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KMNDZ and Greg took their respective corners of the canvas.

Baby Tattooville ’09: Art Jam

If the artists at Baby Tattooville are the heart of the event, then the “Art Jam” is definitely the bloodline that is pumping throughout the event. Starting at 5pm on the opening day and lasting a little past 8pm the next night, “Art Jam” is a culmination of the all the participating artist’s hard work. Like in previous years, the blank canvas was tinkered with by a few brave artists during the initial dinner, but by the time midnight rolled around, one could clearly see […]

Video/Interview: JR – “Women Are Heroes” (Nuit Blanche – Paris)

Vernissage TV posted up a rare interview with JR about his “Women are Heroes” project in Paris that we told you about earlier. Included is some nice footage of the project that coincided with this year’s Nuit Blanche and really shows the impressive scale of JR’s vision. This phase of his 28 Millimetre project is unique in that it is the first time photos of women from all over the world (Africa, India, Cambodia, Brazil) have been wheatpasted in the same place. JR also developed a […]

Baby Tattooville ’09: “The Goodie Bag”

One of the more common questions Baby Tattooville attendees are asked is “what do you get out of it?” Well, aside from an intimate setting to socialize with artists and collectors, and an opportunity to gain insight into artists and their work through various discussions and reverse studio visits (more on this later), there are of course more material benefits. The “goodie bags” are distributed to BT attendees at the end of the event and includes originals, prints, and various art products from all the […]

Teaser: case – “The L.A. case” @ Carmichael Gallery

German street artist case is set to open his show “The L.A. case” at the Carmichael Gallery this Thursday night. As one of the founding members of the Ma’Claim crew (which also included Akut of Herakut), renowned for their photorealistic graffiti, expect to see some of the most detailed and complex spraypainted pieces you have ever seen from case with this debut U.S. solo show. Take a look at case at work in the video after the jump…

Semi-Permanent Melbourne ’09: Jeff Soto & Tara McPherson

Here you see Jeff Soto (interviewed) doing his best Shepard Fairey imitation, but what he is really doing is asking all of you to register and attend Semi-Permanent in Melbourne next week where he and Tara McPherson will be speaking. Fresh off a weekend at Baby Tattooville, they will be flying out very soon to the design event as well as making a stop at the Outre Gallery on October 11th at 2 pm. Jeff will be releasing a print there (seen after the jump) […]

Openings: “Pop Life” @ Tate Modern

Last week, Tate Modern opened the doors to a highly anticipated group show based on Andy Warhol’s famous quote: good business is the best art. An ensemble made up of the top names in the contemporary art scene such as Tracey Emin, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, Martin Kippenberger, Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami, Gavin Turk, Richard Prince, and Cosey Fanni Tutti are included in this “Pop Life” exhibition (teased) and many were on hand for the opening reception. Check out all the pics after the jump…

Baby Tattooville ’09: Buff Monster

One thing that Baby Tattooville attendees definitely noticed this year was the fact that they received much more original art to take home with them.  Last year, there seemed to be more “art products” given out, ie prints, art toys, etc… That is not to say that they aren’t appreciated, especially the hand customized figures by Buff Monster for this years BT.  Throughout the weekend, Buff Monster could be seen working on the toys as well as sketching for fans.  You will also soon see […]

Openings: Scott Campbell – “Always Almost There” @ Lazarides

Tattoo and now contemporary artist, Scott Campbell, opened his show at the Shop at Lazarides recently. “Always Almost There” once again highlights the laser etched technique that Campbell is famous for using stacks of dollar bills. His three dimensional works are wonderfully textured and complex, maybe because they are cut layer by later and then glued together. This is his first major exhibition in Europe and his debut show in London. Check out more images after the jump…

Benefit: Herakut Live Painting (Berlin)

Herakut is doing a live painting session in Berlin on October 8th at the “Style Project Room” (sponsored by and Partisan Vodka). This “One Night – One Piece” event will take place from 7-11 pm at Schonhauser Allee 8, Berlin Mitte. Hera (interviewed) tells us that she and Akut will be working on a triptych with one of the pieces being donated to the “Berliner Charité,” which is a hospital. Read what she had to say about the project after the jump…

Second Helpings: September 2009

Fall was officially arrived and that also means the official start of Art season! The weather may have gotten a little more mild, but September brought the heat as the art world was still buzzing from great shows and events. AM brings you another session of Second Helpings to recap some of the coolest happenings this month. Get served after the jump.