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Basel Week Miami ’09 – Dana Schutz @ Zach Feuer Gallery (LFL)

With the demand for quality evident by the current buyer’s market in contemporary art, Zach Feuer Gallery (LFL) brought out their best artist, the painter Dana Schutz, for Art Basel Miami 2009.  The gallery’s booth consisted of new paintings by Schutz and a film and sculpture from Nathalie Djurberg.  Schutz is considered one of today’s best young painters and frequently appears on many critics and collectors best-of lists, as well as part of major museum collections.  Her last solo show at the gallery, Missing Pictures, […]

Openings: Sashie Masakatsu – “De Facto Standard” @ Mizuma Gallery

Mizuma Gallery recently hosted the opening of Masakatsu Sashie’s latest body of work “De Facto Standard.” As mentioned in our preview, Sashie isn’t just content with his success using his spherical motifs. He seeks to redefine the mold of success with larger canvas sizes and unique “shapes” we have not yet seen from the young artist. From ginormous wall size canvases to a few select smaller pieces sporting some unseen before designs, Sashie is definitely going for the “less is more” approach with only six high quality paintings […]

Preview: Winter Group Show @ White Walls

White Walls SF is gearing up for a big group show which features Kill Pixie, Greg Gossel (interviewed), Katy Horan, Ernesto Yerena, Timothy Karpinski, Mark Warren Jacques (interviewed), Erik Foss, Henry Gunderson (interviewed), Mike Shine, Phillip Lumbang, and more. Here’s a little sneak peak at some new works from Shepard Fairey (featured), Clayton Brothers (featured) and Anthony Lister (interviewed) that will be at this show. It opens this Saturday, December 12th for all you folks in the San Francisco area. More preview images after jump.

Preview: Andy Kehoe – “The World Unseen and Those In Between” @ Thinkspace

As the last part of fall gives way to winter, Andy Kehoe gets set to open his show “The World Unseen and Those In Between” at Thinkspace Gallery. How appropriate – as Kehoe’s paintings have become synonymous with the autumn spirit, at least in our minds. His palette includes oranges, browns, and yellows with imagery including leaves, trees, and foliage of the season, as well as the strange creatures that inhabit his world. He opens along side Dabs Myla’s “Earthquake Weather” and Jesse Hotchkiss’ “Learning […]

Basel Week Miami ’09 – Rubell Family Collection – “Beg Borrow and Steal”

Good artists borrow, great artists steal. ~Pablo Picasso Coinciding with Art Basel Miami 2009, the Rubell Family Collection opened their latest exhibition, entitled Beg, Borrow, and Steal.  The exhibition, filling the entire 45,000 sq. ft. museum, consists of 260 works by 74 artists of different generations and examines the role of appropriation throughout modern and contemporary art.  It was born through a series of conversations the Rubells had with artists Kelly Walker and Wade Guyton.  It deals with artistic influence, artists building upon the legacies […]

Preview: London Police – “Fresh Geezers” @ Factory Fresh

The London Police, whom we met in LA recently, will be opening up a new show tonight – this time in New York. Entitled “Fresh Geezers,” the dual show at Factory Fresh will also feature Italian artist Galo. The recent documentary film “Brothers in Arms” filmed in LA where best friends Bob & Chaz (TLP) decided to handcuff themselves together for 24 hours a day (a social experiment of friendship versus personal space) will be playing for attendees to enjoy. More images after the jump.

Preview: Audrey Kawasaki – “Hajimari – a prelude” @ Jonathan Levine Gallery

Sometimes the more you see the more you want. After spending the weekend with Audrey Kawasaki at Baby Tattooville (here), we were eagerly awaiting the opening of “Hajimari – a prelude” at Jonathan Levine Gallery this Saturday. Well, Audrey just released some stunning in-process pictures of her latest batch of hypnotic beauties. It’s just a taste of what we expect will be a great show. Word of caution as this show not only looks fantastic, but also very addicting… Check out the preview images after […]

Dual Artist Interview: Hush x Dan Baldwin Collaboration Show @ Zero Cool Gallery

Our friends at Zero Cool gallery will be opening a new group show entitled “Don’t believe the Type” tonight in London that will feature four large scale collaboration paintings by Hush (interviewed) and Dan Baldwin (interviewed). The artists have not worked together in the past, but when AM heard that they would be pooling talents, we thought that this could be something special. Each started work on two pieces and when they finished their elements, the paintings were traded over for the other’s work. You […]

Preview: Chris Peters – “Reflections” @ Copro Gallery

Los Angeles artist Chris Peters will be opening a show this weekend at Copro Gallery entitled “Reflections.” He’ll be bringing along with him his skeletal friends like the one above in a painting entitled “Along a Dark Path.” It has always amazed us how Peters is able to protray human emotion with just the bare bones after one’s skin and muscle has been stripped away. Take a look at several more preview images after the jump…

Video: Pablo Picasso – “Guernica” in 3D

Just yesterday, we showed you Ron English’s mural homage to Pablo Picasso’s Guernica for the Primary Flight project during Art Basel Week. So, now is a good time to remind ourselves of the original masterpiece and arguably one of the most recognizable pieces from the Spanish painter. The famous painting depicts the bombing of Guernica, a Basque town, during the Spanish Civil War in 1937. The image has become synonymous with the tragedies of war (especially of innocents) and has become and anti-war symbol. Take […]