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Openings: “Art From The New World” @ Bristol City Museum

Our friends from the Corey Helford Gallery brought their West Coast Style to the West Country this evening for the much anticipated opening of “Art From The New World” at the Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery. It seemed as though UK art fans were highly responsive to some of the wonderful work on show at the preview night, with a packed house drawing in the crowd from the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. Some real visual treats are on offer, from the […]

Teaser: “The Next Generation” @ London Miles Gallery (Curated by Thinkspace)

With the opening of Corey Helford’s “Art From The New World” set to open this weekend in the Bristol (full coverage to follow), we look towards a show with similar goals coming up next month. “The Next Generation”, curated by Thinkspace, seeks to further promote a new breed of contemporary artists to the UK audience. The show will open on June 11th at the London Miles Gallery and will feature 12″ x 12″ pieces from each participant. One of the artists scheduled as part of […]

Reminder: “Art From The New World” @ Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery

Following on from our preview last month, Corey Helford Gallery will open “Art From the New World” at Bristol’s City Museum and Art Gallery in the UK this weekend, and this time not even an act of god is gonna stop em! Originally scheduled to open a couple of weeks ago, the showcase of work by 49 American artists was scuppered by the Eyjafjallajökull volcano. The official opening is now on Saturday 15th May, with an exhibition tour by Gary Baseman (featured) scheduled for 12pm and […]

Highlights: Recommended openings for this May 13 – 16

NYC is rocking it yet again this weekend – the big Charming Baker popup show, ROA continues to kill it in Brooklyn, Scott Musgrove returns to LeVine and the Willoughby Windows Project returns to the desolate storefronts of Brooklyn… the Big Apple is just on fire this weekend. Not to be outdone, the UK has the big ‘Art From The New World‘ show from Corey Helford Gallery rocking things up north at the Bristol City Museum and Gallery. Too much good stuff for one person […]

Preview: Scott Musgrove – “How Is The Empire?” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Scott Musgrove sent us over some images to give our readers an idea of what to expect when his show “How Is The Empire?” opens this weekend at Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Here you can see him in his studio working on one of the paintings for the show, no doubt involving his revisionist versions of the world’s flora and fauna if he was the Man upstairs. Stop by for the opening on May 15th to see some of the fantastic creatures he’s come up with […]

Preview: “Tiger Tiger Burning Bright” group show @ Roq La Rue

It’s been a while since we posted the teaser for the “Tiger Tiger Burning Bright” group show at Roq La Rue Gallery, but now’s the time to reveal more of the paintings as the opening is this Friday, May 14th. The gorgeous piece above from Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed), entitled “Negaigoto”, will be one of two paintings that will be made into a print (edition of 100, 18.5 x 16″ print on a 18.5 x 17″ sheet, $200) to benefit David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and will […]

Openings: Shawn Barber – “Tattooed Portraits: Chronicle” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

AM attended the opening of Shawn Barber’s (featured) solo show – “Tattooed Portraits: Chronicle” at Joshua Liner Gallery a couple weeks ago. The ever-talented tattoo master created a new series of works based on various on the tattooing paraphernalia and portraiture of his friends. The intense paintings looked radiant in our interview with Shawn and in person, and they seem to jump out at the viewers. The body of work is quite large as Shawn took it upon himself to fill the entire gallery. It’s always […]

Second Helpings: April 2010

Spring is in full swing as the weather gets gorgeous for most. April brought another boatload of great art for us to load up on. Here’s another edition of Second Helpings to bring you some of our favorites of the month. Get served after the jump.

Openings: Luke Chueh – “Beginnings / Endings (And Other Worthless Ephiphanies)” @ Copro Gallery

A couple days ago, AM attended the opening of Luke Chueh’s (interviewed) show “Beginnings / Endings (And Other Worthless Ephiphanies)” at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica. On display were many Luke’s familiar characters and remixes of fan favorites as well as some new inventions from Chueh and and his alter ego, the iconic “sad bear.” Speaking of which, as hinted at in our teaser, this might be one of the last shows in the near future where you will be seeing Chueh’s work in its […]

Overtime: May 2 – May 8

A fiftieth birthday party planned for Jean-Michel Basquiat if he were alive. A new interview with ABOVE. See ours here. Have you seen a pink ninja before? TMI? Banksy paints Kate Moss’ wall. (*edit – false story) Is it illegal to photograph street art? If so, we might be in trouble. Eames chairs as canvas. Welcome new blogs (Kathy Grayson, Os Gemeos, and David Stoupakis). Gen Art is dead. Oh, and so are the people that make those Koons dogs. An old painting lost in […]