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Preview: Mark Whalen / Kill Pixie – “Observatory” @ Edwina Corlette Gallery, Brisbane

Mark Whalen opens his latest solo show at Edwina Corlette Gallery on his home soil of Australia on Friday, March 26th (running until April 10th). Mark is probably more widely known as his graffiti artist alter ego Kill Pixie, and we’ve been in love with his work since first seeing him exhibited in London a couple of years back. Entitled “Observatory”, the show contains a range of Whalen’s oeuvre from his large scale geometric landscapes right through to his small scale character based compositions – […]

Openings: Michael Page “Return of the Nephilim” @ Copro Gallery

AM was on hand when Michael Page (interviewed) opened his show “Return of the Nephilim” at Copro Gallery a couple weekends ago. Right next door to the Hi-Fructose Five Year Anniversary show was a more focused body of work from Page continuing to explore the abstraction he began at his last show at Varnish Fine Arts. The lush and intensely hued paintings are Page’s interpretation of the mysterious Nephilim from the Old Testament. Photos after the jump…

Streets: Nick Walker – “Le Coran-can”

Nick Walker (interviewed) just threw up this sick stencil on Quai De Valmy in central Paris.  The message is particularly timely because of Sarkozy’s attempts to prohibit the wearing of the burkha and it looks as though the government may be getting ready to ratify the ban. The piece is entitled “Le Coran-can,” perhaps a wordplay on Koran and the can-can?

Preview Part II: Ryan McGinley – “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere” @ Team Gallery

We have already previewed Ryan McGinley’s upcoming show (here) at Team Gallery, Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, but since the artist’s homecoming show is so highly anticipated and is opening this Thursday night, we thought you could use a little reminder.  After all, who couldn’t use more McGinley in their lives?  For those planning on attending the March 18, 6pm opening, we suggest arriving early, as the Facebook event page for this show currently indicates over 1,500 confirmed guests (and that’s from Facebook alone)!  It […]

Streets: Saber

Los Angeles-based graffiti artist Saber recently threw up a new mural on the corner of 7th and Mateo, showing he can get his street art on as well. The piece, part of the L.A. Freewalls Project (see D*Face’s contribution), features skyline imagery as well as what looks to be one of the legendary artist’s famous tags on one of the foreground walls. More images after the jump…

Michael De Feo Lecture @ University of Pennsylvania

Street artists don’t get much more iconic than Michael De Feo, also known as “The Flower Guy”, whose street paintings and paste ups are enjoyed the world over. De Feo has shown in galleries around the globe too, but it is his familiar flower image that he is best known and loved for – especially in his native New York. This Thursday, March 18th, Michael has been invited to give a chronological lecture on his street art at the University of Pennsylvania for the school […]

Teaser: Jeremy Fish – “The Road Less Traveled” @ Andenken Gallery

Following Jeremy Fish’s inaugural stop on his “The Road Less Traveled” Tour at OK Mountain Gallery in Austin and subsequent print release (covered), the man behind Superfishal and Silly Pink Bunnies has landed in Denver for his upcoming show at Andenken Gallery. Featuring a healthy mix of around thirty to forty original paintings and prints, “The Road Less Traveled” continues on this Saturday, March 20th before heading out to Germany in May and the Pacific Northwest in July. Stay tuned for more! Discuss Jeremy Fish […]

Preview: Nate Frizzell – “Every New Beginning Starts with Another Beginnings End” @ bo.lee Gallery

Nate Frizzell (featured) will be opening his first solo show in the UK next week (March 26th) at the bo.lee Gallery in Bath. The new body of work entitled “Every New Beginning Starts with Another Beginnings End” will feature oil paintings from Nate for the first time. From what we have seen, it looks like they turned out nicely, full of vibrant colors and detail. Another image after the jump…

Aurel Schmidt T-Shirts for Opening Ceremony

If you have been following artist Aurel Schmidt’s work, you may notice that she prefers to draw litter, debris, or ephemera that you could find in any trash bin or on the ground within a few steps of any busy city street.  Take, for example, the above drawing. The piece hangs in Opening Ceremony’s Ace Hotel shop and now has been been used to create 11 t-shirts, each one containing a different letter from the original artwork.  You can purchase one for $60 each at […]

Teaser: Cinders Gallery et al. – “Temple of Booom” @ Okay Mountain

Our friends Kelie Bowman and Sto of Brooklyn’s Cinders Gallery are right now down in Texas with Kyle Ranson creating something extra special like only they can at Austin’s Okay Mountain. The project, entitled “Temple of Booom,” opens this Friday during the SXSW Festival, and will consist of a site-specific installation that combines paintings, prints, drawings, murals and sculpture by a host of artists, as well as musical performances all weekend. To tell you the truth, we don’t have much idea what it’s going to […]