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Openings: Curtis Kulig & Skullphone – “Scripture” @ Mallick Williams

Urban artists Curtis Kulig and Skullphone recently opened their exhibition Scripture in New York’s Mallick Williams & Co. Each artist, known well for their outdoor installations, created indoor works for this show. Skullphone continued his ultra precise dot paintings (previously covered) which mimic his LED panel installations which we have come to enjoy. Utilizing a meticulous painting process of altering the size of the paint, he is able to create a visual conceptualization of what he is trying to communicate. Next, upon entering Curtis’ space […]

Showing: ROA – “Paradox” @ FORM Gallery

If you remember back in July, Belgium street phenomena, ROA, had a showing at the Skalitzers in Berlin. Now the good people at that gallery have arranged a show (which opened last night “down under”) for him at the FORM Gallery in Perth entitled Paradox. Like with his participation in the Wide Open Walls project in Gambia, ROA worked in some easily recognizable local creatures that are unique due to Australia’s long geographic isolation. More photos after the jump…

Streets: Shepard Fairey @ ATP Festival (Asbury Park)

During Shepard Fairey’s stay in Asbury Park for his pop-up exhibition with Jonathan Levine Gallery (covered), the head of Obey also took some time to beautify the urban surroundings of the oceanfront city prior to the ATP Festival. Armed with cherry pickers and wall space as far as the eye could see, the posse set up shop for the week in spite of stormy weather to get their mission accomplished. Check out all the action after the jump by our Joe Russo.

Streets: London Instagram Roundup

Since the last London Street Art Roundup, Shoreditch has yet again been buzzing with activity. Much of this is due to Moniker Art Fair hitting Shoreditch for the second year running with a collection of artists around the globe filling the space of Village Underground. A highlight for AM has to be this great piece by Word to Mother (interviewed) on one of the panels outside the show which coincided with his solo show Essence of Adolescence at Stolen Space, alongside Australian duo Dabs Myla […]

Releases: Retna – “Black on Black” Print

For those of you who like the sexy black on black action from RETNA (featured) that we have been seeing recently like at the New Image Art booth for this year’s Art Platform or his work with Chanel at their flagship store in Beverly Hills, you are in luck. It looks like he’s been working on a new limited edition in a similar vein with print powerhouse Modern Multiples for a future release. More behind-the-scenes pics after the jump, but for inquiries please contact [email protected] or […]

Openings: Gajin Fujita – “Made in L.A.” @ L.A. Louver

L.A. Louver recently hosted the opening of Gajin Fujita newest solo Made in L.A, his first in Los Angeles in over five years. The American-born child of Japanese immigrants was raised in East LA, with the resulting upbringing leading to a fusion of traditional Eastern techniques and iconography with elements of Western and urban life in his art. The resulting work, which also includes collaborative elements with his graffiti crew K2S (Kill to Succeed), features visually arresting disparate imagery like opposing samurai charging each other on […]

Streets: El Mac & Augustine Kofie (Los Angeles)

Over the past week, artists El Mac and Augustine Kofie (featured) collaborated on a wall inside the KROQ radio station complex. For this project, the duo brought forth a mural which fittingly centered around the idea of music. They had previously worked together on a piece inside the 33third Store / Mid-City Arts building, however this time around they focused on a color palette featuring a variety of red, white and dark colors. Although their styles are very different, the two of them managed create […]
Trusto Opera Studio visit AM 17

Studio Visits: TrustoCorp – “Life Cycle” @ Opera Gallery (NYC)

AM recently visited TrustoCorp’s secret lair in anticipation of their opening at New York’s Opera Gallery tomorrow, October 20th. The show entitled Life Cycle will be based around the aspects of growing up in the American culture including the life stages of childhood, puberty, adulthood and death. With works ranging in mediums from stained glass windows to board games to vintage arcade games, there willl be something for everybody. The Corp gave us a little tour of the new body of work as they bring […]

Teaser: Arrested Motion – “East West Connect” @ Above Second (Hong Kong)

For those in Hong Kong, we are excited to announce our first ever curatorial project to be hosted by the Above Second Gallery at the end of next month. East West Connect will feature artists who hail from an Asian background and/or those who have utilized imagery inspired by the Far East in the past. Themes to be explored include ideas of identity for those who have dual cultural allegiances, melding and fusion of artistic influences, and the discussion of the work when brought into […]

Openings: How & Nosm – “Achtung!” and Daze – “The Grey Scale” @ Known Gallery

Over the weekend, the Known Gallery unveiled the latest exhibit from New York based graffiti artists How & Nosm. Titled Achtung!, the show filled the gallery space to capacity as art aficionados were presented with more than 15 large scale paintings, more than 100 sketches & stencils, and a sculpture that sits in the middle of the gallery floor. The twins had arrived in Los Angeles last week and used the extra time to paint a large scale mural, but that project was simply a […]