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Openings: Ron English – “Popogandastan” @ Corey Helford Gallery

Last Saturday night, fans of Ron English (featured) packed the opening of his newest show at Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, eager to see a new body of work that has been two years in the making. Popogandastan featured pieces that explored the gifted painter’s incredibly detailed world, filled with his surreal cast of characters and lush backgrounds. These need to be seen in person to be appreciated fully so head over if you are in the area before the close date of November 22nd. Discuss Ron English here.

Streets: World Roundup (Oct 21 – Oct 27)

This week’s Streets World Roundup is headlined by the latest piece from Banksy during his month long artist residency on the streets of New York. Painted on Day 28 of the project, this wall in Coney Island muses on what a robot would paint if he was to do graffiti. Take a look at other murals you may have missed from Mr. B earlier in the month here. Other notable walls come from ABOVE – Canada, Mark Jenkins – Germany, Mark Dean Veca – Los […]
Tracie Ching_crop

Previews: “Bad Dad 2013″ @ Spoke Art

The first weekend on November, Spoke Art in San Francisco will be presenting their annual art exhibit dedicated to the films of Wes Anderson. Bad Dads, in its fourth year (see 2010 & 2012), will feature a group show and Halloween costume party on November 1st and 2nd as well as a film screening at the Castro Theatre of Bottle Rocket, The Royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom on November 3rd (regular ticket rates apply). Take a look at more preview images below like full image of the cropped […]
KAWS Nerman Contemporary Museum KC AM 9

Openings: KAWS “UPS AND DOWNS” @ Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art

Over the weekend, the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City opened up a new show from KAWS entitled UPS AND DOWNS. The NY-based artist has been on a roll recently (also see PAFA, BAM, MTV, Basel, Tokyo) and it looks like he still has a couple more high profile shows scheduled before the end of the year. For his fans in KC, he prepared a series of of his tondos, character based abstractions, and a large version of his Resting Place Companion. Take a look at more photos below… Photo […]

Releases: Titi Freak – “Atmosphera” Print

Brazilian street artist Titi Freak recently announced the release of a new print entitled Atmosphera featuring a floating figure with a spray can. The eight color screen print, rendered in his abstract aesthetic and palette mix, is limited to a run of 50. If interested contact the KINGCAP#SP shop at More views of the image below… Discuss Titi Freak here.

Patrick Martinez Installation @ El Tapatio Market (Bell Gardens)

A couple days ago, the El Tapatio Market in Bell Gardens, California hosted a unique showing from Patrick Martinez. For one day only, the Los Angeles-based artist installed works from his repertoire including his signature neon signs in the supermarket. Blending in with the products offered by the store, the project provided an interesting juxtaposition of art and everyday life for random shoppers and art lovers alike. Take a look at more photos below… Photo credit: Erwin Recinos (via LA Taco). Discuss Patrick Martinez here.

Preview: Travis Louie – “Strange Discoveries” @ Merry Karnowsky Gallery

On November 9th, Travis Louie (interviewed) will be opening his big Los Angeles solo at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery. Entitled Strange Discoveries, the fitting title describes the eclectic collection of creatures and characters that Louie brings with him to every exhibition. It also hits it on the nail when expressing the feeling of joy and discovery that fans experience when confronted by the surreal portraits painted by the New York-based artist as sort of a proof (like the vintage photography he so admires) of his fantastical stories (that accompany […]

Previews: “The 13th Hour” @ Last Rites Gallery

This Saturday night, the Last Rites Gallery will be opening their sixth annual The 13th Hour group exhibition. Celebrating the Halloween season, artists invited to join the group exhibition were asked to explore the darker side of their imagery. Participants include Stefano Alcantara, Agostino Arrivabene, Tom Bagshaw, William Basso, Nick Baxter, Bloodmilk, Matthew Bone, Scott G Brooks, Matt Buck, John Cebollero, David Choquette, Ryan Matthew Cohn, Jason Goldberg, Carl Grace, Fred Harper, Naoto Hattori (seen above), Stephanie Henderson, Jeremy Hush, Sarah Joncas, Jed Leiknes, Eli Livingston, Dave MacDowell, Chris Mars, Megan Massacre, Jim McKenzie, Vince Natale, Buddy Nestor, Richard J Oliver, Anthony Pontius, Michael Ramstead, David Richardson, Paul Romano, Matt Rota, Richard T Scott. David Stoupakis, Tin, Yosuke Ueno, Redd Walitzki, Jasmine Worth, Vincent […]

Ryan McGinley – “YEARBOOK” @ Ratio 3

For those who missed it, Ryan McGinley recently presented a new body of work at Ratio 3 in San Francisco, his third solo with the gallery. The photographs were arranged in a site-specific installation, featuring the NY-based artist’s first series of full-color studio portraiture. Hundreds of images were wheatpasted on the walls of the showspace, creating an immersive experience for viewers as they are bombarded with a visual constellation of faces and bodies. Discuss Ryan McGinley here.
Swoon Houston Bowery wall AM 10

Streets: Swoon – Bowery & Houston Mural (Part I)

Earlier today, AM stopped by the corner of Bowery & Houston to catch up with Swoon (interviewed) as she started her mural. Putting up her work over the last two artists here (REVOK & POSE), the street artist and activist is only one in a long line of creatives who have blessed the location in the previous months (see here). We’ll be following up with the finished piece, but for now, enjoy some in-progress photos. Discuss Swoon here.