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Preview: Jonathan Viner – “Harem” @ Sloan Fine Art

A show that kinda snuck up on us, “Harem,” by Jonathan Viner, opens this Saturday at Sloan Fine Art.  This body of work is a collection of ten 12″ x 12″ paintings of young Russian women listening dreamily to music with high fidelity headphones.  Rendered perfectly by Viner, each appear to be in their own world, oblivious to their surroundings. More images after the jump…

Preview: Chris Berens – “White Ones” @ Jaski Art Gallery

Kirsten from Roq La Rue stopped by Amsterdam-based artist Chris Berens’ studio to get a look at what he’s been working on for his upcoming show at Jaski Art Gallery opening this weekend.  Entitled “White Ones,” this exhibition appears make use of “light tones, with each painting focusing on evoking a particular element, such as clouds, wind, snow, and mist.”  Included in this fantastic new body of work is the largest canvas piece yet for Berens (probably the one pictured above).  For those new to […]

Opening: C215 – “Shoeshiners” @ Signal Gallery

AM has been watching French stencil master C215 (aka Christian Guémy) cut through the noise of derivative copycats since 2006 and we never cease to be impressed. Something must be happening in France since JR (covered) is probably the only other street artist traveling as much and doing street work in as many interesting locations. Both artists use their very different techniques to capture people who are often overlooked with powerful impact. Last night in London, C215 opened his first ever UK solo exhibit “Shoeshiners” […]

Video: Art of Nick Walker & Josh Keyes in Black Eyed Peas – “I Gotta Feeling” Music Video

Our number one passion here at AM is art, but music certainly comes in a close second. The “I Gotta Feeling” video from the Black Eyed Peas melds together these two things we love. It’s awesome to know that there’s a director out there with a fine taste in art. In the music video, a couple of Nick Walker (interviewed) canvases adorn the walls and a nod is made to his “bicycle vandal” character, one of the works we saw in his “A Sequence of […]

Teaser: EINE – “The A – Z of Change” @ Carmichael Gallery

Fresh off his world record setting “Shutter Font” exhibition, Ben EINE makes a trip across the pond for “The A – Z of Change,” his debut Los Angeles solo opening July 9th at Carmichael Gallery. EINE will showcase his vibrant lettering with a new body of canvas pieces and will undoubtedly make his mark on the city with some awesome street pieces. Discuss EINE here. Discuss this show here.

Openings: Chet Zar & James Zar – “When Worlds Collide” @ L’Imagerie Gallery

L’Imagerie Gallery recently opened “When Worlds Collide,” a unique show featuring the work of Chet and James Zar. This marks the first time this father and son combination has ever shown together. Chet Zar is know for his visually dark and eerie subject matter which is a sharp contrast to his father, James Zar’s, fantasy still-life style. This show closes June 20th so stop by the gallery and check it out. More after the jump.

Teaser: Todd Schorr – “American Surreal” @ San Jose Museum of Art

Todd Schorr just sent us the flyer for his first solo museum show “American Surreal,” set to open this weekend at the The San Jose Museum Of Art.  For those lucky enough to be in the area, by all means stop by, but for those who are planning to travel, you may want to wait until July 16th for the official opening event (sponsored by Hi-Fructose).  Schorr will be there in person to greet fans and sign copies of his newest book from Last Gasp […]

Video: BBC Interview with JR

French street photographer JR speaks with BBC about the inspiration behind his work in Rio de Janeiro’s oldest favela. Particularly fascinating is what drew him to the city, the symbolism behind the placement of his pieces and hearing from the subjects who were photographed. See the interview with JR. Discuss JR here.

Streets: Conor Harrington x FAME Festival

Looks like Conor Harrington (interviewed) was the first one to get up in his usual awesome fashion in Italy for this year’s FAME Festival (teased). FAME, put on by Studio Cromie, brings a select group of street artists to the small southern Italian town of Grottaglie. Look for further updates as more murals go up. Via unurth. Discuss this show here. Discuss Conor Harrington here.

Releases: Sam Flores x Upper Playground – Dragon Boy

Sam Flores’ (interviewed) amazing Dragon Boy figure really impressed us when news broke of this collaboration with Upper Playground.  Flores’ took one of the best paintings from his Subliminal Projects show and transformed it into a three piece 10″ toy that was created for UP’s  10th anniversary and produced by The Loyal Subjects.  Limited to 500 pieces, this figure will drop early September but apparently the pre-order is sold out now. More pics after the jump.