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Openings: Jeremy Fish – “Listen and Learn” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

A couple weeks ago, AM caught the opening of Jeremy Fish’s (featured) exhibition at the Joshua Liner Gallery. The show Listen and Learn showcased not only the bold and complex characters that make up Jeremy’s cartoon-like style, but also the stories of multiple angles told from the viewpoints of different people from all walks of life. With the Snoop Dogg collaboration video we teased you with for comparison, you can see the diversity of focus as the other subjects included skateboarders, strippers, athletes, and more. Each person not […]

Norman Rockwell’s “The Problem We All Live With” To Be Exhibited at The White House

The Obamas, who already have a fantastic art collection on display in the White House (including a Ben Eine piece), will be adding another great piece to their living quarters. The Norman Rockwell Museum will be loaning one of Norman Rockwell’s iconic paintings, The Problem We All Live With, over to the president and his family where it will be exhibited through October 31 in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Ruby Bridges’ history-changing walk integrating the William Frantz Public School in New Orleans that later […]

Previews: Shepard Fairey – “Citykids” @ Wooster Street Social Club

You may remember last year during the finals days of Deitch Projects, Shepard Fairey (featured) held his solo exhibition May Day in New York. What you may not have seen was a special community mural project he created with the Citykids Foundation. AM was on hand to capture Shepard and his crew engaging intercity youths to create a series of twelve 8 x 4 foot panels as part of the A Positive Thought Cannot Be Denied project. From July 6th to July 18th, the Wooster Street Social Club […]

Preview: ROA @ Skalitzers (Berlin)

Globetrotting street phenomenon ROA has touched down in Berlin and is currently setting up his show at Skalitzers. Not only will fans in Germany be treated to complex installations and ingenius moving-part paintings, the Belgium-based artist will be releasing his first book – ROA: An Introduction To Animal Representation by Mammal Press. Don’t miss the opening Saturday night, July 9th – we’ll see you there. A couple more teaser shots after the jump.

Preview: “Crazy 4 Cult 5” @ Gallery 1988

Tomorrow night (July 8th) in Melrose, Gallery 1988 will host one of their most popular annual shows – Crazy 4 Cult.  For this 5th rendition of the group show where artists are asked to interpret some of their favorite cult movies, there are plenty of regulars as well as new artists to get to know. For example, check out this Donnie Darko piece of Frank modifying a plane from Robert Brandenburg, an artist who takes existing paintings, photos, or print media and paints over them. […]

Video: D*Face Ridiculous Pool Paint Attack

Remember when D*Face (interviewed) hit up the Ridiculous Pool, the skateboarding hotspot in San Bernardino, California back in 2009? Named because of its sweet curvature, the empty pool is perfect for skaters and this time D, who was in town for the Corey Helford anniversary show, took advantage of that fact by attaching spraycans to the decks and letting everyone paint up the pool. Check out the spirographic effect in the video above. Via LAMJC. Discuss D*Face here.

Showing: Takashi Murakami – “A History of Editions” @ Emmanuel Perrotin (Paris)

Takashi Murakami fans are in for a real treat as Emmanuel Perrotin is currently holding a retrospective of the limited edition prints created by the founder of the Superflat movement. The space has on display 160 prints created between 2001 to 2011. We drooled over some of Murakami’s rarest prints to date including coveted gems such as 727’s, Tan Tan Bo, Homage to Francis Bacon, Golden DOB just to name a select few. His newer tondo flower and Davy Jones’ Tear abstracts were also on view. This show […]

Preview: “Summer Group Show” @ StolenSpace

Tonight in London, the StolenSpace Gallery will be holding their annual Summer Group Show. Featuring represented artists as well as a few new names to the roster, this exhibition will include all brand new works in varied media and size as well as new print releases from D*Face (interviewed) & Word To Mother (interviewed). Other names you may recognize in the show include Sylvia Ji, Chloe Early, Hellovon, Eine, Mysterious Al, Oliver Vernon, and Josie Morway (see full list here). A couple more preview images after the jump…

Previews: Charming Baker — ‘Every Thing Must Go’ @ Mercer Street Studios, London

Charming Baker is back in London with a new pop-up exhibition that previews this evening at Mercer Street Studios (16 Mercer Street), an attractive space in Covent Garden. AM had a nose around the venue during the final preparations to check out Baker’s recent canvases, prints, as well as sculptures — a medium we haven’t associated with him before. All the canvases have already pre-sold, which may help to explain why the artist appeared so relaxed on the eve of his show. Every Thing Must […]

Releases: Travis Louie – “Zarkana” Safewalls / Cirque du Soleil Poster

You may remember when we first introduced the Safewalls project from Cirque du Soleil to you back in April and then followed it up by updating you on the Miss Van release. Each show the highly successful Canadian circus puts on has its own theme as well as setting and it seems that they have paired up a great artist with each one.  The newest poster to be released (at a random time tomorrow, July 7th) will be from Travis Louie (interviewed) and will be for Zarkana. Check their […]