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Preview / Setup: Armsrock & Imminent Disaster – “Refuge” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Opening tonight at Thinkspace alongside Tran Nguyen will be a joint show from Armsrock (interviewed) and Imminent Disaster entitled “Refuge”. Slated as the last show before the gallery moves into their Culver City location, it looks like the two artists are taking this opportunity to put in some massive immersive installs. Inspired by “tent cities,” temporary places of living for those who have no where else to go, the show is an allegory that alludes to the fact that we all are stuck on a […]

Openings: “Re-Creation II @ Ogilvy & Mather by Carmichael Gallery

One of the highlights of Armory Week was a pop-up show like none other thrown by the Carmichael Gallery and Jun Lee at the Ogilvy & Mather’s Manhattan corporate offices. Imagine allowing urban talents running a muck through each floor of office hallways and elevator entry ways creating gigantic colorful installations, filling the places where normally bland office interiors greeted you every Monday. Even the customary plasmas that housed generic greetings/company slogans where remixed with a rad loop of the artists installing their newly minted […]

Installation: Agents of Change – Ghost Mews Project / 10

AM took a trip to the exclusive side of town last week to see what the Agents of Change had in store for their latest venture – Ghost Mews Project / 10. We checked out the collective – Derm, Juice 126, LX One, Remi/Rough, Steve More, System and Timid (Stormie was in Australia for a solo show) – putting the finishing touches to the installation of their first collaborative London show. The Mews 42 gallery is situated at the end of a classy mews street in […]

Preview: Tran Nguyen – “Nurturing The Uneased Soul” @ Thinkspace

During our recent trip to Basel Week Miami, our friends at Thinkspace introduced us to an artist named Tran Nguyen. From the moment we saw her work, we were hooked. Lucky for us that she has a show just around the corner as her latest body of work “Nurturing The Uneased Soul” will be opening at Thinkspace Gallery this Friday (3/12). Her gentle acrylic strokes form some fantastic surrealist images that will surely make you do a double take. So if you’re lucky enough to be in LA then definitely take time to check this […]

Armory Week ’10: Scope New York

We attended the preview of Scope New York last Wednesday and visited the fair again on Saturday, and with the exception of stand-out booths by Anonymous, David B. Smith and newcomers Jackie Paper, found the fair to be somewhat disappointing overall. The show seemed small, not just relative to the enormous size of this year’s Armory Show, but compared with this year’s Scope Miami or last year’s Scope NY. And the overall selection and quality seemed to be down as well, with not a lot […]

Teaser: Ian Francis – “Exodus” @ Lazarides Rathbone Place

After tremendous showing in Australia (covered), AM favorite Ian Francis (featured) is about to have another exhibition in his home country. The show titled “Exodus” will be opening March 25th at Lazarides Rathbone Place. Stayed tune as we’ll get more info and pics for you leading up to the show. Discuss Ian Francis here. See our Studio Visit with Ian here.

Sketchbook: Banksy

Last summer, AM flew out to the UK and took a road trip up to Bristol to visit Banksy’s exhibition at the Bristol Museum. As we mentioned, Banksy made an installation that replicated his studio and in that brilliant space, we realized that he had numerous pages from his sketchbook. Between chuckles, we zoomed in to take detail pictures of each one. From “No Ball Games” to “NOLA” to more that we’ve yet to see used, this edition of our sketchbook feature gives us a […]

Preview: Abstract Expressionist USPS Stamps

For those of you who want to collect legitimately reproduced images of Abstract Expressionist work, but have only $0.44 to spend on each, your day has come.  On March 11, the US Postal Service releases a set of 10 commemorative stamps featuring artwork by such legends as Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, Hans Hofmann, and Clyfford Still. The ten paintings were selected by Art Director Ethel Kessler and Art Historian Jonathan Fineberg and provides a great representation of the vital movement. List of […]
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Armory Week ’10: Pulse New York

Everyone knows the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” where a picky little girl chooses between different bowls of hot cereal etc. to find the one that suits her. Well, sometimes we feel kinda like Goldilocks at art fairs, where some feel too big and others too small. However, more often than not, during the weeks of Art Basel and Armory, Pulse is the one that fits just right, and this year was no exception. As far as size goes, Pulse got it right […]

Teaser: “Playboy Redux” @ the Warhol Museum

The 50th Anniversary of the first Playboy Club opening in in 1960 will be celebrated in style at the Warhol Museum at the end of this month.  Artists including Gary Baseman (featured), Tim Biskup, Shag (interviewed), Frank Kozik, Andrew Schoultz, SEEN, and of course Tara McPherson have been asked to reinterpret the iconic Playboy Bunny for the exhibition. The show will open on March 27th with a special pajama party and then to the general public starting March 28th. Discuss this show here.