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Baby Tattooville 2009 Lineup Confirmed

For those of you wondering who the last mystery artist for this year’s Baby Tattooville (BT) is, we are happy say we have been told that it will be none other than Greg “Craola” Simkins (interviewed)!  For the uninitiated, BT is an annual artist – fan/collector retreat put on at Riverside, CA’s historic Mission Inn.  Each year, there are usually ten featured artists who will interact with fans in many ways including panels, demonstrations, live painting, sketching, etc…  If you are curious how last year’s […]

Teaser: Camille Rose Garcia – “The Hydra of Babylon” @ Merry Karnowsky Gallery

Camille Rose Garcia’s show “The Hydra of Babylon” is fast approaching! This exhibition at Merry Karnowsky Gallery, opening in September, will be her first show in Los Angeles in over two years.  She describes the show by saying “watch out for eagles, vultures, crazy butterflies, and of course a giant nine-headed hydra.” She also hints that “a secret punk rock superhero of (hers) will be hosting if she is in town!”  Not surprising as she has some interest in the music industry, as evidenced by […]

Openings: Tin – “Beautiful Imperfections” @ Copro Gallery

Opening alongside the “Monster?” group show a couple weeks ago, Tin (interviewed) filled the other room at Copro Gallery with a new body of work. In this show, he explored his now familiar vision of a world of bionic women and their animal counterparts. With several more solos scheduled in the next year at Roq La Rue, Gallery 1988 SF, and Copro again, we look forward to seeing what Tin has planned to take his work to the next level. Take a look at all […]

FAME Festival: Vhils

Looks like there is another update from this year’s FAME Festival. Vhils has put up three pieces so far, one of which is seen above. Sadly, the Mark Jenkins piece we showed you before has been taken down by the police. Take a look at some more pics after the jump including a look at Vhils working on some new prints and originals for the show.

Teaser: “Beach Blanket Bingo – A Summer Mixer” @ Jonathan Levine Gallery

A pretty impressive group show is being assembled at Jonathan Levine Gallery entitled “Beach Blanket Bingo – A Summer Mixer,” set to open on August 5th.  An appropriate name for the show as there definitely seems to be a eclectic “mix” of artists including Ana Bagayan (featured), Glenn Barr, Ray Caesar, Dave Cooper, David Ellis, Ron English (studio visit), Natalia Fabia (interviewed), Korin Faught, AJ Fosik, Logan Hicks (interviewed), Seonna Hong, Anthony Lister (interviewed), Jack Long, Cleon Peterson, Scott Radke (interviewed), SKINNER, ELBOW-TOE (interviewed), Adam […]

Prototype: Jeff Soto’s “Seeker” Figure

Continuing our look at some prototypes for art toys during SDCC week, we now turn our attention to the “Seeker” figure from Jeff Soto (interviewed).  The figure appears to be based on some paintings from his recent Riverside Art Museum show and will be produced by Bigshot Toyworks, the same company producing Travis Louie’s “Uncle Six-Eyes.” Take a look at a video with Soto explaining the figure here, as well as look at some more pics of the protoype and source paintings after the jump.

Prototype: Travis Louie’s “Uncle Six-Eyes” Figure

With SDCC in full swing, we thought this would be a nice time to review some upcoming art toys from some of our favorite artists. First up is Travis Louie’s (interviewed) first toy, “Uncle Six Eyes,” soon to be released by Bigshot Toyworks. This figure was sculpted by Scott Wetterschneider and stands 8 inches tall. Take a look at some closer pics as well as the painting this figure is based off of after the jump….

Teaser: Josh Keyes – “Natural Selection” @ Swarm Gallery

Josh Keyes is gearing up for a small show at the Swarm Gallery in Oakland opening in August. He will be exhibiting alongside Seattle-based artist Vaughn Bell in a show entitled “Natural Selection.” The exhibition explores ways we interact with nature, and comprises new paintings and site-specific installation. Seen above is one of the fantastic paintings Keyes has created for this show called “Evacuation I.” As always, expect full coverage from the AM crew, but for now, take a closer look at the detail in […]

Openings: “Shinganist” Group Show @ Stolenspace

The Usugrow curated group show “Shinganist” made it’s way to the UK last night with an opening in London. Recently exhibited at Fifty24SF (covered), the paintings, sculpture and drawings of Bene, Mozyskey, Toshikazu Nozaka, Jun Kaneko, and of course Usugrow were on display at Stolenspace, exposing a new audience to these young artists from Japan. More pics after the jump…

Scott Musgrove Summer Online Show

Scott Musgrove is holding a summer online show with many of his works available at reasonable prices including paintings, drawings, and sculptures.  His dedicated cataloging, through his art, of yet to be discovered species from his imagination has always leaves us wanting more; to see what’s next. He will also be signing copies of his new book The Late Fauna of Early North America, at SDCC this year on July 24th with Last Gasp Publishers (booth #1616 – 4pm) and July 25th with Hi-Fructose (booth […]