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Jose Parla JR Bryce Wolkowitz Wrinkles city Havana AM 07

Openings: José Parlá & JR – “Wrinkles of the City, Havana” @ Bryce Wolkowitz

Last week, the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in New York hosted the opening of JR and José Parlá’s collaborative showing entitled The Wrinkles of the City, Havana. The joint works were based on the time they spent in Cuba a year ago painting street murals together (covered) as part of JR’s continuing project Wrinkles of the City where he photographs senior citizens and pastes their portraits on the walls of city buildings. An example of this was outside the showspace in the form of a mural which the two created several weeks ago (covered). Take a look at all the […]

Upcoming: “Zombie” @ Last Rites Gallery

Coming up on Memorial Day weekend (May 25th), the Last Rites Gallery in New York will be hosting a show dedicated to artists and their love for zombies. The group show curated by Travis Louie will feature work inspired by the undead and include artists like Mia Araujo, Matt Dangler, Fred Harper, Sarah Joncas, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Allison Sommers, Chet Zar, and more (see full list below). And, if the piece above by John Cebollero inspired by Munch’s The Scream is any indication, there […]
JR Inside Out NYC Time Square11

Streets: JR – “Inside Out: NYC” @ Time Square

The French street artist and photographer seems to be everywhere. After our interview with JR last month, he has since brought his Wrinkles of the City project to Berlin (streets and in the gallery), premiered his latest film at the Tribeca Film Festival, got up on Riker’s Island, and gifted New York with a new collaborative show and mural with José Parlá. As if that was not enough, the self-styled “photograffeur” also found time to bring his mobile photobooth van (first seen in Japan) to the […]

Upcoming: Jeff Koons – “New Paintings And Sculpture” @ Gagosian (New York)

On May 9th, the Gagosian Gallery in New York (555 West 24th Street) will be presenting paintings and sculptures from contemporary art giant Jeff Koons. The works selected for this show come from several of his series of works including the Antiquity paintings and sculptures (Balloon Venus seen above), as well as pieces from his Hulk Elvis and Celebration line of works. Love him or hate him, opening night promises to be a spectacle… Photo credit: DiePresse. Discuss this show here. Discuss Jeff Koons here.

Upcoming: Dennis Hopper – “The Lost Album” @ Gagosian (New York)

Above image: © Dennis Hopper (Courtesy of The Dennis Hopper Art Trust) – “Irving Blum and Peggy Moffitt”, 1964, Gelatin-silver print mounted on board, 6 5/8 x 9 3/4 inches (16.7 x 24.9 cm). Courtesy of Gagosian Gallery Tonight in New York, the Gagosian Gallery (980 Madison Avenue) will be presenting work from the late Dennis Hopper that has not been exhibited in the United States since 1970. The Lost Album includes photographs from the legendary American actor, filmmaker and artist taken during a period of […]
AM_parlaxjr - 2

Preview: JR & José Parlá – “The Wrinkles of the City, Havana, Cuba” @ Bryce Wolkowitz

Tomorrow night (May 7th), the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in New York will be presenting a a collaborative showing between JR and José Parlá. Entitled The Wrinkles of the City, Havana, Cuba, you can see from these photos that the works will be focused on their time in Cuba (covered), where they created stunning joint murals as part of JR’s continuing project of photographing senior citizens and pasting their portraits on the walls of city buildings. New Yorkers were already given a taste of things to come when […]
Ian Francis Joshua Liner New York AM 46

Openings: Ian Francis – “Season 1 Episode 0″ @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Last week, Bristol based painter Ian Francis (featured) returned to New York for a solo exhibition with Joshua Liner Gallery. Entitled Season 1 Episode 0, this new body of work dives deeper into Francis’ fascination with contemporary television, exploring both the reality and unreality of the storylines that captivate legions of fans around the world. Long known for his ability to combine elements of abstract & figurative in both paintings & drawing, Ian shows another level of dreamy dimensions in the artwork created for this […]
Rostarr Opera Gallery NYC AM 38

Openings: Rostarr @ Opera Gallery (NYC)

Opening alongside SABER (covered) a couple weeks ago was the New York-based artist Rostarr (featured). Premiering an entirely fresh body of work for his solo debut with the gallery, the Brooklyn native wowed the packed opening night crowd at the NY Opera Gallery. Utilizing his unique graphically charged visuals, Ro gave us a look at his new direction which held both metallic and oxidized textures, which paired nicely with his tribal-esqe repetitious optical vocabulary. It ended up being a very energizing showcase that exemplified the range and […]
Saber Opera Gallery NYC AM 23

Openings: Saber @ Opera Gallery (NYC)

West coast graffiti legend SABER (interviewed) recently stopped by the Big Apple to showcase a new body of work at Opera Gallery. Taking another step in his abstraction style, the street titan created a series that was quite moving with paintings that blurred the boundaries between sharp & tactical and smooth & strategic. Certain pieces focused on the razor sharp corners coming off exquisite line-work whereas other works drew you in with their muted and buffed textures hinting gently at a subtle vision that lies beneath. […]
Shag Levine AM 29

Openings: Shag – “Thursday’s Girl” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Currently showing at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery through May 4th is Thursday’s Girl from painter Josh Agle, otherwise known as SHAG (interviewed). For his fourth solo exhibition with the Chelsea showspace, the Socal-based painter presents a new body of work inspired by “All Tomorrow’s Parties, the classic Velvet Underground song in which lyrics written by Lou Reed spoke to New York’s downtown art scene found in places such as Warhol’s Factory.” The pieces reflect an aesthetic strongly influenced by mid-century modern design and are rendered in his distinctive style and palette. […]