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Streets (and Pool): D*Face in LA

D*Face (interviewed) has just returned back from his two week trip to LA where he made and released his “UnAmerican Graffiti” print, but we knew that he was going to be hitting a few spots whilst in town – and here are the results. The street pieces D painted included the quirky use of Spiderman in a “LA (is for Anarchy)” mural and the stenciling of a 1950’s pool in San Bernardino known as the “Ridiculous Pool.” Read on for more exclusive photographs and a video […]

Streets: Bumblebee in Los Angeles

Bumblebee is a Los Angeles-based artist who has been beautifying the streets with public installations containing those black and yellow body-haired flying insects. Bumblebees are so essential to our lives, yet they are disappearing at an alarming rate and their plight may be overlooked. He is using these potentially endangered species to communicate with the community and highlight such forgotten methods, such as the newspaper stand, which is quickly becoming replaced by the instantaneous news on the internet, and the phone booth, which has been […]

Streets: Blu in Bogota

Blu is one of those street artists that always makes an effort to create pieces that are socially relevant to the area he is working in (ie Milan and Taranto). Combine this with superior artistic skills, his flair for black humor, and an imagination that knows no limits, it’s no surprise he has become the superstar that he is today. Here we see his newest piece put up in Bogota, Colombia for “Memoria Canalla.” Don’t you love the imagery of a credit card getting a […]

Streets: Shepard Fairey x Levi’s Time Square Mural

Recently. AM had a chance to catch Shepard Fairey and his crew hard at work in the middle of Times Square for the launch of a special collaboration with Levi’s. In usual bold Obey fashion, the boys set up shop at the heart of the city to build a mural anchored by Shepard’s classic icon with a “pocketed” Levi’s twist. Not surprisingly the mural creation process drew a big crowd of fans and tourists eager to get pictures of Shepard much like his mural creation […]

Streets: Mark Jenkins in Moscow

An interesting piece from Mark Jenkins has appeared in Moscow… It’s nice to see his tape sculptures continue to evolve and grow. Take at look at some of his previous outdoor work here and here. You can also see more of his work on his website. Via TWBE. Discuss Mark Jenkins here.

Update: C215

In anticipation of his coming group show with Logan Hicks at Show & Tell Gallery (previewed), our friend Butterfly met up with C215 aka Christian Guemy to visit his new studio in the neighborhood of Vitry-sur-Seine of Paris. The tour was followed up by a cool street session where C215 worked the neighborhood. The ever creative urban artist stenciled his new surroundings and worked to create pieces representative of his trips from all around the world. More after the jump.

Video/Openings: Know Hope and Aakash Nihalani @ the Blk River Festival

Know Hope (interviewed) and Aakash Nihalani recently took part in Vienna’s Blk River Festival. The event, which is composed of three parts – outdoor projects, an art show, and film festival – is the city’s first festival dedicated to street art. Know Hope sent us this fantastic time lapse of a collaboration piece with Aakash alongside the waters of the Danube (known as the Black River because it originates in the Black Forest and empties into the Black Sea). After you’ve checked it out, take […]

Streets: Aiko in China

Aiko was recently in Hong Kong participating in the CULTivate group show at the Diesel Planet store. Looks like she also took the opportunity to visit other parts of China as well. Here you can see a fan next to some of the street pieces she did in Shanghai. More images after the jump…

Streets: Shepard Fairey Rocks Steel City

In preparation for his “Supply and Demand” retrospective exhibition moving to the Warhol Museum (teased), Shepard Fairey (featured) is already working the streets of Pittsburgh. These beautiful murals built by Shepard & crew are jaw-dropping to behold, that is if you’re lucky enough to bump into one. If you’re visiting the city for a day or two, it may be difficult to find time to hunt them down throughout the city. Now if only someone would take the time to create an urban ”star maps” for art fans visiting the ”Steel City”…… Well, thanks to the […]

Streets: Elbow-Toe

Elbow-Toe (interviewed) has been putting up consistently good work since his Black Rat Press show in July. His thoughtful and always meaningful work continues to impress us – this piece takes an old tale (the old woman who lived in a shoe) and puts a twist on it.  This seems to be a common theme in some his work as he likes to re-appropriate stories or images for completely different reasons. Take a look at his recent work after the jump, and make sure to […]