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Openings: “Something Wicked This Way Comes” @ Cella Gallery

Last weekend, Cella Gallery and curator Stephanie Chefas hosted the opening reception for Something Wicked This Way Comes. The group exhibition featured the works of Annie Owens, Christian Rex van Minnen, Christine Wu, Chrystal Chan, David Ball, Fulvio Di Piazza, Jana Brike, Jessica Ward, Judith Supine, and Michael Page  – produced with the encouragement for them to delve into the more dark and ominous parts of their imagination. Take a look at the photo set below or head over for your own look as the show runs through March 23rd. Photo credit: Theonepointeight. Discuss this show here.

Previews: Linnea Strid & Stephanie Buer – “A Quiet Place” @ Thinkspace

This Saturday night (March 2nd) in Culver City, Thinkspace will be hosting the opening of A Quiet Place, a joint show from Linnea Strid & Stephanie Buer. The two artists paint in a realistic fashion but focus on different subject matter, both exploring the solitudes that define their respective creative practices. Strid’s hyper-realistic portraiture catches her characters in moments of personal inflection and reveals a visceral nature to her paintings, while Buer renders desolate urban landscapes and structures inspired by her time in Detroit.  Take […]
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Update: Greg “Craola” Simkins

Greg Simkins (featured) recently shared some paintings he has been working on that spell out his moniker – CRAOLA – on each piece. Every one features a different color from his palette as well as some of the imagery his fans are sure to be familiar with like the knight, clown fish, candle, parrot, and more… Perhaps these are a warmup or are headed for his show opening in Los Angeles in April at Merry Karnowsky, site of his solo show one year ago (covered). Discuss Greg Simkins […]

Upcoming: Takashi Murakami @ Blum & Poe

Coming up on April 13th, Blum & Poe will be presenting a solo show from Japanese sensation Takashi Murakami. The new body of work will apparently include this bejeweled piece (seen above), but you can also take a look at some of the work taking shape through Mr. Superflat’s Instagram account – @takashipom (some of which we shared with you here). Also, for those planning to attend the show in Los Angeles, you might want to get there a little early to catch the international premiere […]

Preview: Mario Testino @ Prism

Prism brings another international star to its West Hollywood gallery as Mario Testino shows there for the very first time. This also marks his first  solo exhibition in the US after being away for seven years. The show will include works that span the photographer’s career and include people as well as landscapes. Testino’s images oftentimes become as iconic and memorable as those he shoots and this survey will show just how great a history he has had behind the lens. The exhibition will run […]

Upcoming: Paul Wackers – “Early Romantics” @ New Image Art

Later tonight (February 16), New Image Art will be presenting all new works from the Brooklyn-based Paul Wackers. Building on the last solo show we witnessed back in 2011 in New York (covered), Wackers continues exploring his form of still life painting which takes the additional step of adding geometric and abstract elements, but also evokes memories of the work of old master artists. The show runs through the end of March. Discuss this show here. Discuss Paul Wackers here.

Studio Visit: Melissa Haslam – “Floating Garden” @ LeBasse Projects

Returning to the botanical imagery that she has worked on in the past, painter Melissa Haslam (featured) will be opening a show at LeBasse Projects on March 2nd. Entitled Floating Garden, the new body of work will highlight how the Melbourne-based artist has furthered refined her form of portraiture. Take a look at some of these shots from her studio and head out to the opening if you want to meet Haslam as she will be flying in for the show. Discuss Melissa Haslam here.
Pae White

Preview: “This Will Destroy That!” @ Design Matters

As evidenced by such events as the closing of mega bookstores, the shuttering of print shops, the bankruptcy of newspapers, and the gradual transition of reading to ebooks, tablets, and smartphones, physical print is dying a slow and painful death. With high tech digital products spreading into the homes and hands of nearly everyone around the globe, it takes with it the mandatory need to apply ink on paper. Posters were once a important and necessary form of disseminating information to the public at large, […]

Previews: Alexandros Vasmoulakis – “Figures” @ LeBasse Projects

In a couple hours, the LeBasse Projects in Culver City will open their doors for the opening of Alexandros Vasmoulakis’ solo show entitled Figures. On display will be the Greek artist’s form of loose portraiture, rendered in thick textural strokes and bright colors. Although the initial expressions seen are smiling, when looking at the paintings for a longer period of time, a viewer gets the sense that the subjects may be overdoing their looks of joy and may actually be laughing to hide their pain. Discuss this […]

Preview: “In Our Wake” @ Thinkspace

Later tonight, the Thinkspace Gallery will be hosting the opening for their latest group show – In Our Wake. The diverse set of artists participating include Jason Thielke, Drew Young (above), Mary Iverson, Henrik Aa. Uldalen, Caitlin Hackett, Craig “Skibs” Barker, Liz Brizzi, and David Cooley. Each of the artists will be contributing multiple works so it will be a good opportunity to get a better feel for their work as they will surely be showing at the space in the future as well perhaps in […]