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Video: Anish Kapoor – “Turning the World Upside Down” @ Kensington Gardens

For those who enjoyed the glimpses we brought you of Anish Kapoor’s sculptures currently showing in Kensington Gardens, you might appreciate this video from Vernissage TV as well. The four works on display through March 13th, 2011 include Non Object (Spire), Sky Mirror (2009), Sky Mirror (2006), and C-Curve. Discuss Anish Kapoor here.
Chris Murray

Preview: “The Idol Hours” @ London Miles Gallery

This Friday, November 12th, London will get another taste of the New Contemporary art movement as London Miles will be hosting “The Idol Hours” group show. With a theme that is not new but always interesting, artists involved were told to choose and reinterpret a piece of art from before WWII and recreate it in their own way. Participants include artists like Joe “2H” McSween, Chris Murray, Kevin Earl Taylor, Dave Pressler, Dave MacDowell, Angry Woebots, Yosuke Ueno, Stella Im Hultberg, Yumiko Kayukawa, Matthew Bone, […]

Preview: Erica Il Cane – “We Were Living In The Woods” @ Fifty24SF

After seeing Erica Il Cane’s work in person at this year’s Fame Festival, we came away with a new found respect for his whimsical outdoor murals and illustrative gallery work. Now, fans of one of Italy’s most famous street artists will get to see his work stateside as he will be opening his show “We Were Living in the Woods” this Thursday night at Fifty24SF. Make sure you stop by if you are in San Francisco, you will fall in love with his works like […]

Preview: Alec Monopoly – “Alec Pass Go” Pop-up Show (NYC)

If you’ve spent any time in Los Angeles recently, you’ve seen the work of Alec Monopoly on such street surfaces as walls, utility boxes, and storefronts. The Monopoly Man, Twiggy, and Jack Nicholson have all been given a fresh life by the pop imagery of the prolific artist. Having made a significant mark on LA, Alec is bringing his talents to NYC this week, as Lebron would say. The artist channels the inspiration of being in the energetic cultural capital of the US and the […]

Studio Visits: Hush – “Found” with White Walls in New York

Hush (interviewed) has been locked away in a brand new, and as you can see from our picture above, pretty cavernous studio space preparing for his debut New York showing next month. “Found” is a new body of work building on the themes revealed at his sold-out exhibition in San Francisco with Shooting Gallery which was entitled “Passing Through”. AM called into the studio to see the work in progress earlier this month and we were impressed by the variance in scale of the work […]

Previews: Kelsey Brookes – “Caped Creatures” @ Circleculture Gallery (Berlin)

When we last talked to Kelsey Brookes (featured), it was at the fantastic “Come As You Are” group show at the PRISM (covered). Time flies as his next solo show that he mentioned to us that day is already almost here. “Caped Creatures” opens on November 18th at the Circleculture Gallery in Berlin and will include the San Diego area based artist’s paintings featuring his signature multi-colored explosions as well as the spinning pieces he introduced back at a show in July (covered). Now we […]
Esao Andrews

Openings: Thinkspace Five Year Anniversary Show

Last Saturday night marked an important event at Thinkspace Gallery history – their five year anniversary! Drawing from a long list of artists, many whom got their first break at the Silverlake and now recently relocated to Culver City gallery, the walls were filled with great pieces from the contributors who wanted to make sure they paid proper tribute. Amidst the crowded rooms, we spotted KMNDZ (seen above), with his wall mural and mini-show. Take a look at his and all the rest of the […]

Preview: Tiffany Bozic – “Confiding to Strangers” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

This Thursday night, art fans in New York are in for a treat as Tiffany Bozic will be in town with a new collection of works for the Joshua Liner Gallery. Entitled “Confiding to Strangers”, the new body of work stopped us in our tracks when we first saw the preview. The San Francisco based artist is really showing an attention to detail, subject matter, and composition that elevates her signature renderings of plant, animal, and insect life to the next level which has us […]

Openings: Faile – “Bedtime Stories” @ Perry Rubenstein Gallery

AM attended the much anticipated homecoming exhibition for the Brooklyn street art collective Faile last Thursday night. Their solo show “Bedtime Stories” was held at the esteemed Perry Rubenstein Gallery where the traditional white walls were a great contrast to the colorful and image laden exhibition. Utilizing their latest “wood block” concept which we explored in our studio visit (here & here), the Patricks took their symbolic imagery and stories to a new level. Take for example their already iconic “Faile Boxes” which contain images […]

Openings: KAWS – “Pay the Debt to Nature” @ Emmanuel Perrotin (Paris)

Street artist turned pop icon KAWS unveiled a new body of work, entitled Pay the Debt to Nature (previewed), at the Paris branch of Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin last night. Highlighting his immediately identifiable style though a collection of new acrylic paintings, the most well-known cartoon character of the 21st century took center stage in signature KAWS fashion. With clean lines and bold colors, Spongebob was dissected into puzzle-like fragments and pieced back together into multi-panel assemblages, a unique technique first seen early this year during […]