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Preview: Seonna Hong – “Persistence of Vision” @ LeBasse Projects

Next Saturday, October 13th, at the Culver City LeBasse Projects, new works from Seonna Hong (interviewed) will be unveiled in an exhibition entitled Persistence of Vision. This is her first solo with the gallery and her first in Los Angeles in seven years, so fans of her work don’t want to miss this show. The new paintings delve into the ideas of perception and visual memory with her familiar girls and bears placed in abstract environments. Also present will be her recent exploration of the use of […]

Baby Tattooville ’12: First Look

As referenced to earlier this afternoon, we checked into our room at the Mission Inn in Riverside for a weekend of art at this year’s Baby Tattooville. After registration, attendees were welcomed in for an introduction to this year’s featured artists which included Coop, Mark Frauenfelder, Brandi Milne, Nouar, Kathie Olivas, Nathan Ota, Brandt Peters, Ragnar, Rob Reger, RISK, and surprise guest Gris Grimly. After discussion what each participant’s plans were for the weekend, they commenced signing the all-in-one print featuring imagery from every artist created for this year’s […]

Preview: “Baby Tattooville Inside Out: A Private Affair Made Public” @ Riverside Art Museum

AM has just arrived at the historic Mission Inn in Riverside for the annual Baby Tattooville art retreat (see our 2009, 2010, and 2011 coverage). Before checking in at the hotel, we walked over to the Riverside Art Museum to get a glimpse of the yearly associated exhibition which this time is entitled Baby Tattooville Inside Out:  A Private Affair Made Public with the opening scheduled for tonight (October 5th). Artists who are participating this year include Coop, Mark Frauenfelder, Brandi Milne, Nouar, Kathie Olivas, Nathan Ota, Brandt Peters, Ragnar, […]

Releases: Jeff Soto – “Seeker Friends #7: The Candy Eater” Print

Back home from New York where he attended the opening of his latest solo show (covered), Jeff Soto (interviewed) has found time to work on his next Seeker Friends release (now available here until noon today – PST). This latest iteration from Prints On Wood has arrived just in time for Halloween and is entitled appropriately The Candy Eater. Like the other ones, it is sized at 6 x 6″ and cost $25 + shipping with $1 of every sale going to plant one tree through the Plant A Billion Trees program. As usual, one […]

Openings: Tran Nguyen & Stella Im Hultberg – “Borrowed Memories” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Those who had the chance to attend Borrowed Memories (previewed) this past weekend at Thinkspace Gallery were treated to a wonderful exhibition of new works by Tran Nguyen and Stella Im Hultberg (installation above). We last saw a solo by Tran back in July last year and a Hultberg solo hasn’t been any easier to come by (March 2010 – London). Fans will want to make use of this opportunity and visit before the close of the exhibition on October 20th. Discuss this show here. Discuss […]

Releases: Audrey Kawasaki – “Hint Mints”

Back in February, we told you about a new project Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed) was working on with Hint Mint on their artist series. The three different designs for sale so far are based on three new paintings is now available thru the company website or Giant Robot in Pomegranate, Chocolate, and Peppermint flavors. Not to fear for those international fans out there, you can call (800)991-6468 9am~5pm PST or email [email protected] to get a hold of some AK mints! Discuss Audrey Kawasaki here.

Update: Camille Rose Garcia

For those that missed out on purchasing one of the Camille Rose Garcia (interviewed) designed LP’s from the Melvins, it sounds like you still have a chance to pick up some swag. She will be adding new goodies to her webstore every friday (including a section for items under $100), including select limited items from her personal archive. Even more exciting is the fact that she is a running raffle for all who places an order from now until December 15th for a chance at some prizes (aka […]

Luke Chueh – “I Am Your Plaything” @ Rotofugi

Last month in Chicago, the Rotofugi art toy boutique and gallery hosted all new works from Luke Chueh (interviewed) which was collectively entitled I Am Your Plaything. As we knew when we visited Luke’s studio, the paintings would be great success seeing that the attendees would be both toy and art aficionados, areas in which the LA-based artist has made a name for himself. The work featured a mixture of imagery that appealed to toy collectors with its clever in-jokes as well as fans of Chueh’s classic ironic and […]

Openings: Parra – “Kind Regrets” @ HVW8

Over the weekend, Dutch artist Piet Janssen aka Parra brought his bizarre and voluptuous imagery to Los Angeles for all enjoy with a showing at the HVW8 Gallery. Entitled Kind Regrets, the exhibition included paintings, drawings, sculptural items as well as murals on the exterior of the West Hollywood showspace. To the delight of all who attended, Parra was happy to interact with, sketch, and talk to his well wishers, collectors, and fans. Check out the rest of the photo set below… Photo credit: James Ng for Arrested Motion. Discuss this show here. […]

Overtime: Sept 24 – Sept 30

Overtime articles of the week: Damien Hirst reinterprets AK-47 using his spin technique.  Sale proceeds benefit Peace One Day’s campaign. Molly Crabapple shares her experience on being arrested at Occupy Wall Street. Ilya Bolotowsky painting bought for $9.99 from a Goodwill store sells for $34,375 at Sotheby’s. $7 Flea-market Renoir allegedly was stolen from Baltimore Museum of Art. Auction is subsequently canceled. A painting thought to be by JMW Turner, which could be worth £20m, was purchased for just £3,700. Jeffrey Gundlach offers $200,000 reward […]