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Hirst x Louis Vuitton

After some angst about getting recognition for his hand-painted art (here & here) as opposed to his “factory” produced pieces, Damien Hirst returns briefly to more commercial endeavors. No stranger to artist collaborations, Louis Vuitton joined up with Hirst to produce what looks to be a new line of luggage with his signature butterflies and effects. Judging from all the compartments, the piece pictured might not be useful for the casual traveller as Hirst’s inspiration was storage for surgical instruments. Take a closer look at […]

Audrey Kawasaki Time Limited Print Poll

If you haven’t seen Audrey Kawasaki’s (interviewed) stunning new body of work yet, do yourself a favor and stop by Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York or check out our coverage here. On a related note, Audrey is polling her fans to see which print they want to see released next – “Yuuwaku,” “Migawari,” “Meisai,” “Hyakki Yakou,” or “Mezmeru Mae Ni” – all from her current show. The release will be one of her rare “time limited” prints, meaning during a designated time period, the […]
Eric Fortune

Preview: Dark Pop 2.0 @ Last Rites Gallery

Last Rites Gallery is hosting Dark Pop 2.0, a show where artists were taken out of their comfort zone and asked to create what they considered “dark art.” This second show of the series will include artists like Esao Andrews (interviewed), AIKO, Ana Bagayan (featured), Joshua Clay, Molly Crabapple, Amy Crehore, Yoko d’Holbachie, Leslie Ditto, Mark Elliott, Eric Fortune (interviewed), GAIA, Stella Im Hultberg (interviewed), Sarah Joncas, Aya Kakeda, Ben Kehoe, Dan-ah Kim, Daniel Hyun Lim (Fawn Fruits), David MacDowell (featured), Dennis McNett, Tara McPherson, […]

Video: Ron English Mural @ Medicine Agency Gallery

In this video, we see Ron English (featured) painting another version of Picasso’s “Guernica” (outdoor version at Primary Flight) at the Medicine Agency Gallery. The mural, seen in the timelapse above was created to coincide with the release of his Mandala Grin puzzle being put out by TOTT Global. Via Ron English Juxtapoz blog. Discuss Ron English here.

Basel Week Miami ’09 – Laura Ball @ Pulse

At the Pulse art fair, we were constantly running into new and wonderful art work. One of the artists that we were fortunate enough to discover was Laura Ball who showed with both Morgan Lehman Gallery and Kopeikin Gallery. Her primary technique is the use of watercolor with her main subjects being animals and her family members. We found her precision with the dreamy watercolors to be really attractive and one thing that stands out is her use of the blending and bleeding of her watery pigments […]

Art Focus: Liu Bolin

Dubbed “The Invisible Man” and for good reason, Chinese artist Liu Bolin gets his kicks by painting himself into the background with some urban camouflage. His work is a silent protest against his government for it’s persecution of artists. He says – “Some people call me the invisible man, but for me it’s what is not seen in a picture which is really what tells the story. After graduating from school I couldn’t find suitable work and I felt there was no place for me […]

Teaser: Jennybird Alcantara @ La Luz de Jesus

Opening on January 8th at La Luz de Jesus, is Jennybird Alcantara’s first show for 2010, featuring a brand new body of work. As seen from the piece above combining the underwater and spacial realms, Alcantara likes to explore the interconnectedness of the natural world, painting the flora and fauna she loves – sometimes from taken from fairytales, fables and mythology. Discuss Jennybird Alcantara here.
Robbo Re-paint

Streets: Banksy Vs. Robbo

So… It seems that one of the pieces Banksy put up last week has a back story that most didn’t know about. Apparently, he stenciled over a 1985 piece by Robbo and other writers who were some of the pioneers of graf in London in the mid 80s. This has caused a pretty strong outrage among some old school graffiti writers and it looks like Robbo has gone back to paint over the piece, cleverly incorporating Banksy’s piece just like Banksy incorporated his. More images […]

Happy Holidays from the AM Crew!

Discuss C215 here.

Openings: “Multi-Plane Show” @ Corey Helford

AM dropped by Corey Helford Gallery’s Multi-Plane Show opening (previewed) to see how the finished pieces turned out. The gallery came up with the show’s “Multi-Plane” theme by borrowing the idea from past animation techniques where scenes were created using multiple cell layers. As we mentioned in our preview, each of the featured artists were given a kit of different transparent panes to work on that are overlaid on top of each other to give the final painting more depth and richness. Take a look […]