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Showing: Pedro Matos – “Building Castles Made of Sand” @ Martha Otero

A couple weekends ago, the Martha Otero Gallery presented all new works from Pedro Matos in his first Los Angeles solo exhibition. Entitled Building Castles Made of Sand, the showing featured a new series of oil paintings on canvas and azulejo panels, a traditional Portuguese medium of hand-painted, tin-glazed, ceramic tile work. Continuing to draw from his experience of working on the streets of Lisbon, Matos weaves layers, textures, patterns, figurative subjects, and typography into his pieces. The exhibition runs through June 15th so you have time to stop by if you […]

Openings: Scott Campbell – “Things Get Better” @ OHWOW Gallery

Last night, Scott Campbell unveiled a new body of work in Los Angeles at OHWOW Gallery entitled Things Get Better. Mostly consisting of paintings of what he calls “Frankenguns,” jerry-rigged tattoo guns that he was able to make inside of jails in Mexico (with looser regulations than in the United States) and administer tattoos to inmates. Learn more about his unique personal project here and check out some photos from the opening below… Photo credit: Waltercrunk for Arrested Motion. Discuss this show here. Discuss Scott Campbell here.

Upcoming: Eishi Takaoka -“Waiting” @ Giant Robot 2

This Saturday (May 25th) marks the return of Eishi Takaoka to Giant Robot 2 in Los Angeles for another solo showing. Entitled Waiting, the exhibition will feature the serene floating heads that the Japanese artist has become know for. Each sculpture comprises of carved wood painted with raw mineral pigments and although they display an outwardly calm façade, their bottled-up emotions manifest as outlandish formations that are often seen sprouting from each face.

Preview: Scott Campbell – “Things Get Better” @ OHWOW

Tomorrow night (May 23rd) at the OHWOW Gallery in Los Angeles, tattoo and fine artist Scott Campbell will be opening a new solo show entitled Things Get Better. The new series of ink paintings depict his “Frankenguns,” hand-made contraptions built inside prisons to administer tattoos to inmates. This culmination of a personal project he started two years ago took him to the inside of Mexican prisons with improvised tools, a true art form that contrasts with superficiality of the contemporary tattoo world. Check out some preview images below […]

Preview: Hush – “Unseen” @ Corey Helford Gallery

Yesterday, we shared with you photos of Hush’s (interviewed) new mural in Los Angeles painted while he was preparing for his solo show at the Corey Helford Gallery. Today, we follow that up with an early look at the new body of work collectively entitled Unseen which feature portraiture of women rendered with his mix of urban-informed techniques and imagery from Eastern influences. He states that “the women are enciphered with street tags and abstractions, appear as graffiti specters, colorful visages of noir street action. I look to take something […]
Hush - Theonepointeight (20)

Streets: Hush (Los Angeles)

Last we heard, Hush (interviewed) was in Melbourne for a solo showing in May of 2012 (covered). Fast forward a year and this time he will be opening an exhibition tomorrow night at the Corey Helford Gallery. While here, he just finished a mural at the Branded Arts Building featuring his East meets West urban aesthetic. We’ll have more about the show soon, but for now, take a look at more in-progress photos below… Photo credit: Theonepointeight. Discuss Hush here.

Showing: David Benjamin Sherry – “Wonderful Land” @ OHWOW

Wonderful Land marks David Benjamin Sherry’s second solo exhibition at OHWOW and features photographs from the American Western and Southwestern states, taken with a large format, handmade, analog wooden film camera over the course of several months. The artist prints each image in his own darkroom, creating vivid and detailed images with brilliant colors. The resulting body of work is at once aesthetically beautiful and wondrous as it reminds us of how spectacular nature can be. If you will be in Los Angeles and would […]

Preview: Brendan Monroe – “Melting Into the Floor” @ Richard Heller Gallery

Oakland based artist, Brendan Monroe (interviewed), is opening an exhibition at Richard Heller Gallery in Santa Monica on May 18. After having solos in Switzerland, France, and Canada, this will be Monroe’s first show in the LA area in a long time (see 2009). This time around, he prepared number of acrylic paintings on paper, as well as some exceptionally well crafted sculptures in wood, mostly using very abstract, figurative images and elements. His work always had recognizable abstract segments that play with the idea of texture and state of matter, but pieces for […]
Anthony Lister - theAudience - Theonepointeight (30)

Streets : Anthony Lister @ theAudience (Los Angeles) – Part II

Earlier this week, we brought you images of Anthony Lister‘s most recent mural in Los Angeles (covered). As usual, the Aussie’s trip didn’t end with just one piece to cover the walls of the city. On top of doing the large scale mural that sits on Beverly Blvd., he also painted inside the offices of theAudience. Creating this piece took no more than 20 minutes and as expected, Lister showed he can put on a show with his unique style, which at times gave the […]

Mark Ryden’s YHWH Group Custom Show @ Toy Art Gallery

This Saturday night (May 11th), the Toy Art Gallery in Melrose will be presenting Mark Ryden’s YHWH Group Custom Show (RSVP here). The YHWH figure has been around for several years now since its release (covered), and now a diverse list of artists will be customizing them with the blessing of the Low Brow luminary including Akira Kiriya/Chikuwaemil, Anthony Ausgang, Bob Conge/Plaseebo, Camilla d’Errico, Camille Rose Garcia, Cris Rose, Daniel Goffin, David Flores, DrilOne, Doze Green, Emilio Garcia, FFINC, Francesco de Molfetta, Frank Kozik, Isabel Samaras, Jessicka Addams, […]