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Preview: Jasper Wong – “A Corny Concerto” @ No Vacancy

Tomorrow night (April 28th) in Melbourne, the No Vacancy Gallery (The Atrium, Federation Square location) will be hosting a solo show from Jasper Wong (interviewed). The multi-talented painter, illustrator, and curator will be presenting a selection of work utilizing his signature mix of humor and asian-influenced pop culture entitled A Corny Concerto. The Hawaii-based Wong is also one of the speakers at Carbon Festival 2012, alongside Faith47 & DAL, so make sure you check that out as well if you are in town for the […]

Preview: Morgan Spurlock Curated “New Blood” @ Thinkspace

Tomorrow night (April 28th) in Culver City, Thinkspace Gallery will play host to Morgan Spurlock and the show he is curating entitled New Blood. As mentioned in our interview with the multi-talented filmmaker and art collector earlier this week, the exhibition will feature artists he feels have significant impact on the art world with the added twist that they are to invite another promising artist to show alongside them. The lineup includes Camille Rose Garcia / Travis Lampe, The Date Farmers / Albert Reyes, Dzine / […]

Streets: Mark Jenkins & Escif – Katowice Street Art Festival (Poland)

Last week, we shared some photos of Olek as she returned to her hometown for the Katowice Street Art Festival where she yarnbombed excavators. She wasn’t the only street artist to hit up the Polish city because a steady stream of urban beautifiers have put up work of their own including Mark Jenkins (interviewed) with a attention grabbing tug-of-war installation and Escif with a huge on-off switch. If you remember, we also included the piece by Ludo (interviewed) earlier this week in our Streets: World Roundup. Take a look […]

Streets: ROA (London)

  Last weekend, ROA painted a huge hedgehog that you can see peeking around the corner on Chance Street in Shoreditch. This public art gift to London was in association with the Belgium-based street artist’s dual showing at StolenSpace (covered) and their popup location (covered) collectively entitled Hypnagogia. More photos after the jump via Street Art London.

Video / Teaser: Shepard Fairey – “Harmony & Discord” @ Pace Prints

Shepard Fairey (featured) fans in New York will be getting another solo show from the LA-based street artist come May 5th. Held at Pace Prints, the new body of work entitled Harmony & Discord premieres his first pieces on handmade paper, metal relief plates, as well as the largest screenprints he has done to date. Taking advantage of the superior printmaking facilities and equipment at Pace, Shep has also been able to do things he couldn’t do in his own studio like create embossing, work in larger scale, […]

Teaser: “Noteworthy Project Auction” @ Martha Otero Gallery

A couple months ago, we shared with you a project from Samsung where Tim Biskup was asked to re-imagine the sad face emoticon. It turns out other artists were asked to do the same thing with some of the other more common emoticons and acronyms including AJ Fosik, Megan Whitmarsh, Steven Harrington, Reza Ali, as well as Craig & Karl (see video after the jump). Now, the series of work produced for the Noteworthy Project will be auctioned off to benefit Peace First at a […]
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Teaser: Aaron Young – “No Fucking Way” @ The Company

On May 11th, The Company in Los Angeles will be opening No Fucking Way, a new show from Aaron Young. The NY-based artist has created new paintings depicting previous and current tabloid sensations Casey Anthony, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Knox, Jessica Simpson, Heidi Montag, and skating rivals Tonya Harding & Nancy Kerrigan posed with the American flag in some form. Young will also be participating in the MoCA organized Rebel show, on view from May 15 – June 23 on Highland Avenue in West Hollywood, so […]

Streets: Faith47 (Melbourne)

The South Africa-based Faith47 recently sent us a photo of her latest piece, If Winter Comes. The large mural is located in Melbourne where she is in town about to open her joint show entitled Antenna Garden with DAL tonight, April 26th, at Rtist Gallery. While there, the couple will also be speaking at Carbon so make sure you check out both events if you are in the area. A closer look at the mural and showcard after the jump…

Openings: KMNDZ – “One Step Beyond” @ Merry Karnowsky

Last week alongside Greg Simkin’s show at Merry Karnowsky, the works of Johnny Rodriguez (KMNDZ) collectively entitled One Step Beyond were also on display. This new set of paintings mark the first time Rodriguez has introduced human figures into imagery although signature touches like birds, bombs, beads, and palette are still evident. He states – “Aside from trying to push my art further and painting outside my comfort zone, the show is a love letter to all of my friends lost. It’s about sharing my […]

Openings: ROA – “Hypnagogia” @ StolenSpace (Part II)

After bringing to you part one of our coverage of ROA’s showing with StolenSpace, we move from the main space to The Stone Masons at 17 Osborne Street London E1 6TD. This portion of Hypnagogia seemed to be more installation-based, filled with a bestiary of animals from the Belgium-based artist, cleverly dissected on found objects. As the title suggests, these visions of animalia could usually only be seen in the transitional state between wakefulness and sleep, but luckily for his fans, ROA has made it […]