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Overtime: June 27 – July 3

Ron Meuck’s “Real Life” reaches Ontario. Andy Warhol at the Brooklyn Museum. Alexander Calder opens show at MCA Chicago. Dennis McNett for Barney’s. Li Xiaofeng works with Lacoste. Armsrock illuminated. RIP graffiti and hip-hop legend Rammellzee. BSA talks to Elbow-Toe. Revok, Saber, Askew, and Rime on a wall… switchin’ it up. POP UP! Festival in Italy kicks off with some Ericailcane. New work from Nomade in Los Angeles. Friends With You ups the ante with a custom 18 wheeler. Hellovon works with Nike’s Stadium at […]

Streets: Swoon

It seems like it’s been a while since we have seen new work from Swoon (interviewed) in her home city but she recently put up some pieces in New York, one of which (seen after the jump) made an appearance in the “Shred” show at Perry Rubenstein (previewed). The street artist has been busy though as she made an appearance at the Fame Festival, in Zambia, as well as will be joining the impressive lineup later this month in San Diego for the show at […]

Fame Fest ’10: Sam3

  As the September opening of this year’s Fame Festival (our coverage) draws closer, another artist has left his imprint on the city walls. Master of the shadows, Madrid-based Sam3, has made his way over to Grottaglie after working with Blu & Os Gemeos on a project in Lisbon. Look at this beautiful and delicate piece he threw up, “balanced” perfectly on a ladder. Of course, he also painted his iconic black silhouettes as well as worked on the signature medium associated with the festival – ceramics.  Photos […]

Releases: Luke Chueh – “Black in White” Figure

With SDCC (last year’s coverage here) right around the corner, you can expect more chatter related events surrounding the yearly extravaganza as it draws closer. One release that we have been looking forward to is Luke Chueh’s (interviewed) “Black in White” figure. Released by Munky King, the one seen above will be the original colorway and limited to 800 pieces. See the original painting this figure is based on as well as detailed shots after the jump…

Openings: Guy Denning & David Walker – “Surface Tension” @ Brooklynite Gallery

AM recently took a visit into Bedstuy’s Brooklynite Gallery to hang out and see their latest show “Surface Tension”. The exhibition comprised of works from two artists whose works seemingly take different directions. David Walker’s brighter palates and literal/photo-realistic portraits are created without a single brushstroke; in fact, only spray paint is used. The faces seemed to come together between the metallic and bright hues. On the other side of the coin we also enjoyed Guy Denning’s darker and deeper figurative painting. Utilizing oil and turpentine, […]

Releases: Kaws x Dos Equis

Dos Equis, the beer company whose claim to fame are their entertaining “most interesting man in the world” commercials, have apparently commissioned KAWS (who recently opened his museum show in Connecticut) to design a special limited edition bottle. The translation “Dos Equis” is literally “two x’s”, so it seems like a perfect match for the NY street turned contemporary artist’s iconic imagery. No full details have been released yet but these bottles look to be released only for our friends south of the border. Discuss […]

Openings: Brandi Milne – “My Heart Shall Not Fear” @ Corey Helford Gallery

Last weekend, Brandi Milne opened up her new show, “My Heart Shall Not Fear”, in the heart of the Culver City Art District. As you can see, fellow artists and friends, along with her cadre of fans and collectors, showed up at the Corey Helford Gallery to show their support. Take a look at this whimsical new body of work including some of her largest paintings ever… all after the jump…

Basel Week Switzerland ’10: Volta6

The last fair we attended while in Switzerland was Volta6, and although it was way across town from Art Basel (covered, part 1 and 2) and Scope (covered), in a somewhat industrial part of the city, we were glad we made the trek. Unlike VoltaNY (covered), Volta6 was not focused on single-artist booths, so the smaller fair offered visitors a large range of interesting emerging artists.

Showing: Dain – “Born Again” @ Lebenson Gallery

Brooklyn-based street artist Dain recently opened his solo show “Born Again” at the Lebensen Gallery in Paris. As you can, the space featured some unique subterranean display options for his signature pieces featuring remixed versions iconic old school Hollywood beauties of yesteryear. If you haven’t yet, check out his recent insightful interview with Elle. More photos after the jump…

Openings: Dave Cooper – “Mangle” @ Jonathan Levine Gallery

Last Saturday night, Dave Cooper opened his solo alongside Jeff Soto in NY at Jonathan LeVine’s Gallery in Chelsea. As usual, Cooper produced a fascinating body of work that would interest any BBW lover with lush and strangely compelling paintings of billowy and fleshy women frolicking in and out of disturbing scenarios. The subjects appear to be contortionists as well to the highest degree, populating a vast world filled with vaguely sensual and uncomfortable scenarios. Perhaps the subject matter is best explained in the artists […]