Eric White

Eric White

We love the concept behind this group show opening this Saturday, June 20th, at Sloan Fine Art in NY. “+2” sees 24 artists previously exhibited by Alix Sloan invited to participate in the group show, along with 2 other artists of their choice – hence the plus 2 title. The show opens alongside Jonathan Viner’s Harem” also in the gallery.

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The rules for the invited artists are that all of the works are sized at 10×10 inches, and their plus 2’s must be artists they are personally excited about! The installation is arranged based upon who invited whom, and therefore based upon grouping of 3 pieces. Either the top or bottom piece in each group is by the originally invited artist, with the other 2 pieces by their invitees.

Exhibiting artists include Chris Berens, Jud Bergeron, Evah Fan, Chad Fay, Lori Field, Erik Foss, Frieda Gossett, Kady Grant, Seonna Hong, Greg Hopkins, Caroline Hwang, Jordin Isip, Jasmine Justice, David Kramer, Tasha Kusama, Elizabeth McGrath, David O’Brien, Saejean Oh, Saelee Oh, Marion Peck, Martha Rich, Jean-Pierre Roy, Mark Ryden, Rachel Salomon, Kristen Schiele, Brian T. Scott, Jill Simonsen, Morgan Slade, Sally Sloan, Aaron Smith, Owen Smith, Nathan Spoor, Maki Tamura, The John Floyd, Mark Todd, Sarah Trigg, Hanna von Goeler, Esther Watson, Eric White, Justin White plus a host of others.

Thanks to Alix for the gallery shots.

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