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Openings: David Stoupakis & Matthew Bone – “Ashes To Sorrow” & “Raised By Wolves” @ Last Rites Gallery

Last weekend in New York, the Last Rites Gallery hosted an opening for David Stoupakis (above) and Matthew Bone (directly below) as they unveiled all new paintings. Stoupakis’ dark imagery was apparent as Ashes To Sorrow explored somber fairy-tale like settings rendered beautifully by the locally-based artist. Bone brought a set of works collectively entitled Raised By Wolves with him that combines his love for pop culture and girls, apparently the more drenched the better. More opening photos below… Discuss this show here. Discuss David Stoupakis here. Discuss Matthew Bone here.

Streets: RETNA @ Michael Kohn Gallery (Los Angeles)

As we reported last month, the Michael Kohn Gallery will be hosting a new body of work from notorious LA writer RETNA (featured). It looks like fans of the graffiti artist will not only be admire his works inside the space, but also his urban calligraphy gracing the facade of the West Hollywood gallery. Come check out his New Paintings and Works on Paper on Saturday night (September 15th) from 6-8pm. Photos below from MELROSEandFAIRFAX. Discuss RETNA here.

Upcoming: ROA – “Dominant Species” @ 941 Geary

This Saturday (September 15th), Belgian-born artist ROA makes his return to San Francisco (see 2011) for a new solo show at 941 Geary. Along with original paintings and sculptural works, Dominant Speciesfeatures imagery inspired by his road trip from the East to the West of America where he encountered a diversity of habitats and creatures. Of course, expect a site-specific interactive installation constructed from found objects and salvaged materials. Security has been tight as the show has been under a veil of secrecy, but here are some […]

Upcoming: JR – “Pattern” @ Emmanuel Perrotin (Hong Kong)

After spending time building an enormous photo booth for Festival Images in Switzerland, JR has moved on to his next project. Pattern will be the French street photograffeur’s first solo in Hong Kong and will open at Emmanuel Perrotin on September 18th. Hopefully, he’ll be able to work in some public art for his fans in Asian as well while there… Discuss JR here.

Openings: Judith Supine – “Too Much For One Man” @ Jonathan LeVine

Last Saturday night, the enigmatic Judith Supine opened a solo show at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Chelsea alongside Audrey Kawasaki (covered) and Jeff Soto (covered). For this New York showing, the locally situated artist, who uses mother’s maiden name as an alias to keep his identity anonymous, continued his recent layered collage works encased in resin that have added a depth to his imagery. Too Much For One Man features his surreal and often grotesque figures covered in his signature color palette of psychedelic fluorescents. See photos from the opening below… […]

Upcoming: Jen Stark – “To the Power Of” @ Martha Otero

Martha Otero Gallery will be presenting Jen Stark’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles (where she currently lives and works) at the end of the month. The title of the show, To the Power Of, refers to her interest in mathematics with the term being a “statement of exponential growth which also infers the definition of ‘power’ as both the possession of physical or mental control and the fortitude to act decisively.” Anyone who has seen her stunning paper cut sculptures in person can attest to the […]

Openings: Lola – “Haro” @ Corey Helford (Circa)

Last Saturday night, Lola (featured) returned to Los Angeles from her new home across the pond to share a set of new works entitled Haro with her fans at the CHG Circa. Opening just two doors down from the main space, where she showed in 2010, Lola was chosen to be the debut artist for Corey Helford Gallery’s alternate location. The 13 new paintings filled the intimate setting and are “reminders of what it means to chase a dream.” Lola says of her new work, “I decided […]

Preview: Martin Wittfooth – “Empire” @ Corey Helford Gallery

This Saturday night (September 15th) in Culver City, the Corey Helford Gallery will be presenting powerful new paintings from Martin Wittfooth (interviewed). Empire will feature the NY-based artist’s satirical works where he tackles themes of power through his visions of animal allegories. Like the image below – Occupy – he states “I wanted to play off of the idea of the symbol of Wall Street, the bull perched up on a girder being swarmed by songbirds, who have no perceived effect whatsoever on his position, despite the great deal of […]

Preview: Bäst – “Germs Tropicana” @ Opera Gallery (NYC)

As we mentioned in our recent feature on Bäst’s collaboration with Greek olive oil brand Eléia, he has a show opening this week at the Opera Gallery in New York. Fans of one of Brooklyn’s best will have an opportunity to grab a bottle of their own (limited quantities) Thursday night (September 13th) at the private reception as well as take in the new body work – Germs Tropicana. This solo will put somewhat of a new direction from the street collagist on display described as “Abstract Expressionism meets Pop-Art” in pieces […]

Openings: Jeff Soto – “Decay and Overgrowth” @ Jonathan LeVine

Last Saturday night, besides new paintings from Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed), the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York also hosted the opening of Jeff Soto’s (interviewed) solo Decay and Overgrowth. As seen in our studio visit leading up to the show, new work features the lush new palette Jeff has been working with recently with inspiration coming from his search into his own ancestry and the resulting thoughts that come from that. For those interested, check out an interview here where the Riverside-based artist talks more about the work and of […]