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Studio Visits: Marcus Freeman

AM came across Marcus Freeman’s paintings last year, and we instantly loved how he mixes a superflat representational style of depicting the built environment with the cleanliness of Ed Ruscha & Patrick Caulfield’s pop art stylings. Some of the elements of Industrial architecture and landscapes used within his paintings are found and photographed locally by Freeman, and some are either assembled from a series of his found sources or invented based upon sketched concepts. We arranged to take a look around his design studio, where […]

Studio Visits: Emma Tooth

Emma Tooth first caught AM’s eye nearly a couple of years ago with a showing at Bohemia Gallery in York. A simple drive past the gallery, where one of the paintings from her “Consilium Plebis” series was displayed in the window and BOOM, we were hooked. Eager to find out more about this artist and her powerful hyper-real work, we found out that she had a solo show upcoming at the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle, which we duly checked out and were equally impressed by. […]

Studio Visits: Jeff Soto – “Life Cycle” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Another monster show this weekend will be Jeff Soto’s (interviewed) first solo show in New York since 2007.  As we promised you several weeks ago, we now have our full studio visit to share with you as we caught him working on a new body of work – “Life Cycle”. With these paintings, Jeff has put together a show that is deeply personal dealing with issues of family, life, and death. We are sure you will be impressed as we were when the show opens […]

Studio Visits: Todd Schorr – “Designed for Extinction” @ Otis College of Art & Design

As we hinted in an earlier teaser post, AM was very happy to have another chance to visit with Todd Schorr (interviewed) ahead of his show at the renowned Otis College of Art and Design this weekend (June 26th). As you can see above, the centerpiece and one of the new paintings for this 10-year retrospective, will be “Atomic Holiday” partly featuring Todd’s take on the four horsemen of the apocalypse (here you can see famine, pestilence, and war). For more detailed pics from this painting, […]

Studio Visits: Joe Sorren

It’s fun when your artistic heroes turn out to be as cool as you want them to be, and through all of the love we’ve given to Joe Sorren over the last couple of years, you know that AM was thrilled to visit the artist in his Flagstaff studio last year. Joe took us through his huge studio space where he has a painting area, office, library, drying room and a practice space for his beautiful upright bass he plays in his roots / bluegrass […]

Teaser: Todd Schorr – “Designed for Extinction” @ Otis College of Art and Design

AM had the pleasure to visit with Todd Schorr (interviewed) last week in his studio as he was putting on the finishing touches for his upcoming show at Otis College of Art and Design at the end of this month (June 26th). The exhibition entitled “Designed for Extinction” will be similar to his highly successful show last year at the San Jose Museum of Art (covered) in the sense that it will be a retrospective. However, this time around, the works included will span the […]

Update: Jeff Soto – “Life Cycle” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

AM stopped by yesterday to visit with Jeff Soto (interviewed) to find out more about his upcoming show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery later this month (June 26th). Although we are big fans of this work already, we were still very impressed by this new body of work, especially the level of detail and depth that Jeff decided to add to this new batch of paintings. We’ll be bringing you the full studio visit with some more teaser shots soon, but believe us when we say this […]

Preview / Studio Visits: Jonathan Darby @ Lebasse Projects, Culver City Artwalk

We saw that rising UK star Jonathan Darby posted some images on his blog from his studio of some new work in progress as he prepares for a showing with Lebasse Projects as part of the annual Culver City Artwalk, so we thought we’d ask him for a few more. Each body of work we see from Jonathan shows a progression and judging by the paint splatters on the studio walls and ceiling, it looks like he has been getting down and dirty to make some […]

Studio Visits / Preview: Yoskay Yamamoto – “Familiar Strangers” @ Lebasse Projects

AM recently visited with Yoskay Yamamoto (interviewed) at his Los Angeles studio. Taking time out of his marathon work sessions, he gave us a sneak preview into his coming show “Familiar Strangers” (teased) at LeBasse Projects which opens June 12th. The show is comprised of not only his signature “east meets west” brand of technique and imagery, but marks the expansion of Yoskay’s work into ceramics and clay modeling. We got to see a few of these intricate creations which are each hand molded/sanded. In case you […]

Studio Visits: Ekundayo

Coming up on June 11th, the talented Ekundayo will be opening his show “Joy Today Jeopardy Tomorrow” at Thinkspace Gallery. His distinctive and grotesque work reflects on the struggles and adversities of life as well as the joys and lessons that can come from fighting through the difficult times. Along with a new body of work, we think that you can expect some installations and murals as well. More photos from his studio after the jump…