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Upcoming: “Conjoined III” @ Copro Gallery

Next Saturday night (January 19th), the third and final chapter of the Conjoined series of group exhibitions (see 2011 & 2012) will open its doors at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica. Curated by Chet Zar, the show features three-dimensional creations from some of the most imaginative artists out there like Colin Christian, Dave Pressler, Doktor A (above), Travis Louie, and Kevin Kirkpatrick, who crafted last year’s showstoppers – the Beavis and Butt-Head sculptures. The night will also see a mini-exhibition and book release from […]

Upcoming: Nate Frizzell – “Spectrum” @ LeBasse Projects (Culver City)

Tomorrow night (January 12th), the LeBasse Projects in Culver City will be presenting all new works from Nate Frizzell (interviewed). Spectrum will be his first solo showing of oil paintings since 2011 (covered) and as the title suggests, each painting will be focusing on a single color from his palette – in turn making up the full color range. Along with the originals, a special limited edition box set (seen below) of each of the eight paintings in the exhibition will be released. There will only be 50 boxes produced – […]

Showing: Mark Schoening – ‘Recordings of a Lone Infantryman’ @ Marine Contemporary

Recordings of a Lone Infantryman is Los Angeles-based artist Mark Schoening’s latest solo exhibition currently showing at Marine Contemporary in Venice, CA. We’ve been looking forward to seeing this latest evolution of Mark’s work after seeing some glimpses of new sculptures – a first for Schoening – via his instagram account. His abstract compositions are full of dimensional depth with the build up of layer upon layer of paint and other medias between resin coats, but the geometric sculptures literally add a whole other dimension to his body of work – […]

Upcoming: Andrew Schoultz – “Fall Out” @ Mark Moore Gallery

On January 12th, the Mark Moore Gallery will be presenting Fall Out, a solo showing from San Francisco-based artist, Andrew Schoultz. Along with original works featuring his kinetic imagery and motifs, Schoultz will be creating some of the gallery installations (painting, sculpture, drawing, and collage) he has been known for. Referencing interactions with institutions like a public civic center, museum, or church, attendees will be albe to sit on handcrafted benches as they are confronted with his imagery ripe with sociopolitical implications – including his recent series of American flags stamped […]

Openings: “Crucifixion” @ Corey Helford Gallery

Last month, the Corey Helford Gallery hosted the opening for a timely exhibition that looked at a subject many people focus on at the end of the year –  the crucifixion of Christ. For this showing, artists including Glenn Barr, Ray Caesar, Victor Castillo, Ron English, Natalia Fabia, Korin Faught (above), Sarah Folkman, Nancy Fouts, Eric Joyner, Benjamin Bryce Kelley, Maria Kreyn, Marco Mazzoni, Buff Monster, Annie Owens, Michael Page, Chris Pugliese, Candice Tripp, Mark Dean Veca, Nicola Verlato, Tom Neely, Lola, Tom Bagshaw, and Amy Sol were asked to paint their […]

Openings: Chaz Bojorquez – “End of the World” @ Plaza De La Raza / Boathouse Gallery

Last week, the architect of LA “cholo” style graffiti and Art In The Streets alum, Chaz Bojorquez, opened up a show at the Plaza De La Raza / Boathouse Gallery. Entitled appropriately although now with hindsight misnamed End of the World, the exhibition which opened on December 21st featured Chicano artist’s signature script glorifying the strength and beauty of the East Los Angeles graffiti lettering styles. Along with paintings, the body of work on display also included hand painted skate boards and the night also saw […]

Openings: “20 Pieces of Dreams” @ Giant Robot 2

A while back, before the current Post It 8 show (covered) that has taken over the walls of Giant Robot 2, a special show was put on at the gallery entitled 20 Pieces of Dreams. The group exhibition was curated by Mari Inukai and was meant to be in celebration of her daughter Sena’s 20th birthday, a coming of age event in Japanese culture. Included artists were many of Mari’s friends like Amy Sol, Audrey Kawasaki, Edwin Ushiro, Elizabeth Ito, Fumi Omori, Katsuya Terada, Kent Williams, Sean Chao, Stella Im Hultberg, Tessar […]

Openings: Bob Dob – “Mouseketeer Army” @ La Luz de Jesus

Back in November, the La Luz de Jesus gallery in Los Angeles hosted all new works from Bob Dob (alongside Nathan Ota’s solo). Entitled Mouseketeer Army, the showing featured 76 new paintings that could be arranged together into the shape of his surreal take on the American Flag and were thematically based on a back story of the radical Youth International Party invading Disneyland. Rounding out the exhibition were a series of large-scale three dimensional works based on the Southern California-based artist’s most popular characters. Discuss Bob Dob here.

Openings: “Post It 8″ @ Giant Robot 2

Bringing back one of their most popular shows for its 8th iteration, Giant Robot 2 recently opened its doors to the Post It 8 group exhibition. Collectors in Los Angeles lined up starting from early morning to take first dibs at works on post-it notes priced affordably at $25. Entering several at a time, each fan was allowed to purchase the pieces they wanted as long as they stuck to the one-per-artist rule. As you can see, with the amount of work available and names hidden, […]

Preview: “Crucifixion” @ Corey Helford Gallery

This Saturday at the Corey Helford Gallery, a group exhibition has been organized where artists were asked to give their version of the crucifixion of Christ. Twenty three participants will be exploring an event and symbol that has intrigued master painters and sculptors for centuries, but don’t expect any traditional interpretations. Stop by if you are in town to take a look at what Glenn Barr, Ray Caesar, Victor Castillo, Ron English (above), Natalia Fabia, Korin Faught, Sarah Folkman, Nancy Fouts, Eric Joyner, Benjamin Bryce Kelley, Maria Kreyn, […]