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World Tour: Japan with Nick Walker

It’s been a while since our last “World Tour” feature from Japan (here), so naturally, we were excited that Nick Walker (interviewed) dropped in on the land of the rising sun to do a little “street work” for his Japanese fans. Following up on his infamous “The Morning After” series (here and here), he visited locations in Tokyo and Osaka to do some “hits” with some long time favorites along with some new creations. In addition, he also participated in a live painting session where he […]

Openings: Gert and Uwe Tobias – The Breeder, Athens

AM was in Athens, Greece, and stopped into The Breeder to check out the latest show by Romanian-born twins Gert and Uwe Tobias. We first became aware of the brothers a few years back after happening upon a show of theirs at a gallery in Los Angeles’ Chinatown, where we were instantly taken by their dark yet playful works on paper. Since then, they have done quite well to say the least, exhibiting at MoMA, as well as at prestigious galleries around the world.

Preview: David Choe – “Grifters” Group Show @ Lazarides (Rathbone Place)

As we mentioned in our teaser, “Grifters” will be rolling into town early next month at Rathbone Place. However, it looks like David Choe is already in London getting ready for the super-group show at Lazarides as well as wreaking havoc on the streets. Take a look at some more watercolors he’s been working on as well as a collab piece he threw up (unfortunately buffed already) – all after the jump…

Streets: Blu in Lima

As always, AM is right on top of what Blu is up to, no matter where in the world he is. After finishing two incredible murals in Bogota, the artist hopped on a plane to Lima, where he got straight to work on yet another amazing piece. Writes Blu of the shot above, “the ossuary background is ready”, so we’re excited to see if there’s more to come. Check out some more progress shots after the jump.

Streets: Poster Boy x The Decapitator

Things have been pretty quiet for Poster Boy since his show with the Neo-Con Collective at the Carmichael Gallery in April (covered). But, a couple new pieces have shown up in New York where he teamed up with the Decapitator to “modify” a some phonebooth ads. Another example of how they feel about advertising after the jump.

Streets (and Pool): D*Face in LA

D*Face (interviewed) has just returned back from his two week trip to LA where he made and released his “UnAmerican Graffiti” print, but we knew that he was going to be hitting a few spots whilst in town – and here are the results. The street pieces D painted included the quirky use of Spiderman in a “LA (is for Anarchy)” mural and the stenciling of a 1950’s pool in San Bernardino known as the “Ridiculous Pool.” Read on for more exclusive photographs and a video […]

Streets: Bumblebee in Los Angeles

Bumblebee is a Los Angeles-based artist who has been beautifying the streets with public installations containing those black and yellow body-haired flying insects. Bumblebees are so essential to our lives, yet they are disappearing at an alarming rate and their plight may be overlooked. He is using these potentially endangered species to communicate with the community and highlight such forgotten methods, such as the newspaper stand, which is quickly becoming replaced by the instantaneous news on the internet, and the phone booth, which has been […]

Streets: Blu in Bogota

Blu is one of those street artists that always makes an effort to create pieces that are socially relevant to the area he is working in (ie Milan and Taranto). Combine this with superior artistic skills, his flair for black humor, and an imagination that knows no limits, it’s no surprise he has become the superstar that he is today. Here we see his newest piece put up in Bogota, Colombia for “Memoria Canalla.” Don’t you love the imagery of a credit card getting a […]

Streets: Shepard Fairey x Levi’s Time Square Mural

Recently. AM had a chance to catch Shepard Fairey and his crew hard at work in the middle of Times Square for the launch of a special collaboration with Levi’s. In usual bold Obey fashion, the boys set up shop at the heart of the city to build a mural anchored by Shepard’s classic icon with a “pocketed” Levi’s twist. Not surprisingly the mural creation process drew a big crowd of fans and tourists eager to get pictures of Shepard much like his mural creation […]

Streets: Mark Jenkins in Moscow

An interesting piece from Mark Jenkins has appeared in Moscow… It’s nice to see his tape sculptures continue to evolve and grow. Take at look at some of his previous outdoor work here and here. You can also see more of his work on his website. Via TWBE. Discuss Mark Jenkins here.