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Releases: SHAG x Beatles – “May I Introduce to You” Print

Purveyor of the retro modern chic, SHAG (interviewed), has put a new print on release entitled May I Introduce to You from Dark Hall Mansion. The collaboration with the Beatles will be offered in three variants limited to runs of 50 & 25 pieces and priced at $500 & $750, and sized at 20 x 28″. Check out all the details of how you can pick up one for yourself next week here. Discuss SHAG here.

Previews: Kozyndan – “End Of Summer Never Ends” @ Giant Robot 2

After another three city series of shows in Australia earlier this year, the husband and wife artistic duo known as Kozyndan have a new show opening tomorrow (September 7th) in Los Angeles. Their return to their hometown gallery of Giant Robot 2 will be entitled End Of Summer Never Ends, a nod to their love of the Southern California summer. Included in the work are several references to the underwater photography that is part of their oeuvre like the paintings seen above as well as some sculptural […]
Andrew Hem

Previews: “The BLAB Show” (2013)” @ Copro Gallery

On September 14th, the Copro Gallery in Los Angeles will be opening up a group show that has become somewhat of an annual tradition (see 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)  – The BLAB Show. Put together by the people behind the Blab! Anthology, this year’s edition promises to be a great one as well with artists like Nicoletta Ceccoli, Travis Louie, Souther Salazar, Glenn Barr, Camille Rose Garcia, Andrew Hem (seen above), Lola, Xue Wang, Peter Ferguson, Travis Lampe, Matt Dangler, Brian Despain, Katja Tukiainen, and […]

Previews: Caleb Brown – “A Modern World” @ Merry Karnowsky

This Saturday (September 7th), the Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles will be one of the places you must visit on your night of art. Not only will gifted painter Nicola Verlato be unveiling new works at the space, but Caleb Brown will also be presenting some intriguing paintings of his own. A Modern World will feature the New York-based artist’s crazy alternate realities, filled with things that appear where they shouldn’t be – like the surreal look at sharks and skydivers leaping out of planes amidst detonations. Discuss this show here. […]

Studio Visit / Preview: Nicola Verlato – “Pagan Pop” @ Merry Karnowsky Gallery

On Saturday night, September 7th, the Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles will welcome back Nicola Verlato and his surreal paintings for another showing (see 2012). The new work is collectively entitled Pagan Pop, a reference to his contemporary take on late medieval narrative painting and the theme of how Western society has continually attempted to suppress its pagan roots. The exhibition will feature three large scale pieces from Verlato, glimpses of which you can see in the studio visit below… Photo credit: ©Carlos Gonzalez. Discuss Nicola Verlato here.

Upcoming: Kukula – “The Adventures Of Raspberry Finn” @ Corey Helford Gallery

Coming up next at the Corey Helford Gallery is a solo show from Kukula entitled The Adventures Of Raspberry Finn. Opening on September 14th, the exhibition will feature new paintings that draw their inspiration from characters such as Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer, but with a twist. They have all been turned into women, and dressed up in clothes by a Russian designer – Ulyana Sergeenko. It has been almost two years since Kukula’s last showing at the Culver City showspace (covered), so stop by if you are in […]
4-Scott Listfield_Buddy System Invitational Breeze Block Gallery

Preview: “Buddy System Invitational” @ Breeze Block Gallery

On September 5th, the Breeze Block Gallery in Portland will be opening a group exhibition (curated by Sven Davis) with an interesting premise. Each of the 22 invited international artists were asked to bring along a fellow artist to exhibit alongside them – each producing one 16 x 20″ & one 8 x 8″ artwork. Of course, what we will be looking forward to is also to see how the show will be installed but check out some preview images below (and one of Scott Listfield’s […]

Preview: “Dream No Small Dreams” @ Ronchini

A pretty special show is opening up on September 6th at the Ronchini Gallery in London entitled Dream No Small Dreams. Featuring the work of three artists, Patrick Jacobs (seen above), Thomas Doyle, and Adrien Broom, whose specialties are in the small details of the miniature world, the show promises to be something that must be seen in person if you are in the area. Jacobs (Focus) paints these incredible miniature dioramas that are backlit and directly embedded into the gallery walls. Doyle also works with sculptures with his […]

Upcoming: Tom French – “Duality” @ C.A.V.E Gallery

This Saturday night, the last day of August, the C.A.V.E Gallery in Venice, California will be opening a new show from Tom French (featured). Featuring a series of paintings that followup the skull paintings we enjoy so much, the new faces the UK-based artist has been working on also have more depth than meets the eye on first glance. Take a closer look below at the detail of these Duality paintings and you will see what we mean. Discuss this show here. Discuss Tom French here.
Marvin 150 black dpi

Preview: Travis Louie – “Tiny Theatre of The Absurd” @ Stranger Factory

Starting on September 6th, the Stranger Factory in Albuquerque will be hosting a two person show entitled Tiny Theatre of The Absurd from Travis Louie’s (interviewed) and Jean Labourdette a.k.a. Turf One. For his part, Louie will be contributing some small pieces and some mixed media works on paper featuring his black & white portraits, rendered like vintage photos, of imaginary creatures and human oddities. Take a look at a couple more preview images below… Discuss Travis Louie here.