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Showing: Paul Wackers – “Early Romantics” @ New Image Art

AM stopped by New Image Art yesterday to take in a new set of paintings from the the Brooklyn-based Paul Wackers. Early Romantics put on display Wacker’s modern take on still life painting with the inclusion of geometric and abstract elements added to the mix. On top of that, his inventive multi-method technique works extra layers into the composition (multiple components are created separately before assemblage). Head over to take a look in person (especially take time to enjoy the large showstopper piece seen above) before the show conclusion at […]

Openings: Logan Hicks – “Thin Veils And Heavy Anchors” @ L.A.C.E

Earlier tonight, AM dropped by L.A.C.E. Gallery in Hollywood to take in a solo exhibition entitled Thin Veils And Heavy Anchors from stencil specialist Logan Hicks. The new body of work filled the expansive showspace with two series of works – beautifully layered cityscapes & urban settings and novel new portraiture set against the backdrop of deconstructed architectural structures. Every piece was executed perfectly with stencil, spray, and etching thematically exploring the dual ideas of finally seeing things for what they are and keeping grounded. […]
MOCA museum, Downtown Los Angeles

LACMA Moves To Take Over MOCA

Back in 2008 when the MOCA was bailed out by Eli Broad to the tune of $30 million, there was hope this would stabilize the financial status of the museum. However, recent controversy over the direction of the Los Angeles institution under the leadership of Jeffrey Deitch as well as continued monetary issues have finally led to a formal proposal for a takeover by LACMA (which surprisingly came at the request of the MOCA board). Only time will tell whether the leanings of the government-funded […]
Logan Hicks Lace preview AM 09

Previews: Logan Hicks – “Thin Veils and Heavy Anchors” @ L.A.C.E

Esteemed stencil and street artist Logan Hicks visits LA this week for an exhibition at L.A.C.E. Gallery. Entitled Thin Veils and Heavy Anchors, this latest body of work showcases the progression of Logan’s work from a professional screen printer into the artist that he is today. Using his talents to capture the lines of architecture in the streets to the curves of his human subjects, we enjoy the compositions in his works. These new pieces from Mr. Hicks tries to captures the journey of one’s […]

Openings: Mario Testino @ Prism

The Academy Awards were scheduled for Sunday, but on Saturday night, the stars came out to help celebrate Mario Testino’s opening reception for his exhibition at Prism in West Hollywood. Many of the photographer’s friends that are known for being immortalized in front of his camera came out in support of the legendary artist. They included Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson, Alessandra Ambrosio, Liberty Ross, Stephen Dorff, Irina Shayk, Jared Leto, Whitney Cummings, and many other beautiful women and men. On the walls were massive, bold, […]

Preview: Melissa Haslam – “Floating Garden” @ LeBasse Projects

This Saturday night (March 2nd), the paintings we got a glimpse of during a studio visit with Melissa Haslam last month will be put on display at LeBasse Projects. Floating Garden will feature the Australian artist’s botanically-infused portraiture and stems from her fascination with scientific and entomological illustrations. Garden spaces overgrown with foliage and focused work on suspended flowers and plants comprise of some of the imagery that will be seen in this body of work. Discuss this show here. Discuss Melissa Haslam here.

Openings: “Something Wicked This Way Comes” @ Cella Gallery

Last weekend, Cella Gallery and curator Stephanie Chefas hosted the opening reception for Something Wicked This Way Comes. The group exhibition featured the works of Annie Owens, Christian Rex van Minnen, Christine Wu, Chrystal Chan, David Ball, Fulvio Di Piazza, Jana Brike, Jessica Ward, Judith Supine, and Michael Page  – produced with the encouragement for them to delve into the more dark and ominous parts of their imagination. Take a look at the photo set below or head over for your own look as the show runs through March 23rd. Photo credit: Theonepointeight. Discuss this show here.

Previews: Linnea Strid & Stephanie Buer – “A Quiet Place” @ Thinkspace

This Saturday night (March 2nd) in Culver City, Thinkspace will be hosting the opening of A Quiet Place, a joint show from Linnea Strid & Stephanie Buer. The two artists paint in a realistic fashion but focus on different subject matter, both exploring the solitudes that define their respective creative practices. Strid’s hyper-realistic portraiture catches her characters in moments of personal inflection and reveals a visceral nature to her paintings, while Buer renders desolate urban landscapes and structures inspired by her time in Detroit.  Take […]
Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 8.53.04 AM

Update: Greg “Craola” Simkins

Greg Simkins (featured) recently shared some paintings he has been working on that spell out his moniker – CRAOLA – on each piece. Every one features a different color from his palette as well as some of the imagery his fans are sure to be familiar with like the knight, clown fish, candle, parrot, and more… Perhaps these are a warmup or are headed for his show opening in Los Angeles in April at Merry Karnowsky, site of his solo show one year ago (covered). Discuss Greg Simkins […]

Upcoming: Takashi Murakami @ Blum & Poe

Coming up on April 13th, Blum & Poe will be presenting a solo show from Japanese sensation Takashi Murakami. The new body of work will apparently include this bejeweled piece (seen above), but you can also take a look at some of the work taking shape through Mr. Superflat’s Instagram account – @takashipom (some of which we shared with you here). Also, for those planning to attend the show in Los Angeles, you might want to get there a little early to catch the international premiere […]