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Video: Vernissage – Basel Week Switzerland

Another great video walkthrough by Vernissage TV from Art Basel Switzerland.  If you can get past the videographer’s apparent shoe fetish, you will be able to get a good idea of the atmosphere as well as see some glimpses of the artwork.  For more photos check out our previous post. Discuss Art Basel Switzerland here.

Preview: Stella Im Hultberg – “Memento Mori” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Stella Im Hultberg (interviewed) recently posted up some preview images from her upcoming July show “Momento Mori” at Thinkspace Gallery.  “Memento Mori” is a Latin phrase meaning “Remember You Shall Die,” typically used in reminding people of their own mortality, which should give us a little insight into this where Stella is going with this show.  From these initial pics, there appears to be a maturity to her canvas technique that making us excited about this new body of work. More after the jump.

Openings: AJ Fosik and Greg Gossel @ Shooting Gallery and White Walls

AM visited San Francisco institutions The Shooting Gallery and White Walls on Saturday to catch some photos of AJ Fosik’s (previewed) and Greg Gossel’s (interviewed) respective shows a couple hours before their dual openings.  AJ’s show, “There’s Aliens in our Midst,” featured a dozen new wood 3D constructions (most of them being the flamboyantly colored totem-like trophy heads that AJ has become known for as of late) as well as an installation of golden ratio proportions featuring a severed totem animal body strewn upon a cleft pyramid. […]

Preview: Phillips de Pury Contemporary Art Evening Sale

Phillips de Pury has published the catalog for their upcoming London Contemporary Art Evening Sale and there are a few pieces AM would love to see in our collection. Of most significance is the inclusion of a classic montage piece by Barry McGee. McGee has traditionally not performed very well at auction, but long term, we all know he is one of the most important American artists working today and his inclusion in an evening art sale is a real testament to this. It’s worth […]

Art Basel Vernissage – Basel Week Switzerland

Art Basel Switzerland is hands-down the Mecca of the art world. Once a year, the industry’s elite galleries converge in Europe to celebrate and exchange some of the most coveted pieces by the world’s top art stars. This year of course wasn’t much different, although many collectors came to shop for their dream pieces of art and many came in search of bargains. It seems that galleries were recession conscious as they priced their inventory at prices which would entice even the most thrifty art fans. […]

Teaser: Korin Faught – “Echo” @ Corey Helford Gallery

Los Angeles artist Korin Faught’s second show at Corey Helford Gallery entitled “Echo” opens on June 27th.  Faught first came to our attention when we saw a haunting series of paintings that she describes as “…inspired by Puritan, Amish and other Christian fundamentalists.”  So, this new body of work came as somewhat of a surprise as she does not shy away from a more honest look at the human form. Still, we see Faught’s distinctive palette and style in these first glimpses of the show […]

Video: Patti Astor’s “Fun!” Documentary Trailer

AM just found out that Patti Astor (the legendary founder of NYC’s FUN GALLERY) is hard at work on a feature documentary about the early days of the NYC scene. Best known to you as the blond reporter in “Wild Style,” the doc tells the story of the first art gallery in NY’s East Village and the convergence of rappers, breakdancers, graffiti artists and indie filmmakers who contributed to the birth of the hip hop aesthetic. Patti was one of the first curators to show […]

Upcoming: Aperture Foundation’s “Some Like It Hot Summer Party” (NYC)

The Aperture Foundation (a nonprofit foundation dedicated to promoting photography – Ansel Adams was one of the founders) is having its first annual Some LIke It Hot Summer Party on June 18.  The great news for collectors is that with a $150 ticket to the event, you will receive a Thomas Allen digital C-print (pictured above) created exclusively for the event.  The print is in an 8×10″ edition of 250 presented in an archival paper folder. Even if you can not make the party (you […]

Close-Up: Banksy’s Studio Installation @ Bristol Museum

In our last article, AM showed you some great pictures of Banksy’s latest show in Bristol from the special preview night. Sir Banksy demonstrated that he could create a show that seamlessly weaved his witty street-cred with the pompous realm of high-society. Considering the limited time we had to enjoy the show, we went back on opening day to bring you a closer look at the mock-up of Banksy’s actual studio. Read on after the jump…

Openings: “Mood Swings” @ Carmichael Gallery

Opening alongside Know Hope (covered) at Carmichael Gallery was “Mood Swings,” a group show showcasing the work of seven urban artists: Asbestos, Bumblebee, Cena7, Fefe Talavera, Imminent Disaster, Labrona and Oddzoo. The show, which runs through July 2nd, presents a mixture of up-and-coming and established artists from varying backgrounds, giving patrons an opportunity to enjoy a diverse sampling of the genre. From the vibrant watercolor and ink pieces of Cena7, to the beautiful potraiture on found objects from Asbestos, or the gentle reminder from Bumblebee […]