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AM Murakami Hirst Gagosian 1

Openings: Damien Hirst – “Forgotten Promises” @ Gagosian Gallery (Hong Kong) w/Takashi Murakami

As teased, the grand opening of the Hong Kong location of Gagosian Gallery is officially tomorrow, January 18, with superstar artist Damien Hirst’s latest exhibition Forgotten Promises. Fortunately for you, you do not have to wait until tomorrow to get a sneak peak. Fellow Gagosian artist Takashi Murakami gives us an early look at the show and a closer look at some new paintings featuring his signature skulls, which are also on view at the gallery. Speaking of human “domes” we also get to see […]

Openings: “Haymakers” @ Freight + Volume

Moving into a new gallery space in Chelsea, Freight + Volume brought together a fresh group show to christen in the new year. With art from Damian Stamer, Doug Fishbone, Tatiana Berg, Kristen Schiele (interviewed) and Eric White (interviewed), the exhibition gave us good vibes and even better visuals from classically painted works to unique video installations. As previewed, we enjoyed the album covers by Eric and the retro-kitsch works from Kristen, but another newcomer also caught our eye. The contemporary landscapes by Damian Stamer captured our attention and […]

Openings: “Dark Pop 3.0″ @ Last Rites Gallery

The third installment of Last Rites Gallery’s annual group exhibition Dark Pop 3.0 opened this weekend in New York. The show brought together some intriguing work from a diverse group of names, whose work is either intimately or loosely synonymous with a pop art aesthetic within their various genres. With a directive to err on the darker end of the spectrum, such artists as Scott Musgrove, Mark Dean Veca, Buff Monster, Glenn Barr, Brian Despain, Esao Andrews and Gaia produced work that was decidedly foreboding, […]

Overtime: Jan. 9 – Jan. 15

A nice video of Swoon in Paris probably while she was there for a show. Futura x 12oxProphet Trailer. New work from Mesa in Spain. Some new pics of Os Gemeos’s work on their blog. Another Warhol authenticity dispute.  Original Factory assistant Gerard Malanga sues John Chamberlin for selling a painting he created and claiming it was a Warhol.  Complicated by fact that piece was approved as genuine by Warhol Authentication Board. Damien Hirst generates more controversy over diamond skull. One reason to tune into […]

Openings: Hiroyuki Doi @ Ricco Maresca

AM caught an interesting show at Ricco Maresca gallery in Chelsea, where there was an exhibition of new works by Japanese artist Hiroyuki Doi. The pieces Hiroyuki produces utilizes a simple technique of using ink to create various-sized circles on traditional Japanese “washi” paper. The numerous circles together form images that can be interpreted as the cosmos, souls or human cells. It’s very refreshing to see a simplistic technique be utilized to create moving compositions. Check it out after the jump.

Preview: Keegan Gibbs – “Open Space” @ Known Gallery

Opening on Saturday, Jan. 15 at 8pm at Known Gallery on Fairfax in Los Angeles is a show of new photographic works from Keegan Gibbs, along with installations by Sage Vaughn and Brendan Lynch.  There is little information available at the moment, but from the preview images, it looks as though the exhibition will have a beach, ocean, and surf theme.  See the entire show for yourself at Known Gallery – 441 North Fairfax Ave in Los Angeles – before the show closes on Feb […]

Openings: “There It Is” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Last weekend, the “There It Is” group exhibition opened at the Thinkspace Gallery featuring Seth Armstrong, Brett Amory (interviewed), and Adam Caldwell. The showing of young talent from the Culver City gallery was well attended and points to a bright future for each artist.  Take a look Armstrong’s theatrical narratives, Amory’s commuter transit paintings, and Caldwell’s mix of eclectic imagery after the jump…
AM Banksy simpsons

Creative Process: Banksy x Simpsons Intro Animation

Banksy recently gave us an inside look behind how he created and directed the incredible animated intro for the Simpsons episode that aired last fall. The storyboard sketch details an acerbic wit that may have been sharper than FOX would have liked: Take for example the Rupert Murdoch portrait hidden behind the t-shirt scene or the skeletal dipping of the animation cel into the toxic drums. Check out the creative process sketches after the jump.

The Four Seasons and Ron English’s Camo Deer

You may remember out recent Christmas greeting from Ron English (featured) with his Camo Deer from his Status Factory show frolicking in the snow.  Now Mr. Popaganda has upped the ante by equipping it with the proper winter camoflauge as well as doing one for each season – Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Take a look at all four seasons (paintings and sculptural work) after the jump…

Teaser: Josh Keyes – “The Magicians Garden” @ Fecal Face Dot Gallery

Tirelessly sketching, Josh Keyes continues the neverending evolution of his dystopian narrative in preparation for his next solo exhibition, entitled The Magicians Garden, at Fecal Face Dot Gallery in San Francisco. Opening April 7th, Josh recently stated in an interview the new body of work “will showcase imagery that plays on genetic mutations in a post apocalyptic setting”. If the meticulously executed reference drawing above is any indication of what is in store, the show should continue Josh’s uncanny ability to break new conceptual and […]