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Streets: Eric Haze – “MCA Tribute” (Los Angeles)

In memorial of the sad passing of Adam Yauch (MCA) of the Beastie Boys, we have already shown you murals from AROE, The Entree Lifestyle Crew, and Shepard Fairey. Now comes word of another piece (from the same series as the one Shep did) by Eric Haze to honor the late musician. In his words – “I was recently asked to create a memorial piece to honor MCA as part of the billboard project currently going on in LA. The piece just went up yesterday at […]

Streets: Flying Fortress x Nychos (Detroit)

It looks like the Detroit Beautification Project is still rolling along with this newest mural, a collaboration between Flying Fortress and Nychos. If you remember, the Germany and Vienna-based artists (respectively) have hooked up before (Dublin & Vienna) for a synergistic brand of imagery. For more of FF’s work, those in New York should head over to the Mighty Tanaka for his solo One Man Army opening on June 15th. Photo from Revok. Discuss Flying Fortress here.

Fame Fest ’12: Conor Harrington (Part II)

As outlined in our article at the end of last month, Conor Harrington (interviewed) has been in Grottaglie to kick off this year’s  FAME Festival. Bringing back the 2008 & 2009 alumn was a great choice as the Irish painter’s colonial style rendering fits perfectly in the winding streets of the Italian town. Aside from the first two murals we shared with you, here are several more, including a huge one based on the imagery from his London solo (covered) earlier this year. Discuss Fame Festival […]

Streets: World Roundup (June 4 – June 10)

Our Streets: World Roundup feature returns this week with a summary of murals you may have missed out on. Our highlighted piece this time is this monster collaboration from REVOK and RIME of MSK fame for the Detroit Beautification Project. It almost makes AM want to take a trip to the much maligned Motor City to see all the walls for themselves, proof that the project is working. Other notable murals include work from: Jaz – France (source), Graphic Surgery (Poland), Remi/Rough (Melbourne), Dal East […]

Streets: El Mac – “El Corazón de un Sueño Palpita Entre Mis Manos” (Cuba)

Another high profile artist to visit Cuba during the 11th Havana Biennial (also see JR x Jose Parla) was the LA-based El Mac. Set up by Primary Flight out of Miami, the Cisneros-Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO), and the UNEAC, (National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba), putting up the piece put Mac under a lot of pressure for a variety of reasons. He finally settled on painting a local lady named Adis Naranjo who he hoped personified the average Cuban, representing her as powerful […]
Escif_the boatstreetartnews

Streets: Escif for Memorie Urbane (Italy)

Spanish street artist Escif was recently invited to Gaeta, Italy for the Memorie Urbane Festival where painted a mural entitled Angolo Di Riflessione or Angle of Reflection. The image may look familiar because just up the coast at Isola del Giglio in Tuscany, the Costa Concordia partially sank taking the lives of 32 passengers and crew, an incident which was tainted by the controversial actions of the captain. Other artists slated to work on walls include Agostino Iacurci, Sten + Lex, Teresa Orazio, and Anteprima […]

Streets: Phlegm – “Waterways”

With the weather turning nicer, the Sheffiled-based Phlegm was able to get out and about painting a set of murals entitled Waterways. The whimsical pieces feature his signature characters and his continued exploration of the nautical theme, which was appropriate considering his placement. Looks like he also may have gotten a little wet based on the difficult locations he had to work in. Discuss Phlegm here.

Streets: Ericailcane (Italy)

After hitting up Belgium with his illustrative murals, Ericailcane returned to his home country to put in some more work. This newest piece was painted in Modena, Italy featuring one of his beloved animals hoarding a stash coins tied in a stranglehold around its neck while teetering on the edge of a cliff. Pretty insightful commentary on the financial health of Europe don’t you think? Look for more from Eric the Dog for the upcoming Fame Festival. Photo by Ms Larsen (via Unurth). Discuss Ericailcane […]

Fame Fest ’12: Conor Harrington (Part I)

Just a couple days from announcing the lineup for 2012, the FAME Festival has its first visitor – Conor Harrington (interviewed). The UK-based muralist is back in Grottaglie for another tour of duty painting up the town with his signature colonial style featuring mixture of abstraction and realism. Take a look at these first two walls, but you can expect more from him in the coming days including a large-scale piece. Discuss Fame Festival here. Discuss Conor Harrington here.

Streets: Case (Germany)

Last we met Andreas von Chrzanowski aka Case, it was in Los Angeles where he was showing in a group show at LeBasse Projects (covered) as well as hitting the streets with friends and fellow Germans Hera and Akut. It was then that we became increasingly enamored with his technique, spray skills, and imagery. This recent mural he painted in his home country in Schmalkalden a a newly opened skatepark only serves to remind us of this love for his special style.