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Streets: Shepard Fairey – New York City Recap (Part 1)

In association with our blow by blow coverage of Shepard Fairey’s landmark “May Day” show that capped off a bittersweet goodbye to the now closed Deitch Projects, we thought it would be a good time to bring you a recap of the street action conducted by Shep and his industrious Obey crew. In addition to creating the high profile and massive mural at the corner of Houston & Bowery, Shep invited AM to tag along on two more “legal” endeavors. The first was the parking lot on the […]

Urban Art Photo Contest

Urban Art Core recently announced the winners of their “Urban Art Photo Contest” after going through over 500 entries. With two other judges, Luna Park and RJ from Vandalog, the winner of the contest was none other than the multi-talented Eelus, who is coincidentally preparing for his upcoming show at Brooklynite. Check out the other runnerup entries over at Urban Art Core.

Streets: Os Gemeos x Futura in NYC (Part 2)

After posting the mural project between Os Gemeos & Futura, we thought it wouldn’t be right to be in NYC and not stop by for an onsite AM look behind this project. The twins (Octavio & Gustavo) took an early crack at the legal mural space which is actually a Chelsea public school (P.S. 11) and is made possible by support from Nike, Montana Colors, and Allen Benedikt of 12oz Prophet & AKANYC. The ginormous figure measures over seven stories tall and from what you […]

Streets: Os Gemeos x Futura in NYC (Part 1)

A pretty epic collaboration piece is going down right now in NYC. After attending the opening of the PRISM group show, then hitting up Yosemite with Barry McGee, the twins have now started a huge mural with Futura in Chelsea. Os Gemeos is definitely on a roll after working with another legend, Blu, in Lisbon just a little while ago in May. Now, New York will have not one but two murals from the Brazilian duo.

Overtime: August 1 – 7

Luzinterruptus floating. Speaking of floating, check out Little Drifters. A video interview with the man of the hour, Eine. Shepard Fairey, Pedro Alonzo, and JR on KPBS. (via Vandalog) New from James Jean, Ghostpatrol, Ashley Wood, and Dave MacDowell. Another peek at Sarah Joncas’ new body of work. Murakami opens gallery in Taiwan. An art boom in Hong Kong. A studio visit with Geoff McFetridge. Cai Guo-Quang commissioned by MFA Houston. Paradox for Ansel Adams estate on negatives found by Rick Norsigan who is selling […]

Streets: Invader in Paris

Not sure when Invader put these up in Paris, but the way these photos were taken was pretty well done. If you are in Southern California and want to see some work from the street tilemaster in person, head down to San Diego.  There are still many pieces up from the Viva La Revolucion show. More pics after the jump…

Second Helpings: July 2010

As July heat beat down mercilessly on us, we found refuge in the cool indoor confines of the art world as it welcomed us with air conditioned goodness mixed with fantastic works of art. AM brings you another jam packed edition of Second Helpings where we give you a look at the best stories of the month. Get served after the jump.

Publications: The Art Street Journal (Vol. II Issue I Release Party)

If you haven’t signed up yet for a free subscription to The Art Street Journal, what are you waiting for?  There aren’t that many publications out there, especially stateside, that focuses on this type of art. Also, this Saturday, August 7th (7-9pm), there will be release party at Carmichael Gallery for the newest edition (Vol II, Issue I), an expanded format featuring more color, pages, and articles including interviews with Boogie and Escif.

Teaser: Eelus – “Paradise Lost” @ Brooklynite Gallery

London-based artist, Eelus, will be opening a show in September at the Brooklynite Gallery along with C215. This peek at a piece looks like a pretty large scale version of a piece he’s put up in the streets before. Take a look at some of the hand-finished invites that Brooklynite is famous for getting their artists to send out after the jump…

Showing: Escif – “Contra La Pared” @ Montana Gallery

Spanish street artist Escif recently opened his solo show “Contra la Pared” or “Up Against the Wall” in his native country. The exhibition, held at Montana Gallery in Barcelona, re-emphasized his love for the imagery of walls, barriers, ladders, and his signature characters running around creating mayhem. For this show, much like the one at P.O.W., he creates a series of what look to be watercolors based on his outdoor murals. We would have liked it if he did some pieces on found materials, put […]