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Highlights: Recommended Openings for this Weekend (9/9 – 9/12)

The September kick-off of the art season is in full-swing this weekend. So many must-see shows the world over. Leading the charge is NYC where solos shows from Dave Kinsey, Ron English and Yoshitomo Nara are all opening this week. Non-stop goodness the world over, get out and support the arts! Take a look at all the shows after the jump…

Update: Conor Harrington

A couple months ago, AM attended a pretty epic group show, “Eurotrash”, at the temporary Lazarides location in Los Angeles that included Irish painter, Conor Harrington (interviewed). It seems Conor is already preparing for his next project put on by Laz and Tunnel 228 this time – “Hell’s Half Acre”. The exhibition staged in the labyrinth beneath London’s Waterloo station will be themed on Dante’s Inferno (like Luke Chueh’s 999 show) and will include other artists like Micallef, Jonathan Yeo, Vhils, Paul Insect, Mark Jenkins, […]

Banksy Goes Retail

For those who think Banksy went overboard with his tour of street pieces to promote his movie and the inevitable slew of haters out there, this latest news will definitely stir things up a little more. On the occasion of the DVD release of his “Exit Through the Gift Shop” documentary, Mr. B (to the surprise of the stores) had a total of three original pieces installed in a HMV outlet in London and Bristol. And for those getting any funny ideas (yes, you!), security […]

Teaser: Aiko – “Here’s Fun For Everyone” @ Andrew James Art (Shanghai)

Aiko Nakagawa, who we have seen do some work in China before, returns again to the Middle Kingdom next month. The New York based artist will be bringing a new body of work entitled “Here’s Fun For Everyone” to the Shanghai, the site of some of the street pieces she put up last year. She’ll be showing at Andrew James Art with the opening set for Sept 9th. Show card after the jump…

Releases: Aaron Horkey – “Midwestern Heart” Print

If you have been reading AM regularly, you probably already know that Aaron Horkey’s retrospective (possibly his last) is opening this Sunday at the Remick Gallery in his hometown of Windom, Minnesota. The talented artist, whose skills in illustration and typography have made him famous, will also be releasing a limited edition print, “Midwestern Heart”, to mark the occasion. Take a look at all the details from our friends at OMG Posters as well as well as a detailed look at one of the variants […]

Videos: A Look Back at the Deitch Art Parade

Vernissage TV has released a remastered and remixed version of their most popular video – the much ballyhooed Deitch Art Parade from 2007 in New York. Ever since Deitch’s takeover at the MOCA, There has been speculation and even words from the Deitch himself that suggests Los Angeles may see something like this in the future. Take a look at some stills from the parade here as well and the full length video of the entire parade after the jump…

Streets: Specter – “Unwanted Collaborations / Sidebusts”

Usually, messing with another artist’s work is considered poor form, but perhaps not so with a recent project by Specter. “Unwanted Collaborations / Sidebusts” sees the New York based artist rehabilitate and give fresh life to distressed and dissed street works from artists we are all familiar with. Check out his subtle touch on this Faile (featured) piece above and the Swoon (interviewed) piece after the jump, but also take a look at the before and after pics of these and other examples on his website.

Studio Visits / Previews: Yoskay Yamamoto @ Roq La Rue

Earlier this summer, AM stopped by Yoskay Yamamoto’s (interviewed) Downtown LA studio to catch up with the ever busy artist. We gave you a glimpse of the time we spent there previously when we caught the man neck deep in preparation for his show at Roq La Rue. With the exhibition coming up this weekend, we thought it would be an excellent time to give you the entire studio visit / preview images for this new body of work consisting of paintings on paper (we […]

Streets: JR – “Unframed” Project

As we first told you in our article about JR’s participation in this year’s Fame Festival, he is starting a new series of work in for his “Unframed” project. The idea is to take works of other famous photographers and install them somewhere different and unexpected, allowing them to take new meaning when discovered by passerby’s. The project is co-produced by the Musée de l’Elysée and the Festival Images, with photographs taken from the collection of the museum and pasted up in the city of […]

Preview: Richard Hambleton – “Richard Hambleton – New York” @ The State Museum of Modern Art of the Russian Academy of Arts

Coming to Moscow on Sept. 8th and running for three weeks is a show featuring legendary New York street artist Richard Hambleton. The exhibition, which celebrates his illustrious 40 year career, has seen stops in New York and Milan. It will include 30 original paintings, including 15 never-before-seen works by the reclusive 1980’s star. Hambleton is considered the godfather of street art and has been described by Simon de Pury as “The King of Street Art”. His work is thought to be the precursor to […]