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Streets: Herakut with Case (Los Angeles)

Making use of their time in Los Angeles wisely (also see their street piece in Culver City), German duo Hera and Akut moved on to their next project – a wall with fellow Ma’claim crew member Case aka Andreas von Chrzanowski. While Akut used his photorealism skills on some signature characters with Hera, Case worked on some giant birds to interact with the children.  The sweet mural was hosted by Mark Aiella, and located at Manual Arts High School where he is a teacher. The artists along with […]

Openings: Kevin Cyr – “Home in the Weeds” @ 941 Geary

Last night, 941 Geary hosted the opening of Kevin Cyr’s (interviewed) solo Home in the Weeds in San Francisco.  The last time he showed at the Bay Area, it was a two-person show at sister gallery White Walls (covered) and featured his popular depictions of the vandalized vehicles. This time around though, the Brooklyn-based artist brought along some still life paintings featuring everyday objects like old radios or pen knives. And, it looks like he further explored his camper-bike concept with other unique living structure […]

Streets: Blu (Italy)

It looks like the warmer weather in Italy has allowed Blu to get up more recently (see Bologna & Palestra).  While the last two murals were collaborations with compatriot Ericailcane, this time Mr. Blu went at it alone in Jesi with this piece done over the Easter holiday. A hint at how he feels about religion? Discuss Blu here.

Streets: JR (Los Angeles) Part III

Apparently, TED prize winner JR is still in Los Angeles working on his massive The Wrinkles of the City project. We thought he had finished the series of walls (see Venice &  Melrose) and left town after his TED acceptance speech, but now we see a new piece is up on the side of the Sushi Roku in West Hollywood.  The French street photographer must have taken a break to enjoy his part of the Art in the Street exhibition. Take a look at another pic […]

Releases / Signings: Clare Rojas – “Everything Flowers” @ Park Life

Bay Area-based Clare Rojas will be signing her new book, Everything Flowers, at Park Life next Friday (May 6th).  The hardcover, coming in at 96 pages, features much of her folk art-inspired paintings and is a must have for fans of the Mission School artist. On a related note, if you haven’t had a chance to look at her fantastic show at the PRISM in Los Angeles, take a look here. Discuss Clare Rojas here.
Scott Campbell Marc Joncou AM 01

Openings: Scott Campbell – “Blankness Is Not A Void” @ Marc Jancou Contemporary

Last night, AM stopped by the Marc Jancou Contemporary to check out New York-based Scott Campbell part of the exhibition Blankness Is Not A Void, a three person affair that also included the late Steven Parrino and Raymond Pettibon (more on this later). The tattoo-turned-fine artist brought with him his signature cut currency as well as some delicate ostrich eggshell paintings, first seen at his recent Los Angeles show (covered) just last month. An interesting addition to this new body of work from Campbell was a series of pieces referencing the […]

Streets: Ethos (Los Angeles)

Angelinos have been privy to a lot of great street art recently, not to mention the landmark Art in the Streets exhibition currently showing at the MOCA. Another impressive piece (organized by LA Art Machine) went up recently from the Sao Paolo-based Claudio Ethos on Main & 5th Street and is his biggest mural to date according to Unurth. More photos after the jump…

Teaser: Joe Ledbetter – “Innards” @ Copro Gallery

Painter and toy mogul Joe Ledbetter will be presenting his newest solo show this June at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica.  Entitled Innards, the exhibition will feature Joe’s signature cast of characters and if you are lucky, perhaps even a Collosus Bunny will make an appearance. Discuss Joe Ledbetter here.

Releases: KAWS – “Blitz Key-Chains”

Look at what’s in the grip of the paws of this four-f00t companion – the next release by KAWS from OriginalFake and select retailers (like INVINCIBLE) scheduled for tomorrow, April 29th.  These affordable keychains may remind you of another release a couple years back so if you missed those, pick these up for around $20. A more detailed look after the jump…
herakut day2

Streets: Herakut (Los Angeles)

With a little down time between the opening of Outside/In at LeBasse Projects and moving on to New Hampshire for the second part of their group show, Herakut worked their magic on a couple walls (arranged by the gallery and Warren Brand) in Los Angeles. The pensive children featured on the murals seemed to have a lighter feel when compared to the indoor work perhaps in no small part influenced by an in-person photo reference. More photos after the jump thanks to Jeremy Asher Lynch.