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Streets: Banksy – “IKEA Punk”

Since we saw some alleged activity from him last month, looks like another Banksy has turned up in Croydon (Beddington Farm Road). As per usual now, no official confirmation but once again, there are signs that this is from the Bristol Bomber. For one, the “punk” is quite similar to the one seen at his recent Bristol Museum exhibition (covered).  The immaculate stenciling and biting humor are also Mr. B’s calling cards. More images after the jump…

Streets: D*Face – Urban Interventions

Many of us were amazed at the work that London urban artist D*Face churned out for his show at Jonathan Levine this past weekend (covered). But what you may not have experienced is the wacky D*Face “Urban Interventions” that he leaves in his path when he decides to “hit the streets.” AM went around NYC to catch D*Face’s freshly painted murals in the Meat Packing district, right around the corner from the Standard Hotel. What’s cooler is that it’s right across from the kickass mural […]

Streets: Blu in Milan

Looks like Italian street artist Blu has struck again, this time in Milan. It was only just recently that we saw him working in Grottaglie (here, here, and here) on his part for the FAME Festival this year. He apparently also had time to get this huge mural up giving bicylists a little chance for payback as you see them crush cars in their path. More images after the jump.

Streets/Video: El Mac – “Faces of Life” @ Fifty24SF

Besides working on the body of work for his solo show at Fifty24SF (covered), El Mac also took time to throw up some street pieces around SF. Here are some videos documenting some of the process for those who are interested. Part II and Part III after the jump…

Streets: New Banksy – “Roller Zorro”

No official word from the Banksy camp yet, but some signs point to a new stencil from Mr. B up near the A40 (looks to be on top of the Great Western Studios building) featuring a Zorro figure holding a roller and the words “Live Fast Drive Slow” on the other side of the building. With so many fakes and copycats out there these days, one must be careful identifying alleged pieces. But, the size of the piece as well as the fact the this […]

Streets: Judith Supine x Williamsburg Bridge

A proper street artist requires good concepts, placement skills, and cojones (or the female equivalent). Judith Supine once again proves a master of all three especially in the latter set. Check out this mind-bending piece that Supine placed on top of the Willamsburg Bridge! More pics after the jump…

Streets: Imminent Disaster

We saw this image of an Imminent Disaster piece in progress today on Vandalog and were struck again by the complexity of her work and paper cutting skills. We first saw the intricacy of her work in person at the “Streets of Brooklyn” show in January and more recently at her dual show with Gaia at Ad Hoc Art, but nothing quite highlights the ephemerality of street art like seeing her delicate and time-consuming cutouts pasted on a decaying wall. Looking forward to her two-person […]

Streets: Invader – “Low Fidelity” @ Lazarides (Rathbone Place)

As expected, Invader took his time to visit buildings around the area with his tile work, coinciding with the opening of his solo at Lazarides (covered).  From the look of these new London pieces, he seems to be transitioning to some larger scale work, perhaps making it harder for “collectors” to take them off the streets.  Don’t know how long he is in town for or whether these went up before or after the opening but more and more seem to be popping up. More […]

Streets: Anthony Lister Mural

One of the nicest murals we’ve seen put up in a while comes from Sydney (277 Parramatta Rd to be exact), where Anthony Lister (interviewed) painted over this large billboard. Look for more Lister news to follow as he gets set to open a show at New Image Art in September. Another view as well as some other recent street pieces after the jump…

Streets: Aiko

Looks like last weekend in Brooklyn, Aiko put up a mural at the Williamsburg Music Center on Bedford Ave & South 5th.  Some of the classic imagery that was on display at her last solo at Joshua Liner Gallery was replicated nicely at this busy location.  Check out more of the images she posted up on her blog after the jump…
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