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Rewind: July 29 – Aug 4

Another week, another Rewind feature here on AM. In our last article, we shared the trailer for JAY Z’s new video where he performed Picasso Baby, a new track off his new album at the Pace Gallery - now we have the entire video. The long session lasted six hours where the rapper showed his appreciation for art through his lyrics, name dropping left and right. You decide whether it was a “performance art film” as it was billed, but also check out all the artists that […]

Preview: Sean Mahan – “Invisible Threads” @ Thinkspace

Coming up this Saturday, August 10th, the Thinkspace Gallery will be opening a show from Sean Mahan in their project room. Entitled Invisible Threads, the new acrylic and graphite works on panel is typical of the Florida-based artist’s work projecting innocence and nostalgia. Tying things in thematically for this exhibition are a series of portraits of children and their sewing machines, which is alluded to in the title of the show. Check our more preview images below…

Releases: Tauba Auerbach – “STAB/GHOST”

For those of you who haven’t seen the beautiful handcrafted STAB/GHOST book by artist Tauba Auerbach, here is a closer look. Released through Three Star Books, the translucent limited edition comprises of “clear plastic pages, silkscreened with patterns, sewn with lanyards of plastic thread, and mounted on a specially designed light table.” Produced in an edition of 10, the piece which also functions as a light sculpture, is a testament to Auerbach’s well-known interest in color theory and complex geometries. Discuss Tauba Auerbach here.

Art Focus: Mitch Griffiths

In this newest installment of our Art Focus, we introduce the work of British artist Mitch Griffiths. His style is inspired by Old Master paintings, but he cleverly subverts what he has learned to depict issues that affect modern society. The composition, light, and poses that draw their influence from his studies have now been intermingled with powerful imagery that relates to concerns of the 21st century. For those interested in seeing his work in person, he is represented by the Halcyon Gallery in London where […]

Upcoming: Amy Sol @ CHG Circa

Besides her recent print releases, Amy Sol (interviewed) has also been busy working on her new solo. Coming up on September 14th at CHG Circa, the showing will see the Las Vegas-based painter reveal the next chapter in the story of her heroine and animal friends. It’s been a little over a year since she showed at the Culver City sister gallery (covered), so fans will be ready to see where Sol’s magical imagery is headed for next. Discuss Amy Sol here.

Openings: Push – “Adaptation” @ Known Gallery

For those who missed the three day only showing from PUSH at the Known Gallery, our friends at LA Taco have some photos of the event. Presented by Simple Mobile, Adaptation featured a setup from the LA-based graffiti artist that cleverly brought his signature patterns indoors, which at the same time transformed his usual 2D work into a three-dimensional interactive walkthrough installation. More photos below… Photo credit: LA Taco. Discuss PUSH here.

Release: Nathan Ota – “Ikiru”

It looks like Nathan Ota’s new book Ikiru is up for preorder now from ZERO+ Publishing. The 144 page hardcover covers the LA-based artist’s work from his early street art to illustrations and gallery pieces to recent collaborations with the street artist RISK. The edition size is 1000 and will cost $50.00. Take a look at a couple more images below… Discuss Nathan Ota here.

Marina Abramovic Kickstarter

It looks like Marina Abramovic is the latest creative to turn to Kickstarter to fund a project or idea. What she wants to accomplish is quite ambitious as the New York-based Serbian performance artist hopes to create an institute that will serve as her legacy and homage to time-based and immaterial art – the epnonymously named Marina Abramovic Institute (MAI). Of course, with the estimated $20 million needed to realize her dream, the $600,000 goal for this Kickstarter will only go toward the first phase of MAI’s development […]

Upcoming: David Choe @ Museo Universitario del Chopo

After his hard work paid off in a big way for David Choe (featured), he has been traveling the world on many different adventures and endeavors. Although he has still shared his art-making skills in many ways, time flies as it has been a long time since we have seen a solo (2010) from the sensitive artist. So, news of his upcoming show opening August 17th at the Museo Universitario del Chopo has his patient fans excited to see his return. As evidenced by the photos on his […]

Preview: Jeremiah Ketner – “Ideal World” @ myplasticheart

On August 9th, Jeremiah Ketner (interviewed) will be opening another solo show at myplasticheart in New York. Entitled Ideal World, the exhibition will put the Chicago-based painter’s surreal musings on display. He states: “Ideal World is the continuation of a theme I have been exploring for several years now. I wanted to create a place of luxury for the mind. A place where everything is tranquil and all forms of life can coexist without any reference to the past or future. This timeless notion allows sprites […]