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Streets: Faile Mural on Bowery & Houston (Part II)

AM was recently onsite to bring you Faile breaking ground at the prominent Houston & Bowery mural (before they headed to London for their solo). As you saw in Part I, the basic foundation of the work was a ginormous collage featuring much of the classic imagery created by the collective (both new & old). In an effort to dodge the crazy weather and rain, the two Patrick’s worked morning to night without assistance to wheatpaste the base of their work. After day one, the efforts paid off […]

Openings: Walton Ford – “I Don’t Like to Look at Him, Jack…” @ Paul Kasmin

Last Thursday, Walton Ford opened his latest exhibition at Paul Kasmin, entitled I Don’t Like to Look at Him, Jack. It Makes Me Think of that Awful Day on the Island. Taking its name from the 1933 film King Kong, the show includes three Kong-sized works on paper, capturing the beast in several facial expressions. In addition, Ford displays a series of paintings that are more representative of his modern-naturalist style. Based off a quote from John Audobon’s memoirs in which he recounted a childhood […]

Preview: C215 – “Smoke gets in your Eyes” @ Shooting Gallery

Prolific Parisian street artist Christian Guemy aka C215 will be presenting a new body of work at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco on December 10th. Smoke gets in your Eyes will feature his multi-colored works, with the subject matter hinted in the title of the show, and will put his exquisite stenciling ability on display. Take a look at some preview images he sent our way after the jump…

Streets / Video: Meggs x Endeavor Snowboards (Vancouver)

Meggs, who recently invaded San Francisco along with members of the Young and Free Aussie crew, apparently decided to head up even more north pay a solo visit to Vancouver. While there, a sweet video (filmed and directed by Randy Ross) was put together as he worked on the mural seen above for the Endeavor Snowboards building as well something for the offices. The footage not only spent a lot of time documenting his technique and creative process, it also features a lengthy and insightful […]

Preview: “Dark Water” @ Copro Gallery

When you give an artist of Martin Wittfooth’s (interviewed) caliber carte blanche to curate a show, what else can you expect but a stellar lineup of painters and contributed work that aheres to a high standard. Dark Water opens this Saturday, November 12th at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica with participants encouraged to thematically base their pieces on the title of the show. A full list of artists can be seen here, but we have selected some preview images for you after the jump…

Video: “Skin” Trailer

A while back, we told you about the debut issue of  Dasha Zhukova’s provocative new art magazine Garage which featured tattoos from prominent artists like Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Raymond Pettibon, John Baldessari, and Damien Hirst. The Hirst designed butterfly in particular was controversial because it was tattooed onto the labia (NSFW pics here) of a willing participant. Now, comes word of a documentary entitled Skin that was produced in association with the project.  Check the trailer above. Via booooooom.

Streets: David Flores x Shepard Fairey (Los Angeles)

David Flores and Shepard Fairey (featured) continue to go big as they have now collaborated on a new piece standing in the midst of Downtown Los Angeles. Covering an entire wall, the mural is a combination of Flores’ unique design on one side and on the other, Fairey’s black and white iconography. Over the past few months, the two artists have continued their prolific pace, much of which we have captured including Flores’ rendition of Phil Stern’s James Dean photograph and his reworking of a […]

Openings: Tom Sachs – “WORKS” @ Sperone Westwater

Last week, AM stopped by the architectural tour de force and New York showspace Sperone Westwater to take in the new solo from Tom Sachs. The painter and sculptor created a vast body of work influenced by a disparate range of historic objects and cultural icons which were recreated and remixed in his signature blend of whimsy and mastery of materials. Included in the exhibition was this reproduction of the award-winning gallery (seen above), rendered in meticulous detail. More openings photos after the jump…

Openings: Paul Insect – “Triptease Revue” @ Post No Bills

Just a few days ago, Paul Insect debuted his first major U.S. solo exhibition at Venice’s Post No Bills gallery. Featuring a vast array of original art on paper as well as exclusive limited edition prints, the show illustrated the street artist’s many different talents and interests. His artwork covered every wall of the gallery and it almost seemed like the wall space was not enough. Fusing various themes ranging from voyeurism to politics, Insect decided to make this show as memorable as possible and […]

Openings: “La Luz de Jesus 25” Part II

For those who liked the lineup of the first part of La Luz de Jesus’ 25th duo of anniversary show, you will enjoy photos of round two. As we indicated in our preview of the work for the exhibition, the artists invited to celebrate Billy Shire’s illustrious curatorial career are the cream of the crop including Al Farrow with his amazing mosque created with the help of bullets and gun parts. More photos from ©Carlos Gonzalez after the jump…