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Overtime: Feb 20 – Feb 26

One of four versions of Edvard Munch’s The Scream will be auctioned by Sotheby’s in May. RIP Ken Price.  Another great artist passes away. Wasilla, Alaska gets a vagina public sculpture displayed at high school. Police recover bronze Gerald Laing sculpture stolen from Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Museum. UC Berkeley loses $1mil. Sargent Johnson artwork which it later mistakenly sells for $150. Tate Modern’s national photographic archive saved from being destroyed after internal tip. Police raid criminal gang suspected of faking antiquities and selling frauds for 2.5 […]

Showing: ROA – “Fragments” @ The Scarlett Gallery

As you saw from our preview and look at his street work in Stockholm, ROA was recently hosted by the Scarlett Gallery in Sweden in a two-part event. First up is Fragments, where the Belgium-based street muralist put on a showing where the inside space was converted into a makeshift laboratory and workshop where his imagery was painted on bottles, tool boxes, pinned onto a bulletin, and on found objects. More photos of the show by Anthony Hill after the jump…

Preview/Set Up: Herakut – “After the Laughter” @ Lebasse Projects (Chinatown)

On this busy art weekend, one of the highlights will be the new exhibition from German duo and streets artists Herakut. Last time we caught up with them, they were wrapping up their amazing show with the Lucent Dossier crew. Now, they’ve spent the whole week inside the Lebasse Projects gallery in Chinatown setting up for what will be a great exhibition titled After the Laughter which will feature their trademark style, sculptures, and paintings. The two will also be releasing their second book also titled […]

Streets: JR (Los Angeles) Part II

Continuing with the coverage of JR ‘s work through out Los Angeles, here we have a look at the 2nd wall that he and his crew have finished. Organized by Daniel Salin, this new mural was begun by JR early in the morning and they finished later that night. Stay tuned for more coverage as JR moves across the City of Angels leaving his mark. More after the jump…

Openings: “When Herakut Met Lucent” @ The Palace Theater

Last weekend, German street artists Herakut teamed up with circus troupe Lucent Dossier for a performance at the legendary Palace Theatre. The two day event, dubbed appropriately When Herakut Met Lucent, incorporated the duo’s artwork in with the talents of all the performers creating an incredible experience of bringing their signature characters to life. For those who missed it, check out more photos taken for us by ©Carlos Gonzalez after the jump…

Streets: JR (Los Angeles) Part I

It’s been almost a year since French street artist, photographer, and TED Prize winner JR arrived in Los Angeles for his Wrinkles in the City campaign (covered here, here, & here). Well, now he’s returned to L.A. for another tour which will once again show why he’s one of the most important and unique artists working on the streets today. His first task for this new go around was to cover a building that sits near the intersections of Beverly and Sweetzer. As in previous work, […]

Openings: Anthony Lister @ New Image Art

Last night, New Image Art gallery unveiled the latest work by Australian artist Anthony Lister (interviewed). As we showed you earlier in the week with a video teaser (covered), he had been hard at work inside his studio preparing to unleash a new body of work. Now after visiting this exhibition, it’s safe to say that Lister has once again delivered a repertoire of artwork which clearly displays his unique and unmistakable style. The night featured Lister’s thematic take on the ballerina as both an image of […]

Preview: Alex Gross – “Product Placement” @ Jonathan LeVine

Time flies. The upcoming solo show from Alex Gross (interviewed) that we pointed out to you last month is opening tomorrow, February 25th. In Product Placement, much of what we love from the Los Angeles-painter is apparent including his fascination with consumer culture (good or bad), retro-Asian references, as well as his meticulous attention to detail. Expect many new originals including his series on cabinet cards as well as a new book published by Gingko Press, entitled Now And Then, The Cabinet Card Paintings of Alex […]

Releases: Phlegm – “Civilisation” Print

For those of you intrigued by the intricate drawing from Phlegm that we mentioned earlier this month, here are the details on a print release based on that image. It sounds like the two color screenprint took alot of in-studio time for the Sheffield-based artist to complete, so he will be making it up with time outdoors painting for the foreseeable future. This means this might be your last chance for a while to own something from him so head over here on Monday, February […]

Openings: Polaroid – “Instant Revolution” @ Impossible Project Space

Last year, Polaroid collaborated with Phillips de Pury for a unique benefit auction with a slew of artists creating works using their iconic instant photographs. Fastforward to 2011 and Polaroid has teamed up with IMPOSSIBLE at their New York project space to create another group show entitled Instant Revolution. The exhibition featured Gary Baseman, James Franco, Maripol, Mary Ellen Mark and Jennifer Juniper Stratford and challenged them to catch the world through their eyes. Check it out after the jump.