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Openings: Conor Harrington – “Dead Meat” @ Lazarides (Rathbone Place)

Last week in spectacular fashion, the new exhibition from Conor Harrington (interviewed) opened at Lazarides Gallery’s flagship Rathbone Place location in London. The sold out show, Dead Meat, included the impressive works we previewed during our studio visit with the UK-based painter last month, a total of 8 large-scale canvases and 24 small studies or “Morning Glories” as he has fondly titled them. The works reflected a further refinement of his signature mix of historical narrative and modern urban references, all in the setting of […]

Update: Naoto Hattori

As a headsup to his fans out there, Naoto Hattori has been uploading these little image montages of his creative process onto his facebook page. The scans show some of the steps in the Japanese artist’s time-consuming technique that he uses to paint his surreal imagery. And for those living on the two US coasts, you’ll have a chance soon to check out Hattori’s detailed paintings in person. He will be part of the Suggestivism show in New York at Bold Hype as well as […]

Streets: Vhils (Shanghai)

As indicated in some teaser shots of Vhils’ street work when he first got to China as well as a preview video posted here, the Portuguese artist has been hard at work preparing for his showing at the 18 Gallery (presented by Magda Danysz) opening March 31st. We now have a more comprehensive look at the murals he has impregnated into the walls of Shanghai with his special technique as part of this exhibition. More photos via Stick2Target after the jump…
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Update: Josh Keyes

If you had been keeping abreast of photos from Josh Keyes’ (interviewed) studio blog (first mentioned here), you would have seen some paintings in progress among other things. These new beauties are presumably for the Joseph Gross Gallery at the University of Arizona when the Portland-based painter will next have a solo exhibition come May. Take a look at some more glimpses after jump and also look for a print release soon from Keyes with Tiny Showcase.

Preview: Deth P. Sun – “New Works” @ Domy Books

On March 24th, Deth P. Sun will be bringing a new set of paintings featuring his experienced storytelling, cat-creatures, occasional text based work, and more to Houston, Texas. Entitled simply New Works, the new body of work will be shown at Domy Books where fans of the Bay Area-based artist will get to meet him in person. More preview images after the jump…

Streets: World Roundup (Feb 27 – March 4)

We have a little catching up to do on our world street mural roundup feature. Leading things off is this sweet rooftop shot of one of Phlegm’s telescopic pieces taken by critical mass. Other artists whose public art caught our eyes the last several weeks include Nychos (Austria), Hyuro (Spain), Aakash Nihalani (New York), Dal (South Africa), Olek (UK), POSE (Hong Kong), Flying Fortress (New York), Zilda (Italy), Icy and Sot (Iran), Escif & Hyuro (Spain), Tellas and Roberto Ciredz (Italy), and Hanksy. See them […]

Rewind: Feb 27 – March 4

After a brief sabbatical, our Rewind feature is back with some great new videos to share with you. The featured footage is a video montage of Vhils’ (filmed) cultural and artistic experiences in China as he readies his exhibition in Shanghai at the end of the month with 18 Gallery (presented by Magda Danysz). Other notable videos include – The Art of Video Games exhibition coming up at the Smithsonian (via TWBE). The preview video for Askew’s Smoke Signals show. A look at some Da Mental Vaporz […]
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Art Focus: Stephanie Pierce

After a little hiatus, our Art Focus is back this week and our artist is Stephanie Pierce. She currently lives and teaches in Fayetteville, Arkansas and creates these ethereal oil on linen and canvas paintings that play with light, abstraction, and fragments of color. With imagery based mainly on a room and its contents, the feeling of flux and transitory nature achieved in her work is interesting considering the simple nature of her subjects. See more work and her artist statement after the jump…

Open Walls Baltimore

A new project coordinated by Gaia in his home city has kicked off recently with this mural from the young street artist. Open Walls Baltimore is a public art initiative in a neighborhood burdened by 150 vacant homes and hopes to bridge the gaps between the artist community that calls Station North home and the residents of Greenmount West. A line up of Interesni Kazki, Maya Hayuk, Swoon, Specter, Doodles, Jaz, Ever, Freddy Sam, Mata Ruda, Nanook, MOMO, Vhils, Sten and Lex, Chris Stain, Jetsonorama, […]

Steve Gianakos – “New Paintings” @ Fredericks & Freiser

AM recently visited an exhibition before it closed at Fredericks & Freiser in New York featuring new work from Steve Gianakos. Since the 70s, the painter has been known to mix vulgarity with the iconic styles of 1950s children’s books leading to a smirk, shaking of the head, or reddening of the cheeks when viewed by his audiences. This newest show, his fifth with the gallery, is no different with paintings featuring his child characters dealing with sexuality, decapitations, drugs, and worse. More NSFW photos […]