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Streets: Aiko x Bast (Brooklyn)

Longtime friends and collaborators, Aiko and Bast, recently went out into the cold Brooklyn air after dark to get up the side of an old building. Included in the project was some old and new imagery from the NY-based street artists as they stenciled the night away. More detailed shots after the jump…
worst wurst 1 - blog

Streets: Slinkachu (Germany)

When talented street miniaturist Slinkachu left Germany after closing a show there in November at the Kunstverein Ludwigsburg, he made sure to leave a gift behind. This street installation with references to Deutschland in Stuttgart entitled Worst Wurst features vendors selling what appear to be sausages. Hit the jump to see what they are really selling…

Streets: WK Interact – WK Riot (Paris)

Since we last caught up with WK Interact in September for the Project Brave (covered) in New York, we haven’t heard much from the street specialist. But recently, he took some time to update his outdoor pieces from a year ago in Paris with some work in a similar vein. Inspired by the NYC “Occupy” movement that has spread across the globe, the New York-based artist revisited areas such as Bastille Station to lay down some unique imagery in support – notice the riot gear such […]

Interviews: MODE 2 – “Offerings” @ Lucas Carrieri Gallery

Earlier this fall, artist MODE 2 debuted a solid body of work entitled Offerings in Berlin’s Lucas Carrieri Gallery. The hardworking Parisian street artist is known for his distinctive and provocative style, and was able to take some time to share his thoughts with AM with in a candid and detailed interview conducted by Zaza Weissgerber. Topics touched on include the reasonings behind his work, his philosophy behind his portrayal of the female form, and much more. Catch the full conversation after the jump.

Streets: Ericailcane (Italy)

Fans of Ericailcane in his home country have again been blessed by another storybook mural – this time in Ravenna, Italy. The gifted street artist, known for his narrative and illustrative style, has painted this tale of seafaring mice in various stages of fright and distress who have run afoul with what looks to be a sea monster. More photos via Unurth after the jump…

Streets: Blu (Buenos Aires)

No stranger to controversy, it looks like Blu has surfaced again with another incendiary piece, this time in Buenos Aires. Argentinians love their barbeques, and the Italian street muralist has joined straight in with one of his own featuring six figures being roasted over a burning pile of Argentine one hundred pesos bills. More photos after the jump by BA Street Art…

Streets: Anthony Lister (Los Angeles) Part II

Just yesterday, we brought you progress shots of Anthony Lister (interviewed) and his latest mural (covered) taking place on the famed Barracuda Wall. Meant to coincide with the blu-ray release of the 20th Century Fox film Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Lister’s latest adventure in mural painting displays his take on the film franchise, but like always, he manages to insert his own unique style into the fold. The mural took three nights to complete and will be quite the attraction for all those who […]
Photo by Vickie Flores.

Streets: Banksy (London)

Over the weekend, several new pieces from Banksy popped up in London including this plane with the heart trail seen above. Fans of Mr. B had already been on high alert as word came of a new print to be released soon from POW. Other stencils that showed up include a red version of the plane as well as a sign that states “Sorry! The lifestyle you ordered is currently out of stock.” Photos after the jump…

Streets: Anthony Lister (Los Angeles) Part 1

During the last couple of days, Anthony Lister (interviewed), who just came back from Miami’s Art Basel (coverage) and who also had a show recently in his home country of Australia (covered), is once again making his mark in the city of Los Angeles. As he did during the last summer, he once again has taken over the Barracuda Wall but this time he has painted a ape-themed mural which truly shows Lister’s range and amazing technique in full view. The mural is actually part of an […]

Showing / Streets: Hyuro – “Casual Anamolies” @ Starkart Gallery (Zurich)

On Friday, the street muralist Hyuro opened her show Casual Anamolies at the Starkart Gallery. The Spain-based artist who is originally from Buenos Aires as made a name for herself getting up all over the world, most recently in Norway for the ______ capitalism? event and Nuart Festival. For her first solo in Zurich, she tried to cast aside her old way of working to create a fresh new set of works, much of it conceptual, exploring intimate representations of the human condition, isolated in breathless […]