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Video: David Shillinglaw – ‘All You’ll Ever Need’

AM stopped by David Shillinglaw’s huge studio space last week to check out what he has been working on in the run up to his upcoming London solo exhibition All You’ll Ever Need. The show is hosted by Cement at East Gallery and will open on 25th August. Whilst we sort through the many pictures we took at the studio, take the first look at this teaser video, beautifully shot and edited by Joanna Dudderidge. Discuss David Shillinglaw here.  

Damien Hirst x Supreme – Signed Decks @ Other Criteria

Remember when we told you the news that Damien Hirst had not one, but two deck releases with the New York based Skate company Supreme? Well, the news is about to go to another level as Mr. Hirst apparently kept the 200 AP’s that he received from the collaboration and is going to give you a chance to buy them from his company Other Criteria on July 12th. 160 unsigned decks will be available for $778 and 40 signed decks will be available for $1945. […]

Showing: Kai & Sunny – ‘The Flower Show’ @ Stolenspace

Kai & Sunny’s third solo show at Stolenspace just got an extra week’s extension to its run and now is open until Sunday 3rd July. AM stopped by last week to take a look at The Flower Show and meet up with the design duo. Their trademark large format monochromatic screenprints sit well in the industrial styled surroundings of the gallery with the stark tones of the images accented by a silver glitter within the screen-printing ink. As the title suggests, nature is again the […]

Streets: Liu Bolin – Hiding In New York: Tiles For America

Earlier this week, Chinese contemporary artist Liu Bolin continued his Hiding In New York series (previous location) on Greenwich Street at the the Tiles For America site dedicated to 9/11. AM was on hand to capture the session as the iron willed artist literally stood on the same spot for hours on end as assistants meticulously painted him into the somber backdrop of tiles representing victims of 9/11 hung on a chain-linked fence – quite a artistic statement for the artist who will open his […]

Streets: Conor Harrington – “Black Herds of the Rain” (Ireland) Part I

From our sources, Conor Harrington (interviewed) is getting ready for a big solo in London at the beginning of 2012 and some of his work will eventually make it to the new Lazarides space in Los Angeles. Still, he’s making time for the streets as he takes a break from his studio and his fine art making. This time, he has returned to his home country and decided to paint a rodeo rider being thrown off his bull, a metaphor for his views on the current political […]

Teaser: Crazy 4 Cult 5 @ Gallery 1988

Love it or hate it, Crazy 4 Cult was probably one of the shows that started the current trend of group shows inspired by the entertainment industry. Come July 8th, the fifth rendition of the exhibition based thematically on cult films will open it’s door to movie buffs and art collectors alike at the Gallery 1988 in Melrose. Seen above is In the Garden of Audrey, Allison Sommers’ (interviewed) take on The Little Shop of Horrors. Take a look at the list of artists after […]

Video: Tom Sachs (Selby Video)

It looks like The Selby, whose quirky studio visits we have featured here on AM in the past, have expanded into film. This time, Todd visits sculptor Tom Sachs, owner of an uncanny ability to cobble together functional contraptions out of accumulated components. We have encountered many of his handcrafted “bricolage” at various art fairs and at the Lance Armstrong organized Stages exhibitions if you remember. The footage follows Sachs in his studio where they touch on various topics including the use of assistants and […]

Videos: Blu – “Megunica” Documentary

Wow. We sat down to scan through the Megunica documentary real quick but ended up watching the whole thing. The film first made rounds in 2009 or so and has won multiple awards at various film festivals but we don’t think there has been an easy way for street art fans get ahold of it – until now. Wired Italy has now made the entire film, all 83 minutes of it, available streamed on their website. For those unfamiliar, the footage follows Blu on a […]

Showing: Supakitch – “Based on a True Story” @ Muriel Guepin

We recently went by Muriel Guepin Gallery to check out French-born, Brooklyn-based artist Supakitch’s (featured) first major NYC exhibition, entitled Based on a True Story, which is up through the end of July. For the show, Supa presented mostly new paintings on canvas and works on handmade paper that featured his characteristic bold colors, fine line-work and music-inspired compositions. Although Supa’s stylized animal characters were still present in these pieces, they were more subtle and abstracted than usual. For example, one of the most eye-catching […]

Streets: JR (New York)

After pasting up his newest piece at the prominent Bowery & Houston location in New York, JR continued his Inside Out project and his focus on the Dakota Native Americans with an even larger mural at what looks like another popular wall.  Nice touch also leaving the graf and Shepard Fairey piece untouched on the wall. More photos after the jump as the French street photographer hit up other locations in the NYC.