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Original Artist: Josh Keyes

Preview: “Otherworld” @ Roq La Rue

Tonight in Seattle, the Roq La Rue Gallery will be unveiling a new group show entitled Otherworld. The exhibition features a strong list of participants who will be interpreting the title with their own visual language. Artists include Martin Wittfooth, Chris Berens, John Brophy, Peter Ferguson, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Casey Curran, Madeline Von Foerster, Tom Bagshaw, Kris Lewis, Glenn Barr, Ryan Heshka, Jean Labourdette (Turf One), Dan Quintana, Derek Nobbs, Jessica McCourt, Chie Yoshii, and Josh Keyes (seen above), who looks to be continuing to explore new territory not confined […]

Interviews: William Hundley “Temporary Equilibrium” @ Breeze Block Gallery

It takes a couple of looks to comprehend William Hundley’s photography. He has been shooting his Entoptic Phenomena series of work since 2006 and wowing viewers with the floating fabric objects presented within his urban landscapes. Hundley’s work is composed completely within the camera – he uses zero post production or photoshop trickery within his images. We’ve followed his work for a number of years and always wondered how he captures his unique images, so we asked him a few questions about his process. He has […]

Showing: “Painting in the 2.5th Dimension” @ The Zabludowicz Collection (London)

Currently showing in London at the Zabludowicz Collection is an exhibition, Painting in the 2.5th Dimension, for those who are interested in learning more about artists who explore the expanded territory beyond that of traditional two-dimensional painting. Drawing from the collection of the namesakes of the space – Poju and Anita Zabludowicz – the showing features work from a select group of artists from the US – Tauba Auerbach, Jessica Dickinson, Sam Falls, Alex Hubbard, Nathan Hylden, Rosy Keyser, Michael E. Smith and Ned Vena. […]
Jim Kazanjian 4

Interviews: Jim Kazanjian – “Temporary Equilibrium” @ Breeze Block Gallery

When you first realize that the subject matter within Jim Kazanjian’s work doesn’t actually exist, you may at first be relieved that such precarious looking locations aren’t out there. Your next thought may well be “just how the hell does he do that”? Kazanjian works in photography, but is not a photographer. His tools include the internet for sourcing his library of over 25,000 high resolution images and Photoshop to assemble his impossible architecture compositions. He describes his creative process as hyper-collage. He has a two-person […]

Openings: “Zombie” @ Last Rites Gallery

Last weekend, the Last Rites Gallery hosted the opening for a night celebrating the undead. This new Zombie group show in New York was curated by Travis Louie and featured a hand-picked roster of artists giving their artistic interpretation (like Joshua Hoffine seen above) of the living dead with paintings and sculptural pieces. Take a look at some more photos below and stop by for a visit through June 26th if you are in the area. Photos courtesy of the gallery. Discuss this show here.

Showing: Ai Weiwei – “S.A.C.R.E.D” @ The Venice Biennale

For the Venice Biennale, which will officially open this weekend, artist – activist Ai Weiwei has created an installation detailing his 81 days of incarceration by the Chinese government back in 2011. Entitled S.A.C.R.E.D (Supper, Accusers, Cleansing, Ritual, Entropy, and Doubt), the installation at the Sant’Antonin church feature six iron boxes that displays scenes of his captivity in the form of dioramas. This is the Chinese artist’s response to the difficulties and humiliation he faced at the hands of his captors where he was under surveillance […]
Jonathan Yeo's portrait of Kevin Spacey as Richard III.

Upcoming: Jonathan Yeo @ National Portrait Gallery (London)

Despite his recent work playing with themes of beauty and cosmetic surgery as well as his porn-infused collages, Jonathan Yeo was first known for his contemporary portraiture. On this front, the British artist will be revealing new works for a major showing in September at the National Portrait Gallery in London. The subjects of these paintings include a diverse group of well-known figures including Michael Parkinson, Grayson Perry, Sienna Miller, Rupert Murdoch, and Kevin Spacey, seen above in the guise of Richard III. The artist said of the painting: […]
Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 10.27.46 PM

Preview: Deth P. Sun – “This Is My Jam” @ Grumpy Bert

This Friday night (May 31st), Berkeley-based Deth P. Sun will be opening a new solo show in Brooklyn entitled This Is My Jam. Like many of his previous exhibitions, the body of work consists of whimsical paintings of his cat-like creature in various adventurous situations and environments. Take a look at some preview images below… Discuss this show here. Discuss Deth P. Sun here.

Upcoming: “Into The Dark” @ Unit 44 / Newcastle Victoria Tunnel

Coming up on June 12th, Unit 44 will be presenting Into The Dark, a group exhibition in Newcastle’s Victoria Tunnel (ala Lazarides’ subterranean Hell’s Half Acre & Minotaur events). On tap to provide works are artists Candice Tripp, D*Face, Eelus, Faith47, Hendrik Beikirch, Hush, Meggs, Pedro Matos, Shepard Fairey, Stormie Mills, Will Barras, and Word to Mother. Free tickets to the event will be released released on the June 1st at midday (UK time) with the link revealed through their social media for those interested in […]

Openings: Augustine Kofie – “California Soul” @ Galerie OpenSpace

Over the weekend, Augustine Kofie’s showing opened in Paris at Galerie OpenSpace, his first true solo outside of the States. California Soul brought his post-graffiti aesthetic to his fans in France featuring a layering of sunny colors, linear and grid-like elements that speak to architectural forms, and themes of “a golden state of mind, overcast optimism, southlandishness and the complexities of the good life in the rural paradise that he saw bulldozed into urban submission.” Take a look at the opening photos below… Photo credit: Fatina […]