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Streets: Futura (New York)

It’s nice to see street legend Futura active in New York again. The last time we saw him hit up his home city, he was creating an epic collaboration piece with Os Gemeos at a Chelsea public school (P.S. 11). This time, he’s working in his spirographic abstractions on this wall in Brooklyn adjacent to work from his friends Stash and Wane. More photos after the jump…

Openings: Dalek – “Prism Break” @ Hurley Space

A couple Fridays ago, Orange County was treated to a captivating installation by James Marshal aka Dalek (interviewed) at the Hurley Space Gallery. Immersed in all directions by the New York-based artist’s geometric creations, viewers were also introduced to a matching line of Phantom 4D Board Shorts as well as some surfboards and bikes. More photos after the jump…

Openings: Olek – The Bad Artists Imitate, The Great Artists Steal @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

It’s been a while since we’ve caught up with artist Agata Oleksiak aka Olek. Last time, she took on Wall Street and its famous charging bull and this time, she’s exhibiting her works in a solo at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. The show title The Bad Artist Imitate, The Great Artists Steal may sound familiar because you probably saw it mentioned most recently from Banksy at his Bristol Museum show and previously from master Pablo Picasso. Being a performance artist, she got a few helpers to become […]

Openings: COPE2 – “World’s Famous Bubble!” @ Halvandet

Just last weekend, legendary Bronx writer COPE2 paid a visit to Copenhagen for the opening of his show at Halvandet. Not only did he bring a plethora of variations of his famous bubble tag, he also worked in an outdoor mural for his fans and was sighted at the Shepard Fairey show. Our photographer Henrik Haven arrived early to document the show.  Full photoset after the jump…

Openings: Andrew Schoultz & Paul Klee – “Images in Dialogue” @ SFMOMA

Just this Saturday, the SFMOMA hosted an intriguing posthumous dialogue between Swiss-born Modernist Paul Klee and the very much living Andrew Schoultz (previewed). Images in Dialogue featured new works from the SF-based Schoultz displayed side by side with Klee’s work with the former pieces created in response to the latter’s paintings. When Schoultz was first approached by SFMOMA curator, John Zarobell regarding the project, he was familiar with Klee’s work, but did not consider him direct influence. As he did more research, he was surprised […]

Videos: Banksy’s “The Antics Roadshow”

For our readers who aren’t located in the UK, you probably haven’t seen Banksy’s one hour TV special, The Antics Roadshow, which aired on Channel 4 over the weekend. Titled as a pun on the Antiques Roadshow, a long-running British television show, Banksy explores the “history of behaving badly in public, from anarchists and activists to attention seeking eccentrics” including many interviews and re-enactments with the actual protagonists. Discuss Banksy here.

Creative Process – Tran Nguyen

You may recognize the piece above, Cast Into A Rippled Mentality, from Tran Nguyen’s show at Thinkspace Gallery last month (covered). She has now posted some images on her blog showing the step by step creation of the painting which allows us to once again reprise our Creative Process feature for you enjoyment. Pics from drawing to completion after the jump…

Releases: Mark Ryden – The Official “ROSE” Pendant

This Wednesday, August 17th, Mark Ryden is releasing his The Official “ROSE” Pendant through Porterhouse. The enameled metal pendant, which the features his Rose painting from his 2003 Blood Show, will certainly draw comparisons to his Rose Pin that was released in 2008. The specially boxed item will come with a COA, is an open edition, measures 1-3/8” x 1-13/16″ and will cost $99. More images after the jump…

Overtime: August 8 – August 14

Banksy’s comment on the UK phone tapping scandal. Anders Breivik, mastermind of worst terrorist attack in Norwegian history, self-proclaims he was “once one of the most influential graffiti artists in Norway” (under name MORG). Shepard Fairey’s HOPE image turned around on Obama in a political cartoon. More Kidult tagging, this time of a Kenzo store in Paris (video). KAWS ad disruption piece stolen from Marc Ecko art gallery. New street work by Gaia, Isaac Cordal, El Mac, Fintan Magee, Insa, and Elbow-Toe. Revok, Rime, & […]

Preview: Armsrock – “The Impossible Society” @ Vejle Museum of Art

We haven’t heard much from Armsrock (interviewed) since his light-infused showing in Vienna earlier this year. There’s a good reason for that as the Danish street artist has been focused on building an important new body of work for his show at the Vejle Museum of Art in his native country. The large soulful paintings appear to be some of his best to date and we look forward to seeing the full results of his hard work come the September 3rd opening of The Impossible Society. […]