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Openings: Xiaoqing Ding – “At the End of a Rainbow” @ Jonathan Levine Gallery

Opening recently alongside Tara McPherson was Brooklyn artist Xiaoqing Ding with her new exhibition “At the End of a Rainbow” at Jonathan Levine Gallery. The show demonstrates Xiao’s flexibility to work on various mediums and still keep her luminous subjects intact. While most of her pieces utilizing oil or fine graphite techniques, she also experiments in utilizing Asian mediums and presentation such as scrolls and traditional wood sculpt frames. This enjoyable show runs until November 20th so check it out if you can. Check out the […]

Openings: Greg “Craola” Simkins – “Storyteller” @ Gallery 1988 (LA)

Last night at Gallery 1988 (LA), the man named Craola (Greg Simkins) once again showed there there were no limits to his imagination with another fantastic body of work that created fanciful environments for his beloved characters to play in. Aptly entitled “Storyteller”, the show reminded everyone that Greg is one of the most gifted artists out there in projecting his vision with a narrative full of detail, improvisation, and embellishment. The new collection of works, which we got a glimpse of in our studio […]

Openings: Audrey Kawasaki – “Tangled” @ Outre Gallery (Sydney)

After her Melbourne opening, Audrey Kawasaki’s (interviewed) continued on to Sydney for the second part of her “Tangled” tour at the Outre Gallery locations. On display were another five new original pieces as well as sold out prints, and again, her fans down under showed out in force to support their favorite artist. More opening pics after the jump…

Teaser: Eric Fortune – “A Dream’s Reflection” @ LeBasse Projects

This Saturday night, Eric Fortune (interviewed) will exhibiting alongside Nate Frizzell (interviewed) at LeBasse Projects. The new body of work “A Dream’s Reflection” will be showing in the project room and looks to feature the complex layers and fantastical detail that we have come to expect from the a man of his talents. Some more peeks after the jump…

Preview: Laurie Lipton – “Machine Punk” @ La Luz de Jesus

One of the most gifted artists we know that works mainly graphite, Laurie Lipton, will be presenting a mostly new body of work this Friday night at the venerable La Luz de Jesus.  Entitled “Machine Punk”, many of the new works are inspired by the steampunk movement and her apparent fascination for complex machinery. Hear what she has to say about the show as well as take a look at some more preview images after the jump…

Openings: Tara McPherson – “The Bunny in the Moon” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

A couple of Saturdays back, Tara McPherson captivated the NY crowd with a beautiful new body of work entitled “The Bunny in the Moon” at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. The show consisted of a series of paintings featuring her lovely ladies with their animal friends and a wall installation of one-eyed flower sculptures, all rendered mostly in her signature pink and light blue. More opening pics after the jump…

Preview: Thinkspace Five Year Anniversary Show

Coming this Saturday night, our friends at the Thinkspace Gallery will be holding their Five Year Anniversary Show. As you might expect, with their storied history and drawing from their large roster of artists, the group show is shaping up to be pretty epic. It looks like all the artists are putting some of their best work together – see the Natalia Fabia’s (interviewed) piece above – so make sure you attend the opening on November 6th! We have more preview images for you after […]

Overtime: October 24 – 30

Hope you had a safe Halloween weekend and that your costumes were as cool as this Lichtenstein. Warhol Foundation kills antitrust lawsuit over authentication due to money, power, and legal expertise that they are able to command. All Cy Twombly sell at new Gagosian in Paris and a rare interview with Larry Gagosian. Qatar, having already bought Harrods and loads of real estate in central London, now might want to buy Christie’s. Why aren’t prominent Los Angeles-based art collectors bequeathing their pieces to museums? Charles […]

Halloween Roundup

Well, to put you in the mood for a little trick-or-treating tonight, we have a little roundup of the rest of the Halloween snippets we have gathered for you. First up, Brandi Milne (featured) has released a new print entitled “Give Me Your Soul, Little One”. It’s available through Corey Helford Gallery, so contact them for details if you are interested. Take a look other ghastly items from the art world after the jump, and remember, stay safe!

Showing: “13th Hour III” @ Last Rites Gallery

After tipping you off to two holiday-appropriate shows (Neckface in LA and Phantasmagoria in Montreal), we have one last one for you – the “13th Hour III” group show at the Last Rites Gallery. With great curatorial direction, the group of artists chosen all are mostly known for darker and bizarre imagery, leading to a great series of paintings of eerie creatures and creepy situations. Some selections after the jump…