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Teaser: Colin Christian @ International Museum of Art and Science (Texas)

Next month in Texas, Colin Christian (interviewed) will be sharing some of his sculptural work at the International Museum of Art and Science in Texas. On display will be 20 of his fiberglass cyber-erotic and fetish-inspired creations including this 4 x 4.5 feet piece seen above entitled Outsourced. Don’t miss this showing if you are in the area on January 26th. Discuss Colin Christian here.

Haroshi x HUF x DLX Collaboration Event

Coming up on January 7th in Los Angeles (545 S. Clarence St.), sculptor Haroshi (last seen at his NY solo) will be unveiling his limited edition collaboration with HUF and Bay Area skateboard distributor DLX. The event will also include an exhibition of six original works by the Japanese artist who is known for crafting work from compressed skateboards. As a bonus, Tommy Guerrero will be performing so direct all your RSVP’s to [email protected] More info including a video after the jump…

Streets: Vhils (Berlin)

It looks like Vhils (filmed) has recently stopped by Berlin and left one of his signature wall etchings behind. Perhaps this was created while he was in town for the release of the Walls & Frames book launch party. We especially like the intriguing inclusion of the Eye of Providence which appears on the United States one-dollar bill as Angela Merkel’s 3rd eye. Discuss Vhils here.

Preview: Thomas Woodruff – “The Four Temperament Variations” @ P·P·O·W Gallery

On January 5th, the P·P·O·W Gallery in New York will be hosting new work from the New York based Thomas Woodruff where he is also the Chairman of the Illustration and Cartooning Departments at the School of Visual Arts. The paintings for the show collectively entitled The Four Temperaments Variations were inspired by the theories of Hippocrates, when it was believed everyone’s body and mind were controlled by four different, mysterious, colored fluids – Sanguinic, Choleric, Melancholic, and Phlegmatic – where any imbalance in these fluids […]

Creative Process: Liu Bolin

While Chinese artist Liu Bolin was in New York last summer, AM had the chance to attend his show at Eli Klein Fine Art (covered) as well as hang out with him in the streets as he was working on an in situ 9/11 tribute piece. For those as fascinated as we are with his work, photographer Zachary Bako has spent much time documenting the photographer at work including the session you see above that uniquely does not involve the artist himself as the centerpiece. Check out […]

Videos: “Here Comes The Neighborhood” Series 1-7

Last month, we brought you the trailer for Here Comes The Neighborhood, a new video series focusing on Wynwood Arts District in Miami. The latest episode features the prolific street photographer, Martha Cooper (interviewed), and her views on the blossoming mecca of street art and graffiti that has become a destination for all art fans during Art Basel Week. Check out some of the other episodes after the jump including features on IRAK, Sego & Saner, Intercambio, Kenny Scharf, and Gaia.

Teaser: SHAG – “Animal Kingdom” @ Corey Helford

Next February in Los Angeles, Josh Agle aka SHAG will be presenting a new body of work at the Corey Helford Gallery, site of his solo (covered) at the end of 2009. It looks like animal costumes and hijinks will ensue when Animal Kingdom opens with paintings all created in his retro-chic fashion. Discuss SHAG here.

Showing: AJ Fosik @ Galerie LJ

After an impressive showing in New York during the month of October where he elevated the complexity and creativity of his sculptural pieces to the next level, AJ Fosik has now decided to share his work with the people of Paris. On view until the middle of January, this new show at Galerie LJ features his intricately constructed wooden beasts put together in his signature style. More photos via Streetartnews after the jump…

Roy Lichtenstein – “Landscapes in the Chinese Style” @ Gagosian Gallery (Hong Kong)

Our Hong Kong correspondent, Layla Kawashima, recently stopped by the Gagosian to take some photos of the Roy Lichtenstein exhibition before it closed. Landscapes in the Chinese Style consists of a collection of lesser known works from the famous pop artist that features his reinterpretation of traditional Chinese painting. He states: “I think (the Chinese landscapes) impress people with having somewhat the same kind of mystery (historical) Chinese paintings have, but in my mind it’s a sort of pseudo-contemplative or mechanical subtlety…I’m not seriously doing […]
Isaac Cordal in Brussels.  Photo via Vandalog.

Streets: World Roundup (Dec 19 – Dec 25)

Here is a roundup of the street murals after a Christmas weekend. On that note, we start with this new install in Brussels by Isaac Cordal. Other walls that caught our attention include work from Know Hope (Atlanta), Dot Dot Dot (Oslo), João Maurício (Portugal), Phlegm (UK), PakOne (France), Faith47 (South Africa), and Sten Lex (Rome). See them all after the jump…