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PCP Murals @ Weller Court (Little Tokyo, LA)

We stopped by Weller Court in Little Tokyo (LA) last month at the beginning of a road trip and were surprised to see work from digital artist Heisuke Kitazawa aka PCP blown up into giant murals.  Seeing his Japanese artist’s psychedelic-style and dream-like work in large scale was really an unexpected treat.  Stop by if you have a chance, hopefully it will still be up. More pics after the jump.

Video: Studio Visit/Preview – Jeff Koons @ Serpentine Gallery

After our last visit in April, Channel 4 in the UK gives us another opportunity to see Jeff Koons’ studio with this new video. Although you can see many projects Koons is working on with his 100-strong assistant crew, this visit mostly focuses on his first major exhibition in a public gallery in England (Serpentine Gallery on July 2nd). This exhibition focuses on paintings and sculptures from Koons’ Popeye series, a comment on the current economic crisis because the cartoon character was originally conceived during […]

Preview: APAK – “Rainbow Garden” @ Tinlark Gallery

Oregonian artists APAK are at it again, this time getting ready for their show “Rainbow Garden” @ Tinlark Gallery. As you can see above, the multi-talented duo is preparing some sculptures of the curious little beings that always populate their work. These sculptures along with paintings will make up the body of work for this show along with some felted wool dolls. Check the preview images after the jump.

Video: Dalek Hurley HQ Timelapse

Here is a nice timelapse video just released of Dalek (interviewed) painting the headquarters of Hurley in Orange County. It’s always nice to see artists we follow getting recognition for their work.  Other recent examples that come to mind include David Choe painting offices of Facebook and Barry Mcgee’s work with RVCA’s headquarters. Discuss Dalek here.

Releases: KAWS x Hajime Sorayama Collaboration – “No Future Companion”

As is often the case, KAWS breaking news comes from originalfake with the uploading of this robotic image of the newest KAWS release. The figure is a collaboration between KAWS and and his friend Hajime Sorayama, a Japanese artist famous for his sexy robotic “pin-up” art. The melding of the KAWS companion and Sorayama’s “Future Mickey Mouse” will definitely be in high demand but no word yet on pricing… Update: Apparently there will be a more rare black version along with the silver. More pics […]

Openings: Swoon – “Drift” @ Glowlab

To coincide with Swoon’s “Swimming Cities of Serenissima” arrival in Venice, Glowlab put on a show “Drift” last weeekend in New York that featured her work as well as pieces from Matthew Lusk, Santiago Mostyn, and Javier Piñón.  The title of the show, “Drift,” refers to “both physical drifting – a raft as it moves across the ocean – and the metaphorical drifting of transient communities and populations that live on the fringes of mainstream society.”  Swoon (interviewed) contributed a pretty nice installation with some […]

Teaser: Victor Castillo – “Gameland” @ Merry Karnowsky Gallery (Los Angeles)

After his successful exhibition at Roq la Rue gallery in Seattle last year, Victor Castillo opens another show next month at Merry Karnowsky Gallery.  The title of the show “Gameland” refers to the landscapes in this body of work, to “lost paradise or the Promised Land having become a sinister playground.”  As always, there are ominious and political overtones to Castillo’s work, often painting children in “dark scenes where toys become weapons and cruelty replaces innocence.” We are looking forward to the Chilean (now based in Spain) artist’s first […]

Preview: Jonathan Viner – “Harem” @ Sloan Fine Art

A show that kinda snuck up on us, “Harem,” by Jonathan Viner, opens this Saturday at Sloan Fine Art.  This body of work is a collection of ten 12″ x 12″ paintings of young Russian women listening dreamily to music with high fidelity headphones.  Rendered perfectly by Viner, each appear to be in their own world, oblivious to their surroundings. More images after the jump…

Preview: Chris Berens – “White Ones” @ Jaski Art Gallery

Kirsten from Roq La Rue stopped by Amsterdam-based artist Chris Berens’ studio to get a look at what he’s been working on for his upcoming show at Jaski Art Gallery opening this weekend.  Entitled “White Ones,” this exhibition appears make use of “light tones, with each painting focusing on evoking a particular element, such as clouds, wind, snow, and mist.”  Included in this fantastic new body of work is the largest canvas piece yet for Berens (probably the one pictured above).  For those new to […]

Teaser: Todd Schorr – “American Surreal” @ San Jose Museum of Art

Todd Schorr just sent us the flyer for his first solo museum show “American Surreal,” set to open this weekend at the The San Jose Museum Of Art.  For those lucky enough to be in the area, by all means stop by, but for those who are planning to travel, you may want to wait until July 16th for the official opening event (sponsored by Hi-Fructose).  Schorr will be there in person to greet fans and sign copies of his newest book from Last Gasp […]