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Releases: Mark Ryden – “The Tree of Life” Lithograph

Mark Ryden fans rejoice (especially those in the greater Los Angeles area). This Thursday, October 21st (8:00 a.m. PDT), Porterhouse will be releasing a limited edition (run of 500) lithograph of one of Ryden’s most beloved images – “The Tree of Life.” The reason? To commemorate the fact that the painting will be on exhibition in “The Artist’s Museum, Los Angeles Artists 1980-2010″ show at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA) starting on October 31st. More detailed views after the jump…

Showing: Richard Colman – “Something Better” @ Guerrero Gallery

This past weekend, Richard Colman (interviewed) opened his solo show “Something Better” at the Guerrero Gallery. Fans of the Bay Area artist were delighted to see not one, but two immersive installation pieces filling the spacious showroom. As you can see from part of the installation above, Richard has started exploring pieces with different geometrical patterns in with a more metallic palette. You will see that many of the standalone pieces featured this new direction in the photos after the jump…

Openings: Augustine Kofie – “Retrofitted & Other Forms of Vintage Futurism” @ White Walls SF

Last Saturday, Kofie’One / Augustine Kofie (featured) introduced his first solo show to the Bay Area with “Retrofitted and Other Forms of Vintage Futurism” at White Walls in SF. Many of the canvases as well as triangular sculptures you saw in our studio visit earlier this month were transported to the gallery, but also Kofie added a beautiful installation of his workspace so that attendees could see where his creative process plays out. Take a look at some opening pics after the jump where his […]

Streets: Sam3 (Madrid)

After visiting the Fame Festival, we came away with a even greater respect for Sam3’s deceptively simple shadow work, especially after seeing a pretty awesome piece in the gallery show. It looks like the Spanish artist has been busy as he also recently completed a complex set of three murals in Madrid. Take a closer look at the triptych after the jump…

Showing: Dan McCarthy – “The World We Live In” @ Gallery 1988 (SF)

Currently showing at Gallery 1988 in SF through the end of this month is a fantastic new body of work from Dan McCarthy (interviewed). The Massachusetts artist’s paintings are definitely informed by his surroundings as he continues to develop imagery of forests, nature, seasons, light, and the general smallness of man in this world. The show entitled “The World We Live In” features mostly originals, ink drawings, screenprints, and a sweet series of screenprints finished with watercolor to capture a scene gradually as the setting […]

Preview: Nathan Ota x Risk @ Hurley Space

Take a look at the date of the photo above. It was taken almost 25 years ago of Nathan Ota (who recently opened his solo in LA) and RISK (of MSK fame). And yes, surprisingly like many of the fine artists we follow, Nathan had a background in graffiti. After losing touch for a long time, the duo have reunited for a collaboration mural at the Hurley Space in Orange County. Stop by to take a look for yourself on Saturday, October 16th (6-10pm) and […]

Moniker ’10: Labrona @ Campbarbossa

After our interview with him earlier this year, Labrona has continued putting up street works like the piece seen above. For this year’s Moniker Art Fair though, the Canadian artist will be exhibiting some of his paintings at the Campbarbossa booth featuring his familiar imagery arranged in his typical stain glass like geometrical motifs. Take a look at preview images after the jump…

Update: JR – “The Wrinkles of the City” (Shanghai Biennale)

It looks like JR’s latest project (through Galerie Magda Danysz) is underway in China as he starts his installs for “The Wrinkles of the City”. The street pieces are set to coincide with the Shanghai Biennale and will feature the French photographer’s captured images of the elderly who represent the memory of the city. These photos will be pasted up at locations that he feels speak to the heritage of a city that has definitely has its share of ups and downs – “from the […]

Streets: New Banksy x 3

Remember the Koons dog piece Banksy put up in April as part of the LA premiere of his documentary? Well, you knew it would only be a matter of time before he took on another famous canine – the Haring dog!  Take another look at this piece as well as a couple other new pieces in London, a take on The Clash’s London Calling cover and a robot box head piece after the jump… Guess the Simpsons project didn’t take up all his time.

Frieze 2010: Mark Ryden @ Paul Kasmin Gallery

One of the other booths we will be checking out this year at the Frieze Art Fair besides Team Gallery’s (Ryan McGinley) will be Paul Kasmin’s. Can you blame us?  Look at this beautiful new piece “Awakening the Moon” from Mark Ryden, who exhibited at the New York Gallery in May. Could another show be in the works? Discuss Mark Ryden here.