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Art Platform ’11: Ai Weiwei

As we walked out the elevators last week to head into the main exhibition hall for Art Platform, something caught out attention in the side atrium. Imagine our surprise and delight as our eyes laid on Ai Weiwei’s Snake Bag, one of his most moving and intriguing works. The undulating 55 feet long serpent is created from 360 children’s backpacks and commemorates the deadly 2008 Sichuan earthquake. When the artist – activist saw the scattered backpacks in the rubble left by the thousands of children […]

Baby Tattooville ’11: Art Jam (Final)

As veterans of the annual Baby Tattooville art retreat know, how the final Art Jam collaborative painting ends up looking is nothing like how it starts. This year was no different as the 30 artists in attendance put their mark on the extra large canvas to accommodate the reunion year. The final composition was surprisingly pretty balanced despite the inevitable drama that develops in the process, perhaps in no small part due to the leadership skills of Captain Jeff Soto (interviewed). More photos after the jump […]

Teaser: Andy Kehoe – “Arise, Feral Night” @ Roq La Rue

We were browsing the always excellent Erratic Phenomena recently and came across this painting from Andy Kehoe where one of his creatures gaze out into the cosmos. If this painting and the title of the show, Arise, Feral Night, is any indication, then darkness has indeed fallen over the autumnal world of the Pittsburgh-based painter. The show opens October 14th at Roq La Rue. Discuss this show here. Discuss Andy Kehoe here.

Interviews: Martin Wittfooth – “The Passions” @ Lyons Wier Gallery

As we perused the preview images for Martin Wittfooth’s upcoming solo in New York at the Lyons Wier Gallery, we couldn’t help but think that he had elevated his painting to the next level with this new body of work. After seeing one powerful image after another, we sat down to put some questions to the Brooklyn-based artist about The Passions scheduled to open on October 13th. We talked about the symbolism in his work, which is evident as you encounter unforgettable images like a […]

Streets: “Urban Forms Gallery” Roundup (Poland)

The organizer of the Urban Forms Gallery project in Poland, Michael Biezynski, recently sent over some photos of the wall murals to share with our readers. It is rare to say that we enjoyed all the work from every artist that participates in various festivals or events, but in this rare case, we were quite impressed with what every artist created including some that we were not familiar with. Check out what Aryz, Remed, Kenor, M-City, Etam Crew, Sat One, and Sepe/Chazme had to offer […]

Nuart Festival ’11: Lucy McLauchlan

One misty morning in Norway, we hiked over to the Obrestad Lighthouse to check out the intricate workings of Lucy McLauchlan. Painting the walls with her signature motifs (also seen in her solo at Lazarides in 2010), the UK-based artist covered the entire tower in doing her part for this year’s Nuart Festival. More photos of the lighthouse and other murals taken by Henrik Haven after the jump…

Openings: “In the Wake of Dreams” @ Thinkspace

On Saturday night, the highly anticipated In the Wake of Dreams opened at the Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City. Featuring the collective talents of Audrey Kawasaki, Amy Sol, Stella Im Hultberg, and Mari Inukai, the group show sees the artists and friends four years out from their 2007 Four Dreams show in Portland. The new work showed a maturity and complexity that has developed over the years with Audrey exploring patterns and textures, Amy continuing to put a larger focus on her human characters, Stella also […]

Streets: ROA (Gambia)

On a recent trip to Africa to participate in the Wide Open Walls project, the Belgium-based ROA’s animal repertoire took a decidedly more exotic turn. Featuring giraffes, zebras, elephants, monkeys, other common safari sightings, the anatomically-inclined street artist contributed walls to the project that promotes Gambia as a tourist destination. Perhaps that’s why he held back on the usual dissection and other mishaps that typically accompanies the creatures in his imagery. More photos from Ekosystem after the jump…

Update: Jeremy Geddes – “Warmer Air” Print

For those waiting for the release of the print of what may be Jeremy Geddes’ (interviewed) last painting from the Cosmonaut series, it’s now available here with specially designed frames here. Entitled Warmer Air, the approximately 14 x 22 inch timed release will be sold ($118) to all who put in an order until 1 am PST. With his increasing popularity leading up to his show next year with Jonathan LeVine, this method of sales will give all his fans a fair chance to own […]

Baby Tattooville ’11: Diesel Fuel Print Set

We’ll have a final roundup of the “goodie bag” and all the items that paying attendees of this year’s Baby Tattooville retreat receive at the end of the weekend (you already saw the special poster and museum catalog), but here’s another taste courtesy of Diesel Fuel Prints. A regular attendee all the way from Portland, with a special 5 year anniversary BT print set.  Included are images from Tara McPherson, Brandi Milne, Luke Chueh, Van Arno, Yoskay Yamamoto, KMNDZ, SHAG, and William Stout. More photos […]