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Overtime: April 18 – April 24

Saber prepares for his new show at Opera Gallery in New York. Scion’s Installation 7 video art tour, featuring David Choe, Cheryl Dunn, etc., in Wichita soon. Doug Harvey gives his take on MOCA’s Art in the Streets. Interactive map of artwork Space Invader put up around MOCA’s Geffen museum. The French national is the first artist in the Art in the Streets exhibition to be arrested during the run of show. Shepard Fairey joins LA’s Young Literati in supporting the Los Angeles Public Library.  […]

Streets: Will Ryman – “Roses” @ Park Avenue

As AM ran through the streets of New York’s Midtown district we had the pleasure of catching Will Ryman’s latest outdoor installation – The Roses. Made possible with support from Paul Kasmin Gallery, Will created beautiful giant sized floral sculptures that lined each street center from 57th to 67th streets along the prestigious Park Avenue in NYC. Standing up to 25 feet, the impressive installations captured the hearts and cameras of all who passed by. Ryman’s large-scale figurative sculptures was a perfect compliment the busy […]

Video: Swoon Installation @ MOCA

We only recently brought you a in-depth look at the amazing installation Swoon (interviewed) created for the Art in the Streets exhibition.  Well, a new video (directed by Cat Solen) from the Levi’s Film Workshop has been released showing the behind-the-scenes preparations of that complex illuminated piece and not surprisingly, the delicate work required looked quite arduous and time-consuming.  Well worth the effort don’t you think? Via Show & Tell Gallery. Discuss this show here. Discuss Swoon here.

Teaser: Katrin Fridriks – “Leak of Information” @ Circleculture Gallery (Berlin)

Last we saw Katrin Fridriks’ work, she stole a London group show (covered) with her signature abstract color explosions. It now appears she has muted the palette, akin to one of the works exhibited prior, presenting a selection of monochromatic works composed in her uniquely organic fashion. Opening Thursday, April 28th at Circleculture Gallery in Berlin, the Icelandic born Paris-based artist will be targeting the ubiquitous technological underpinnings of modern society with her departure to more metallic color tones – silver, gold, steel, cooper, aluminum. […]

Teaser: Nate Frizzell – “To Become Myself” @ LeBasse Projects

Coming up in May, Nate Frizzell (interviewed) will be introducing a whole new collection of works at the Chinatown location of LeBasse Projects.  If you remember, his standout exhibition last year (covered) featured engaging paintings of children and their animal counterparts on a path of self-discovery.  For this new show, Nate will be exploring the use of a different medium – charcoal on paper.  It will be interesting to see how these turn out. Take a look at a couple more teaser images after the […]

Streets: Eine – LA Weekly Building

UK-based street artist Ben Eine, who recently showed in SF (covered), made the trip down to Southern California soon after as we saw him at both the D*Face opening and of course participating at the Art in the Streets exhibition (covered) at the MOCA. Just like in San Francisco, he found time to work on some street typographical magic, this time on the LA Weekly building. More images of the crossword themed piece after the jump…

Openings: Marilyn Minter – “Paintings from the 80s” @ Team Gallery

AM recently attended the opening of Marilyn Minter’s latest show Paintings from the 80’s at New York’s Team Gallery. As the title suggests, this body of work is actually a retro showcase of paintings from earlier in her illustrious career. Unlike the stunning series of photographs or photorealistic paintings that most have experienced recently, Minter uses her painterly skills to explore her versions of raw pornographic snapshots paired in contrast with some imagery feature coming of age innocence. More NSFW pics after the jump.
Alexandros Vasmoulakis AM 1

Preview: “Outside/In” @ LeBasse Projects & Portsmouth Museum of Art

This Saturday night, April 23rd, Outside/In opens at LeBasse Projects’ Culver City Gallery featuring a group of internationally-known street artists. The list includes Case, Herakut, Alexandros Vasmoulakis, Hush, SharkToof and Bumblebee and will continue on to the Portsmouth Museum of Art in New Hampshire with the opening there scheduled for May 11th.  While back east, along with exhibited a seperate series of works, the artists will also be traveling there to paint a selection of walls throughout the city. Take a look at some preview […]

Openings: Souther Salazar – “You Come Too” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Last Saturday in New York, Souther Salazar presented a delightful new body of work at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. The show, entitled You Come Too, featured paintings of fantastical worlds, inventive mixed media assemblages, and rich installations centered around ideas of inclusion, sharing adventure, and togetherness which in no small part were inspired by his recent life experiences. More photos after the jump…

Sketchbook: Elbow-Toe

It’s time to once again revisit our sketchbook feature. This time, we highlight some of the drawings of Elbow-Toe (interviewed) who we recently caught up with in London.  If you remember he was in town for his Black Rat Projects show (covered) and also found time to get up on the streets. Looks like besides his more complicated self-described “cut paper paintings,” the NY-based artist also has some traditional drawing skills. Take a look at more of these studies after the jump that he worked […]