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Openings: Dale Grimshaw – “Arcana” @ Signal Gallery

Dale Grimshaw’s vibrant paintings were on full display last Friday when his new show opened at the Signal Gallery in London. His new series of works, “Arcana”, centered around the characters of a deck of tarot cards such as “The Fool”, “The Eight of Swords” and “Judgement” seen from left to right in the photo above.  He also found time to throw up a mural, which you can see peaking through the window. With this body of work, Grimshaw proves he is a master of […]

Overtime: April 4th – 10th

Nicole Dextras weedrobe sculptures (via booooooom). Kelsey Brookes work in progress. Google sued by artists and photographers. Lichtenstein’s homage to Monet. A peek at the Ed Templeton retrospective at S.M.A.K. Video interviews of Nunca & Futura. Non video interview of Os Gemeos. Stop-motion skateboard photography animation and flip-motion animation on crack. Artnews features Swoon, who was by the way, doing work in Zambia. Aakash Nihilani in reverse. Broken Fingaz channels Blu. Shepard Fairey temporarily on Melrose. Armsrock lights up Lueneburg. Pics from the Kathie Olivas/Brandt […]

Preview: “Subject / Subject” @ Subliminal Projects

Tonight, a special show is opening up at Subliminal Projects. “Subject / Subject” is a show centered around showcasing some long time favorite and also upcoming female artists in a benefit for the Downtown Women’s Center. Co-curated by Deedee Cheriel, the show features some well known names such as Swoon (interviewed), Liz McGrath (featured), Mel Kadel, Jessica Hess and Jen Stark to name a few. It runs until May 8th, but the show’s opening reception is tonight at 8pm, so make plans to stop by […]

Preview: Jeff Gillette – “Dismayland” @ Copro Gallery

Shantytowns and the world of Disney, not a common pairing, but when put together, forms a powerful statement from the mind of Jeff Gillette. His show “Dismayland” opens tomorrow night, April 10th at Copro Gallery and will feature a body of work that melds the excess of pop culture today with what look to be the ghettos of tomorrow. The paintings often confront viewers with strong images such as familiar characters living in the slums, laying haphazardly almost half-dead or using the streets and open-air […]

Preview: Amanda Visell – “Primeval Love” @ the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

Los Angeles based artist and master of wood figures, Amanda Visell, opens her solo show “Primeval Love” tonight, April 9th, at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. Visell’s artwork has a retro-vintage feel to it like classic Disney work and it appears she has tailored her subject matter to match the locale perfectly. With imagery that includes her twist on Greek mythology, wooly mammoths, dragons, castles and statues, the new body of work will fit in seamlessly in the museum setting. Take a look […]

Preview: APAK – “Garden Of Light” @ Rotofugi

Masters of whimsy, APAK, will be opening their solo show “Garden Of Light” tonight in Chicago. Just like in their last two shows (here & here), the husband and wife duo continue to build many-colored worlds for their lovable creatures to explore and enjoy. This exhibition will be their first at Rotofugi and will open with a reception at 7pm. Another image after the jump…

Preview / Setup: Anthony Pontius / “Vision” and “Hunt & Gather” Group Shows @ Thinkspace

Tomorrow, April 9th, a trio of shows are scheduled to welcome Thinkspace Gallery to the Culver City art district (6009 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232). For their inaugural opening night in their more upscale and larger space (formerly the home of Kinsey DesForges and BLK/MRKT), Anthony Pontius will be bringing a new body of work for the main gallery, this time centered on his own unique take on potraiture, entitled “the caped cobra and his merry band of riders”. Also, two group shows in […]

Preview: “WE HEART WOOD Jibibuts Custom Show” @ Munky King

The “WE HEART WOOD” customs show opens tonight, April 8th, at Munky King in Melrose with dynamic duo Noferin inviting 30 of their artists friends to customize their latest blind box mini wood toys – Jibibuts. Not all artists have what it takes to paint on 3D surfaces, but masters of the art like Jeremiah Ketner, Doktor A, Dan May, Yoskay Yamamoto, and Stella Im Hultberg make it look easy with an awesome collection little works of art. More preview images after the jump.

Preview: Jacub Gagnon & Andy Haynes – “Self Preservation” @ Distinction Gallery

An artist we have had an eye on since his showing in the “Fresh” show, Jacub Gagnon, will be opening a show up with Andy Haynes over at the Distinction Gallery this weekend. The show, entitled “Self Preservation” and opening April 10th, will feature Gagnon’s black background paintings of animals, plants, reptiles, fish – basically any sort of creature – interacting with everyday objects, often pieced together in interesting compositions. More preview images from both artists after the jump…

Openings: Mars-1 – “Infinite Tapestry” @ Meta Gallery

San Francisco based artist Mario Martinez, or better know as Mars-1, recently traveled up to Canada for the opening of his solo show at the Meta Gallery. As you saw with our recent studio visit, this new versatile body of work included his classic otherworldly paintings on different mediums and his familiar sculptural work. In addition to his colorful essays on the possibilities of exterrestrial life and realms, we also him delve deeper into the more minimalist and organic imagery that we have seen him […]