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Openings: Sylvia Ji – “La Catrina” @ CHG Circa

Last night, the CHG Circa Gallery in Culver City held the opening for Sylvia Ji’s (interviewed) solo show featuring her paintings inspired by Día de los Muertos. Entitled appropriately Catrina, after the beautiful lady of the dead, the new body of work encompassed a selection of portraiture incorporating much of the imagery and iconography of the holiday. Along with full scale works, there were also smaller closeup pieces of faces as well as some limited edition offerings. Photo credit: Peter Svab. Discuss this show here. Discuss Sylvia Ji here.

Previews: Kevin Peterson & Jacub Gagnon – “Amended” & “More Human Than Human” @ Thinkspace

Tonight at the Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, there will be showing from Kevin Peterson and Jacub Gagnon (interviewed). For his part, Peterson has brought a set of new works with him entitled Amended, all featuring his portraits of innocence, oftentime represented by children, superimposed over gritty of urban landscapes. For this exhibition, some of his works have an almost retro feel to them with old school adverts and logos inserted to add an extra layer to his narrative. Alongside him, More Human Than Human will fill the project room with Jacub Gagnon’s (interviewed) clever […]
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Preview: Sylvia Ji – “La Catrina” @ CHG Circa

In celebration of her favorite holiday, Día de los Muertos, Sylvia Ji (interviewed) will be presenting all new works tonight at CHG Circa Gallery. With a return to her familiar “Day of the Dead” imagery including masks, skulls, and religious iconagraphy, the Los Angeles-based artist also returns to a subject that she perhaps feels most passionate about and if so, it shows. The rich and intricate pieces feature a contemplative look at the festival as her characters are caught in mid-pose as they go about remembering and honoring the deceased. Discuss this show here. […]

Preview: Bob Dob – “Mouseketeer Army” @ La Luz de Jesus

Tonight at La Luz de Jesus, Bob Dob will be revealing his paintings for his Mouseketeer Army showing (alongside Nathan Ota’s new body of work). The 76 new pieces featuring his familiar smirking Disneyesque characters combine to form his American Flag mural (seen below),  96″ x 50″ in its realized glory. Here is the back story – “On August 6th 1970 the war began when the radical Youth International Party, aka Yippies, invaded Disneyland as a way to rebel and protest against the establishment. They were successful in […]

Art Talk: Jen Stark & Sam Borkson (FriendsWithYou) @ Martha Otero

Fans in Los Angeles of Jen Stark and Sam Borkson (FriendsWithYou) have a chance this weekend to attend a talk given by the two at Martha Otero (site of Stark’s current To the Power Of exhibition) on Saturday, November 3rd. Moderated by MOCA curator Alma Ruiz, the afternoon of art and conversation will prove to be an interesting one. Please RSVP at Discuss Jen Stark here. Discuss FriendsWithYou here.

Openings: Remi/Rough – “In The Presence of Angels” @ Soze Gallery

Last night, the Soze Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles opened their newest show, In The Presence of Angels with all new works from Remi/Rough. For his first solo in the United States, the UK-based artist put on display new paintings and sculptures which detail the evolution of his post-graffiti abstractionism. Take a look at the photo set down below… Discuss Remi/Rough here. Photo credit: theonepointeight.

Preview: “20 Pieces of Dreams” @ Giant Robot 2

Tomorrow night (October 27), Giant Robot 2 in West LA will be celebrating Mari Inukai’s daughter Sena’s birthday with a exhibition from Mari and her friends. Besides something from mother and daughter, works from Amy Sol (below), Audrey Kawasaki, Edwin Ushiro (below), Elizabeth Ito, Fumi Omori, Katsuya Terada, Kent Williams, Sean Chao, Stella Im Hultberg (above), Tessar Lo, and Yoskay Yamamoto will also be on display.

Preview: Nathan Ota – “Pop! Goes the Weasel” @ La Luz de Jesus

While hanging out at this year’s Baby Tattooville, LA-based painter Nathan Ota told us about his upcoming show at La Luz de Jesus. Entitled Pop! Goes the Weasel, the new work incoporates much of the imagery that we have come expect from Ota - the birds, the tree man, the eggs, and now references to “COOZ”, an alias from his graffiti past. Take a look at the preview images below and head over to the gallery on opening night, November 2nd, if you are interested in seeing more. […]

Concerts / Visual Arts: Amon Tobin – ISAM 2.0 (The Greek Theatre / LA)

Recently, celebrated Brazilian DJ/Producer Amon Tobin arrived in Los Angeles and played the last leg of his North American tour over at the famed Greek Theatre. Titled ISAM 2.0, this second reiteration of this tour, is a visual masterpiece layered with Tobin’s unique sound design and rhythmic style that’s unlike most electronic music out there today. Tobin, who entered the scene in the mid-90′s through his still current label Ninja Tune, has been evolving as an artist. Whereas his music was once more akin to drum […]

Openings: PUSH – “In Other Words” @ Known Gallery

Los Angeles-based artist PUSH, who we last saw in Orange County painting a mural during the US Open of Surfing, opened a show at the Known Gallery on Saturday night. In Other Words features a set of new works on canvas, wood panel, paper that mirror the MSK-affiliated writer’s outdoor work of vibrant grids and patterns with a geometric network of colors. The exhibition runs through November 3rd alongside George “EWOK” Thompson’s new series of paintings. Photo credit: James Ng for Arrested Motion.