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Openings: ‘Good Folks’ @ Show & Tell Gallery

Show & Tell Gallery in Toronto continue to impress us with a superb roster of artists. Their latest, Good Folks, opened last week and featured Swoon (interviewed), Monica Canilao, Jeremiah Maddock, Derek Mehaffey (aka Other), Labrona and Troy Dugas. Good Folks looks another well curated show, and brings together a distinguished balance of artists from the fringes of the folk art, street art and protest art movements. This show celebrates the first two years of the gallery’s existence, so we wish them well and much […]

Openings: Vhils – “Detritus” @ Galerie Presenca

Vhils, whose explosive new video we recently featured, recently opened up a show entitled Detritus at Gallery Presenca in Portugal. The body of work featured two types of art-making that we have come to expect from the Lisbon-based artist – images made from chiseled concrete and layers of paint & torn paper. Take a look at more shots from the show from Stick2Target after the jump…

Openings: Eine – “GREATEST” @ White Walls

Street typographical poet Ben Eine opened his show at White Walls on Saturday in SF.  AM stopped by to check out the work of the busy artist, as he has also been on the streets painting his signature letters throughout the city. We think the title of the show “GREATEST” was very appropriate after seeing most of the words and phrases chosen by the UK-based artist for this body of work. More opening photos after the jump…

Openings: Shepard Fairey – “Revolutions” @ Robert Berman Gallery

On Saturday night, Shepard Fairey (featured) opened his latest exhibition Revolutions at Los Angeles’ Robert Berman Gallery. This unique showing was in part a mini-retrospective featuring the numerous works which Shepard and Obey have done in their long history and love affair with music. On display were many of Shep’s iconic HPM album covers for fans to enjoy along with a debut of a larger sized series of covers (mixed media collaged 41.5″ x 41.5″). As you saw in our recent studio visit with Shepard, a […]

Openings: Sas & Colin Christian – “Sas + Colin” @ Opera Gallery (NY)

AM attended the private opening for Colin and Sas Christian’s (interviewed) latest show Sas + Colin at New York’s Opera Gallery. As the title states, the main focus was the wife and husband collaborations which brought their unique talents together for a visually stunning exhibition. Sas utilized her hyper realistic painting styles to bring the futuristic subjects to life, while Colin brought the physical presence with his beautifully detailed fiberglass sculptures. Together in one setting, it was impressive to see the artistic talents which can only be […]
'Knitting Circle'

Set-up / Openings: Brian Adam Douglas – ‘Due Date’ @ Black Rat Projects

The solo exhibition Due Date by Brian Adam Douglas (interviewed) opened on Thursday 9 March to a full house at London’s Black Rat Projects. Douglas himself was fine form throughout the evening, chatting with visitors and signing copies of his new book, Paper cuts, published by Drago. Among the guests, AM spotted artists Peter Kennard, Matt Small (interviewed) and Giles Walker. Also present was Douglas’s New York dealer, Andrew Edlin of Andrew Edlin Gallery, who’d flown in the day before to attend. Due Date consists […]

Teaser: Ai Weiwei – “Circle of Animals/Zodiac” @ Grand Army Plaza (Central Park)

Chinese conceptual artist and dissident Ai Weiwei, whose studio was recently demolished by the Chinese government, apparently didn’t have his bronze Zodiac Heads in storage there at the time.  The pieces which originally exhibited at the 29th Sao Paulo Biennale in Brazil last year will be making a trip to the Big Apple come May.  The twelve sculptures represent the traditional Chinese zodiac that adorn the fountain-clock of Yuanming Yuan, an imperial retreat in Beijing, five of which were looted and whose location is currently […]

Overtime: March 7 – March 13

New El Mac x Retna mural in Los Angeles. New outdoor work from Steve Locatelli and Escif in Bilboa. Gaia planning a show for Chicago while Skewville gets read for London. Can Charlie Sheen be considered a performance artist or is he just desperate for attention? Damien Hirst designs instruments (that will be auctioned for charity) for the band Squeeze. How does your collection compare to Carlos Slim’s, which consists of about 66,000 works (including Renoir, Cezanne, and Rodin) of art? Cory Arcangel discusses his […]

Openings: James Jean – “Rebus” @ Martha Otero

After presenting AM readers with teasers, updates, studio visits/previews, and  exhibition set-up posts on James Jean’s Rebus show, the moment of truth has finally arrived and the glorious payoff is in sight.  The artist’s first solo exhibition in his hometown of Los Angeles has opened (up until April 23) at West Hollywood’s Martha Otero and includes paintings, drawings, sketchbook spreads, sculpture, editioned scarves, and wall installations. Jean creates a immersive experience that feels like a romanticized dream where the environment is in colorful decay from […]

Preview: ‘Flogging A Dead Horse’ @ The Showroom, Bristol

We usually run previews for shows and bring you a first glimpse of what you can expect to see on the night of the opening. In this case, for Flogging a Dead Horse, we not only have no preview images to bring you, but we also don’t even know which artists will be featured in this group show curated by Steal From Work. Steal from Work have organised some great group shows in the past, and it sounds like this has the makings of something […]