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Update: Kelsey Brookes

Kelsey Brookes, who we last saw exhibit in Germany in November, recently posted up some images of his new work. After rehanging the whole studio, he decided to go in a darker more angry direction and frankly, we are liking what we see. Take a look at more of what he’s been up to – after the jump…

Videos: Jonathan Yeo – “Porn in the USA”

Remember back in July of last year, when Jonathan Yeo brought his series of works and portraits created from collaged pornography to Beverly Hills. It was part of a series of shows put on by Steve Lazarides in a temporary gallery and was entitled “Porn in the USA” (covered). Apparently, they were filming the whole time.  Take a look above as Yeo and Lazarides are interviewed – all with the backdrop of some nice behind-the-scenes footage.

Openings: Travis Barker’s “Give The Drummer Some Art Show” @ Live On Sunset

Last week, the Live On Sunset venue in Los Angeles hosted the Travis Barker’s Give The Drummer Some Art show. We aren’t sure if all the art is really going to the Blink-182 drummer but it would make for an interesting addition to his collection with artists like David Choe, Jeff Soto, Chris Peters, Pushead, Haze, Mike Giant, and Mr. Cartoon in the lineup.  Incidentally, Give The Drummer Some is also the name of his first solo album which was released recently. More photos courtesy […]

Charity / Releases: David Choe – “Red Moon” Edition

Despite being imprisoned last time he was in Japan and forbidden to return, David Choe (featured) still has love for the Land of the Rising Sun. This new print (limited to 88) entitled “Red Moon” will be released today at 6 pm PST at Trapeze Editions with 100% of the proceeds going to the relief efforts in Japan. The cost will be $188 and the print is sized at 18″ x 24″. For those interested, also take a look at his studiomate James Jean’s charity […]

Teaser: “Martha Cooper : Remix” @ Carmichael Gallery

An important show that has been flying under the radar for some reason will be coming up at the beginning of next month at Carmichael Gallery. Martha Cooper : Remix will feature an all-star lineup of artists making works based on their interpretations of the prolific street photographer’s snapshots.  You can see the full list here, but with names to Aiko, Barry McGee, Crash, DEARRAINDROP, Futura, Gaia, Jose Parla, Kenny Scharf, Anthony Lister, Logan Hicks, The London Police, Nunca, Shepard Fairy, Skewville, Swoon, and Victor […]

Streets: Eine in SF (Part II)

Who rocks the hardest? Apparently, Ben Eine does, among other things as he’s painting up San Fran in conjunction with his show that opened last weekend (covered). Not only was he working on his signature shutter typography all around town, he’s also was getting up select phrases.  Take a look at the video and more pics from Skate Legs Magazine after the jump…

Update: Chloe Early

It’s been about half a year since we last caught up with Chloe Early (interviewed) at her show in Los Angeles (covered), but it looks like she’s continuing to go big judging from these paintings she is working on. Moving into Conor Harrington’s more spacious old studio certainly has it’s advantages. You’ll probably be seeing some of these pieces at her upcoming solo exhibition in New York in October with Joshua Liner as well as something for the Stolen Space summer show. More photos after […]

Teaser: D*Face – “Going Nowhere Fast” @ Corey Helford

It sounds like D*Face (interviewed) will be spending some extended time in Los Angeles soon as he will be showing at the Corey Helford in April and during BritWeek in May (with Mear One). For this new body of work entitled Going Nowhere Fast, D will be immortalizing the deaths of America’s most illustrious icons from Andy Warhol to Michael Jackson with paintings, sculptures and installations. On display as well will be a series of works – Flutterdies – fashioned from butterflies and insects combined […]

Foster + Partners wins Hong Kong cultural district battle

The West Kowloon Cultural District, which we first told you about in 2009, has finally chosen a design for the planned $2.8 billion 50 hectare arts hub. The firm to win out were the favorites, Foster + Partners, the architects who were also responsible for the breathtaking Chep Lap Kok Airport, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, and the Bilbao Metro, although the original canopy design has been scrapped. More conceptual images after the jump…

Interview / Preview: Adam Wallacavage – “Dreamhome Heartaches” @ Corey Helford Gallery

This Saturday night, March 19th, Adam Wallacavage returns from his recent trip to and show in Brazil to stage his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles. Entitled “Dreamhome Heartaches”, the new body of work for Corey Helford Gallery is inspired by the decorative interiors of his home in Philadelphia which is filled by much of his own sculptural pieces as well as eclectic items collected from his travels. We put some questions to the “self-taught militant ornamentalist” recently about this new show among other things […]