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Openings: David Stoupakis & Matthew Bone – “Ashes To Sorrow” & “Raised By Wolves” @ Last Rites Gallery

Last weekend in New York, the Last Rites Gallery hosted an opening for David Stoupakis (above) and Matthew Bone (directly below) as they unveiled all new paintings. Stoupakis’ dark imagery was apparent as Ashes To Sorrow explored somber fairy-tale like settings rendered beautifully by the locally-based artist. Bone brought a set of works collectively entitled Raised By Wolves with him that combines his love for pop culture and girls, apparently the more drenched the better. More opening photos below… Discuss this show here. Discuss David Stoupakis here. Discuss Matthew Bone here.

Openings: Lola – “Haro” @ Corey Helford (Circa)

Last Saturday night, Lola (featured) returned to Los Angeles from her new home across the pond to share a set of new works entitled Haro with her fans at the CHG Circa. Opening just two doors down from the main space, where she showed in 2010, Lola was chosen to be the debut artist for Corey Helford Gallery’s alternate location. The 13 new paintings filled the intimate setting and are “reminders of what it means to chase a dream.” Lola says of her new work, “I decided […]
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Preview: Martin Wittfooth – “Empire” @ Corey Helford Gallery

This Saturday night (September 15th) in Culver City, the Corey Helford Gallery will be presenting powerful new paintings from Martin Wittfooth (interviewed). Empire will feature the NY-based artist’s satirical works where he tackles themes of power through his visions of animal allegories. Like the image below – Occupy – he states “I wanted to play off of the idea of the symbol of Wall Street, the bull perched up on a girder being swarmed by songbirds, who have no perceived effect whatsoever on his position, despite the great deal of […]
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Openings: Jeff Soto – “Decay and Overgrowth” @ Jonathan LeVine

Last Saturday night, besides new paintings from Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed), the Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York also hosted the opening of Jeff Soto’s (interviewed) solo Decay and Overgrowth. As seen in our studio visit leading up to the show, new work features the lush new palette Jeff has been working with recently with inspiration coming from his search into his own ancestry and the resulting thoughts that come from that. For those interested, check out an interview here where the Riverside-based artist talks more about the work and of […]

Openings: Yumiko Kayukawa – “HAKURYUU – White Dragon” @ LeBasse Projects (Culver City)

AM stopped by LeBasse Projects in Culver City on Saturday to take in new paintings from Japanese artist Yumiko Kayukawa. Entitled HAKURYUU – White Dragon, the new body of work centered on themes that came about after the devastating earthquake that hit Japan in 2011. Through her work, Kayukawa explores personal coping mechanisms in the aftermath of an unforgettably painful event and hopes the white dragon will be an omen of good fortune for the future of Japan. For a deeper look, also check out this interview leading up to […]
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Openings: Audrey Kawasaki – “Midnight Reverie” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Just this Saturday night, Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed) returned to New York City to share a new exhibition at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. This fresh body of work entitled Midnight Reverie features new direction for the LA-based artist that has entranced fans of her innocently seductive paintings. Utilizing dark black grounds contrasted with vibrant hues, Audrey’s subject seem to pop more than ever. Don’t worry, new doesn’t mean the old goes away as this alteration in style still keeps her signature eyes at the center of attention. Each piece has […]
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Rewind: Sept 3 – Sept 9

The return of our video Rewind sees a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the giant Yayoi Kusama statue that is currently installed by Louis Vuitton on the top of Selfridges in London. This was all arranged by Louis Vuitton as part of their campaign for a fashion line they collaborated on with the Japanese artist. ABOVE’s new mural on social media. Interview with Selim Varol and a tour of his Berlin show featuring his collection. Time lapse video of Marshall Reese and Nora Ligorano’s melting Middle Class […]

Overtime: Sept 3 – Sept 9

Overtime stories of the week: It’s agreed. Damien Hirst’s giant, naked pregnant mother to stand tall over seaside town. MOCA has postponed its annual fundraising gala. Board of MOCA scheduled a special meeting Tuesday, aiming to unite trustees. Christie’s will sell $100 mil. art trove by Andy Warhol (from Foundation) over the coming five years or more. Andy Warhol’s Marlon from the collection of Donald L Bryant may fetch $20 million at Christie’s auction. Shepard Fairey sentenced to two years of probation and fined $25k. […]

Preview: David Stoupakis & Matthew Bone – “Ashes To Sorrow” & “Raised By Wolves” @ Last Rites

Tomorrow night in New York, Last Rites will be continuing their devotion to the dark arts with new work from David Stoupakis (above) and Matthew Bone. Stoupakis will be putting a new collection of paintings on display collectively entitled Ashes To Sorrow featuring his haunting imagery and grim fairytale-like details. The show, his first solo at the gallery, is a continuation of his previous body of work – Walking with These Shadows. He states “It is a further journey for me to better understand loss, the unknown, what lies beyond and to […]

Preview: Ransom & Mitchell – “For Smoke & Mirrors” @ Varnish Fine Art

Tomorrow night (September 8th) in San Francisco, Varnish Fine Art will be hosting For Smoke & Mirrors, the debut exhibition by Ransom & Mitchell. The Bay Area-based duo formed by Jason Mitchell (photographer-director) and Stacy Ransom (set designer and photo-illustrator) will be putting new surreal photographs on display including a series on artist portraits that incorporate their imagery (Greg “Craola” Simkins – seen above, Scott Musgrove, Charmaine Olivia, Alex Pardee, and more). What may be mind-blowing to fans of the work is the fact that oftentimes what they […]