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Ron English x Slash Hudson “R & FN’ R” Album Cover

Off the heels of news that D*Face designed Christina Aguilera’s new album cover comes more news that Ron English (featured) designed the album cover for Slash’s (of Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver fame) solo album.  The album, entitled “R & FN’ R” features a skull and crossbones with a hat, all rendered in classic English style. Also if you look closer, you can see Ron English “angels” worked into the paisley swirls in the background. More detailed views after the jump.

Preview: Jacub Gagnon & Andy Haynes – “Self Preservation” @ Distinction Gallery

An artist we have had an eye on since his showing in the “Fresh” show, Jacub Gagnon, will be opening a show up with Andy Haynes over at the Distinction Gallery this weekend. The show, entitled “Self Preservation” and opening April 10th, will feature Gagnon’s black background paintings of animals, plants, reptiles, fish – basically any sort of creature – interacting with everyday objects, often pieced together in interesting compositions. More preview images from both artists after the jump…

Openings: Tomoo Gokita – “Wildest Dreams” @ ATM Gallery

We recently swung by ATM gallery to check out Tomoo Gokita’s latest show “Wildest Dreams”. The body of work was quite a departure from his usual style that we witnessed at his previous showing (here) at Honor Frasier Gallery as these new canvases measured more than 4-5 feet each way and it was more “literal” in style. It seems that these works took less of an abstract view and had a more concise focus. Bill from ATM gallery took the time to take us to the back […]

Jeff Koons’ Design for BMW Unveiled

A few month’s back, we announced that BMW selected Jeff Koons as next up for the artist line of the “Ultimate Driving Machine”. Koons recently unveiled the concept design for his automotive masterpiece which was inspired by his desire for the checkered flag leading him to create the streaking effect with saturated hues. Sorta looks like the car is moving through a rainbow at warp speed right? The car will makes it’s debut at the 24 Hours of Le mans endurance race in Paris this […]

Video: Roa – “Urban Jungle Revisited”

Opening tomorrow night, April 8th, at the Pure Evil Gallery in London is Roa with his debut UK solo show. If it’s anything like his show in Paris in February, the Brits will be experiencing an artist that is gifted in translating his outdoor work into a fantastic gallery exhibition. Take a look at this recent frenetic video from KrieBeL that captures the feel of an animal exploring the works of the Belgium-based artist. See the original “Urban Jungle” video from last year after the […]

Installations – TrustoCorp Rebranding in NYC

As we previewed last week, upstart street art conglomerate TrustoCorp (featured) delivered the goods this past weekend in New York City. Combining quality design, public awareness and some good old fashioned mischief, the anonymous board of directors of the Rebranding division of TrustoCorp Intl. went all out in their latest public hijacking. If you’re in the greater New York area, keep an open eye out next time you’re shopping, if you’re lucky you’ll stumble across a TrustoCorp product. If you’re even luckier, you’ll be able […]

Video: Banksy – “Exit Through the Gift Shop” New Trailer

With the imminent U.S. release of the much anticipated Banksy mockumentary, “Exit Through The Gift Shop” days away street art fans are being thrown a bone with this fantastic new extended trailer of the film. It looks like just the footage of other street artists like Swoon, Space Invader, André, and Shepard Fairey would be enough reason to check this film out, not to mention all the Banksy footage. Look to AM for coverage of all the special opening events in the days to come […]

Openings: Mars-1 – “Infinite Tapestry” @ Meta Gallery

San Francisco based artist Mario Martinez, or better know as Mars-1, recently traveled up to Canada for the opening of his solo show at the Meta Gallery. As you saw with our recent studio visit, this new versatile body of work included his classic otherworldly paintings on different mediums and his familiar sculptural work. In addition to his colorful essays on the possibilities of exterrestrial life and realms, we also him delve deeper into the more minimalist and organic imagery that we have seen him […]

Openings: Last Gasp 40th Anniversary @ 111 Minna

Following LeBasse Project’s SF Pop Up Gallery debut (covered) and Fecal Face Dot Gallery’s Marco Zamora and Derek Albeck show (covered), AM wrapped up a busy and fun-filled night on the town by hopping down to 111 Minna for the opening of Last Gasp’s 40th Anniversary. The underground comic purveyor and alternative arts distributor has pulled out all the stops, calling on their extensive roster of freaks, fine artists and everyone in between. With an all star lineup featuring such luminaries as R. Crumb, the […]

Openings: Usugrow – “Hasadhu, In The Night Before a Storm” @ StolenSpace

After curating a series of Shinganist shows, Japanese urban artist Usugrow opened his own solo show last week at the StolenSpace Gallery with a collection of paintings, figures, and photographs. This time, he brought along his alterego “Hasadhu”, a fictional character created by Usugrow to reflect his own thoughts, in a show that he describes as “a big storm which will engulf everybody around him and the process of making artwork as the calm night before the storm.” As always, Usugrow’s unique combination of the […]