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Streets: World Roundup (June 11 – 17)

We start this weeks roundup of street activity with this new fun piece from Dabs Myla. As you can see, their choice of subject matter was quite interesting and can be summed up by their description – “Poop Shooting, Vampire Dicking, and Crack Smoking.” The piece was painted for Roger Gastman for his backyard (thus the Orioles reference). Other pieces of note last week include work from Hyuro (Spain), Sam3 (Spain), Kenor (Spain), Free Humanity (Hollywood), Gaia (New York), Phlegm (UK), Liqen (Japan), Jaz (Norway), […]
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The Selby visits Curtis Kulig

Photography site The Selby recently paid a visit to Curtis Kulig’s home and studio space. The New York-based artist, photographer, and illustrator is known mainly for his moniker Love Me, seen on the street, gallery, and his graphic design work. This phrase can also be seen in various form scattered in his space including on several large pieces he was working on at the time. Take a look at the full photo set at The Selby. Discuss Curtis Kulig here.

Art Focus: Eckart Hahn

For this week’s Art Focus, we take a look at the work of German painter Eckart Hahn. The self-taught and ever-evolving artist works in acrylics with his most recent series featuring portraiture of animals paired with synthetic materials. For those interested, today is the last day of his showing at Pablo’s Birthday Gallery in New York entitled Ancient Light. Via Beautiful / Decay.

Update / Streets: Interesni Kazki

Even though they typically combine their artistic powers (like for their their solo in Los Angeles at the end of 2011) to produce their colorful and surreal works, Ukrainian duro Interesni Kazki split up for some recent street murals at different sides of the Atlantic. While Waone (above) was in Lublin, Poland for the Europejska Fundacja Kultury Miejskiej Festival, Aec (below) was in Mexico for some individual work as well as collaborations with Saner and Sego. Discuss Interesni Kazki here.

Preview: Annie Owens – “Motherland” @ Copro Gallery

This Saturday night, the Copro Gallery will be hosting a new solo exhibition from Annie Owens, artist and co-founder of Hi-Fructose. Motherland includes watercolor works on paper as well as studies referencing Owen’s recent interest in her family tree with paintings of mysterious houses and characters. The exhibition runs through July 7th at the Bergamot Complex in Santa Monica.

Teaser: “Sur-Realism” @ Arcadia Gallery

In what looks to a be a impressive lineup, Arcadia Fine Arts in New York will be hosting a new group exhibition entitled Sur-Realism this weekend, with the opening on Saturday, June 16th. Although not 100% confirmed, artists scheduled to be submitting work include Martin Wittfooth, Billy Norrby, Brian Despain, Brad Kunkle, Eric White, Aron Wiesenfeld and more. Included for sure is this brilliant piece from Andrew Hem (interviewed), his largest ever, featuring a confrontation in a lush forest scene. See more detail as well […]

Showing: Andrew Schoultz & Richard Colman – “Destroyer” @ Cooper Cole

Renewing the the synergy found in Copenhagen during their joint show, Andrew Schoultz and Richard Colman headed up north to work together on another exhibtion – Destroyer. Held at Cooper Cole Gallery in Toronto, the two friends brought along some of their signature imagery in the form of paintings as well as some sweet indoor murals. As a bonus for our Canadian friends, Schoultz also found time for some outdoor work. Photos via the gallery. Discuss this show here. Discuss Andrew Schoultz here. Discuss Richard […]
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Teaser: Meggs – “Truth in Myth” @ White Walls

After a showing in Asia, Australia-based painter Meggs heads west to San Francisco for his next solo exhibition set for July 14th. Entitled Truth in Myth, the new body of work looks to be a continuation of his recent imagery richly saturated with his chosen palette and renderings of fantastical creatures. Here are some early looks as the Aussie street specialist is already in town creating his new pieces Photos via the artist. Discuss Meggs here.

Streets: Nick Walker x Branded Arts (Los Angeles)

While in town for our City of Fire exhibition, Nick Walker (interviewed) also found time to paint a mural for the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica. Commissioned by Branded Arts, the project brought a little flavor from across the pond to the West Side as Walker painted and stenciled one of his vandal characters unleashing a butterfly. Photo credit: JaiPhoto. Discuss Nick Walker here.
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Setup: James Jean for “Gin & Juice” @ Ivory & Black

It looks like the busy James Jean (featured) is already in London prepping his installation for the Gin & Juice group show at Ivory & Black. If the sight of Jean getting his wall mural on (like for his show at Martha Otero) doesn’t get you out to the opening tomorrow night (June 15th), stop by for the additional art from Andrew Schoultz, Cleon Peterson, James Jean, Richard Colman and Ryan Travis Christian. Photo via Pedro Matos and the artist. Discuss this show here. Discuss James Jean […]