An enthused crowd was on hand at Kinsey/DesForges for the opening of “Chasing Castles” (previewed), the first showing of a full-body of work in the United States by London based artists Conor Harrington and Chloe Early (interviewed). Both made the trip across the pond for the opening and happily chatted with fans about their work and the underlying message behind their rich, multi-layered, vibrantly colored pieces.

For the show Harrington continued his exploration of symbols of power, masculinity, and their related societal expectations through his historical reenactment and “tag and cancel” imagery while Early’s desolate urban landscapes and abandoned theme parks with seemingly oblivious vacationers set out to “reveal something about the gulf between the way we live and dream about living.”

Check out all the pieces from Harrington and Early as well as photos from the opening after the jump.

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