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Showing: FriendsWithYou – “In The Beginning” @ colette (Paris)

Still showing through the rest of the week until the 24th is the FriendsWithYou exhibition in Paris. In The Beginning at colette features the Miami design collective’s bronze sculptures, series of prints including two exclusive to the store, an animation video piece, wall murals, as well as a plethora of art products. FWY also designed the storefront and the “water bar” space of the gallery, all based on the theme of expressing the inner-child inside all of us. More photos after the jump…

Teaser: Ray Caesar – “A Dangerous Inclination” @ Corey Helford

On October 22nd, the Corey Helford Gallery will be presenting Ray Caesar’s first solo show that we will attend since the beginning of the year in New York. Entitled A Dangerous Inclination, the new body of work will again feature the Toronto-based artist’s unique process of setting up 3D environments with his surrealistic imagery and then producing limited editions and one-offs from selected angles. From the looks of things, his pale digital creations will be set in some stunning and lush environments. A couple more […]

Openings: Neck Face & Fuck This Life – “2 of Amerika’s Most Wanted” @ New Image Art

On Sunday night, the New Image Gallery debuted their new location with new artwork by the somewhat anonymous figure Neck Face (interviewed) and also the work by an artist simply known as Fuck This Life. Named 2 of Amerika’s Most Wanted, the show featured a variety of drawings by Neck Face that focused on the grotesque, the violent and the ironic. The artist’s latest presentation brought in large crowds of people who were keen on discovering what creative direction the artist would take this time […]

Streets: SABER – “Skytagging” (Los Angeles)

If you read AM this morning, you would have been tipped off by SABER (interviewed) to something happening in the skies around noon time today. So, if you were in downtown Los Angeles and looked up, you would have seen something interesting. Besides trying out a novel approach to tagging utilizing the technique of skywriting with shoutouts to Art Work Rebels (AWR) and Mad Society Kings (MSK) as well as some fellow crew members, the socially conscious writer also planned the event to protest the […]

Streets: Miquel Barceló – “Gran Elefandret” (NY)

If you ever wanted to see one of Miquel Barceló’s precariously perched elephant sculptures in person, here’s your chance if you are in New York. The impossibly balanced bronze sculpture entitled Gran Elefandret from the Spanish artist is now on display through May 2012 in Union Square and is 26 feet high. The gravity defying pachyderm is presented courtesy of Marlborough Gallery and the Department of Parks and Recreation’s Art in the Parks program. More photos after the jump via the gallery…

Teaser: Laurie Lipton – “Carnival of Death” @ Last Rites

On October 1st, Laurie Lipton will be opening her first solo show in New York at the Last Rites Gallery. The Los Angeles-based artist’s mastery of graphite is nothing short of stunning, and she uses these skills to create intricate compositions and complex storylines so we are definitely looking forward to seeing the drawings for Carnival of Death. This newest body of work is inspired by The Day Of The Dead imagery, and runs just prior to the holiday, in a way commemorating the event. […]

Openings: Lindsey Carr – “Homage to Canton” @ Thinkspace

Last week, alongside Nagel, Ramirez, and Nehrbass in the main gallery, Lindsey Carr’s newest work graced the walls the Thinkspace’s project room. Entitled Homage to Canton, the new paintings resembled classic botanical illustrations, but for the unnatural yet interesting ways the Scotland-based artist melded fauna and flora. More opening photos after the jump…

Showing: Dzine – “The Beautiful Struggle” @ Gestalten Space

Several days ago, Gestalten Space played host to the opening of the first solo exhibition in Berlin by Carlos Rolon, better known as Dzine. The multi-talented Chicago-based artist presented a diverse body of work including photos, screen prints, as well one of his signature blinged-out bicycles of which this exhibition utilized as its centerpiece. Entitled Voodoo, the installation was inspired and partially created during his residency at the Instituto Bena Bista, the Curacao Center for Contemporary Art. With this custom piece, he captures the spirit […]
Jennifer Nehrbass

Openings: Aaron Nagel, Jeff Ramirez, and Jennifer Nehrbass @ Thinkspace

A couple weeks ago, the Thinkspace Gallery hosted a trio of artists known for their realistic renderings and a new perspective on portraiture. Aaron Nagel brought his edgy nudes, Jeff Ramirez presented some paintings from unique angles as well as some masked characters, and Jennifer Nehrbass contributed some of her narrative-based works. Take a look at a photo set from Carlos Gonzalez after the jump…

Previews: Eric Haze – “New Mathematics” @ Known Gallery

Set to open alongside Greg Lamarche’s (interviewed) new body of work (previewed) tonight at the Known Gallery are the geometric constructs of NY graffiti legend Eric Haze. Entitled New Mathematics, the collection of originals feature his distinctive lines and shapes that his aesthetic has become synonymous with. More preview installation photos after the jump from Carlos Gonzalez.