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Openings: Dennis McNett – “Wolfbats Are Real” @ MOHS Exhibit

Last week, MOHS Exhibit in Copenhagen presented all new work from Dennis McNett (featured) collectively entitled Wolfbats Are Real. Including wood block pieces in the standard format, the Brooklyn-based also created installations in the style of his previous shows – all paying tribute to mythical creatures that make up part of his imagery. After sharing some of the setup, we now have some fully realized opening photos for you as well below… Photo credit: Henrik Haven. Discuss Dennis McNett here.

Preview: Gary Baseman – “The Door Is Always Open” @ The Skirball

For Los Angeles fans of artist, illustrator, animator, and toy designer Gary Baseman (featured), tonight’s exhibition opening at the Skirball Cultural Center will be a must-see event. Those who attend will be immersed in the pervasive artist’s universe as it comes alive with paintings, photographs, textiles, toys, statues, sketchbooks, and videos all presented with extensive installations that were inspired by his family home in LA’s Fairfax district, with furniture and memorabilia from his personal collection. The Door Is Always Open explores Baseman’s Jewish family heritage and his place in American pop culture, […]

Upcoming / Basel Week Switzerland ’13: Audrey Kawasaki @ Thinkspace / SCOPE

As we reported yesterday, the Thinkspace Gallery will be featuring the work of two artists at the SCOPE Art Fair during Basel Week Switzerland scheduled for June 10 – 16. We already previewed some of the work from Esao Andrews (interviewed) so now it’s time to show you something from the other artist – Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed). We haven’t seen larger body of work from the LA-based artist since her solo in New York (covered) – it will be nice to see what she has planned for her seductive and dreamy muses. Discuss […]

Kenny Scharf Arrested For Graffiti

Just a couple weeks removed from the opening of his big solo show in New York (covered), Kenny Scharf was arrested for painting one of his signature characters illegally on the streets. He has since been released after spending 20 hours in two Brooklyn jails and will face charges of making graffiti and possession of a graffiti instrument. You can read all the juicy tidbits here, but this was an interesting quote – “Cops who arrested me were fans and wanted to talk about Exit Through The Gift […]

Preview / Basel Week Switzerland ’13: Esao Andrews @ Thinkspace / SCOPE

Coming up in June, Thinkspace Gallery will be featuring the work of two artists at the SCOPE Art Fair during Basel Week Switzerland. One set of paintings on display will be from Esao Andrews (interviewed) who last had a solo with the Culver City showspace in 2012 (covered). The New York-based painter continues to amaze with his mastery of multi-colored swirls of color as well as his surreal vision. Take a look at more shots from the studio below for more glimpses of the new body of […]

Streets: Jeff Soto & Maxx242 (Berlin) – Part II

Jeff Soto (interviewed) has sent over a final photo of the mural (see Part I) he was working on with Maxx242 while they were in town for a presentation at Pictoplasma. The two decided on an owl, skull, and octopus themed piece for Berlin as well as some other miscellaneous action around town. Take a look at the photos below as well as some footage of the main mural. Discuss Jeff Soto here.

Upcoming: Daniel Danger @ Cotton Candy Machine

Next month, with the opening set for May 10th, Daniel Danger (interviewed) will be returning to the Cotton Candy Machine in New York for a second solo show (see 2011). The New England-based artist uses a process of drawing, digital manipulation, and screenprinting to create his brooding and desolate landscapes, often with solitary figures or structures. Look for selection of originals, drawings, new prints and merchandise, all which display deft hand lighting and color. Discuss Daniel Danger here.  

Releases: Jeremy Geddes – “Falling Echo” Print

On Sunday (April 21st), at 3pm Pacific Time, Jeremy Geddes (interviewed) will be releasing a new print based on his painting Falling Echo (detail shot above). If you remember, this was first introduced in his solo show in NY last year and features one of his iconic suspended astronauts. The image is sized at 100 cm x 42 cm (paper 112 cm x 54 cm), will cost $334, and is limited to a run of 150. Check out some more shots of the painting and the actual print image […]
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Preview / Setup: Dennis McNett – “Wolfbats Are Real” @ MOHS Exhibit

Tonight in Copenhagen, Dennis McNett (featured) opened his latest solo show at MOHS Exhibit entitled Wolfbats Are Real. For those who know of the Brooklyn-based print installation artist, you will be familiar with him spreading the lore of his hybrid creature with exhibitions, installations, and Viking ship performances (see New York in 2010). On display for this show in Denmark will be many of the artifacts from the related events of this mythic animal and legend featuring imagery which is influenced by the early 80s skateboard and punk […]
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Openings: Kazuki Takamatsu @ Corey Helford

Last weekend at the Corey Helford Gallery, the ghostly works of Kazuki Takamatsu were put on display at the opening reception. Patrons and collectors in Los Angeles took in what we already saw from Basel Week Miami last year – the almost glowing, mostly monochromatic portraits created through a personalized process by the Japanese artist. The topographical rendering is a result of both computer as well as traditional painting techniques and really make the image “pop” from the canvas. More photos below… Photo credit: ©Theonepointeight. Discuss this […]