I basically be organizing and planning the next two leaderships we go to. That makes me many shades of happy. Matt one of those people who like, the more I learn about him, the more I like him. Shoot more pictures. If you think you’re tired of running, you probably do not especially if you have a digital camera. There is no additional cost to take more pictures, so why take a photo when you can just take? Even the daily scenes can be memorable in a few years, so draw away!.

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cheap oakleys cheap oakleys With a very intentionally offensive, farcical and self consciously “thin” book, this musical depends on nostalgia to rev up the audience to overlook its ironic underpinnings regarding the excess and abuse of the Reagan era.Prepare to have your buttons pushed: the men are strutting studs; the women are living sex dolls in fishnets and garters; gays are too often the punch line.With lines like: “Sometimes a dream is just as important as a Footlocker Athletic Store,” the musical makes fun of itself constantly, reminding us that, as good as it was to dance to, ’80s music was very often covertly commenting on the extremity of male dominated American culture that rose up in that time of rampant greed, cocaine, materialism and mall building.Whiteford has a finely tuned eye and ear for classic rock ‘n’ roll theater. He has directed, music directed and designed the show with a creative gas tank of pure high energy octane and manic abandon. He plays Lonny, the “Emcee” of the evening, like a contemporary Puck on acid, working the club, and the audience, with a hyper kinetic combo platter of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.He leaps off staircases, air guitars his way across the stage, gyrates and narrates the rock ‘n’ roll fairy tale of love lost and hard won, which throbs at the core of the show.Along with choreographer Olivia Rose Michaels, Whiteford has found dance moves that speak to the era of sexual excess and raw machismo that was the ’80s, as evidenced by the legacy of MTV and music videos. cheap oakleys

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