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Overtime: Sept 24 – Sept 30

Overtime articles of the week: Damien Hirst reinterprets AK-47 using his spin technique.  Sale proceeds benefit Peace One Day’s campaign. Molly Crabapple shares her experience on being arrested at Occupy Wall Street. Ilya Bolotowsky painting bought for $9.99 from a Goodwill store sells for $34,375 at Sotheby’s. $7 Flea-market Renoir allegedly was stolen from Baltimore Museum of Art. Auction is subsequently canceled. A painting thought to be by JMW Turner, which could be worth £20m, was purchased for just £3,700. Jeffrey Gundlach offers $200,000 reward […]

Streets: Blu (Rome)

After painting a brilliant mural in Spain for the DesOrdes Creativas Festival back in July, Italian street savant Blu has surfaced in Rome with another detailed wall. This piece seen at greyhound track, under Ponte Marconi features renderings of classic roman sculptures but updated with a modern twist – religious figures, politicians, the KKK, and even the couch potato make an appearance.  Check out more details in the photos below… Via StreetArtNews. Discuss Blu here.

Streets: DesOrdes Creativas (Part III) – Liqen

After heavy hitters like the Italians Blu & Ericailcane did their thing at the DesOrdes Creativas Festival in Spain, Mexico’s finest Liqen has traveled to the town of Ordes to make his own mark. Seemingly taking a page from the political and figurative work of Blu, Liqen has painted a beautifully rendered mural of  a giant hand with a Shell logo ring sweeping their dirty laundry under the “rug.” Check the details below… Discuss Liqen here.

Fame Fest ’12: Ericailcane (Part II)

After bringing you photos earlier of a wall Ericailcane painted for this year’s Fame Festival, we now have a look at a second mural from the Italian street maestro. Just this past weekend was the opening of the event, so fans who made the trek out to Grottaglie got to enjoy this piece in person. Take a closer look at him in action in the photos below as well as pics from other artists as well (here). Photo credit: Henrik Haven. Discuss Fame Festival here. Discuss Ericailcane here.
MadC Dino Wall

Streets: MadC – “Jurassic Park Wall” (Germany)

Fans of street art who happen to be movie buffs as well might want to check out the work of MadC. This new mural (46 x 20 feet) in Germany is her interpretation of Jurassic Park chock full of dinosaurs, prehistoric imagery, a superimposed urban environment, and thrown in for good measure some graffiti. She describes the new wall with this phrase from one of the characters from the films  – Dr. Ian Malcolm – “once we are extinct, life will find a way.” If interested, […]
AM SABER SKY Tagging 0

Streets: SABER – “Skytagging” (New York)

Earlier this morning, we gave you a heads up about SABER (interviewed) taking to the skies of New York CIty. Later at approximately 1:30pm he launched his aerial assault on the Big Apple. Utilizing five jets in precision formation, Saber again stated his mind and tagged the atmosphere with his words. Similar to his drop in Los Angeles, there were shout outs to Art Work Rebels (AWR) and Mad Society Kings (MSK), but this time the socially conscious writer used his own money and time to […]

Overtime: Sep 17 – Sep 23

Overtime stories of the week: First confirmed images (from 2001 in Mexico) of Banksy have been revealed. At MOCA, having five billionaires on its board isn’t enough to solve its problems. Ongoing issues plaguing The Power Plant in Toronto, as more turnover has occurred at the highest levels. Eli Broad may be angling to loan from MOCA’s art collection for his own museum. Mao Sugiyama, artist who cooked & served own genitals during performance, faces indecent exposure charge. Larry Gagosian misses crucial court appearance because […]

Streets: Liqen (Spain)

Recently, the Mexico-based Liqen travelled to Galicia, Spain to get some work in. One of the resulting murals was this stunning new piece featuring the legend of the white boar, with some of his signature surreal touches thrown in. What stood out for us was not must the detailed execution, but also the beautiful lush palette he utilized. Check out more detailed pics below… Discuss Liqen here.

Art Focus: Vasilis Avramidis

For our Art Focus this week, a new artist you may want to check out is Vasilis Avramidis. The Greek artist’s oil paintings depict scenes and objects that overgrown where inhabitants are attempting to control and maintain the lush vegetation. Avramidis draws inspiration from gardens that are both real and imaginary, his references vary from the far away reality of Gilgamesh’s Garden of the Gods to the gothic Highgate Cemetery. He currently has a show Caretakers on display in London at Jacob’s Island Gallery for those who want to see the […]

Streets / Videos: ABOVE – “24% DESEMPLEADOS” (Spain)

The Bay Area-based ABOVE (interviewed) was recently invited to paint at the 7th annual International art festival ASALTO in Zaragoza, Spain. He chose a 120 foot long wall to highlight an issue that has been front and center for the people of the country – their 24% unemployment rate (the unemployment rate for those under 25 years old, is a staggering 53%). He enlisted the help of the local Spanish people who posed in his studio to have their silhouettes traced for the project.  Check the video and more photos […]