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Streets: Anthony Lister Mural

One of the nicest murals we’ve seen put up in a while comes from Sydney (277 Parramatta Rd to be exact), where Anthony Lister (interviewed) painted over this large billboard. Look for more Lister news to follow as he gets set to open a show at New Image Art in September. Another view as well as some other recent street pieces after the jump…

Streets: Aiko

Looks like last weekend in Brooklyn, Aiko put up a mural at the Williamsburg Music Center on Bedford Ave & South 5th.  Some of the classic imagery that was on display at her last solo at Joshua Liner Gallery was replicated nicely at this busy location.  Check out more of the images she posted up on her blog after the jump…

Streets: Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins has sent us images of his new work from the BELEF Festival in Belgrade. The annual summer arts event, which focuses on the power of contemporary art, theatre and music in public space, aims to counter the closing down of local museums and dwindling attendance at gallery shows, and promote the European city’s potential as a cultural metropolis. More images after the jump…

Streets: BAST

Although BAST seems to be experimenting with a new technique for some pieces in “Beach Blanket Bingo” summer group show at Jonathan Levine Gallery (pics coming soon), nothing reminds us more of his genius then seeing some classic pieces in the streets.  Looks like he’s in another group show in Paris next month, but for now, take a look at some of these photos that Sabeth718 took around Brooklyn of some new pasteups including the one above with the perfect placement. More after the jump…

Streets: Dennis McNett

While putting together the last minute preperations for tonight’s “Year Of The Wolfbat” show at Thinkspace Gallery, Dennis McNett got the urge to make his mark on the streets of Los Angeles. Out came the bucket and flour mixed with the right touch of water and he was off, wheatpaste posters in hand. Dennis was also kind enough to give away one of his posters to the first commenter on this post. More after the jump.

Streets: Hugh Leeman – “Recognition” @ White Walls

At about two in the morning last Sunday, AM met up with Hugh Leeman in the heart of San Francisco’s seedy Tenderloin district as he was preparing for his upcoming show, “Recognition” at the esteemed White Walls Gallery.  For the past few months, San Franciscans have been greeted citywide by Leeman’s unique wheatpastes, each depicting a member of the local homeless population.  Leeman, who befriends and helps support his subjects, often times by giving away free clothing, has been embarking on a massive social street-level […]

Streets: Faile – Update on the Second Spinning Prayer Wheel

As expected, the second spinning prayer wheel installation from Faile was stolen off the streets of Williamsburg a few days after we posted about it. Strange thing is that after disappearing for a few months, the prayer wheel resurfaced earlier this week a few blocks away from its original location with a few tags and some paint added to it. Shortly thereafter, a passerby caught one of the Patrick’s of Faile cleaning the prayer wheel up (seen above), subsequently stripping it down to its beautiful natural […]

Streets: Judith Supine

Street artist Judith Supine (studio visit) has been traveling all over New York City, painting the town green with a mix of awesome imagery and street pieces that are fantastically placed. Hitting up the city’s top spots and even going into uncharted territory (read: NYC’s sewers), AM can only speculate that Supine is getting his name out there in preparation for his solo show at New Image Art later this year. Check out the rest of Judith’s recent street pieces after the jump…

FAME Festival: Vhils

Looks like there is another update from this year’s FAME Festival. Vhils has put up three pieces so far, one of which is seen above. Sadly, the Mark Jenkins piece we showed you before has been taken down by the police. Take a look at some more pics after the jump including a look at Vhils working on some new prints and originals for the show.

Wrap Up: Os Gemeos Mural

When we first broke the news that Os Gemeos was doing the mural at the previous Keith Haring tribute location, we had also heard that it was going to take 11 days to finish the new project. After the 3rd day, the mural looked great and we thought it was going to be done that night. But day after day, we could see the twins from Sao Paulo working hard and building layer upon layer of detail into their labor of love. “So close, yet […]