Artist, talented illustrator, and toy mogul James Jarvis recently released this amazing video he created with animator Richard Kenworthy in collaboration with Nike. Entitled “Onwards,” the video follows one of Jarvis’ famous characters on his adventure as he runs through an ever changing landscape.  Jarvis answered some questions about this project in a short interview with us after the jump…

Arrested Motion (AM): We read that you were inspired to create this video by your love for running. Were there any other messages you were trying to get across to the viewer with this video?

James Jarvis (JJ): I rarely set out to impart a particular message through a project. I think my own personal obsessions and interests always show through. With “Onwards”, I wanted the subject matter to be non-narrative; I wanted the film to be almost abstract.

AM: Can you tell us a little about this character you use in the video? Any associated background stories?

JJ: I wanted to do something with a character that was more abstract and iconic than I am perhaps generally known for. The running action for the character is based on my own. Rather than the brand simply appropriating and consuming the artist’s vision, I think in this situation, I had complete control over what I was making and why.

AM: Any plans to expand on this video with Nike with more videos, products, etc?

JJ: The interesting thing about “Onwards” is that it is an independently conceived project. I brought the idea to Nike myself. It wasn’t the result of a Nike marketing plan. I think this represents a new, more equal way for an artist to work with a brand.

AM: Any other projects or shows you are working on for the rest of 2009 that you can share with us?

JJ: Nothing I can talk about at the moment, I’m afraid.

AM: Thanks for you time James.