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Openings: “Wider than a postcard” & olive47 – “bonita bonita” @ Breeze Block Gallery

Breeze Block Gallery opened their huge group show Wider than a postcard (previewed) alongside the first solo show in their new gallery 2 space – olive47’s bonita bonita (featured) a couple of weeks back to a packed Portland crowd. Over 400 individual works went into the postcard show with 200 artists providing postcard sized works. The work was hung on the walls in grids of 24 cards, each echoing the aspect ratio of the individual works themselves as each work was 6×4 inches. The variance of work encompassed photography […]

Releases: Josh Keyes x Tiny Showcase – “Dawn II”

Continuing his collaboration with Tiny Showcase, Josh Keyes (interviewed) has chosen another image for his current print release – Dawn II. On sale through Tuesday, May 7th, the open timed release edition is available as a framed or unframed version. For his charity, Keyes has chosen to donate $10 dollars from each print sold to the Boston-based Artists For Humanity. Head over here if you are interested. Discuss Josh Keyes here.

Previews: “Wider than a postcard” @ Breeze Block Gallery

On the back of his Space//Form group exhibition last year (covered), Arrested Motion’s Sven Davis is working with Breeze Block Gallery in Portland again on another huge group event entitled Wider than a postcard. With over 200 artists and 400 individual works, this exhibition looks to be both bigger than the previous event and also smaller at the same time as all of the artworks are postcard sized at 6×4 inches. Each artist is either making work on a found / owned postcard and adapting / adding […]

Releases: Josh Keyes – “Lifted II” Print

The Portland-based Josh Keyes (interviewed) recently shared a tantalizing new photo of his next print release. You may recognize the painting as Lifted II from his recent showing (covered) at the Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle – a wise choice as that was one of the strongest images from the show and certainly a favorite of many we talked to. No complete details yet but it sounds like the edition size is 150 with the size 24″ x 19.5.” Make sure you sign up on the mailing list […]

Releases: VNA 20

If you haven’t read the recent issue of VNA, now might be the time to make your purchase. With issue 20 covering a wide range of artists who have frequented the pages of AM like cover artist RETNA (see video here), Greg Simkins, Neckface, Smash 137, Josh Keyes, ABOVE, and more, you will be sure to find something that interests you. Too bad the special Ronzo Christmas wrapping paper is out of stock, but you can still enjoy the magazine by buying it here.  
AM_Keyes_RoqLaRue_2012 - 25

Openings: Josh Keyes @ Roq La Rue

Last night in Seattle, after quickly selling out his charity print release, Josh Keyes (interviewed) drew back the curtains on an intriguing new collection of paintings that had been in the works for a while. Expanding on the imagery introduced at the end of last year with his Exodus 1 piece (which also made the show on loan from the collector), the Portland-based artist took a nostalgic look back at the influential visits to the Barnum & Bailey circus as a child, but through the lens of the less innocent […]

Preview: Josh Keyes @ Roq La Rue

Later tonight at the Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle, Josh Keyes (interviewed) will be unveiling all new paintings alongside works from John Brophy. The small soldout showing features six of Keyes’ signature isolated environments, or organic cubism if you will, that seem to continue the narrative seen with an earlier piece, Exodus 1 – which also happens to be the image used for the associated print release. Get there early as it sounds like a line has already formed leading up to the opening at […]

Releases / Charity: Josh Keyes – “Exodus 1″ Print

With the show from Josh Keyes (interviewed) at Roq La Rue Gallery fast approaching (November 9th), it’s time to let you know about the associated print release. Exodus 1 (the original was seen in the Lush Life 3 show in 2011) will be produced in a run of 50, be sized at 18″ x 24″, and cost $275 with all profits going to Big Life Foundation, a organization that is actively combating wildlife poaching in east Africa. “This print will be released on November 9th at 5pm and will […]

Update: Josh Keyes @ Roq La Rue

After bringing you photos from Josh Keyes’ (interviewed) exhibition at the University of Arizona (Joseph Gross Gallery), AM will be heading to Seattle in November for his next showing where he will be displaying his paintings alongside John Brophy. With this first look at a piece from the show, it looks seems Keyes’ octopus will be making a return, but in a larger form. We look forward checking out the new work in person and will be sharing more with you leading up to the opening on November […]

Openings: “Space//Form” @ Breeze Block Gallery (Part 2)

Following directly on from Part 1 of our coverage of the busy Space//Form opening, AM now delves a little deeper pictorially into the artwork created for this huge group exhibition of 110 artists with a series of pictures where the art is more viewable (like the Mark Dean Veca installation above). To recap, all of the participating artists were given an identical 10×10 inch cradled timber panel by exhibition sponsor Ampersand as the medium to work on. The exhibition curator, Arrested Motion’s Sven Davis chose a brief […]