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Preview: Chet Zar @ Copro Gallery

Tomorrow night, October 15th, creator of grotesque and ghastly creatures, Chet Zar (interviewed), will be unleashing a new horde of monsters in Los Angeles at the Copro Gallery. Perhaps the show is a little early for Halloween, but at least this means that the new collection of paintings will be available for fans to admire through the end of the month. Entitled The Left Hand Path, the title of the new exhibition has a double meaning which has both a dark connotation but also a […]

Openings: Anonymous Gallery – “Flash” @ Wooster Street Social Club

A while back, AM attended the opening of the group show Flash curated by Anonymous Gallery. Hosted at Wooster Street Social Club, the exhibition had many notables including as Anthony Lister, Curtis Kulig, Dan Witz, Eric White, Greg Lamarche, Kenji Hirata, Kenzo Minami, James Jean, Logan Hicks, Nick Walker, Ron English, Shelter Serra and Tristan Eaton. The show runs until October 29th so if you get a chance to be in NYC, stop by and check it out. See all the opening night action taken […]

Streets: Tudela Avant-Garde Urbano Festival Roundup (Spain)

Several weeks ago, we brought you some photos of the newest Blu mural painted for the Tudela Avant-Garde Urbano Festival in Spain. Some additional photos have surfaced of some of the other artists involved with the event including El Mac, Suso33, Run Don’t Walk, and Buenos Aires Stencil. More photos via Unurth after the jump…

Streets: How & Nosm (Los Angeles) Part II

Just a couple of days before their upcoming solo show taking place at the Known Gallery, here we have a final look at the mural painted by the prolific twin artists How & Nosm. As part of the L.A. Freewalls project, the mural entitled Heartship stands near the center of Downtown Los Angeles took nearly a week to complete. This new piece contains both the immense detail & complexity which they incorporate into every one of their artworks and even more impressive is that fact […]

Previews: anthro(physis) @ Rivera Gallery

Rivera Gallery in West Hollywood is opening an exciting group exhibition this Saturday, October 15. Entitled anthro(physis), it features a dynamic fusion of sculpture, photography, film, paintings and works on paper by nine artists from around the world – Néle Azevedo, Vaughn Bell, Robert Cannon, Aharon Gluska, Claire Morgan, Robert Standish, Jason deClaires Taylor, Levi van Veluw and Yuriko Yamaguchi (pictured above). Talent from Brazil, Israel, Japan, the Netherlands, Northern Ireland, the UK and the US are all represented here. The works featured in the […]

Openings: “Blab!” @ Copro Gallery

With new exhibitions rolling in this weekend at Copro Gallery, we thought we would share some last minute photos we took of the Blab! show that has been running for the last month. The seventh annual show which was also a preview of artwork for the upcoming volumes of BLABWORLD No. 2 and 3, featured artwork from artists like Jana Brike, Gary Baseman, Joe Sorren, SHAG, Chet Zar, Sas Christian, and more. More photos after the jump…

Damien Hirst Sunflower Paintings

We have covered some charitable contributions from Damien Hirst in the past, but of course his main focus is on commercial endeavors. This recent collaboration with the Officine Panerai watch brand features his signature spin paintings, but adorned with watch components creating a textured effect for two pieces entitled “Beautiful Sunflower” and “Beautiful Fractional Sunflower”. These will be display at the Triennale Di Milano in Italy in an exhibition featuring 70 “timepieces” from a collection of artists that explore the concept of time. More photos […]

Openings: Pakayla Biehn – “(t)here” @ Gallery Hijinks

Last Saturday evening, Gallery Hijinks hosted San Francisco-based artist Pakayla Biehn’s solo show, (t)here. With this exhibition, she further pushes her technique of using oil on canvas to create her double-exposure photo realistic images, that really started to take stride for her Thinkspace exhibition earlier in the year (covered). The term “(t)here” refers to “a point where emotional complexity, dreams and reality are unified,” which can be used to describe the feel one gets from viewing her paintings that fuse dreamlike figures with the beauty […]

Previews: Josh Keyes – “Migration” @ Jonathan Levine

On October 22nd, Josh Keyes (interviewed) will be unveiling his latest series of work at New York’s Jonathan LeVine Gallery. In his second exhibition with the Chelsea showspace, Migration focuses on what would happen when the unnatural changes in the environment forces the climates to abandon their normal cyclical zones. This wild shifting causes the merging bio-habitats, thus changing the migratory patterns of animals with the ensuing chaos depicted in renowned Keyes fashion. Expect much of the Portland-based painter’s classic imagery as this show brings back many of […]

Retna x David LaChappelle for Vanity Fair

So, it looks like the new spread for Vanity Fair that we mentioned a while back finally materialized. Taken by David Lachapelle (who just opened a show at PRISM), the photograph features RETNA (featured) in front of his West Hollywood mural (covered) with a little help from photoshop it seems. As an added bonus, we have for you after the jump a video that surfaced recently featuring footage of RETNA’s WeHo mural as well as an interview…