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Dennis Hopper: Artist / Photographer / Filmmaker / Actor – Dies at 74

Dennis Hopper died today in Venice, CA, at the age of 74, due to prostate cancer. Though known to much of the world as an award-winning actor and filmmaker, Hopper was also an accomplished photographer and sculptor, as well as serious art collector. In fact, he purchased one of Andy Warhol’s first Campbell Soup Can paintings in Los Angeles for $75. Hopper was a frequent visitor to Warhol’s Factory and appeared in many of his art films. Hopper’s photographic work was prolific and well-regarded. So […]

Streets: Nick Walker in Bristol

Most butterflies can only be expected to live for a week or two, but this little winged creature from Nick Walker only lasted for 7 hours before it was tagged over. Such is the nature of street art, but it must be pretty frustrating to see your hard work tagged over with something of little value. The mural is in Bristol, and went up earlier this week. Nick told us he went back yesterday to go over it again. We reckon version number 2 looks […]

Video: “Outside the Box” @ Hammer Museum

Last weekend, the Hammer Museum at UCLA opened up a show entitled “Outside the Box” focusing on limited edition prints. The exhibition displays the recently acquired Edition Jacob Samuel archive of prints put out by the publisher which includes work by notables like Ed Ruscha, Anish Kapoor, Chirstopher Wool, Marina ABramovic, John Baldessari, and Barry McGee among many others. Take a look at this video where Samuel is interviewed about his process which includes footage of a pretty sweet McGee etching (who also happens to […]

Teaser: Jeff Soto – “Life Cycle” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

One of the shows we are looking forward to next month is Jeff Soto’s (interviewed) solo show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Opening in New York on June 26th, “Life Cycle” will be Jeff’s last solo exhibition for the near future as he will be taking time to explore other projects. It sounds to be a deeply personal show as Jeff explains in his own words: “The show is about growing mentally and physically, becoming an adult, seeing your parents age and seeing your children start […]

Openings: “Beyond the Street” NY Book Launch @ Deitch Projects

Imagine the days of high school where it’s the last week of school before summer hits and everyone is saying their goodbyes while signing each other’s yearbooks. That was the scene as AM attended the last public event at the legendary Deitch Projects and as expected, it was a blast! Set to the background of Shepard Fairey’s intense “May Day” exhibition, the book launch for Gestalten’s “Beyond the Street: The 100 Leading Figures in Urban Art”, by Patrick Nguyen and Stuart Mackenzie, drew a veritable […]

Streets: Vhils & JR in Los Angeles

According to Lazarides, Vhils and JR have both taken time out from their busy schedule (Vhils – Fame Fest, JR – Cannes Festival & Germany) to travel to Los Angeles to prepare for their upcoming show. In fact, they are already on the streets around town working on some of the big-scale pieces they are famous for. The exhibition, entitled “Eurotrash”, will also feature two more great artists from the UK gallery’s stable of artists and – Conor Harrington (interviewed) and Micallef (interviewed). This will […]

Art HK ’10: Overview

With Art HK 2010 in full swing, we start out by showing you a mix of things that caught our eye before focusing in on some artists that we like. Anticipation has been high for the annual international fair in what is becoming the “East meets West” cultural hub of the region, especially with more blue-chip galleries joining the scrum for the dollars of the increasingly wealthy and eager collectors in Asia. Only time will tell if this will become the “Asian Art Basel”, but […]

Highlights: Recommended Openings for This Weekend (May 28th & 29th)

Bit of a slow weekend as we ramp up for the HUGE amount of shows on tap for this coming June. By far the biggest event this weekend goes down in Paris, France – the return of the legendary NYC graffiti writer SEEN at Galerie Magda Danysz. As a pioneer of the street art movement, Richard Mirando, aka SEEN, has blazed a trail that many aspire too and few will ever match. The rest of the schedule after the jump…

Teaser: “Viva La Revolucion” @ MCASD

San Diego, hold on to your hats because the urban art movement is about to move into your neighborhood. This summer, the MCASD will be holding an exhibition showcasing some of the best art the streets have to offer. Curated by Pedro Alonzo (who also curated Shepard Fairey’s Retrospective), the show “Viva La Revolucion – A Dialogue with the Urban Landscape” will feature some of the most respected names in the genre: Akay (Sweden), Banksy (U.K.), Blu (Italy), Mark Bradford (U.S.), William Cordova (U.S.), Date […]

Video: Art HK 2010

Art HK 2010 recently opened their doors to over 150 galleries from all over the world to display their wares in the increasingly important cultural hub of Asia – Hong Kong. Vernissage TV was on hand to document some of the opening day action at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center as collectors from all over the region gathered to see what dealers had to offer.  More coverage to follow…