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Streets: Banksy hits up Seattle, Detroit, Chicago, and Toronto?

After throwing the best premiere party for his documentary in Los Angeles and gifting San Francisco with the most street pieces, Banksy appears to have been taking a whirlwind tour of other major North American cities. Either he’s been racking up some pretty major frequent fliers mileage or he has a crew out assisting him (or there are some copycats out there). The only way to know for sure if these are real is to keep checking the outdoors section on Banksy’s website for updates […]

Openings: Luke Chueh – “Beginnings / Endings (And Other Worthless Ephiphanies)” @ Copro Gallery

A couple days ago, AM attended the opening of Luke Chueh’s (interviewed) show “Beginnings / Endings (And Other Worthless Ephiphanies)” at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica. On display were many Luke’s familiar characters and remixes of fan favorites as well as some new inventions from Chueh and and his alter ego, the iconic “sad bear.” Speaking of which, as hinted at in our teaser, this might be one of the last shows in the near future where you will be seeing Chueh’s work in its […]

Openings: Shepard Fairey – “May Day” @ Deitch Projects (Part 2)

In part one of our Shepard Fairey “May Day” opening coverage, we gave you an insider’s view on the opening festivities from Jeffery Deitch’s farewell show in New York. Now, it’s time to get to meat of our coverage – the art that Shepard created for this tremendous solo show. For fans that have been to the legendary gallery, the space is very imposing and would exhibit large scale pieces quite easily. To answer this challenge, Shepard created over 140 pieces to fill the walls […]

Overtime: May 2 – May 8

A fiftieth birthday party planned for Jean-Michel Basquiat if he were alive. A new interview with ABOVE. See ours here. Have you seen a pink ninja before? TMI? Banksy paints Kate Moss’ wall. (*edit – false story) Is it illegal to photograph street art? If so, we might be in trouble. Eames chairs as canvas. Welcome new blogs (Kathy Grayson, Os Gemeos, and David Stoupakis). Gen Art is dead. Oh, and so are the people that make those Koons dogs. An old painting lost in […]

Openings: Matthew Palladino – “Wonder Box” @ Baer Ridgway Gallery

Versatile Philadelphia-based artist Matthew Palladino opened his show “Wonder Box” last night at the Baer Ridgway Gallery. As one of the rare breed of artists who can change up styles with what seems to be virtually every show and still be successful, Palladino continues to impress with this new body of work for the San Francisco gallery. Take a look at all the pics after the jump…

Happy Mother’s Day!

Nothing more endearing than a mother and their child, even if it’s from the sick mind of Naoto Hattori. This piece entitled “Cherish” is one of the affordable mini-paintings that he releases in batches every month (sign up for his mailing list). Naoto has a solo scheduled for August at Copro Gallery, but for now, enjoy this piece and have a Happy Mother’s Day! A more detailed look after the jump…

Openings: Alex Lukas – “These Are The Days of Miracle and Wonder” @ Guerrero Gallery

One of the shows that opened tonight at the Guerrero Gallery was Alex Lukas’ solo “These Are The Days of Miracle and Wonder”. Along with the post-apocalyptic imagery that has captivated fans of the Philadelphia-based artist, Lukas brings back some of the desolate landscapes he has worked on in the past but now with more detail and cohesive composition. Several of these are done in large scale (7.5 x 3.5 feet) and have been mounted on mini “billboards” (seen above). He also continues his interesting […]

Art HK ’10: Adam Neate @ Schoeni Gallery

As the Hong Kong’s annual International Art Fair (May 27-30) draws closer, we’ll be stepping up our previews of what to expect as well as hopefully proving coverage of the fair for the enjoyment of our readers. Fast becoming an important hub for the entrance and exit of art between the East and West, ART HK will be drawing from over 150 galleries participating from 29 different countries. One of the highlights for us this year will definitely be Adam Neate’s (interviewed) showcase with Elms […]

Teaser: Yoskay Yamamoto – “Familiar Strangers” @ Lebasse Projects

One of the shows we are really looking forward to next month is Yoskay Yamamoto’s (featured) return to LeBasse Projects. It’s hard to believe, but his last solo there was over a year ago and now he’s back with a new body of work entitled “Familiar Strangers.” Along with some sumptuous paintings with iconic characters and the thematic use of flowers (like the piece above), you can expect that he will continue to explore his sculptural work as well.  More to follow as the show […]

Openings: “Now’s the Time” @ Black Rat Press

As we mentioned in our preview, Black Rat Projects opened their doors a while back to a pretty impressive collection of the street scene a couple weeks ago. Just like the “Thousands” show last year, this exhibition gave fans a chance to see all their favorite street artists (including Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Shepard Fairey (featured), Swoon (interviewed), Banksy, Barry Mcgee, Faile (featured) and Os Gemeos) at the same time under one roof. Other than museum shows, this is probably the only way you can […]