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Overtime: March 28 – April 3

Looks like the Pop Life exhibition has moved on to Hamburg. The price of being on the board of a public arts institution. SFMOMA looking for an architect for a new extension. Stolen art! Speaking of which, Dennis Hopper’s wife sniped his Banksy. How do you “forget” the Ansel Adams murals in your collection? An exhibition of Andy Warhol’s photographs. Painted people as optical illusions by Alexa Meade. Nathan Ota and Eric Fortune at work. Stella Im Hultberg shows off more of her fantastic sketchbook. […]

Teaser: Hush – “Passing Through” @ Shooting Gallery

San Francisco is going to get another taste of Hush (interviewed) when his show at Shooting Gallery opens up May 1st. The latest solo “Passing Through” from the UK urban artist looks to be very sharp as we’ve seen some new direction with his latest “Looking West” style geisha that we showed you (here & here). Seen above is another new twist on his classic angel character called “Modern Angel” – looks a little edgier with a dissected feel… Check out the print (to be […]

Openings: LeBasse Projects San Francisco Group Exhibition

AM recently swung by San Fran’s Japantown to check out the opening of LeBasse Projects weekend pop up gallery. The four day show highlights several members of LeBasse’s roster, artists like Yoskay Yamamoto (featured), Nate Frizell (featured) and Edwin Ushiro (interviewed) were all on hand to celebrate the opening. Additionally, Beau stepped up his game with a couple curve balls for SF residents, debuting some new pieces by internationally renowned artists Herakut (interviewed), Seonna Hong and Alexandros Vasmoulakis. The Pop Up show ends tomorrow, Sunday […]

Preview: Greg Lamarche – “Cut To The Chase” @ Show and Tell Gallery

Greg Lamarche brings his distinct collage works to Toronto this month for his solo show “Cut To The Chase” with Show & Tell Gallery (showing alongside Justin Green) opening on April 9th. Lamarche has shown at the gallery before in a three person show (covered last year) alongside Steve Powers (featured) and Greg Gossel (interviewed), and we eagerly await to see what he does within the the gallery space – hopefully, we get to see some of his installation work seen recently at the Scope […]

Showing: Mark Schoening – “Cloudcookooland” @ Blythe Projects

Los Angeles gallery, Blythe Projects, currently holding it’s inaugural Culver City show, featured an artist that drew AM’s attention, whose work we’ve actually been enjoying for the last year or so. “Cloudcookooland” is the first solo show in LA for Mark Schoening (featured on this month’s cover of American Contemporary Art magazine) since he moved to the city from New York last year. Schoening’s explosive work captures frozen moments in time, and this new show is inspired & informed by his recent relocation. He describes […]

Streets: Banksy Vs. Robbo Copycat?

Another turn of events in the Robbo and Banksy story was recently reported on Graffoto. It appears someone has again modified the four pieces by Banksy in Camden, but this time reversing much of what Robbo did. With Robbo recently escalating his “war” against other Banksy stencils outside of the Camden, there was speculation as to what Banksy’s response would be. With so much on his plate recently, and frankly, no need to respond to Robbo’s bravado, we are not sure Mr. B would take […]

Preview: Oliver Vernon @ David B Smith Gallery

Our friend Oliver Vernon is set to open a new group of works at Denver’s David B Smith Gallery. This latest series of works takes the viewer on another psychedelic journey through Oli’s various abstract dimensions, colors and shapes. Some last minute notice on our part, but a definite must see as the show opens tonight. Check out our preview of this rad show after the jump.

Video: Mark Ryden – “Incarnation” Time Lapse

It’s always rare to see one of the masters at work. Here is a recent time lapse video released by Mark Ryden of his now famous “Incarnation” piece that was release as a print just this week and also the focus of his upcoming exhibition, “The Gay 90’s” at the end of the month at the Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York. Discuss Mark Ryden here.

Preview: Kris Kuksi – “Meticulous Engagements” @ Shooting Gallery

Kris Kuksi (covered) sent us some teaser images of two of the pieces he’ll have in his upcoming show with sculptor Christy Langer (previewed). Kris, who’s known to work furiously till the last minute making modifications to his elaborate and ornate assemblages, very well may have changed the pieces you see here by the time this goes to press; however, if this is any indication of what to expect from the artist, we’re rather excited to say the least. “Meticulous Engagements” will mark the two […]

Teaser: TrustoCorp installation

This weekend, TrustoCorp (covered) will be installing roughly one hundred subversively branded products onto the shelves and in the aisles of bodegas, delis, and Kmarts throughout NYC. Slyly slipped in with existing stock, these modified consumer products should be confusing customers citywide very soon.  More info to come.