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Streets: Titi Freak (Japan)

The Brazil-based Titi Freak (Hamilton Yokota) recently made a trip to the Ishinomaki, Miyagi in Japan for a project involving the painting of some temporary dwellings with people in the community. Made possible by The Japan Foundation and the Embassy of Brazil in Japan, the endeavor was meant to have an empowering effect for the residents and featured workshops for inhabitants, solo works by the graffiti artist, as well as collaboration murals. More photos after the jump…
Ludo in Paris. Fake xray ads.

Streets: World Roundup (Dec 12 – Dec 18)

To start off our summary of walls this week, we get news that Ludo has been in Paris getting some new fake xray ads like this piece with a hand skeleton seen inside a mosquito. Other walls seen after the jump include a collaboration between Remi/Rough and LX One (Miami), Ethos (Sydney), Liqen (Mexico), Know Hope (Miami), Ever (Miami), Kid Zoom (Australia), Anthony Lister (Australia), Agostino (Italy), Merge Invisible (Hungary), and 2-Hands (Portugal).

Basel Week Miami ’11 / Streets: Liqen

While strolling through the Wynwood District during Art Basel Week Miami, we came across a truly amazing mural by Liqen. The huge piece featured the Mexico-based artist’s illustrative style which depicted the metaphor of workers stuck in cubicles built like a prison with an added surreal insectatoid twist. We spent some time there gazing at all the details which we think you will appreciate as well. More photos after the jump…

Basel Week Miami ’11 / Streets: Andrew Schoultz (Part II)

After reporting on some in-progress photos of an two-sided epic mural by Andrew Schoultz for Primary Flight in Miami, we head back to get some completed shots. The walls were somewhat hidden from view, across from the ROA mural if you know where that is, but when seen in person, one can begin to imagine why it took 2 weeks to finish what with details like bricks each individually painted and custom curb stops. The amazing thing was this project was only one of many […]

Streets: Aiko x Bast (Brooklyn)

Longtime friends and collaborators, Aiko and Bast, recently went out into the cold Brooklyn air after dark to get up the side of an old building. Included in the project was some old and new imagery from the NY-based street artists as they stenciled the night away. More detailed shots after the jump…
worst wurst 1 - blog

Streets: Slinkachu (Germany)

When talented street miniaturist Slinkachu left Germany after closing a show there in November at the Kunstverein Ludwigsburg, he made sure to leave a gift behind. This street installation with references to Deutschland in Stuttgart entitled Worst Wurst features vendors selling what appear to be sausages. Hit the jump to see what they are really selling…

Streets: WK Interact – WK Riot (Paris)

Since we last caught up with WK Interact in September for the Project Brave (covered) in New York, we haven’t heard much from the street specialist. But recently, he took some time to update his outdoor pieces from a year ago in Paris with some work in a similar vein. Inspired by the NYC “Occupy” movement that has spread across the globe, the New York-based artist revisited areas such as Bastille Station to lay down some unique imagery in support – notice the riot gear such […]

Streets: Ericailcane (Italy)

Fans of Ericailcane in his home country have again been blessed by another storybook mural – this time in Ravenna, Italy. The gifted street artist, known for his narrative and illustrative style, has painted this tale of seafaring mice in various stages of fright and distress who have run afoul with what looks to be a sea monster. More photos via Unurth after the jump…

Streets: El Mac (Phoenix)

El Mac was recently in Phoenix and painted this mural with his signature technique on the side of a new upcoming artspace called Por Vida Gallery (right next to the infamous Barrio Cafe on 16th street). Seeing its location, this portrait of his friend Chee from LA is a perfect choice as after finishing up Mac was told – “What I like best about this piece is there are a dozen dudes walking around this neighborhood that look just like this painting, and they all think its them. This […]

Streets: Blu (Buenos Aires)

No stranger to controversy, it looks like Blu has surfaced again with another incendiary piece, this time in Buenos Aires. Argentinians love their barbeques, and the Italian street muralist has joined straight in with one of his own featuring six figures being roasted over a burning pile of Argentine one hundred pesos bills. More photos after the jump by BA Street Art…