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Merry Christmas from James Jean!

Another artist who is wishing their fans Merry Christmas is painter James Jean (featured). Along with supplying gift ideas for the art lovers our their with his new OVM webstore, he has published this online greeting card featuring holiday touches like the antlers and red nose. Discuss James Jean here.

Art Focus: Greg Eason

Our Art Focus on this Christmas weekend is on the London-based Greg Eason. His portfolio of meticulous pencil drawings is certainly a joy to browse through, featuring a predilection for animal life, skulls, and eggs which he uses to “comment upon mortality, spirituality, life, nature and the history of mankind.” Besides the intricacies evident in his graphite work, Eason also shows a comfort with working with negative space. For those in the UK, today is the last day to check out some of his work […]

Showing: Zhang Huan – “Q Confucius” @ Rockbund Museum

After a successful showing back in May at the prestigious Blum & Poe (covered), Zhang Huan has opened an exhibition in his home country at the Rockbund Museum in Shanghai. The versatile Chinese artist, who made his name with performance art, has focused on sculpture, like his show in Los Angeles, with this huge Confucius piece as the centerpiece. Other highlights include a curious array of creations including incense ash paintings, a robotic Confucius with monkey companions, and an termite-infested installation outside. The works all attempted […]

New Studio Blog from Josh Keyes

Josh Keyes (interviewed) fans now have one more thing to look forward to and obsess about – his new studio blog. It looks like from what what we have seen so far, he will be posting photos around his work space as well as some sneak peeks at new paintings he is working on. Take a look at this collection of animal models above that we have seen Josh use before for compositional purposes. More photos after the jump…

Openings: Paul Wackers – “Of Life” @ Morgan Lehman

On through the end of January at the Morgan Lehman Gallery in New York is a new show from Paul Wackers entitled Of Life. The Brooklyn-based painter has long been a student of 20th century European avant-garde painting and has spent countless hours deciphering and deconstructing the work of artists like Matisse, Braque, and Picasso. Taking what he has learned and reinterpreting it in his own style, Wackers applies his creative output in this new body of work toward interiors while maintaining his bold palette, […]

Showing: Jonathan Yeo – “You’re Only Young Twice” @ Lazarides

Earlier this month, Lazarides hosted the opening of Jonathan Yeo’s solo exhibition You’re Only Young Twice. The new paintings focused on the phenomena of plastic surgery with imagery of patients being marked preoperatively, scenes from the operation, as well as before and after comparison shots. Rendered beautifully in photorealistic and abstract techniques, the new body of work once again shows off the technical skills as well as wit of the British artist. Rounding out the showing at Rathbone Place were some of his older work […]
Photo by cocabeenslinky.

Anish Kapoor – “ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower” Completed

Anish Kapoor’s (with help from structural designer Cecil Balmond) twisting tower next to the Olympic stadium in London that we first mentioned last year has been completed ahead of the summer games for 2012. Dubbed the “ArcelorMittal Orbit Tower” due to steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, the chairman of ArcelorMittal, investing £19.6 million in the £22.7 million project, the 114.5 metres tall looping sculpture will dominate the skyline as UK’s tallest structure and feature two observation floors, a 455-step spiral staircase, an elevator, and a restaurant. […]

Terry Richardson – “Mom & Dad” @ Half Gallery

We recently caught a show by renowned photographer Terry Richardson in New York’s Half Gallery. Mom & Dad featured an excerpt of select photos from his latest monograph from Morel Books (available here). As the title indicates, Richardson included photos of his late father Bob Richardson, a well-known fashion photographer and mother Annie. There were two installations to accompany the photos. First was a collection of printed photos that lined the floor of the gallery and a second was a series of archived answering machine […]

Basel Week Miami ’11: Jason Shawn Alexander – “Undertow” @ 101/exhibit

Among the abundance of standalone exhibitions that AM attended during Art Basel Week Miami, one that stood out was Jason Shawn Alexander’s showing at 101/exhibit. Undertow came highly recommended by our friends at Hi-Fructose, and when we made it to the opening we could see why. The LA-based artist’s figurative work was large-scale, gritty, full of emotion & raw energy, and is certainly something you should check out if you are in the area through February 8th. More photos from the opening after the jump…

Travelogue: Kelsey Brookes – RVCA in Hawaii

Recently RVCA rented four houses on the North Shore in Hawaii and put an eclectic group of people together including Julian Schnabel, Pat Tenore, Lindsay Lohan, and Estevan Oriol among many others. One of those also invited was painter Kelsey Brookes who took advantage of the setting and time to do things he loved – eat, surf, and paint. At the end of their time together, Kelsey cut apart a larger painting of small faces and gifted everyone a little piece. More photos after the jump…