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Overtime: Dec 26 – Jan 1

The making of “Hero,” a drawing by Miguel Endara of his dad that took 210 hours and is composed entirely out of 3.2 million ink dots. Ryan McGinley featured in The Telegraph.  Has a new (long delayed) monograph coming out. Larissa Sansour claims she was taken off Lacoste Prize shortlist for being “too pro-Palestinian”. The nature of appropriation today. 500 year-old Leonardo da Vinci painting at Louvre may have been overcleaned, say experts. Helen Frankenthaler sadly passed away this week. E-retailers finally discovering what galleries […]

Happy New Years from Laurie Lipton!

Well, another year has passed. We hope you have enjoyed the art-filled 12 months as much as we have here at AM. We wish for you a 2012 that will bring more shows for you to attend, more art related info to digest, and more art added to your collections. Laurie Lipton (interviewed) also has this cheeky graphite painting for her fans entitled THE SELF-DESTRUCT BUTTON. Hopefully, the dire predictions for the end of the world don’t come to fruition! Discuss Laurie Lipton here.

Streets: El Mac (Los Angeles)

Nearly two weeks ago, artist El Mac painted a new mural atop a busy West Hollywood building. Interestingly enough, hardly anyone noticed that it was taking place. That’s because this most recent work by the artist has been kept under wraps for this last part of the month. The mural will be unveiled alongside an L.A. Times Magazine article which focuses on the writings of Connie Rice, a civil rights attorney, activist, and relative of Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Her likeness is […]

Jeremy Fish Custom iPad Giveaway

To kick off the launch of his Listen and Learn app, Jeremy Fish (featured) has illustrated (in black Sharpie) on the back of a brand new iPad 2, which is being given away on Upper Playground’s Facebook Page. To enter the contest, simply include your email address in the contest link on the lower left side of the page. One winner at random will the customized iPad 2. Today is the last day to enter. Discuss Jeremy Fish here.

Art Focus: Michael Peck

To ring in the new year, we bring you the oil on linen paintings of Michael Peck in this week’s Art Focus. We will concentrate on a body of work that he recently showed at the Metro Gallery in Australia that featured a look at World War II through the eyes of innocent children, a personal metaphor as the showing explored the Melbourne based artist’s own relationships with his two grandfathers (both passed away last year) who both served in the Second World War. More […]

Videos: Smash 137 – “Grow Up” @ Galerie CELAL

AM had the chance to hang out with Smash 137 during Art Basel Week in Miami earlier this month where he mentioned to us a show he had just closed in Paris. One of the most respected and prolific writers in Europe with a constantly evolving style, the Swiss-born artist graced the walls with some canvases collectively entitled Grow Up at the Galerie Celal. He sent over this video with footage from the opening as well as an interview where he talks a little about the […]

Teaser: Colin Christian @ International Museum of Art and Science (Texas)

Next month in Texas, Colin Christian (interviewed) will be sharing some of his sculptural work at the International Museum of Art and Science in Texas. On display will be 20 of his fiberglass cyber-erotic and fetish-inspired creations including this 4 x 4.5 feet piece seen above entitled Outsourced. Don’t miss this showing if you are in the area on January 26th. Discuss Colin Christian here.

Haroshi x HUF x DLX Collaboration Event

Coming up on January 7th in Los Angeles (545 S. Clarence St.), sculptor Haroshi (last seen at his NY solo) will be unveiling his limited edition collaboration with HUF and Bay Area skateboard distributor DLX. The event will also include an exhibition of six original works by the Japanese artist who is known for crafting work from compressed skateboards. As a bonus, Tommy Guerrero will be performing so direct all your RSVP’s to [email protected] More info including a video after the jump…

Streets: Vhils (Berlin)

It looks like Vhils (filmed) has recently stopped by Berlin and left one of his signature wall etchings behind. Perhaps this was created while he was in town for the release of the Walls & Frames book launch party. We especially like the intriguing inclusion of the Eye of Providence which appears on the United States one-dollar bill as Angela Merkel’s 3rd eye. Discuss Vhils here.

Preview: Thomas Woodruff – “The Four Temperament Variations” @ P·P·O·W Gallery

On January 5th, the P·P·O·W Gallery in New York will be hosting new work from the New York based Thomas Woodruff where he is also the Chairman of the Illustration and Cartooning Departments at the School of Visual Arts. The paintings for the show collectively entitled The Four Temperaments Variations were inspired by the theories of Hippocrates, when it was believed everyone’s body and mind were controlled by four different, mysterious, colored fluids – Sanguinic, Choleric, Melancholic, and Phlegmatic – where any imbalance in these fluids […]