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Happy 4th of July!

Everyone here at AM (at least on this side of the pond) wanted to wish you a happy fourth of July! We thought that we would take this opportunity to review some of the American Flags that have been reinterpreted over the years by artists we cover here. This is by no means an exhaustive list as the iconic symbol has been a very popular inspiration for artists whether it be a patriotic or anti-patriotic creation. More flags after the jump from artists including Aaron […]

Streets: Conor Harrington (Ireland) Part II

As we mentioned in our last article, Conor Harrington (interviewed) is traveling his home country of Ireland and it looks like he has cowboys on his mind. This newest wall is in Ennis and was painted for the Ennis Street Festival. Look for one more piece to come as well as a video from the talented Andy Telling, who previously created the Crossing Lines video with Conor in the Middle East (and the sweet Fame Festival footage in Madre). More pics after the jump…

Streets: Slinkachu – “House of God” (New York)

Miniature photographer Slinkachu has a gift for incorporating urban objects into his work with this newest piece in New York no different. Entitled House of God (Application to the Department of City Planning – Ref: 13-3470/C), this latest street intervention brings to mind the another piece he created for his solo at Andipa Gallery several months ago of a similar name and concept. More detailed shots after the jump…

Preview: Philip Lumbang & Ernesto Yerena – “Dead Relatives” @ Black Book Gallery

On July 9th, the Black Book gallery in Denver will welcome Philip Lumbang & Ernesto Yerena (featured) for a collaborative show entitled Dead Relatives. The two Shepard Fairey disciples meld their own unique styles – Lumbang with his animal characters and Ernesto with his Chicano inspired collage work – together for some works inspired by Day of the Dead imagery. There will be 1-Off canvas and an edition of 3 HPM’s on paper for every image. More preview looks after the jump…

Video: RETNA & El Mac – “Let the Arts Roam”

RETNA (featured), who we last saw in London on his Hallelujah World Tour and El Mac, who we last saw getting up with Augustine Kofie are two frequent collaborators who recently were featured in a video portrait – Let the Arts Roam as part of the I Am Los Angeles series. Included in the footage are various murals they have worked on as well as a discussion with both artists on their philosophy behind the content of their murals, public art in poor neighborhoods, and […]

Teaser: Brian Viveros – “Returning Art to the Unclean” @ Last Rites Gallery

When we we last visited Brian Viveros in his studio, he was hard at work getting ready for his The Dirtyland exhibition at Thinkspace. After that successful showing last October, the Riverside-based painter will be bringing his entire “Smoking Arm-Me” to New York for his next solo at the Last Rites Gallery in September. We’ll have more to follow but take a look at this teaser shot of his Night-Stalk-Her painting for now. Showcard after the jump…

Kickstarter – Swoon’s Musical Architecture for New Orleans

It seems more and more artists are moving towards using Kickstarter as an avenue to fund their creative projects.  We’ve touched on some before like next year’s POW WOW, the Kenny Scharf documentary, and Kevin Cyr’s Camper Kart, but this next idea we bring you is just as worthy of your support. Brooklyn-based Swoon has a dream of building a permanent interactive structure in the Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans that she will call Dithyrambalina. “It will look like a house, but it will function […]

Streets: ROA (Paris)

It looks like the prolific anatomical street artist ROA has recently added his name to the long list of artists that have been invited by the Le Mur association in Paris to paint their billboard.  Others who have been by before include Zevs, C215, Shepard Fairey, WK Interact, Swoon, Above and Nick Walker, although it looks like the Belgium-based painter is one of the only ones to creatively utilize the surrounding space with his x-ray vision. More pics via Street Art News after the jump…

Teaser: Andrew Hem – “Cold Water” @ LeBasse Projects

On July 16th, LeBasse Projects will be hosting a new body of work from Andrew Hem (interviewed) at their Culver City gallery entitled Cold Water. Themes of isolation and personal conflict will be the focus of the paintings as the viewer follows Andrew’s journey from “being surrounded by cold situations and places” until emerging from that situation and then heading back onto the road to happiness. He will also be working on a large-scale mural in the area, but more on that later… Discuss this […]

Preview: Shawn Barber – “Youth of Today” @ Fecal Face Dot Gallery

On July 8th, the Bay Area will welcome master tattooist and fine artist Shawn Barber’s (featured) and his new collection of paintings. For those familiar with his work, they will know of a certain group of paintings he calls the the Doll Series – from which it looks like some of these preview images would fit in. Entitled Youth of Today, it will be interesting what he will be bringing to Fecal Face Dot Gallery and the metaphors he will be conveying through his work. […]