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Streets: Invader (Belgium)

We haven’t heard much from Monsieur Invader since he served up space waffles at a showing in London (covered) back in December. It seem though that the street tile specialist has been busy putting in work in Brussels recently plastering the walls with his pieces. As usual, he put a little local flavor into this invasion with references to the famous peeing statue that is a symbol for the city as well as some use of the Belgium colors. More looks after the jump…

Preview: JR – “The Wrinkles Of The City” (Cuba)

After blessing some walls in Los Angeles with his photographic touch along with giving another TED talk, JR (featured) headed over to Cuba for the next phase of his ongoing The Wrinkles Of The City project. While there, the French street artist documented the people and their culture, enjoying the hospitality of the locals on the island where life seems frozen in time. It looks like JR was accompanied by another AM favorite, Jose Parla, where they are working on a collaborative project together. JR is […]

Showing: Ron Ulicny – “New Works” @ Spoke Art

Earlier this month, the Spoke Art Gallery opened its doors to a solo exhibition from Portland-based artist Ron Ulicny. His collection of New Works feature familiar objects that have been modified in novel ways to give new meaning to the pieces. The show included sixteen new sculptural creations, each challenging the viewer to find new purpose in the transformed items while showing off Ulicny’s humor and wit. More photos after the jump…

Overtime: March 12 – March 18

One of Andy Warhol’s Double Elvises will go up for auction at Sotheby’s in May. Fascinating article about previously missing paintings found in Wildenstein’s vault. Dallas couple pleads guilty to $3 Million art-based fraud scheme. Alleged art forger Matthew Taylor pleads not-guilty to $2 million fraud. French police arrest alleged forger of Jean Prouvé works. Restorer of da Vinci’s The Last Supper may have “blundered” in restoring figure of Christ. Lawyers appealing against a controversial copyright ruling concerning composition and angling. Artwork (including work by […]

Streets: World Roundup (March 12 – March 18)

As always, AM has more street work to share with you in this week’s Streets: World Roundup segment. Leading things off is this sweet new piece from Zilda (interviewed) in Naples that benefits from a great placement integrating a tree (the extra phallic graf helps keep things interesting as well). As always, the thoughtful French street artist draws his own pieces which are often influenced by classic master paintings (like the work of John Spencer-Stanhope Rodham) and translates them into paste ups. See his process […]

Rewind: March 12 – March 18

First up for this week’s Rewind feature is this video showing Evan Roth’s novel use of spray cans from his Propulsion Painting series (via today and tomorrow). These creations were featured in his recently opened Welcome to Detroit showing at Eastern Michigan University. You can see more footage of the work here if you are interested. Other notable videos include: Stussy visiting David Shrigley’s studio in Glasgow to discuss his artwork. Trailer for Victor Reyes show at Known Gallery. Footage of Piet Dieleman & MOMO collaboration for […]

Art Focus: Tania Blanco

This weekend’s Art Focus is on Spanish artist Tania Blanco and her series of Sleep-Drunk Vademecum paintings. The intriguing set of rounded acrylic on wood pieces are her treatise on science and the human condition featuring medical instruments, high precision technology, scientific devices, anatomical models, and clandestine laboratories as her subjects. Some of what she paints is recognizable while some look to be from somewhere in the future and appear to be inspired by a quote from Jean Baudrillard from his doctoral thesis – The […]

Teaser: 2012 G40 Art Summit (Richmond, VA)

This year’s G40 Art Summit, put on by Art Whino, will be held in Richmond Virginia and will focus on the “Art of the Mural.” Thirteen street muralist from around the globe (2501, Angry Woebots, Aryz, El Mac, Gaia, How & Nosm, Jaz, Jesse Smith, La Pandilla, Lelo, London Police, Pixel Pancho, ROA, and Scribe) were invited to unleash their creativity on 20 large scale walls in a 10 block radius. In addition, there will 500+ artists exhibited in various group shows in eight different […]

Openings: Camille Rose Garcia @ Michael Kohn Gallery

Last night, the Michael Kohn Gallery hosted a special signing and show from Los Angeles-based painter Camille Rose Garcia (interviewed). Presenting a new collections of paintings from her illustrated version of one of her favorite books, Snow White, Garcia was able to successfully transform the perceptions of the mainstream audience of another famous fairy tale (also see Alice in the Wonderland) to perhaps a more accurate and darker place that is seen in the classic novel from the Brothers Grimm. You can purchase her new […]

Preview: Ericailcane – “Una Vita Violente” @ FIFTY24MX Gallery

Tomorrow night in Mexico City, Italian street specialist Ericailcane will be opening up a show alongside compatriot HitneS at the FIFTY24MX Gallery. This new body of work, Una Vita Violente, was inspired by writings of Pier Paolo Pasolini, and will metaphorically explore the human condition at its most brutal state through his signature animal characters rendered in his illustrative style. From the the looks of the preview images the show will include paintings, drawings, and sculptural work. More photos after the jump…