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David Jien Richard Heller AM 01

Openings: David Jien – “The Plight of the Who” @ Richard Heller Gallery

We are a little late on these photos, but last month, we stopped by the Richard Heller Gallery in West LA to catch the opening of David Jien’s solo exhibition. Entitled The Plight of the Who, the new body of work really put the LA-based artist’s attention to detail and imaginative epic landscapes on display. His fantasy and science fiction tinged narratives, some of it risque, invited attendees to immerse themselves in his world and wonder what stories Jien was trying to get across. Make […]
Martin Wittfooth Lyons Wier AM 01

Openings: Martin Wittfooth – “The Passions” @ Lyons Wier Gallery

A couple weeks ago, Martin Wittfooth premiered his powerful new collection of paintings at the Lyons Wier Gallery in New York. As he mentioned in his insightful interview with us leading up to the show, The Passions is an exploration of the destructive nature of blind faith, specifically the ideas of martyrdom and sainthood along with the violence, self sacrifice, and suffering frequently associated with these concepts. When realized in Martin’s typically style, surrogate creatures are substituted to make his points with the resulting pieces […]

Streets: Libya

With the death of Muammar Gaddafi and the fall of his repressive regime, there apparently has been a predictable surge in creative energy in Libya. Some of this has been seen in the increased graffiti and street art murals across the county, much of it political and decked out in red, green, and black – the colors of the new Libyan flag. More inspiring images after the jump via Upperspace.

Videos: José Parlá – “Character Gestures”

The Standard Hotel just uploaded a new video taking a short behind-the-scenes look at the Jose Parla Character Gestures show (covered here & here) in Los Angeles last month. Put together by the Parla brothers (Jose and Ray), the footage reminds us of what a great new body of work it was, a fitting show for his LA fans, long in coming. Via Slamxhype. Discuss this show here. Discuss José Parlá here

Releases: Esao Andrews – “Drifters”

Tomorrow, October 26th (3pm EST), Esao Andrews will be selling 16″ x 20″ prints Drifters, a painting first seen at his New York solo (covered) back in September of last year. The new limited edition offering will be in a run of 90 and cost $90. Even more tempting is the little doodle you see in the lower right-hand corner – an original drawing on each print. Hopefully this will tide over his fans until next year when he hits up Thinkspace for his next […]

Streets: Banksy x Occupy London?

What is purportedly a Banksy installation (see the TOX shoutout) has popped up at St.Paul’s Cathedral in support of the Occupy London Movement. The elusive street artist from Bristol’s alleged play on the Monopoly board game was remixed with the theme of the protests – corporate greed and corruption. We’ll see more and more artists get in the game in support of the 99% as these activists spread across the world (see original Occupy Wallstreet with Olek intervention). More photos via Demotix after the jump…

Openings: Frank Gonzales – “Fragments of Nature” @ Beals & Abbate

Earlier this month, New York-based painter Frank Gonzales took a trip over to New Mexico for the opening of his solo show at Beals & Abbate. Entitled appropriately Fragments of Nature, the show highlighted new work from the nature-loving artist featuring his mostly bird portraits with his trademark abstract twist. It looks like he also worked in some of the local flora and fauna of Santa Fe into some of his pieces, a location that is a perfect match for Gonzales since the area is known […]

Openings: “Pure Logo” @ New Image Art

On Saturday night at New Image Art, Skullphone, who recently opened a joint show in New York with Curtis Kulig, decided to try his hand in co-curating a show which he entitled Pure Logo. This group show included the aforementioned Kulig as well as a diverse set of multimedia artists – Evan Gruzis, Curtis Kulig, Takeshi Murata, Cleon Peterson, Skullphone, Paul Wackers and Hugh Zeigler. The work included in the show explores “the omnipresence, necessity, form and functionality of logos as they metamorphose to communicate within […]
Laurie Lipton Rites AM 01

Openings: Laurie Lipton – “Carnival Of Death” @ Last Rites

Earlier this month, the Last Rites Gallery in New York continued their patronage of the dark arts with a solo exhibition from Laurie Lipton. In an interview with us leading up the show, the LA-based painter told us that Carnival of Death was inspired by the Day of the Dead Festival in Mexico as well as her experience with her mother’s death. Laurie’s description of her new body of work certainly rang true as we admired the detailed and intricate graphite pieces at the show […]

Openings: Ray Caesar – “A Dangerous Inclination” @ Corey Helford Gallery

This past Saturday night, Ray Caesar presented his newest solo show, A Dangerous Inclination, to the Culver City art crowd. Featuring new digital creations as well as some favorites from the past, the show at Corey Helford Gallery put his genius in finding beauty in the disturbing and grotesque on display, something he talked to AM about in an interview we conducted with him last week. More photos after the jump by Carlos Gonzalez.