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Michael Johansson – “Familiar Abstractions” @ Vigeland-Museet

Last week, we brought a look inside the studio of Michael Johansson in Malmø where he was busy preparing for his show at the Vigeland-Museet in Oslo, Norway. We now have some photos of the recently closes said exhibition, Familiar Abstractions, which features the tetris-like created cubes made from everyday objects that the Swedish artist is known for. Along with these color-coded assemblages, Johansson also filled in some doorways in with some installation work as well as displayed some grid-like sculptural pieces from rack-like materials. Photo credit: Henrik Haven. Discuss Michael Johansson here.
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Videos: Gary Baseman X Die Antwoord – “Buckingham Warrior” on MOCAtv

MOCAtv just released their newest video Buckingham Warrior, a tale inspired by Gary Baseman’s (interviewed) father who survived the holocaust. Ben Baseman fought the Nazi invasion in Ukraine’s birch tree forests for almost four years and this new music video (animated by Peter Markowski and scored by South-African duo Die Antwoord) tells his story in his son’s signature imagery. This was created in association with Gary’s current exhibition, The Door Is Always Open (covered) at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. Discuss Gary Baseman here.

Showing: Pedro Matos – “Building Castles Made of Sand” @ Martha Otero

A couple weekends ago, the Martha Otero Gallery presented all new works from Pedro Matos in his first Los Angeles solo exhibition. Entitled Building Castles Made of Sand, the showing featured a new series of oil paintings on canvas and azulejo panels, a traditional Portuguese medium of hand-painted, tin-glazed, ceramic tile work. Continuing to draw from his experience of working on the streets of Lisbon, Matos weaves layers, textures, patterns, figurative subjects, and typography into his pieces. The exhibition runs through June 15th so you have time to stop by if you […]

Openings: Jake & Dinos Chapman – “The Sum Of All Evil” @ White Cube (Hong Kong)

As Basel Week in Hong Kong comes to a close, we have another exhibition to share with you. Jake & Dinos Chapman, often referred to as the Chapman Brothers (see our Art Focus), introduced their provocative encased dioramas to fans and fairgoers in Hong Kong at the White Cube Gallery with a series of work collectively entitled The Sum Of All Evil. The siblings epic sculptural works are packed with thousands of detailed components and often deal with ideas of war, genocide, violence, the apocalypse, […]
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Setup / Showing: Hyuro – “In/Between” @ ArtRebels

Last night, ArtRebels in Copenhagen hosted an opening In/Between, solo exhibition from Hyuro, her first in the Danish capital. The showing from the Argentinean artist known for her street murals, often highlighting the female condition, included nineteen watercolor and ink pieces. We now have photos to share with you from the setup as well as shots of the individual paintings. The show runs through June 15th and we will also be bringing you a look soon at a 271 meter long wall she painted while she […]

Preview: Augustine Kofie – “California Soul” @ Galerie OpenSpace

Tonight as we speak, Augustine Kofie is opening his solo show entitled California Soul at Galerie OpenSpace, part of Graffuturism’s 100 days in Paris. For his first true solo show outside of the United States, he decided to focus on bringing some of his progressive West Coast aesthetic with a coastal sunwashed palette to the French capital. The new body of include pieces on paper, wood, and canvas as Kofie continues to explore his post-graffiti style that finds balance between shape and color, gridwork, and structural […]

Openings: Scott Campbell – “Things Get Better” @ OHWOW Gallery

Last night, Scott Campbell unveiled a new body of work in Los Angeles at OHWOW Gallery entitled Things Get Better. Mostly consisting of paintings of what he calls “Frankenguns,” jerry-rigged tattoo guns that he was able to make inside of jails in Mexico (with looser regulations than in the United States) and administer tattoos to inmates. Learn more about his unique personal project here and check out some photos from the opening below… Photo credit: Waltercrunk for Arrested Motion. Discuss this show here. Discuss Scott Campbell here.

Preview: “Zombie” @ Last Rites Gallery

Tomorrow night (May 25th), the Zombie group exhibition will be opening at the Last Rites Gallery in New York. Featuring a roster hand-selected by Travis Louie to give their artistic interpretation of the undead, the show is sure to be an interest among fans of these artists. Here we have more preview images of pieces that are destined for the show that will include paintings, drawings, and sculptural pieces including the one seen above (cropped) from Chris Seamon. See the full list of artists and preview here. Discuss this show here.
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Openings: Keith Haring & RETNA @ Central Plaza (Hong Kong)

With the art world focus on Hong Kong right now because of Art Basel (covered), AM paid another high profile show a visit (also see Murakami & Basquiat). Thursday night saw the explosive opening of an exhibition of works from the late New York graffiti legend Keith Haring paired with pieces from the Los Angeles-based rising star RETNA. Held on the 75th floor of Central Plaza, the second highest building on the island after IFC, panoramic views greeted attendees as they checked out the showing presented by Andy […]

Openings: Jean-Michel Basquiat @ Gagosian (Hong Kong)

To coincide with the opening of Art Basel Hong Kong (covered), the local Gagosian Gallery branch has opened up a new exhibition of Jean Michel-Basquiat’s work, a first for the former British colony. On display were multiple paintings, some large, from the late great New York-based graffiti artist, with a showing similar to the one held at the NY Gagosian earlier this year (covered). Take a look at more photos below… Photo credit: Layla Kawashima For Arrested Motion. Discuss Jean-Michel Basquiat here.