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Ludo in Paris. Fake xray ads.

Streets: World Roundup (Dec 12 – Dec 18)

To start off our summary of walls this week, we get news that Ludo has been in Paris getting some new fake xray ads like this piece with a hand skeleton seen inside a mosquito. Other walls seen after the jump include a collaboration between Remi/Rough and LX One (Miami), Ethos (Sydney), Liqen (Mexico), Know Hope (Miami), Ever (Miami), Kid Zoom (Australia), Anthony Lister (Australia), Agostino (Italy), Merge Invisible (Hungary), and 2-Hands (Portugal).

Basel Week Miami ’11: Jonathan LeVine @ Scope

Taking a closer look at this year’s Scope art fair, we zoom in on New York’s Jonathan LeVine Gallery. They brought some old and some new to show Miami where they’ve come from and some of the new talent that’s coming down the pipeline. We caught WK Interact and Olek presenting fresh works alongside newcomers to the gallery such as Jason DeCaires Taylor and Aakash Nihalani with their thought provoking installations/photography. Check it out after the jump.

Basel Week Miami ’11 / Streets: Liqen

While strolling through the Wynwood District during Art Basel Week Miami, we came across a truly amazing mural by Liqen. The huge piece featured the Mexico-based artist’s illustrative style which depicted the metaphor of workers stuck in cubicles built like a prison with an added surreal insectatoid twist. We spent some time there gazing at all the details which we think you will appreciate as well. More photos after the jump…

Streets: Aiko x Bast (Brooklyn)

Longtime friends and collaborators, Aiko and Bast, recently went out into the cold Brooklyn air after dark to get up the side of an old building. Included in the project was some old and new imagery from the NY-based street artists as they stenciled the night away. More detailed shots after the jump…

Videos: Jose Parla – “The Concord Project”

Back in January, we shared with you a very special project in Toronto by urban calligrapher José Parlá at the Concord City Place. Now comes this video from inkblot media with some footage of the impressive large scale works in situ as well as in progress. Even more interesting is an interview with Parlá as he explains where he came from, his process, the the meanings behind the pieces for this commission, and just his passion for storytelling. Discuss Jose Parla here.
worst wurst 1 - blog

Streets: Slinkachu (Germany)

When talented street miniaturist Slinkachu left Germany after closing a show there in November at the Kunstverein Ludwigsburg, he made sure to leave a gift behind. This street installation with references to Deutschland in Stuttgart entitled Worst Wurst features vendors selling what appear to be sausages. Hit the jump to see what they are really selling…

Streets: WK Interact – WK Riot (Paris)

Since we last caught up with WK Interact in September for the Project Brave (covered) in New York, we haven’t heard much from the street specialist. But recently, he took some time to update his outdoor pieces from a year ago in Paris with some work in a similar vein. Inspired by the NYC “Occupy” movement that has spread across the globe, the New York-based artist revisited areas such as Bastille Station to lay down some unique imagery in support – notice the riot gear such […]

Openings: C215 – “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” @ Shooting Gallery

Last Saturday, Shooting Gallery opened the doors to Parisian street stencil artist, C215’s latest solo show, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (previewed). The show is inspired by cigarette iconography and advertisements that lie and typically depict affluent people enjoying a smoke in order to sell their products to the common folk and working class. The stencil pieces in the show consists of fake adverts that depict everyday people who are actually smoking the cigarettes and are the targets of these corporations, but are never shown. […]

Shepard Fairey Cover: Time Person of the Year – The Protester

Shepard Fairey (featured) has designed the latest cover of TIME magazine for their Person of the Year issue which this year honors the “Protester”. If you remember, Mr. Obey also created the cover for the 2008 rendition where the annual award went to President Obama. The choice for this year is certainly a representation of world events from Arab Spring to Occupy Wall Street, activism has hit an all-time high in recent memory and who better to commemorate this than an artist who is a […]

Interviews: MODE 2 – “Offerings” @ Lucas Carrieri Gallery

Earlier this fall, artist MODE 2 debuted a solid body of work entitled Offerings in Berlin’s Lucas Carrieri Gallery. The hardworking Parisian street artist is known for his distinctive and provocative style, and was able to take some time to share his thoughts with AM with in a candid and detailed interview conducted by Zaza Weissgerber. Topics touched on include the reasonings behind his work, his philosophy behind his portrayal of the female form, and much more. Catch the full conversation after the jump.