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Art Focus: Aaron Li-Hill

For our latest Art Focus feature, we wanted to bring the dynamic work of Aaron Li-Hill to your attention. The recently relocated artist who moved from Toronto to New York City can be seen above working on one of his kinetic and visually arresting installations, another one of which can be seen below. The multi-disciplinary Li-Hill, comfortable across a plethora of mediums, also creates street murals and paintings. For those interested, he will be exhibiting at the Next Gallery in Toulouse, France  in May, showcasing mainly […]

Overtime: Jan 20 – Jan 26

More stories from the week ended Jan 26 (click on bolded words for more info): Jeff Koons balloon rabbit installed in lobby of new IBM building on 51 Astor Place. RIP: Chryssa, who died at the age of 79. RIP: Martha Beck, who died at the age of 75. RIP: Robert Alistair McAlpine, who died at the age of 71 Getty senior curator Scott Schaefer is retiring. Bombings in Cairo killed people and wrecked a nearby museum of Islamic artifacts. Charles Saatchi and Taki may […]
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Streets: Ernest Zacharevic (Malaysia) – Part II

After bringing you some photos of the exhibitions and installations Ernest Zacharevic put on display in Malaysia for his fans last week, we now have shots of the murals he created around the compound. Often taking advantage of architectural elements as well as using three-dimensional supplements to his street pieces, the Lithuanian artist has transformed the  Old Hin Bus Depot into an immersive art experience. Photo credit: Henrik Haven. Discuss Ernest Zacharevic here.

Streets: Invader (Hong Kong)

After hitting the slopes earlier this month in the Swiss Alps so spread his signature imagery to the great outdoors, Invader has traveled to one of the densely populated places in the world. Hitting the streets of Hong Kong has its own set of problems, as fellow French artist Zevs discovered in 2009. It looks like Invader had a more successful run including debuting some new work including site-appropriate references to Kung Fu Master and Hong Kong Phooey. Discuss Invader here.

Studio Visits: Wayne White

AM recently got the chance to visit Wayne White in his Los Angeles studio. His workspace is as amazing and surreal as you would imagine, including four foot tall eyes and an oversized mask of former president Lyndon Johnson. Although White is best known in the art world for his paintings that combine vintage imagery with clever, bright colored words, he is also recognizable as the star of the documentary Beauty is Embarrassing and for his work on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. When we arrived he was […]

Overtime: Jan 13 – Jan 19

More stories from the week ended Jan 19 (click on bolded words for more information): Anish Kapoor’s inflatable concert hall travels Japan and brings music to tsunami-hit areas. Vilma Bautista sentenced two-six years for conspiring to sell paintings belonging to Philippine government. Brand X Editions’ lawsuit against Christopher Wool and Luhring Augustine allowed to proceed in court. Nicholas H. Jepson sues Galerie Mongeon for refusing to return his Edgar Degas prints. Two antique dealers accused of $1.5mil. art loan fraud and running a Ponzi scheme. […]

Studio Visit: Katrin Fridriks

We stopped by Katrin Fridriks workshop/studio in Paris during holidays, and got a chance to see her recent works as they were getting packed for their trip to fairs worldwide. We also got to talk with her about her plans for 2014, and the way all the successful shows, fairs and auction results are affecting her work and life. Being one of the few female artist out there that reached the level she is at, we were interested to find out more about her and her […]
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Streets: Ernest Zacharevic (Malaysia) – Part I

Currently, street muralist Ernest Zacharevic is in Malaysia prepping for his show, Art Is Rubbish Is Art, opening later this week (January 17th) at the Hin Company Bus Depot, a now disused building along Brick Kiln Road, in George Town, Penang. Along with original works, he has of course has been hard at work painting walls inside and around the complex in his whimsical style that often incorporates three dimensional elements. Take a look at these initial progress shots and stay locked to AM as we will be bringing you […]

Studio Visit: Ludo

French artist Ludo (interviewed) welcomed us in his Paris workspace just before Christmas in the middle of working on his big solo show in NYC with Jonathan LeVine gallery. Only few days after his studio was also visited by the actor Christopher Lambert who showed big interest in his work, we talked with Ludo about his upcoming show, his career and his plans. Coming from a graphic design background, he always liked the idea of illegally placing his work in public, so he started creating street work […]

Streets: Escif (Spain)

Spanish artist Escif recently did a whole series of new street murals titled Fast Food Is Not a Crime on the streets of his hometown, Valencia. Known for his simple imagery, and use of colors that blend with the surroundings, these 4 pieces show the most recognizable fast food meals out there – hamburgers, hot-dogs, fries and pizza. The images are shown along with a simple line of text which is another trademark of his. Coming from a country with a rich culinary history, these […]