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Teaser: Shawn Barber – “Tattooed Portraits : Chronicle” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Shawn Barber, whom we visited with during his show in SF, will be opening his newest show, “Tattooed Portraits: Chronicle” at Joshua Liner Gallery near the end of next month.  The latest in a series of shows built around tattooed portraits of his friends (like one of Thomas Woodruff above) and associated paraphernalia will open on April 24th in New York. Look for more coverage from AM as the show draws nearer, but for now, check out more teaser images after the jump…

Openings: Inaugural Group Show @ Guerrero Gallery

Last Saturday night saw the grand opening of San Francisco’s newest and very highly anticipated art space, Guerrero Gallery (previewed).  Founded by Andres Guerrero, artist (covered) and former partner/owner of White Walls, Guerrero Gallery is looking to break new and exciting ground in the Mission district and judging by opening, is off to a great start. The “Inaugural Group Show” features a staple of AM favorites including Shepard Fairey (covered), AJ Fosik (covered), Richard Colman, Adam 5100 (covered), Cleon Peterson (covered), Mike Giant (covered) and […]

Openings: Aaron Nagel – “Marks” @ Shooting Gallery

After 7 years in business, San Francisco’s Shooting Gallery celebrated their anniversary with a stellar solo show by Oakland based artist Aaron Nagel this past weekend. Entitled “Marks” (previewed), Aaron’s show features a bounty of breast-baring buxoms, many of whom have been impaled by arrows, carefully combining a controversial mix of religious iconography and contemporary portraiture, certain to leave a mark on the viewer. Surprisingly enough, Nagel is completely self taught and though his mastery of oils would lead you to assume otherwise, we here […]

Releases: Jeremy Fish – “As the Mind Wanders” Print

To celebrate the first leg of his “Road Less Traveled” touring print and art show, Jeremy Fish (featured) will be releasing a brand new, 21 color screenprint tomorrow, March 13th, at noon CST.  The print will release in conjunction with his opening show at OK Mountain Gallery in Austin Texas. Look for Jeremy to venture up to Andenken Gallery in Denver after, with stops planned in Germany, Oregon and Washington state throughout the summer. The publisher of Jeremy’s latest print, Decoder Ring, was kind enough […]

Kathy Grayson to Carry the Deitch Projects Torch

For those who have been living under an art world rock for the past few months, let us give you a quick recap of the biggest news to come out of NYC in a while. Jeffrey Deitch was selected to become the new director of Los Angeles’s MOCA. Due to potential conflicts, he will not be able to operate his gallery, Deitch Projects, while at his new position, and will be forced to close shop. Because Deitch Projects – one of the most innovative, fresh, […]
Alison Erika Forde

Armory Week ’10: Volta NY

Volta NY is a relatively young fair that sets out to put the focus back on the artists, by presenting a highly selected group of solo shows. With each booth only allowed one artist, attendees are able to get a better, more rounded representation of each artist’s work. We love the idea in theory, but in practice find that Volta tends to be more hit or miss than other fairs, because they put all of their eggs in fewer baskets, so to speak. Although we […]
Lori Earley for Hi-Fructose

Highlights: Recommended openings for Mar 11 – 13

March came in with a bang last weekend and doesn’t let up as we head in the 2nd weekend of the month. Leading the charge are two gargantuan group shows. First up is the big “5 Year Anniversary Exhibit” from Hi-Fructose in Santa Monica, CA at Copro Gallery and the other is “Lush Life 2″ up in Seattle, WA at Roq La Rue Gallery. Two of the longest standing galleries in our movement show their strength with stellar lineups that promise not to be missed. […]

Preview / Setup: Armsrock & Imminent Disaster – “Refuge” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Opening tonight at Thinkspace alongside Tran Nguyen will be a joint show from Armsrock (interviewed) and Imminent Disaster entitled “Refuge”. Slated as the last show before the gallery moves into their Culver City location, it looks like the two artists are taking this opportunity to put in some massive immersive installs. Inspired by “tent cities,” temporary places of living for those who have no where else to go, the show is an allegory that alludes to the fact that we all are stuck on a […]

Openings: “Re-Creation II @ Ogilvy & Mather by Carmichael Gallery

One of the highlights of Armory Week was a pop-up show like none other thrown by the Carmichael Gallery and Jun Lee at the Ogilvy & Mather’s Manhattan corporate offices. Imagine allowing urban talents running a muck through each floor of office hallways and elevator entry ways creating gigantic colorful installations, filling the places where normally bland office interiors greeted you every Monday. Even the customary plasmas that housed generic greetings/company slogans where remixed with a rad loop of the artists installing their newly minted […]

Installation: Agents of Change – Ghost Mews Project / 10

AM took a trip to the exclusive side of town last week to see what the Agents of Change had in store for their latest venture – Ghost Mews Project / 10. We checked out the collective – Derm, Juice 126, LX One, Remi/Rough, Steve More, System and Timid (Stormie was in Australia for a solo show) – putting the finishing touches to the installation of their first collaborative London show. The Mews 42 gallery is situated at the end of a classy mews street in […]