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Showing: “At Home I’m A Tourist” Collection Selim Varol @ CAC Málaga

Get excited if you’re in Spain at the moment as Turkish-born German collector Selim Varol has taken his impressive collection to the Contemporary Art Center of Malaga. Traveling from Dusseldorf (covered) to Malaga, At Home I’m A Tourist is a massive exhibition of over 15,000 works highlighting many of the artists featured on AM regularly including Banksy, KAWS, ZEVS, Shepard Fairey, Audrey Kawasaki, FUTURA, JR, Josh Keyes, and Faile to name just a few. If you’re fortunate enough to be in Spain in the next few months be sure […]

Openings: Meggs – “Heavenly Creatures” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Over the weekend, the Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City welcomed in Meggs from Australia as he opened his latest solo show. Entitled Heavenly Creatures, the exhibition included a mixture of paintings, sculptural works, and overlying murals including some interactive spinning panels that could be flipped by attendees. As usual, the new work featured his semi-abstract renderings of comic-inspired superheroes in kinetic compositions. Take a look at more photos below… Discuss this show here. Discuss Meggs here.

Update: Mark Ryden

For those waiting for the postponed show (now slated for later this year) in Los Angeles from the great Mark Ryden, there have been side projects to keep your love for renowned lowbrow painter alive. These included a comprehensive book, a print release, an album cover design, and a painting for charity. Now, we get a glimpse of something else he is working on – little meat sculptures.  Only time will tell if these are for the upcoming solo or for some other endeavor. Discuss Mark Ryden here.

Preview: Scott Radke – “Interface” @ Stranger Factory

This Friday (April 5th) in Albuquerque, the Stranger Factory will be exhibiting all new works from Scott Radke (interviewed). Entitled Interface, the new sculptures from the Cleveland-based artist will feature the distinctive use of burlap and clay for his surreal and anthropomorphized renditions of animals. Along with all original sculpts, there will also be some customized skelves – all featuring his eerily expressive faces. For those interested, Radke will be showing alongside Kathie Olivas and Stephen Webb. Discuss Scott Radke here.

Openings: Joe Sorren – “The Great Cantaloupe Day” @ AFA (New York)

For those who missed the Joe Sorren (featured) exhibition which just closed at AFA in New York, AM has you covered with some opening photos. The Great Cantaloupe Day featured a couple new paintings from the respected painter (now based in NYC) as well as a vast selection of archived limited edition offerings and sculptural works. Take a look at our photo set below for a closer look… Discuss this show here. Discuss Joe Sorren here.

Upcoming: KAWS in Philadelphia

Starting on April 11th, Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station will be the next location to host KAWS’ 16-feet-tall COMPANION (PASSING THROUGH) sculpture. If you remember, the shy sculptural rendition (soon to be released as a limited edition) of one of the NY-based artist’s most iconic characters has already delighted fans in Hong Kong, Conneticut, New York, Atlanta, and Fort Worth. Even more exciting, the guest appearance will only be a preview to a larger Sculpture Plinth Exhibition at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA), opening […]

Upcoming: Cai Guo-Qiang – “Falling Back To Earth” @ Gallery of Modern Art

Coming up at the end of the year at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, explosive Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang will be presenting his new exhibition – Falling Back To Earth. Commissioned specifically for this museum showing will be a new sculptural piece entitled Heritage 2013 featuring 99 animals from around the world gathering at a watering hole, reflecting on his thoughts about nature and globalization. Along with this centerpiece, other new works inspired by Cai’s time in Australia will accompany Head On, his famous stream of […]

Openings: WK Interact – “WK 360” @ Jonathan LeVine (Pop-up)

A little while back, AM attended the opening for WK Interact’s mid-career survey at Jonathan LeVine’s pop-up outpost. Entitled WK 360 (previewed), this all-inclusive exhibition collected artwork from the past 25 years by the notable French-born & New York-based street artist’s storied career. From indoor to outdoor, WK has always fascinated us with two aspects of his art. The first is his ability to capture the kinetic energy through his motion driven works and the the second is his intricate and equally creative street “contraptions” that are […]

Teaser: Aryz – “Style Is The Limit” @ Fifty24SF

Upstart Spanish street sensation Aryz has been very busy working on outdoor murals since he burst onto the scene a couple years ago. With his focus on the streets, he hasn’t had much time to transition to gallery work (see his 2011 show in Spain), so it will be interesting to see his solo coming up April 19th at Fifty24SF in San Francisco which will apparently might include some sculptural pieces as well. Follow his instagram here to get more glimpses of what to expect. […]

Museums: El Anatsui – “Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works” @ Brooklyn Museum

On view at the Brooklyn Museum is Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works, a breath-taking solo exhibition by arguably Africa’s most celebrated contemporary artist, El Anatsui. Born in Ghana and currently working in Nigeria, Anatsui is best known for his vibrant large-scale sculptures made from common discarded materials. By folding thousands of foil liquor bottle tops in several distinct ways, arranging them and connecting them together into sheets, he is able to transform what once was garbage into beautiful works that appear to flow like textiles […]