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Video: Anish Kapoor – “Turning the World Upside Down” @ Kensington Gardens

For those who enjoyed the glimpses we brought you of Anish Kapoor’s sculptures currently showing in Kensington Gardens, you might appreciate this video from Vernissage TV as well. The four works on display through March 13th, 2011 include Non Object (Spire), Sky Mirror (2009), Sky Mirror (2006), and C-Curve. Discuss Anish Kapoor here.

Previews: Kelsey Brookes – “Caped Creatures” @ Circleculture Gallery (Berlin)

When we last talked to Kelsey Brookes (featured), it was at the fantastic “Come As You Are” group show at the PRISM (covered). Time flies as his next solo show that he mentioned to us that day is already almost here. “Caped Creatures” opens on November 18th at the Circleculture Gallery in Berlin and will include the San Diego area based artist’s paintings featuring his signature multi-colored explosions as well as the spinning pieces he introduced back at a show in July (covered). Now we […]
Esao Andrews

Openings: Thinkspace Five Year Anniversary Show

Last Saturday night marked an important event at Thinkspace Gallery history – their five year anniversary! Drawing from a long list of artists, many whom got their first break at the Silverlake and now recently relocated to Culver City gallery, the walls were filled with great pieces from the contributors who wanted to make sure they paid proper tribute. Amidst the crowded rooms, we spotted KMNDZ (seen above), with his wall mural and mini-show. Take a look at his and all the rest of the […]

Preview: Tiffany Bozic – “Confiding to Strangers” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

This Thursday night, art fans in New York are in for a treat as Tiffany Bozic will be in town with a new collection of works for the Joshua Liner Gallery. Entitled “Confiding to Strangers”, the new body of work stopped us in our tracks when we first saw the preview. The San Francisco based artist is really showing an attention to detail, subject matter, and composition that elevates her signature renderings of plant, animal, and insect life to the next level which has us […]

Openings: KAWS – “Pay the Debt to Nature” @ Emmanuel Perrotin (Paris)

Street artist turned pop icon KAWS unveiled a new body of work, entitled Pay the Debt to Nature (previewed), at the Paris branch of Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin last night. Highlighting his immediately identifiable style though a collection of new acrylic paintings, the most well-known cartoon character of the 21st century took center stage in signature KAWS fashion. With clean lines and bold colors, Spongebob was dissected into puzzle-like fragments and pieced back together into multi-panel assemblages, a unique technique first seen early this year during […]

Openings: Nate Frizzell – “I Should Know Who I Am By Now” @ LeBasse Projects

One of the many art hot spots bestowed upon the LA area last night was the unearthing of Nate Frizzell’s (interviewed) newest body of work, I Should Know Who I Am By Now (previewed), at LeBasse Projects. Almost exactly a year ago, the Riverside artist introduced himself in a big way to the warm embraces of collectors at the Culver City gallery. The passing time has allowed the artist’s vision to breath and his technique to mature into the unique visual narrative currently on display. […]

Openings: Joe Sorren – “Interruption” @ Grand Central Art Center

It was a star-studded affair last night in Southern California, as preeminent members of the ever-evolving New Contemporary movement, along with many collectors and casual observes alike, came out to the Grand Central Art Center to support Joe Sorren’s (featured) first comprehensive retrospective, Interruption (previewed). Chronicling the artist’s immense imagination and proficiency with a paintbrush, the exhibition unified his most well-known paintings from the past together with a impressive collection of new oil works. Displayed in tandem, and harkening back to Sorren’s earlier experiences transforming […]

Overtime: Oct 31 – Nov 6

Jeremy Geddes finishes a new painting – “The Street”. Andrew Hem finishes some commissions. Sam Flores is working on some new paintings. A new Saelee Oh lasercut print. Ron English working with Chris Brown?  What? Jeff Koons to build 21,500 sq. ft. mansion in Manhattan by combining townhouses. Will be second largest single-family residence in town. Larry Clark not a fan of age restrictions at museums. Guy Wildenstein investigated in France for tax fraud and corruption. Jerry Saltz really likes Matthew Barney’s Cremaster IV – […]

Openings: Glen E. Friedman “Fuck You All” w/ Special Guest Shepard Fairey @ 941 Geary

San Francisco’s 941 Geary Gallery recently opened an exhibition of work by renowned photographer Glen E. Friedman. The pieces showcase Glen’s unique talent of capturing some of rebel culture’s most iconic figures/groups. If you’ve grown up following the likes of The Beastie Boys, Run-D.M.C., Fugazi, Black Flag, Ice-T, The Misfits, Bad Brains, Ice-T, KRS-One, Public Enemy, Tony Alva and Tony Hawk, chances are you’ve seen his images. The show also featured his close friend Shepard Fairey as a guest artist to share some of their previous collaborations. The […]

Basel Week Miami ’10: Ron English @ Wynwood Walls

With December just around the corner, you know that AM is itching to get to Basel week down in Miami. Fortunately, Ron English took to recon duty and is currently down in Florida creating this beauty. During last year’s Basel festivities you may remember that Ron created a mural for Primary Flight. This year, he’s working on his contribution to Wynwood Walls sponsored by Tony Goldman. We’re counting the days until we get down to Miami to bring you our annual on-site coverage from Basel […]