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Preview: Andreas von Chrzanowski (aka: Case) @ Signal Gallery

Andreas von Chrzanowski (aka Case) is fast becoming recognized as one of the most significant young artists with a background in street and graffiti to cross over into the contemporary fine art world. His position will continue to rise with the opening of his next show entitled “Never odd or eveN” on February 18th at Signal Gallery in London (teased). This is an important show for von Chrzanowski (better known as case when painting with Ma’Claim), as it is his debut UK solo and will […]

Teaser: David Choe – “Nothing To Declare” @ Lazarides (Beverly Hills)

David Choe (featured) fans in LA rejoice! As he explains in a way only he can on his blog, it’s apparently been six years since his last solo and he wants to make it up to the Angelinos. After seeing his recent sold out show in SF, we are looking forward to “Nothing To Declare” with Lazarides in April at a yet to be disclosed Beverly Hills location and will definitely have more to follow as the show gets closer. Another show card after the […]

Video: ABOVE – “Help Thy Neighbor” Haiti Installation

It appears that world traveler and street artist ABOVE (interviewed) recently made it over to Cuba to put up a stencil and installation regarding the current situation in Haiti, which is only 90 miles away from Cuba. The video shows a young boy holding a Haitian flag about to set up to help his “neighbors.” Can you do the same? Here are some of the many ways you can help.

Showing: Marcel Dzama – “For a Thousand Tricks” @ Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal

Last week, the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal premiered an exhibition by Canadian artist Marcel Dzama called “For a Thousand Tricks”. From what we saw at the David Zwirner booth at Art Basel, the show looks to be a wild one. Filled with his signature illustrative style using nostalgic references contrasted by the irony of politics and eroticism, Marcel always finds very subtle ways to bash his points home. Check out the middle of this video for a quick glimpse at his exhibition. The show runs […]

Interviews: Handiedan

In a letter written in 1906 to poet Alexander Blok, renowned Russian novelist Andrey Bely remarked on Paris’ red-light district destination Moulin Rouge: “Naked feet, and thighs, and arms, and breasts were being flung on me from bloody-red foam of translucent clothes.. In front of my nose a stream of bowler hats and black veils was still pulsing, foamy with bluish green and warm orange of feathers worn by the night beauties.” His description of the infamous “Red Mill” strikes one as much more scintillating […]

Sketchbook: Josh Keyes – “Fragment”

Following up on a great opening at JLG, Josh Keyes posted up some additional photos of his creative process for the creation of his newest body of work “Fragment” – (covered). The images allow us to gain some access into the meticulous thought process Josh goes through before ever laying a brush on canvas. It’s incredibly insightful to see the all the notes and sketches that lead to the creation of many of the pieces that we saw at the show. We also note some of the […]

Openings: Antistrot – “Solid Cold” @ Shooting Gallery

Antistrot is a Dutch collective consisting of six artists who met while in art school in the mid-90’s. AM was on hand to catch up with two of the members, Silas and Johan, as they put the finishing touches on the group’s latest show which opened last weekend in San Francisco at the Shooting Gallery. “Solid Cold” features close to two dozen new pieces from the group, each one made in a fully collaborative state with multiple artists working off and with each other at […]

New Aiko Project

Haven’t heard from the Lady Aiko since her solo at Josh Liner’s last April, a brief appearance in China, and her participation in Art Basel’s Wynwood Wall project, but she recently posted something she’s working on. The project is still a secret but definitely appropriate for today don’t you think? Discuss Aiko here.

Streets: Zilda

After we brought you a look at the risqué “The Red Light Exhibit”, the ESPO Love Train, and the Sam3 Valentine’s prints, we have one more to share with your loved one – the “romantic” street art of Zilda. First introduced to the French street artist by Unurth, we like the recent series of classically inspired work. Here’s wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day from AM. More work from Zilda after the jump.

Video / Releases: Sam3 Valentine’s Prints

Last we saw Sam3, he was hard at work with his signature silhouette technique at the Fame Festival last year. Unexpectedly, the Spanish street artist has come up with some gems for this Valentine’s Day all infused with his special brand of humor. Check out the video above with your significant other, then gift them one of the 50 sets of prints (they come in three) of stills from the animation with the the black layer screenprinted and the red one is hand-drawn by the […]