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Teaser: David Choe – “Character Assassination” @ FIFTY24SF

David Choe will be returning to his roots this February 5th with a solo show at FIFTY24SF. Interestingly enough, David’s first gallery show ever, almost a decade ago, was at the fledgling FIFTY24SF gallery. For “Character Assassination,” Choe will be bringing a new body of paintings and prints – even some that were believed to be long sold out.  David recently sent us a teaser pic, however, we had to put it after the jump as it’s NSFW, not that anything David does should ever […]

Streets: Banksy at the Sundance Festival

Some very interesting developments over in Park City, Utah where the Sundance Film Festival is about to get underway. Apparently, about four new alleged Banksy stencils have popped up, with the one seen above being the best one so far. Adding to the intrigue are the rumors that the “Spotlight Surprise” documentary will actually be about Banksy and entitled “Exit Through The Gift Shop,” the title of a famous piece from his recent Bristol Museum show. What will be revealed? The true identity of Mr. […]

Video: Camille Rose Garcia – Alice in Wonderland Book

Remember when we first introduced you last August to a little book project that Camille Rose Garcia was working on? Well, the release of her illustrated “Alice in Wonderland” is now set for February 2nd under the It Books imprint from HarperCollins. Take a look at the video above for some tasty glimpses of the artwork for the book as well as Camille explaining her creative process. We’ll have more on the book signing tour for you as the release draws closer… Discuss Camille Rose […]

Openings: Brian Alfred – “It’s Already the End of the World” @ Haunch of Venison

Brooklyn-based artist Brian Alfred opened his latest show “It’s Already the End of the World” last Friday at New York’s Haunch of Venison. In this new exhibition of painting, collage and animated video, Alfred puts a flat, pop veneer on the cult of personality and the globalized modern world. Many of the works are portraits of contemporary figures ranging from Burmese opposition leader Aung Sun Suu Kyi to Branch Davidian cult figure David Koresh to artists Dzine and Mickalene Thomas, while others are politically charged […]

Releases: Bast – “The Wig” Print

Papermonster is dropping a new Bast print today around noon (eastern time we assume) entitled “The Wig.” No details as the edition size or price yet, but there should be several variations of this release. Also, as we first announced here, look for an awesome show when Bast teams up with Faile for their show at Lazarides opening early next month. Discuss Bast here.

Openings: Todd James – “Make My Burden Lighter” @ Gering & López

AM, along with almost everyone else in NYC, came out for the opening of Todd James’ “Make My Burden Lighter” at Midtown gallery Gering & López. Although “Burden” is James’ first solo show with the gallery, he of course has been a longtime fixture of the urban art scene under his street name REAS, co-creating Deitch’s seminal 2000 “Street Market” exhibition along with Barry McGee and Steve Powers. In this current show, James has created a new series of canvases and works on paper that […]

Teaser: Eelus – “The Colour Out Of Space” @ Blackall Studios

Street artist Eelus is preparing for his upcoming debut London solo show at the Blackall Studios location. Entitled “The Colour Out Of Space,” the exhibition will feature new paintings and prints on canvas, wood and metal like the image above.  A 30-colour screen print that will be available on opening night – February 25th. Via Hookedblog. Discuss Eelus here.

Openings: Morgan Slade – “Fist of Fear, Touch of Death” @ Shooting Gallery

Morgan Slade opened his new show, “Fist of Fear, Touch of Death” last weekend at San Francisco’s Shooting Gallery. Featuring ten new large scale photographs, Morgan’s latest body of work is most striking and provided a great introduction of his work to the Bay Area. His subjects, faceless models donning football helmets, stormtrooper masks, and mascot heads, pose playfully though it’s their anonymity and resulting lack of true beauty that perhaps grants such freedoms as modern day morettas. After photographing his models, Slade hand-distresses and […]
Travis Louie (concept sketch)

Preview: “Who Killed The Music” Grammy Exhibition

Camille Rose Garcia The best show no one is talking about right now is the “Who Killed The Music” Grammy group show coming up next week. Set to coincide with the 52nd Annual Awards (whose official artwork was designed by Shepard Fairey this year), the show will feature artwork from Camille Rose Garcia, Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed), Travis Louie (interviewed), Van Arno, Lola, Richard Colman, Mercedes Helnwein, Kris Lewis (interviewed), Paul Chatem, Nathan Spoor, Justin BUA, Jason Thielke (interviewed), Gregory Euclide, Sarah McColgan, and Ron Lipking. […]

Openings: Josh Keyes – “Fragment” @ Jonathan LeVine

AM was in Chelsea last night for the latest much-anticipated solo show by Josh Keyes (interviewed), entitled “Fragment,” at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. As expected, the large crowd was blown away by Keyes’ newest series of realistic-stylized portrayals of animals battling for survival against a hostile environment. And for the first time in a long time, Keyes included a human (non-statue) figure in one of his works – a portrait of himself presumably in a post-apocalyptic world – which takes a more direct approach in his […]