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Previews: Naoto Hattori – “REM” @ Copro Gallery

It’s been a little over a year since Naoto Hattori last showed in Los Angeles (covered), so it is about time for another go. REM will open on July 27th at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, with the title seemingly referring to that stage of sleep where dreams occur. This is certainly as good a title as any to describe the Japanese painter’s imagery, with surreal and psychedelic creatures, all rendered in super detail. If you have seen his work in person, you will have marveled at […]

Upcoming: “Shades” @ Corey Helford Gallery

Later this month (July 27th), the Corey Helford Gallery will be opening a new group exhibition where artists will be exploring a single palette on a piece sized at 16 x 16″. Entitled Shades, the show will feature artists Aaron Woes Martin, Andrew Brandou, Beau Stanton, Ben Frost, Carlos Ramos, Chloe Early, Cyrcle, David Stoupakis (above), Deirdre Sullivan-Beeman, Ernesto Yerena, Esao Andrews, Germs, Greg Gossel, Joey Remmers, Junghwa Hong, Lola, Martin Wittfooth, Melissa Haslam, Michael Peck, Nate Frizzell, Nouar, Revok, Richard J Oliver, Risk, Shag, Soey Milk, Tom […]
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Showing: Eine – “Innocence” @ CHG Circa

This week will be the final days left for fans in Los Angeles of Eine to check out his solo show at CHG Circa. Entitled Innocence, the body of work assembled from the London-based letter specialist features the alphabet that has made him famous mixed in with some imagery that looks to be dealing with ideas of censorship and the ever growing prevalence of CCTV monitoring. Take a look at more photos below… Photo credit: Sam Graham (Installation), Ian Cox (Portrait). Discuss Eine here.

Streets: El Mac (Los Angeles)

After returning from Denmark where he worked on several murals and a solo exhibition, El Mac recently took time to paint a wall in Little Armenia. Arranged for by FX, the new piece will help promote their series, The Bridge, for several months before reverting to another beautiful addition to the urban landscape in Los Angeles. Take a look at more shots we took for you to enjoy below… Discuss El Mac here.

Yoskay Yamamoto Magento Mural

Yoskay Yamamoto (interviewed) was recently asked by the good people of Magento to paint a mural in their Los Angeles offices. Combining the imagery seen in previous walls he got up on (Hawaii & Los Angeles), the LA-based artist worked his magic on the two-sided space he was given with a series of stencil-based and painterly techniques. Check out more photos below and get ready for more news from Yoskay as he plans to hit Hong Kong’s Time Square with a major installation later this summer. […]

Upcoming: Ekundayo for “Reflections of a New Generation” @ Thinkspace Gallery

On July 13th, the Thinkspace Gallery will be hosting the opening for a three-person show from Ekundayo (interviewed), Adam Caldwell, and Joram Roukes entitled Reflections of a New Generation. For his part, the LA-based Ekundayo has been hard at work in the studio creating new paintings for the show featuring his grotesque and surreal characters. Take a look here at a couple photos to get an idea of what he has in store for his fans… Discuss Ekundayo here.
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Upcoming: Luke Chueh – “Random Acts of Sadness” @ Corey Helford Gallery

After a more exploratory body of work in 2011 (covered) where he worked with his take on contemporary art, it looks like Luke Chueh (featured) will return to Corey Helford with a collection of paintings closer to to his signature oeuvre. Random Acts of Sadness will open on Auguest 10th at the sister gallery just a couple doors down from the main space in Culver City, CHG Circa, and will feature the Los Angeles-based artist’s animal characters in various states of misfortune. The ever-present black […]

Openings: A New Sculpturalism @ MOCA Geffen

Opening last week at MOCA’s Geffen location was A New Sculpturalism, a show that examines the work of thirty-eight major and emerging practices in contemporary Los Angeles architecture of the past twenty-five years. Well-known legends represented in the show include Frank Gehry, Thom Mayne, and Eric Owen Moss, while younger architects, such as Elena Manferdini (Atelier Manferdini), Marcelo Spina and Georgina Huljich (P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S), and Tom Wiscombe (Tom Wiscombe Design) show off their abilities with three full-scale built projects, or pavilions. This exhibition is part of Pacific […]

Upcoming: Daido Moriyama @ PRISM

Renowned Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama, whose work we last saw at a Tate Modern retrospective in 2012 (covered), will be showing in Los Angeles next month. Working typically with grainy black & white images that display the cultural changes in the Land of the Rising Sun after World War II, Moriyama’s work was influential in shaping how the world perceived Japan in the 1960s and onwards. The opening reception for the exhibition, which brings together a selection of pieces that span his career, is scheduled for July 12th […]

Preview: Maya Lujan @ Carmichael Gallery

It has been awhile since Carmichael Gallery has hosted a artist exhibition and if you are wondering what the reason may be, it’s because they have moved locations to a venue that’s two miles up Washington Blvd from the previous Culver City one. For its inaugural show, the gallery will unveil a solo show by LA-based artist Maya Lujan. For her new series of paintings, the artist researched the history of the new gallery venue (discovered that it used to be a puppet theatre) and […]