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Koons Train Derailed

The Jeff Koons – LACMA $25 million train project previously reported here appears to have hit a snag on the rails, err road. The idea may have sounded great several years ago, but with the current economic climate and in light of the decline of museum’s investment portfolio and donations, the project has been delayed and may be shelved completely. Via Bloomberg. Discuss Jeff Koons here.

Openings: HK Venture (Part II) – Jeremy Geddes

As we reported last month, the “HK Venture” exhibition featured an artist whose work left a lasting impression in our minds – Jeremy Geddes. The Melbourne-based artist has worked in illustration and comics, picking up a Spectrum Gold Award along the way. His new body of work features cosmonauts, seemingly weightless like in space, but suspended in urban environments instead. Take a look at the pics from the exhibition after the jump as well as two prints that were recently released…
MASP 1578

Behind the Scenes: “Inside Out, Outside In” @ Museu de Arte de São Paulo

Last month, we brought you some great photos of the opening of the “Inside Out, Outside In” group show at the Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP). Now, we have some behind the scenes pics of Zezão, Stephan Doitschinoff, Ramon Martins, Carlos Dias, Daniel Melim, and Titi Freak getting their freak on (no pun intended) as they set up for the groundbreaking show at one of the most respected museums in Latin America. If you like the pics after the jump, you might want […]

Basel Week Miami ’09 – Wynwood Walls Video

Here’s another sweet video from the minds at Vernissage TV. This time, they are profiling the Wynwood Walls project that we have been covering all of last week at Art Basel. It was a pretty mind-blowing to see so many large murals from quality artists all in the same location, something that probably doesn’t happen without the influence of Deitch with the backdrop of the premiere art fair in the U.S. Discuss Art Basel here.

Basel Week Miami ’09: Ron English – Primary Flight Mural

As Jeff Soto (covered) was busy creating his contribution to this year’s Primary Flight, AM favorite Ron English was busy working on a mural of his own. Another rendition of his classic “Guernica” tribute, Ron’s hand painted masterpiece features many of his most identifiable characters.  As an added bonus, Ron put up some new, colorful wheatpastes, something we haven’t seen him do in quite a while. More pictures after the jump.

Releases: JR – “Women Are Heroes” Book

French photographer and street artist JR just announced the release today of his “Women are Heroes” book.  In addition to following JR’s international exploits and wheatpastes, this book also focuses on his subjects – the women of Africa, Asia and South America, offering their personal testimonials to the public for the very first time.  “Women are Heroes” is now available through Crakedz. More pictures after the jump.

Openings: “Grifters” Group Show @ Lazarides (Rathbone Place)

“Grifters,” a group show with a super lineup, opened last week at Lazarides – Rathbone Place. As expected, the artwork was fantastic and was placed well throughout the spacious gallery. And as an added bonus, some of the artists put up some pieces in the streets (like David Choe) to complement the show (more on this later). Take a look at all the images after the jump…
Dorothy and her Tangle Fairy

Preview: Travis Louie – “Lifetime Companions” @ Shooting Gallery

A show we teased you with last month is opening this Saturday night, the 12th, at Shooting Gallery. Our friend Travis Louie (interviewed) will be bringing his “Lifetime Companions” to San Francisco, a body work based on the theme of companions you are stuck with during your life – some wanted, some not so much… For example, you can see Travis working on “Stan and his first wife, Big Judy – she broke his heart and stole his house.” See the concept sketch for this […]

Shepard Fairey x Grammy Awards

Shepard Fairey (featured) has been selected to create the official artwork for this year’s GRAMMY Awards. The commissioned piece will grace the cover of the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards program book, telecast tickets, promotional poster, and 2010 GRAMMY Nominees CD. Also, there is some chatter about another GRAMMY themed art show like the one curated by Kris Lewis (interviewed) last year (covered).  More details to follow… Discuss Shepard Fairey here.

Basel Week Miami ’09: Barry McGee Installation @ Deitch

Amongst the many things we’ve seen over in Miami this year, perhaps the most talked about piece of work (certainly between the AM crew and our friends out here) was an previously unsold Barry McGee’s “99 bottle” installation over at Deitch Projects booth at Art Basel. Reputed to have sold for a mere 100K at this year’s fair, it would not have been hard, just among collector friends in Miami to come up with the money and then to split the bottles up. Perhaps not […]