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Tim Biskup for Coachella Boutique

Every year at Coachella, besides an incredible lineup of music, there are also inevitably some side projects or shows that involve artists that you have seen her on AM. One of these is the Coachella Boutique featuring official limited edition merchandise – for example t-shirts. Here is the design Tim Biskup recently submitted for this year’s event. Make sure you stop by to see what else the event has to offer… Discuss Tim Biskup here.

Upcoming: Oceanic Awareness Collaboration Benefit Show @ Thinkspace

This Saturday night (March 30th), the Thinkspace Gallery will hold a one night only (5-9 pm) event raise awareness & funding for the purpose & progression of the Oceanic Awareness Collaboration, which provides underprivileged kids with scholarships to attend CIMI Marine Biology Camp on Catalina Island. You can check out the eclectic list of artists here, but here are a few names you may recognize – Adam Wallacavage, Caitlin Hackett, Chaz Bojorquez, Cleon Peterson, Dan Quintana, Jacub Gagnon, Marco Zamora, Mark Warren Jacques, Pedro Matos, […]

Previews: Marion Peck – “Animals” @ Michael Kohn Projects

On March 30th, Michael Kohn Gallery will inaugurate their new project space (dubbed Michael Kohn Projects) at 7270 Beverly Blvd with a solo showing from Marion Peck. The LA-based pop surrealist painter, wife of Mark Ryden, has eleven new works to share collectively entitled Animals, placing her creatures in “various situations and often anthropomorphized to reflect human emotion and mental states.” Here are couple preview images to tide you over until Saturday night. Discuss this show here. Discuss Marion Peck here.
Screen Shot 2013-03-25 at 9.53.54 PM

Videos: Mel Kadel – “Homemade Horse”

Mel Kadel recently collaborated on a fun little project with Jim Dirschberger (animation) & Andreas Trolf (words) entitled Homemade Horse. The humorous short brings to life imagery from Kadel’s oeuvre built around musings on the nature of different “horses” of the real and imaginary worlds. Take a look below… Via Juxtapoz. Discuss Mel Kadel here.
Parra Levine NYC AM 02

Openings: Parra – “Tracy Had a Hard Sunday” @ Jonathan Levine

Dutch artist Piet Janssen, aka Parra, brought a new body of work to Jonathan Levine Gallery for his debut exhibition there. Entitled Tracy Had a Hard Sunday, this series was composed of works on canvas and paper as well as sculptures, and gave the audience a dose of the provocative post-pop visuals that we’ve come to expect from the artist. The show exemplifies Parra’s unique vision and skill with his sexy imagery and signature palette of vibrant reds and blues. The artist took some time to draw […]

Showing: Melissa Haslam – “Floating Garden” @ LeBasse Projects

The LeBasse Projects in Culver City is currently showing works from Melissa Haslam collectively entitled Floating Garden. The new paintings included a series of patterned compositions created from botanical patterns as well as a set of portraits placing her characters entwined in an overgrowth of foliage. The show runs through March 30th for those who plan to see these in person. Discuss this show here. Discuss Melissa Haslam here.
Scope NY Armory 2013 AM 44

Armory Week ’13: Scope Art Fair – First Look

One of the annual satellite fairs we look forward to during Armory Week is Scope New York. This international fair always brings together a diverse mix of visual, performance, sculptural and photographic art from a range of emerging artists, which we find to be a nice change of pace from the more mainstream contemporary art showcased at the Armory Art Fair. This year, we saw works from street, urban and low brow-pop surrealist artists, including such AM favorites as Ron English, GILF, Brian Viveros and […]

Openings: “Game of Thrones” Group Show @ Mondo

Game of Thrones fans and attendees of SXSW this year were treated to a group exhibition put together by Mondo themed on the hit HBO series. Artists Audrey Kawasaki (above – of Margaery Tyrell), Bill Sienkiewicz, Bruce White, Chet Zar, Craig Drake, Daniel Danger, Esao Andrews, Jacob Bannon, Jason Edmiston, Joao Ruas, Jock, Kilian Eng, Mia Araujo, Mike Mitchell, N.C. Winters, Rich Kelly, Richey Beckett, Sanjulian, Thomas Hopper, Tom Bagshaw, Tim Bradstreet, and Warwick Johnson Caldwell were asked to reprise some of their favorite characters and scenes from the show […]

Mark Ryden for the World Wildlife Fund

Gifted painter Mark Ryden recently created an exquisite new piece entitled Queen Bee. For those interested, the painting will go to a benefit auction for the World Wildlife Fund coming up this May. Also, fans in Los Angeles can expect a show from the low brow luminary soon, hopefully some time this year at the Michael Kohn Gallery to be entitled The Gay 90’s: West. Discuss Mark Ryden here.
Kirsty Whiten_front

Preview: Kirsty Whiten – “West End Bestiary” @ Recoat Gallery

Tomorrow night (March 8th) in Glascow, Kirsty Whiten will be opening her solo show West End Bestiary at the Recoat Gallery. The UK-based artist has produced different series of provocative works in the past, but it appears this exhibition will be based on her set of drawings and paintings of unusual centaurs. She states “something about the bestial/male body meld is hot, disgusting and empowering all at once,” and we can see she certainly acted out her feelings about the subject in these new works. […]