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Matthew Bone – “Paradise Lost” @ La Luz de Jesus

Tonight in Los Angeles, Matthew Bone is one of four artists (Bonnie Reid, Christine Wu, and Soey Milk) presenting work at La Luz de Jesus. It’s been a while since we last caught up with Bone (see 2009), and it looks like Paradise Lost features a collection of paintings combining his provocative imagery with his love for comics, Star Wars, and collectibles. More preview images after the jump…

Teaser: Matthew Palladino – “Sweet Relief” @ Eli Ridgway Gallery

Showing with the gallery that represented him during 2010’s Art Basel Miami Week and who hosted a solo from him in the same year, Matthew Palladino (interviewed) will be presenting a whole new body of work entitled Sweet Relief. As referenced to in the title, the ever-evolving artist will this time take on sculptural elements to extend his narrative into 3D with his largest collection of pieces to date. Utilizing molds that “themselves are made specifically for chocolate making (for making objects to be eaten), the […]

Audrey Kawasaki for Hint Mints

For those fans who are used to getting their Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed) fix through her various social media, you will no doubt have seen her posting some glimpses of a side project she is working on. She has now revealed that those pieces are destined for the packaging for the artist series of products from Hint Mint, the same company that worked with James Jean, Glenn Barr, Lola, and Gary Baseman on similar terms a while back. Take a look at those sneak peeks she posted after […]

Videos: El Mac Artist Statement – Vietnam

Last year, you may recall when we brought you photos of a mural from El Mac painted in Vietnam during a period of travel. We followed that up with an article featuring a creative process video for that mural, but the LA-based street muralist wasn’t interviewed as part of the footage at that point.  Now, comes an insightful video that fills in the gaps of his trip where Mac talks about his beginnings, the issues with local paint & cans, his signature “ripple” effect, graffiti specific […]

Teaser: “Love & Hate” @ StolenSpace

Coming up on the 9th, StolenSpace will be debuting their first show of the year with a Valentine-themed group show entitled Love & Hate. Along with new limited edition offerings, the exhibition will feature artists like Chloe Early, D*Face, Dan Witz, Kai & Sunny, Miss Van, Sylvia Ji, Will Barras, Word To Mother, Von, Jeff Soto, Pete Fowler, EINE, Josie Morway,  Charles Krafft, Curtis Kulig, and more creating artworks highlighting the pleasure and pain of this holiday. See the other piece from Soto after the […]

Releases: Travis Louie – “Sarah & Emmett” Print

Combine one of the most respected print production companies out there with an artist whose attention to detail is well-documented and the outcome of their collaboration is almost per-ordained to be incredible. That’s what happened with this latest print release from Pressure Painting of Travis Louie’s Sarah & Emmett. The original, which was part of a show in 2009 in Los Angeles, has been replicated with loving care in a painstaking process involving antique handpresses, finest quality paper, embossing, letterpressed elements, and hand finished details. […]

Preview: Luke Chueh – “Primrose Path” @ Brett Wesley Gallery

Tonight, February 2nd, Luke Chueh (interviewed) will be bringing a body of work inspired by the seven deadly sins to the Brett Wesley Gallery in Las Vegas for a joint show with Juan Muniz. The collection of paintings will certainly be appropriate for “Sin City,” as is the title of the show Primrose Path, an old idiom coined by Shakespeare to refer to a pleasant path to self-destruction. With such a dark topic, expect Luke to go to town on his poor animals as he explores […]

Rumor Mill: David Choe – The 200 Million Dollar Artist?

So, you may remember the internet frenzy last month when photos leaked of David Choe (featured) painting and tagging up a storm at the new Facebook headquarters at the request of Mark Zuckerberg. What we didn’t know was that when he decorated the previous FB building with his murals several years ago, David elected for stock options instead of cash payment.  The New York Times now reports that those shares are worth upwards of $200 million based on the new IPO calculations. If the speculation […]

Phlegm – “Civilisation” Print

UK-based street muralist Phlegm has really outdone himself this time. Using his intricate drawing skills, he has created a three part piece that when combined features an entire world on the shoulders of one his characters. The image you see above is only a third of the completed image.  Good news for his fans is that this will be released as a print entitled Civilisation soon. See the entire image after the jump…

Preview: Tim Doyle – “Unreal Estate”@ Spoke Art

Tomorrow night (February 2nd) at Spoke Art, Texas-based artist Tim Doyle will be bringing his wares to San Francisco for his first solo show entitled Unreal Estate. Featuring a collection of locations that many of us recognize from our times in front of the loving glow of our television, from the Kwik-E-Mart to the Bluth Banana Stand, Doyle gives us a fresh look at these places we will never visit yet are intimately connected to. As an added bonus, the artist will be in attendance […]