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Upcoming: Andrew Schoultz – “New Work” @ Morgan Lehman Gallery

On September 5th, Andrew Schoultz will be opening his third solo show with Morgan Lehman Gallery in New York entitled simply New Work. Seen in this new series of paintings are motifs and imagery that we have come to expect from the San Francisco-based artist including ships, horses, and frenetic patterns enhanced with his mixed media use of US currency. The opening reception if from 6-8 pm if you want to check it out in person. Photo via Mark Moore Gallery. Discuss Andrew Schoultz here.

Preview: “Calligraffiti: 1984-2013″ @ Leila Heller Gallery

After word leaked that Jeffrey Deitch would be stepping down as the director of the LA MOCA, the art world has been watching to see what his plans were for the future. It sounds like first up will be a series of independent and curatorial projects in New York including a show he is involved with at the Leila Heller Gallery. Calligraffiti: 1984-2013 revisits the original exhibition curated by Deitch back in 1984, but with an expanded roster that juxtaposes the styles of mid-century abstract, graffiti, and calligraphic artists […]
The Hole gallery Summer reading AM 20

Openings: “Summer Reading” @ The Hole

Last month at The Hole in New York, a group exhibition opened on the theme of books entitled appropriately Summer Reading. Along with artwork from Airan Kang, Alexander Rodriguez, Andre Saraiva, Andrew Kuo, Brad Phillips, Brian Belott, Brian Dettmer, Clare Rojas, David Shrigley, Devin Troy Strother, Dustin Yellin, Garreth Long, Geoff McFetridge, Harland Miller, Hollie Chastain, Holton Rower, Jacqueline Rush Lee, Jen Mazza, Jen Stark, Jesse Edwards, John Copeland, Kembra Pfahler, Leo Fitzpatrick, Long Bin Chen, Matthew Higgs, Matthew Stone, Michael Dumontier, Miranda July, Neil Farber, Paul Bright, Peter Funch, Scott […]

Upcoming: KAWS @ Galerie Perrotin (New York)

For those of you who like to plan your art calendar a little in advance, a trip to New York (if you aren’t in the area) may need to be arranged if you are a KAWS fan. Although he has had some pretty high profile projects (MTV & Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade) and shows around the world (Switzerland, Japan, Paris, Hong Kong) in the interim, stateside admirers of his work haven’t seen a proper exhibition since early last year in Atlanta. So there is much to celebrate […]

Upcoming / Streets: Nychos – “Silly Slicesophy” @ Mighty Tanaka (New York)

After recently gifting San Francisco with a new mural, Nychos has headed to the other coast for a showing in New York. Silly Slicesophy will open Friday night (August 9th) in Brooklyn at the Mighty Tanaka. As referred to in the title, the Austrian artist will be taking his knife to classic Disney characters (like Mickey above), and dissecting them in a style he often uses on the streets. Speaking of which, he just painted a new killer whale piece for his fans in NY (seen below). Photo […]
Nicola-021811 052

Previews: “Summer Mixer” @ Joshua Liner

Tonight, New York’s Joshua Liner Gallery is changing it up with a group show that pulls in another direction. Entitled Summer Mixer, this exhibition draws together eight different artists from around the globe to make their debut with the gallery. Artists include Neil Ayling, William Bradley, Ann Toebbe, Mark Fox, Nicola Lopez, Wayne White, Eric Cahan and Rebecca Shenfeld. Check out a sneak peek below.

Upcoming: “10 Years of Wooster Collective: 2003-2013″

Tomorrow night (August 7th) in New York at a popup space (525 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011) arranged by Jonathan LeVine Gallery, Marc and Sara Schiller will be curating a show to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of their website – Wooster Collective. The show will include many of the artists that have graced their pages in the last decade including Shepard Fairey, Invader, Faile, JR, Anthony Lister, Ben Eine, Bast (seen above), Blek le Rat, Crash, Paul Insect, Judith Supine, Miss Van, Swoon, Ron English, London Police, Vhils, WK Interact, Zevs, How & Nosm, Olek, DALeast, Skullphone, and more. Photo credit: JR.

Preview: Jeremiah Ketner – “Ideal World” @ myplasticheart

On August 9th, Jeremiah Ketner (interviewed) will be opening another solo show at myplasticheart in New York. Entitled Ideal World, the exhibition will put the Chicago-based painter’s surreal musings on display. He states: “Ideal World is the continuation of a theme I have been exploring for several years now. I wanted to create a place of luxury for the mind. A place where everything is tranquil and all forms of life can coexist without any reference to the past or future. This timeless notion allows sprites […]
"Drop" by Aakash Nihalani

Streets: Aakash Nihalani (New York)

Aakash Nihalani recently sent over some photos of some tape installations he created for the exterior walls of the new Parrish Art Museum which just relocated to Watermill in a new Herzog & de Meuron building. Utilizing his outdoor medium of choice, the New York-based artist once again showed a deft touch in bridging the two and three-dimensional realms with these whimsical new pieces. Stop by his current show in Southhampton at the Tripoli Gallery if you have an interest in his geometrical aesthetic. Discuss Aakash Nihalani […]
Brett Amory Jonathan Levine AM 24

Brett Amory – “Twenty-Four in New York” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Last month, AM attended the opening of Brett Amory’s (featured) new solo show entitled Twenty-Four in New York. For his second showing at Jonathan LeVine Gallery (alongside POSE & REVOK), the SF-based artist continued his series of works documenting various locations in selected cities, all in one hour increments. Rounding out the paintings, were the display of found objects at the spots he featured as well as a site-specific installation which incorporated a magazine stand with structural components. Take a look at more photos below… Discuss Brett Amory here.