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Overtime: April 12-18

New work from James Jean. See in progress pics of this piece and others on his twitter. Scott Radke working on a batch of meerkats? New work from Retna/El Mac, Hush, Aiko, and Aakash Nihilani. ABC “discovers” Trustocorp, who opened his show in NY last week. A closer look at Escif’s London mural. Graffiti earrings for your girl. Martha Cooper speaks. Beverly Hills out of the running for Eli Broad’s museum. Burger King paper bag = art?  Yes! Apparently, Picasso liked blowjobs. An interview with […]
© by JR - Women are Heroes

Teaser: JR – “Women Are Heroes” @ Galerie Springmann.Varol

French photographer and activist JR will be opening his first show in Germany soon at the newly opened Gallery Springmann.Varol (formed with AM contributor Selim Varol) in Duesseldorf. The exhibition will be another showing of JR’s project, “Women Are Heroes”, (previously seen in Paris and London), which is also the subject of his film recently nominated for the Golden Camera at the Cannes Festival. From what we hear, the famed street photographer will be preparing a sick wall installation of 128 of his signature “speaker-eyes” […]

Showing: Anthony Lister – “You Call That a Back Rub..” @ Metro Gallery

Anthony Lister’s (interviewed) delightfully twisted view of superheroes has been on full display the last several weeks in Melbourne at the Metro Gallery. The show “You Call That a Back Rub..”, which closes tomorrow (April 18th), featured the Australian artists signature abstractionism of our favorite comic book characters, sculptures, and of course, a little performance art just like his show in NY (showing concurrently). More images after the jump, courtesy of Nice Produce.

Teaser: Luke Chueh – “Beginnings / Endings (And Other Worthless Ephiphanies)” @ Copro Gallery

A show we are excited about next month is Luke Chueh’s (interviewed) new body of work, “Beginnings / Endings (And Other Worthless Ephiphanies” showing at Copro Gallery. After his groundbreaking “Inferno” show last year, we are looking forward to seeing what Luke has in store for his legion of fans. We’ll have more for you as the show gets closer… Discuss this show here. Discuss Luke Chueh here.

Baby Tattooville 2010 Lineup

It looks as though the first five artists have been quietly announced for 2010’s Baby Tattooville with some pretty big names to start with including Robert Williams, Suzanne Williams, Michael Hussar, COOP, and William Stout. Always one of our highlight events of the year, the art retreat has definitely been a good time to hang out and get to know some of our favorite artists better.  Check out all our coverage from the last two years here. We’ll let you know when the other names […]

Openings: Trustocorp – “An Overt Display of Mischief and Mayhem” @ Brooklyn Brothers Gallery

Trustocorp’s debut show, “An Overt Display of Mischief and Mayhem” (previewed) opened on Thursday night at the Brooklyn Brothers Gallery to an enthusiastic crowd. The response was no doubt related to the collective’s recent street sign posting spree throughout the country, with the map seen above specifically marking the locations New York forming the shape of an overtly raised middle finger. The exhibition also featured the specially branded products that have been inserted surreptitiously onto store shelves, the custom street signs, as well as a […]
Jason Alper - Luxury Lego

Showing: Jason Alper – “It’s All Back On”

Fine art and Hollywood intersect in many different ways. Of course, there’s the inseparable connection between celebrity actors and their collecting habits. With respect to the artists themselves, that crossover occurs more often than not with trained artists lending their talents to the design of ad campaigns for films. Rarely, does it go the other way, with someone from the film industry trying their hand at the art world. Jason Alper seeks to realize that crossroads in striking fashion with his first gallery exhibit ever […]

Preview: Scott Campbell – “If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Be Long” @ OHWOW

As spring kicks into high gear, so does artist, Scott Campbell, in preparation for his first solo in NYC later this month (teased) with OHWOW Gallery. AM has received a few more preview images to tantalize the senses, including some more of Scott’s insanely intricate money stacks along with a couple sculptural works. Incorporating a variety of found objects, the mixed media works take aim at the Campbell’s roots as a tattoo artist, which a recent New York Times article highlights, by mimicking the type […]

Highlights: Recommended openings for April 16 – 18

April is quickly rushing past as we gear up for some big shows around the corner this May. This week sees a bit of a slow in overall quantity of shows, but there are still a couple of shows out there keeping us on our toes. Joshua Petker’s return to Corey Helford Gallery will be leading the charge on the west coast side of things while Miss Van takes her special brand of street work south of the border for a show with Fifty24MX in the heart […]

Openings: “Three-Handed” & “Smother Your Mother” @ Jonathan Levine Gallery

This past weekend, AM caught the opening of the Date Farmers, Eric White (interviewed), Nicola Verlato and Fulvio Di Piazza at Jonathan Levine Gallery. The two shows were unique as it touched on both ends of the spectrum in terms of dimensions with all the way from large scale museum size works to a cornucopia of medium to smaller size pieces. First, we saw the immense paintings from “Three Handed” which featured Eric White, Nicola Verlato and Fulvio Di Piazza. Eric’s breathtaking piece “Massacre of the […]