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Creative Process: Eric Fortune (Part II)

Would you like to see this drawing from Eric Fortune (interviewed) completed as a painting? The illustrator turned fine artist recently took his fans on a step by step look at his creative process on his blog of his lastest work.  Eric takes us pretty far down the development of this piece (seen after the jump), but to see the final result, you will have to head over to Jonathan LeVine Gallery for their annual summer opening August 10th.

Preview: Takashi Murakami @ Gagosian (London)

Opening Monday, June 27th at the Gagosian in London will be a new body of work from Takashi Murakami. It’s been a while since the founder of the Superflat movement has shown in the UK, and it looks like he will be revisiting his overtly sexual sculptural works ala Miss Ko and My Lonesome Cowboy with this new piece seen above entitled 3-Meter Girl. Along with a metal penis of towering proportions, Mr Big Mushroom, and Miss Clam, a metal vagina, the show certainly promises […]

Streets: JR Mural on Bowery & Houston

As teased earlier, TED prize winning photographer JR recently hit up the legendary wall located on the corner of Houston & Bowery in New York. Following a string of prominent artists such as Kenny Scharf, Barry McGee, Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos & Keith Haring to grace the iconic location, JR puts his own spin as he furthers his Inside Out project with this latest wall. Earlier it was Women are Heroes, then we caught Wrinkles in the City, and now as JR explained to us […]

Openings: “Margaret Kilgallen: Summer / Selections” @ Ratio 3

Opening to a packed crowd last night, Ratio 3 honored the memory of Margaret Kilgallen (1967-2001) with her first solo exhibition in San Francisco in 13 years. Along with her husband Barry McGee and other artists, the art movement now commonly referred to as the Mission School (which drew inspiration from the urban culture of San Francisco’s Mission District as well as comic, folk and graffiti art) has been a huge influence to the Street Art that we know of today. Kilgallen’s work is now […]

Openings: Faile – “A Decade of Prints & Originals” @ Post No Bills

This past Thursday night, Post No Bills unveiled an impressive collection of work detailing the artistic trajectory of the Brooklyn-based duo known as Faile (featured). Covering the major part of an entire decade, the exhibit featured a vast collection of limited edition prints (two specific for this show), originals, silkscreen on book covers, and other archived material which in fact had never been available to the public. No puzzle boxes as predicted, but there were some puzzle blocks that were added to the huge installation in […]

Streets: Faile (Los Angeles)

Faile (featured), the Brooklyn-based artist collective, have revealed new work on the streets just a few blocks away (Gjelina Restaurant) from the Post No Bills Gallery in Venice, California where they are exhibiting a collection of work detailing their artistic careers (show photos to follow). The wall was covered in the salon style that has been seen in some of their recent street work and also featured a sprinkling of co-conspirator Bast’s imagery. More photos after the jump…

Showing: James Cauty – “A Riot in a Jam Jar” @ L-13

We’ve mentioned James Cauty’s work briefly in our weekly Overtime articles as well as on our facebook fanpage, but now that we have heard of an actual exhibition of his A Riot in a Jam Jar series, we thought we would feature it more in-depth. Running currently until July 5th at the L-13 Light Industrial Workshop, the sculptural dioramas feature Cauty’s take on a heavy-handed police state utilizing a increasingly complex composition. Make sure you hit up the show catalog site for more titles, descriptions, […]

Streets: Phlegm (Sheffield)

Prolific street artist Phlegm continues to his assault on derelict walls in Sheffield. After taking a break to hit up London, the UK-based artist struck closer to home with this complex piece although we aren’t sure how zombies got involved. With so many sweet murals under his belt, that wall-based photographic comic he is working up is shaping up quite nicely – can’t wait. Another detailed shot after the jump…

Preview: Harry Potter Tribute @ Nucleus Gallery

It was inevitable, especially with the second part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows coming out soon.  On July 9th, the Nucleus Gallery will be hosting a tribute group show ($2 entry fee) with a huge list of artists scheduled to participate and do their best interpretation of characters and scenes from the popular series. And for the true potterheads out there, there will be butterbeer, contests, giveaways, and more. You can follow all the festivities and information leading up to the show on a […]

Openings: Jen Lobo – “Inherit The Wound” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Last Saturday night, Jen Lobo unveiled a new body of work collectively entitled “Inherit The Wound”, sharing the gallery walls with Scott Radke at Thinkspace. The show featured four new oil paintings on wood panel alongside two new watercolor works on paper, all depicting her fanciful renderings of wildlife including her signature whales. More opening pics after the jump…