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Teaser: Basel Week Miami ’10: New Image Art

New Image Art’s lineup for this year’s Art Basel Week looks sharp and could be one of the more anticipated offerings at 2010’s art extravaganza in Miami. Headlined by Osgemeos, who have been holed up at Retna’s studio working on new paintings, the list of artists will also include Judith Supine, Cleon Peterson, Skullphone, and Albert Reyes as well as a special installation piece entitled “Now I Remember” that will feature the work of Neck Face among many others. Cafeina December 1 – December 5, […]

Releases: Craig Damrauer – “Modern Art” Print

Craig Damrauer, who has always entertained us with his “New Math”, has released one of his most beloved images from that series as a print. Entitled “Modern Art”, the piece basically sums up the reaction of some of the art cynics out there with a nice come back. Offered through 20×200, the limited edition is available here at various sizes and pricepoints for those interested.

Openings: Raymond Pettibon – “Hard in the Paint” @ David Zwirner Gallery

David Zwirner Gallery in New York is currently showing Venice Beach based artist Raymond Pettibon’s newest solo exhibition entitled Hard in the Paint, which is derived from basketball terminology. The collection of works on display feature Pettibon’s signature loose hand and his representations of fragments of American society occasionally emphasized with key text and phrases. Stop by if you are in New York, the show runs until December 21st at the 533 W. 19th St. location. More opening photos after the jump…

Streets: Dash Snow Tribute (New York)

It looks like the Barry McGee and Amaze mural on Houston & Bowery has been painted over with a giant fire extinguisher Sace Irak tag. If you want to check out this tribute to Dash Snow, you had better hurry as it sounds as though it will only be up for a day until a new winter mural goes up. More photos after the jump via Kathy Grayson.

Teaser: Sylvia Ji – “Shapeshifter” @ Corey Helford Gallery

Coming up next month at Corey Helford Gallery is a solo show from Sylvia Ji’s (interviewed), known for her “Day of the Dead” imagery. As you can see by the painting above, the masks have come off since her last solo show and Sylvia is venturing into some new territory with this new body work perhaps tellingly entitled Shapeshifter. We look forward to seeing the completed series of paintings, scheduled to open on December 11th. Discuss this show here. Discuss Sylvia Ji here.

Releases: Mark Ryden – The Snow Yak Show Print Portfolio (Spectaculum Poefagorum Nivium)

For those Mark Ryden fans out there who have the bankroll, Porterhouse will be releasing a beautiful new print portfolio based on his Snow Yak show. The set will include all 10 images (eight paintings and two drawings) from the exhibition held in Japan in 2009 at the Tomio Koyama Gallery, come in an edition of 50, and cost you $4750. Each 13-7/8″ x 10-7/8″ print is numbered and hand-signed by the Ryden and will be released this Wednesday, November 24 at 8:00 a.m. PST […]

Streets: LUDO – “Co-Branding” (Paris)

If you remember, we brought you some “Halloweenism” from LUDO (interviewed) recently. Now, take a look at some of the origins of the series with the “co-branding” project that he’s been working on concurrently in Paris. The “Del Monte” trash can we posted last month was the first piece of this new series, so it looks like he’s branching out from his “Nature’s Revenge” imagery somewhat. Take a look at more bus stop interventions after the jump…

Streets: WK Interact (Mexico City)

WK Interact, who we last saw at the RE:FORM School show and Beyond the Street NY book launch, recently completed a massive mural. Billed as the NY-based street artist’s largest piece yet at 200 x 7 meters, the project at the General National Archives in Mexico City features some of his signature imagery and movement blurs. More photos after the jump…

Armsrock’s Residency at Print Workshop (Hjoerring)

Always one to expand his horizons, Danish artist Armsrock (interviewed) recently completed a residency at a print workshop in Hjoerring.  We last saw his work at a show in London in June, but perhaps he will be using some new techniques he learned in his December solo “Nocturne On A Drainpipe Flute” at Wonderland Art Space in Copenhagen. More pics after the jump…

Showing: Kelsey Brookes – “Caped Creatures” @ Circleculture Gallery

Currently showing at  Circleculture Gallery in Berlin, Kelsey Brookes’ new body of work features his signature colorful eruptions of abstract shapes. When examined closer, the raw forms coalesce into the various “Caped Creatures” as well as a place of refuge in what appears to be a Noah’s Ark painting. Check out more photos of the San Diego-based artist’s work via Art School Vets after the jump…