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Streets: David Flores (Los Angeles)

David Flores, a LA-based artist who’s known for a unique style that embellishes another work of art rather than painting over it, once again put his stamp on the city walls of Los Angeles. With the monthly event known as the Downtown Art Walk taking place this past Thursday, Flores debuted a large-wall piece that featured one of the most iconic Hollywood screen personas – James Dean. Using the image (taken by photographer Phil Stern) featured in the film Forever Young, Flores took an image […]

Preview: Jen Lobo – “Inherit The Wound” @ Thinkspace

Coming up in a couple weeks at the Thinkspace Gallery will be a whole new body of work entitled Inherit The Wound from Jen Lobo. As you can see, the new paintings will include some of her favorite subjects – whales. Not only does she have an affinity for aquatic creatures, she has a love for all things furry and feathered as well, all of whom she renders to speak on human themes of love, loss, tragedy and triumph. More studio and preview shots after […]

Openings: FriendsWithYou – “Rainbow City” @ High Line (New York)

Wednesday night saw the transport of FriendsWithYou’s massive installation Rainbow City (first seen in Miami) to New York to celebrate the opening of Section 2 of the High Line. The air-filled structures, some up to 40 feet high, from Sam and Tury, who make up the Miami based collective are sculptural representations of their colorful abstractions, 0f which some smaller versions were seen at The Hole last night (more on that later). For now, enjoy more photos of the immersive playground after the jump…

Streets: D*Face Buenos Aires Travelogue (Part 1)

You may remember his recent travelogue here on AM from Ecuador (here and here), and it looks like our boy D*Face (interviewed) has been on his travels again, this time hitting some spots in Buenos Aires with a variety of street pieces. D recorded some of the highs and lows of the trip to Argentina for us again in a travelogue series. Read on for part one, which we’ll subtitle ‘D gets his stink on‘ after the jump.

Videos / Streets: LUDO – “Green Berry” (Paris)

Recently engaging in his first solo exhibition in Zurich, La Belle Vie (covered), back in April, as well as spending a great deal of time getting up on the crispy clean Swiss urban landscape (covered), the Paris-based street artist has settled back in his hometown and gotten down to work. With some clever word play, Green Berry is LUDO’s (interviewed) take on cellphone communication technology meshed together with his signature nature themed imagery. The above video shows the multi-talented artist at work, efficiently installing the […]

Streets: Escif & San (Los Angeles)

Escif and San have hit the ground running as they have arrived in California to prepare for their upcoming joint show at Fifty24SF (first mentioned here). The two Spanish street artists first made a stop in Socal with this mural at the popular De La Barracuda wall before heading north to no doubt grace San Francisco with more walls before their show opens on June 30th. More pics after the jump via Unurth.

Preview: John Brophy & Melissa Forman @ Roq La Rue

This Friday night in Seattle, art lovers will be in for a treat as not one, but two talented artists open a joint show together at the Roq La Rue Gallery. Both John Brophy and Melissa Forman focus their narratives on female protagonists with imagery filled with symbolism and mysticism. While Forman has mixed in her love for the natural world, it looks like Brophy has added in some religious references to his new paintings. More preview images after the jump…

Teaser: Daniel Danger @ Cotton Candy Machine

Fans of printmaking should head over to the Cotton Candy Machine in New York on July 8th.  Tara McPherson’s boutique and art gallery will be hosting a solo show from Daniel Danger (interviewed). The New England based artist recently sent our friends at OMG Poster a look at some of the screenprints that will be available (seen above and after the jump). Daniel will be attending the opening in person and no doubt will also be bringing along rock posters and originals featuring his melancholic look at old […]

Releases: New Murakami Prints

Remember when we posted some interesting gems gleaned from Takasahi Murakami’s twitter. We now know where some of these prints Murakami-san was furiously signing in this photo are headed – to Hidaro Zingaro. For those who haven’t heard, this is the new gallery for the Super-Flat founder’s Kaikai Kiki division that opened in April, located on the third floor of Nakano Broadway (site of the previous Inochi display). The prints were released today, June 9th Tokyo time so head over to their website to see if you […]

Releases / Publications: Tauba Auerbach – “[2,3]” Pop-up Book

As we first previewed over half a year ago, it appears the much-anticipated, highly ambitious Tauba Auerbach pop-up book has finally worked out all the production kinks and is ready for an official release. Published by Printed Matter in a hand signed and numbered edition of 1,000 (with 100 proofs), [2,3] is comprised of six individual pop-up sculptures, each housed in its own cover and collectively assembled in a custom slipcase. Exploring the dynamics between two dimensions and three dimensions, a common theme in Auerbach’s […]