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Os Gemeos for Kauno Bienalé (Lithuania)

Globetrotting street duo, Os Gemeos, recently landed in Lithuania to take part in the Kauno Bienalé. After experimenting with some new techniques involving inflatable balloons in their home country last month, they return to their mastery of mural making with this new whimsical nautical wall. Sharing the space in collaboration with Margarida Kančiukaitis Pandolfo and Veronica Kančiukaitis Tognoli, the twins also painted and re-purposed a structure, leaving the interior for the other the other artists to work on. A more detailed look after the jump…
De La Warr Pavilion Installation-filtered

Art Focus: Robert Montgomery

Robert Montgomery is the associate publisher of Dazed & Confused, but our art focus on him today is because of his practice of the Situationist tradition of detournement, which he interprets by replacing advertisements, often times illicitly, with his own poetry. Sounds like on the surface, a more intellectual form of street art doesn’t it? Besides this particular method of expression (which you can see examples of after the jump), he is also known for creating a series “recycled sunlight” pieces that combines solar cells […]
Brian Viveros Last Rites AM 04

Openings: Brian Viveros – “Returning Art To The Unclean” @ Last Rites

Several weeks ago in New York, the impressive new paintings that we saw in-studio from Brian Viveros were finally displayed on the walls of the Last Rites Gallery. Entitled Returning Art To The Unclean, the new work all featured his portraiture of smoking hot femme fatales, posed and ready to do battle. For this show, many his “troops” sported tattoos, certainly appropriate for the setting, and as usual, Brian provided the appropriate head gear for them. As a bonus, the evening featured the Sunday Show […]

Streets: Jeff Soto (Lyon) Part II

Last week, we brought you photos of the cat-inspired mural Jeff Soto (interviewed) painted while in France for the Les Enfants TERRIBLES exhibition. It looks like that wasn’t the last of the feline-inspired walls that Jeff endowed on the city of Lyon as he now sends us a second set of photos of this large Le Chat Terrible piece, one of the largest outdoor works he has done in recent memory. The industrious Riverside-based artist finished it in pretty much in one day after sketching it […]

Preview: “Sink or Swim” Benefit Show @ Spoke Art

Tomorrow night, September 23rd, marks the opening of the Sink or Swim benefit show for PangeaSeed, a grassroots organization based in Japan dedicated to educating and raising international awareness on the plight of sharks and the destruction of their habitat. The group show, which will be held at Spoke Art Gallery features artist like Dan May, Dave Kinsey, Ingri Haraldsen, Jen Lobo, Jessica Ward, Kevin Earl Taylor, Mike Stilkey, Paul Chatem, Roland Tamayo and more. Of note, the much anticipated Scorch I print from Josh […]

Streets: Vhils (UK)

Vhils, whom we recently filmed working on a wall for the Post No Bills gallery in Venice, California has been spotted chiseling away on the other side of the pond in the UK. This newest piece was commissioned by the Urban Outfitters in Exeter and also features what looks to be a specially constructed facade to accommodate the Portuguese artist’s unique techniques. More photos after the jump…

Preview: “Robots” Benefit Show @ Giant Robot 2

This weekend, the Giant Robot 2 gallery in West LA will be hosting a benefit show featuring some artists that we have covered before here on AM like Edwin Ushiro whose piece you see above. Because of the down economy, the participants are putting in work to support this creative showspace on Sawtelle St. that have giving many emerging artists their first opportunities in the past. Included in the robots themed exhibition are other artist like APAK, Gary Baseman, Buff Monster, Jon Burgerman, Luke Chueh, […]
AM_kukula_preview - 1

Preview: Kukula – “Lonely Opulent Things” @ Corey Helford Gallery

This Saturday night, Kukula returns for her second solo show at the Corey Helford Gallery after a sold-out affair in 2009. Entitled Lonely Opulent Things, this new body of work consists of 12 paintings, including her largest works to date. As evidenced by the title and a limited-edition Jacquard tapestry available at the show, the exhibition celebrates the excesses of French aristocracy, inspired by a recent trip to Versailles. She states she wanted to explore “the beauty of objects and how we make them parts […]

Streets: Conor Harrington for Dublin Contemporary

After gifting his homeland three cowboy themed murals back in June (here, here, and here), it looks like Conor Harrington (interviewed) has returned to Ireland for another wall. This time, he hits up Dublin with a large new piece entitled Dead Meat, painted for this year’s Dublin Contemporary. For those in London, look for Conor’s work for Lazarides’ minotaur themed event in the Old Vic Tunnels coming up next month. More photos of this mural after the jump…

Preview: “La Luz De Jesus 25″ Part I

How many artists does a gallery owner represent, show, and deal with in the course of 25 years? The answer is a lot – so much so that the anniversary show for Billy Shire and his landmark La Luz De Jesus gallery needs to split the lineup between two separate exhibitions, one month apart. There is certainly much to celebrate as the gallery was an avenue for many of the shining stars of the Low Brow Movement to display their work back in a time […]