an ongoing roster of artists will be asked to work on the large dual-sided window display on Fairfax Ave). The video above shows some footage of the calligraphic action as well words from Retna as he discussed some of the philosophies […]