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Releases: Mark Ryden – “YHWH” (Red, Gold, Blue)

For those Mark Ryden fans out there who missed the first colorways of the YHWH figure (pink, black, white), here is your shot at three other versions of perhaps his vision of god. Or perhaps you are a completist who must have every piece from the set. Whatever the case, tomorrow (March 27th) at 8 am PDT, Porterhouse will be releasing red, gold, and blue iterations (limited to 100 each) that can be purchased individually for $200 or as a set for $500. Images of the […]

Openings: Andrew Schoultz & Richard Colman – “To Be Announced” @ V1 Gallery

Several days ago, the V1 Gallery in Copenhagen played host to two talented artists from the US, Andrew Schoultz and Richard Colman, finally fulfilling their longstanding wish to exhibit together in a joint show. To Be Announced presents bodies of work where both San Francisco-based artists venture into new territory together with experimentations in fresh artistic styles (for some of their pieces). Schoultz continues his exploration of the imagery of the American flag, spurred by his discovery when purchasing this symbol of his home country, […]

Street Art London

For street art fans who live in London or those who are in town for a visit, you may want to check out a new iPhone app from Street Art London. After downloading, the app allows you to locate street murals and interventions in the area and help you get to the piece you want to see. Take a look here at the rest of the features and if interested, you can download the get it here.

Preview: “International Women” @ Warrington Museum

With the opening scheduled for March 29th, the Warrington Museum in UK gets ready to host International Women, a group show featuring 15 artists from 10 countries. Curated by Frankie Shea & Tina Ziegler, the lineup includes Catalina Estrada, Elizabeth Mcgrath, Faith 47, Hera, Holly Thoburn, Kukula, Mel Kadel, Miss Van, Pam Glew, Sarah Joncas, Stella Im Hultberg, Swoon, Tara Mcpherson and Xue Wang. A peek at a couple more pieces in the show after the jump…

Rewind: March 19 – March 25

The Guggenheim in New York is currently showing a can’t miss retrospective from the late John Chamberlain. The renowned American sculptor, known as the artist who successfully translated Abstract Expressionism into three dimensions, is perhaps most most famous for his crushed car pieces, which are despite the materials – collages. Watch the video above as curator Susan Davidson talks about the exhibition. See more videos (via Artlog) about the Chamberlain showing after the jump as well as other notable videos we collected for you this week […]

Streets: World Roundup (March 19 – March 25)

Another weekend, another Streets: World Roundup here on AM. The highlighted mural this time comes from Tahrir Square in Egypt where Sheikh Khan painted one of the barriers that the Egyptian military erected to divide the streets that connect to government power centers. This wall, which was painted to look as if it was never there is one of many that the young artists in the area have painted over (story via Hyperallergic). Other street work that caught out eyes this week include Vhils (Luxembourg), […]

Openings: Brendan Monroe – “Observations of Light & Matter” @ Cooper Cole

Earlier this month, the Cooper Cole Gallery in Toronto opened up an exhibition showcasing a new body of work from Brendan Monroe (interviewed). Along with an artist talk the following day, the Bay Area-based artist introduced his science-inspired imagery to his fans up further North. From his interest in the microscopic to the vast cosmos, Monroe has put together a collection of paintings and sculptures that express his continued search to understand the physics in nature all around us. Tomorrow is last day of the […]

Art Focus: Laurent Craste

For this weekend’s Art Focus feature, we wanted to point you to the work of Laurent Craste. The French sculptor creates these ornate porcelain pieces that would be classic works except that he literally “throws a wrench in things” by having various items like baseball bats, axes, knives, nails and more embedded in them. By utilizing the typical decorative item as an indicator for social status, instruments of political power, and demonstrations of ostentatious luxury, the Montreal-based artist is able to make a statement with […]

Shepard Fairey Pursues Film Adaptation For “1984”

Remember this cover (also released as a print) from Shepard Fairey (featured) that was commissioned for new Penguin Book editions of George Orwell’s dystopian classic 1984 several years back? Word has now leaked that Mr. Obey will take a similar route as his friend and fellow street artist across the pond, Banksy, and get into film. Fairey will be teaming up with Ron Howard and Brian Grazer’s Imagine Entertainment to attempt to bring Orwell’s seminal literary work, which certainly shares many of the themes seen in the LA-based […]

Teaser: Yosuke Ueno – “The Specific Illusion” @ Thinkspace

Come March 31st, Yosuke Ueno will lift the veil covering his newest body of work, The Specific Illusion at the Thinkspace Gallery, his third solo with the Culver City showspace. The fresh collection of paintings are strongly influenced by the changes in Japan since the Great Earthquake and Tsunami a little over a year ago which have deeply impacted the Ueno. His show will be opening on the same night as fellow Japanese painter Fumi Nakamura, who will be displaying her wares in the project […]