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Upcoming: Cartoon Network 20th Anniversary Exhibition @ SDCC

Yes, Comic-Con is almost upon us again. As always with SDCC, there is bound to be some art-related news or exhibitions in association with the event. One of these is Cartoon Network’s 20th Anniversary Exhibition curated by Mark Murphy with 75 artists slated to participate. Each were given a Cartoon Network show (like Samurai Jack, Adventure Time, Ben 10 Alien Force, Billy & Mandy, Dexter’s Laboratory, the Power Puff Girls, Gumball, etc) and asked to create a themed work and interpretation on their designated assignment. […]

Upcoming: Travis Louie – “Spirits” @ Stranger Factory

Continuing to spread his strange creatures and special form of surreal vintage portraiture to unlikely locales, Travis Louie’s (interviewed) next solo will be in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We last covered the NY-based painter’s showing in Northampton, Massachusetts at William Baczek Fine Arts back in May, and now it looks like his black and white cast of bizarre characters will be headlining a show at the Stranger Factory in August entitled Spirits. We’ll have more for you as the show draws nearer. Discuss Travis Louie here.

Upcoming: Jeremy Fish – “Where Hearts Get Left” @ Fifty24SF

The last time we saw Jeremy Fish (featured) it was in Los Angeles for his show (covered) at the Mark Moore Gallery at the end of 2011. Since then, he has been hard at work getting ready for his solo in his adopted city of San Francisco at Fifty24SF entitled Where Hearts Get Left set to open on July 14th. He describes it as a “visual love letter” with new artwork and a book project inspired by “The City That Knows How,” an old nickname for San […]

Preview: Shawn Barber – “Memoir: The Tattooed Portraits Series” @ Joshua Liner Gallery

This Thursday night in New York, the Joshua Liner Gallery will be opening Shawn Barber’s (interviewed) Memoir: The Tattooed Portraits Series. The exhibition featuring new oil paintings by the Los Angeles-based artist is his second with the Chelsea showspace and his most personal to date. The series documents much in the tattoo world including friends like fellow tattoo artists including the celebrated Shige of Yokohama, Japan – a stunning 6-x-9-foot triptych, a panorama with nine full-length views of the artist, Barber’s largest painting to date. Of note, the showing […]

Contests: Femke Hiemstra – “La Mort En Cadence” Print

The Roq La Rue Gallery has graciously offered up a Femke Hiemstra prints as a giveaway to one of our readers. La Mort En Cadence (edition of 20) is a 11″ x 11″ giclee with the image itself a little over 8″ in diameter and is based on an original from the Dutch painter for the currently running Death and the Maiden group exhibition at the Seattle showspace. To qualify for the random drawing, just identify the image below and email with your answer. […]

Upcoming: Eric Fortune – “A Life to Leave” @ Lebasse Projects (Culver City)

Coming up next month on the 14th, the Culver City location of the Lebasse Projects will be hosting a solo show from Eric Fortune (interviewed). Last we saw of the Ohio-based painter, it was the end of 2010 and he was showing at the same space alongside Nate Frizzell. The new body of work deals with characters in transition between the known and the unknown, all rendered with his time-consuming “glazing” technique infusing each piece with subtle details and luminous lighting. Discuss this show here. […]

Overtime: June 18 – June 24

Sale of Basquiat’s Museum Security (Broadway Meltdown) on hold over ownership dispute. RIP: LeRoy Neiman who died at the age of 91. Uli Sigg presented with gift of artwork by Hong Hao at the ceremony marking his donation to HK. Dave Hickey announced as co-curator of High Desert Test Sites 2013 (to expand towards Albuquerque). Members of MTA settle with the LA city attorney’s office to avoid at least $3.7 million in clean up fees. Riverside police made more graffiti-related arrests in first four months […]

Upcoming: Andy Kehoe – “Into the Depths” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Coming up on July 7th, the Thinkspace Gallery will be presenting a new selection of paintings from Andy Kehoe. For Into the Depths, the Pittsburgh-based artist will be exploring a new process in creating his works. Involving multiple layers of resin, the new pieces are time-intensive but add a complexity and 3D effect to his new body of work while maintaining his fascination with autumn-themed imagery. He’s also incorporating local flora into the paintings, which will see his signature characters peeking out from behind real cattails […]
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Releases: Mark Dean Veca – “When The Shit Hits The Fan” Print

Earlier today, Poster Child Prints released a new print from Mark Dean Veca (featured) based on this When The Shit Hits The Fan painting, first seen in his solo at Western Projects last year. This hand-pulled silkscreen edition is limited to a run of 80, 22 x 28 inches, signed & numbered, and costs $120. Head over here if you are interested in adding it to your collection. Discuss Mark Dean Veca here.

Upcoming: Sea No Evil 2012

On June 30th, the sixth rendition (see 2011, 2010, 2009) of the Sea No Evil Art Show returns to the Riverside Municipal Auditorium with the silent auction proceeds to benefit the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. This year’s lineup includes artists like Amy Sol, Ana Bagayan, Brandi Milne, Camilla d’Errico, Dave Kinsey, Deph, Gary Baseman, Jeff Soto, Jeremiah Ketner, Jessica Hess, Korin Faught, Lola, Roland Tamayo (above), Shepard Fairey, Tara McPherson, Tim Biskup, Travis Louie, and more. As usual, Captain Paul Watson, eco-activist, founder of Sea […]