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Releases: EINE – Home Sweet Home print

Ben Eine, whom we last saw at his “A to Z of Change” show at Carmichael Gallery (covered), has just released a new print through Friend and Co. Measuring approximately 19.5″ x 27.5″, this hand pulled two color screenprint is limited to only 50 copies and will run you $123. Available now through Friend and Co. For more information or to discuss the artist, click here.

Openings: “The Kids Are Alright” @ LeBasse Projects

We were pleasantly surprised the other day when we stopped by for the opening of Nate Frizzell’s show at LeBasse Projects. Showing concurrently in the smaller gallery was “The Kids Are Alright,” essentially the younger up-and-coming talent of the LeBasse family – artists like Dominique Fung, Jeremy Asher Lynch, and Nimit Malavia. Take a look at all the pics after the jump…

Releases: Joe Sorren – “Mr. Kurabi’s Tales of Lovely-ness and All Things Eaten” Bronze Sculpture

Remember when we showed you the initial sculpt for a beautiful new bronze from Joe Sorren. Well, the final sculpt and patina has been revealed for “Mr. Kurabi’s Tales of Lovely-ness and All Things Eaten,” Sorren’s first sculpture release in three years. Measuring 14″ high and mounted on a handmade 360 degree wooden swivel stand, the limited edition (24) piece is available exclusively through Joshua Liner Gallery, the site of Sorren’s show in March. A couple more images after the jump…

Streets: Dan Witz – Halloween Piece

What better to way for Dan Witz to celebrate Halloween and get ready for his show next week than to put up one of his famous street pieces but with a pumpkin day twist. About a year ago, we introduced you to Witz’s Kilroy Variations – photorealistic images of people stuck behind vents – possibly enough to scare a passerby on a normal night. Great timing to put up a especially bloody one as he is in town for his show “Dark Doings,” opeing this […]

Releases: Ron English – “Super Size Me” (Halloween Edition)

Ron English (featured) and Secret Base have a special treat for your Halloween celebrations. They have teamed up to to produce a limited edition “Super Size Me” figure from English, but this time, a Halloween skeletal edition.  The figure comes in two colors and will be available from Armth. More images after the jump…

Openings: LIVESTRONG x Nike Stages Exhibition (NYC) @ Deitch Projects

As anticipated, the highly praised “Stages” exhibition made it’s US debut yesterday in a beautiful pop-up space hosted by Deitch Projects in New York’s Soho district. As we mentioned when the show debuted in Paris (covered), “Stages” is a traveling exhibition curated by Nike and Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Foundation to elevate awareness of the fight against cancer with some of the art world’s most influential artists. AM was invited to attend the press preview and to speak with the all-star cast of artists about their works. We […]

Happy Halloween!

Don’t know what to dress up as for Halloween?  Why not take inspiration from your favorite artist and dress up as a piece of art (like the Banksy fans above)?  Or, Dr. Sketchy’s is always a nice place to look for ideas (Ron English costume and Tara McPherson costume, David Stoupakis costume).  Enjoy yourselves tonight and stay safe.

Preview: Ron English – “Immortal Underground” @ Opera Gallery (New York)

As we mentioned yesterday, Ron English (featured) is looking for “cowgirls” for a special performance during the opening of his “Immortal Underground” exhibition.  Just half a year after his solo at Elms Lester (covered) and curating the “Nimbus Vapor” show (covered) earlier this month, he’s back with a new body of work on November 12th at the Opera Gallery in New York. Take a look at some preview images after the jump…
Image via Douglas Wilson blog

Andy Warhol Donation to MoMA Rejected in 1956

Collect art long enough and you will start to reminisce about those pieces you had the opportunity to purchase, but passed on.  Those works are now out of your budget and you think you will never again have the chance at buying from that artist again.  Now, consider how you would feel if someone offered you the same artwork, but instead of having to pay for it, you get it for free…and you turn it down.  Then, start to imagine that said artist turns out […]

Preview: Logan Hicks / C215 – Parallel Universe @ Show and Tell Gallery

We last saw  Logan Hicks’ (interviewed) and C215′s work together in a gallery just last week in London at the Green Day art show at StolenSpace (covered), which Logan curated and featured C215′s work. Next stop on the world tour sees the two stencil artists together for a joint show at Toronto’s Show & Tell Gallery. Whilst using similar techniques and output mediums, the two artists’ subjects are worlds apart – Logan is renowned for his urban landscape based work, whilst Christian is best known […]