If you liked the last Murakami x LV anime collaboration where little Aya’s cellphone is eaten by a giant LV Panda, who then swallows Aya into a psychedelic Murakami “Alice in Wonderland” world filled with creatures from his imagination, then you will like this new offering released yesterday from Kaikai KiKi entitled “Superflat First Love.” In a continuation of this story, set six years later, Aya now grown up, again encounters a strange creature who transports her to the 1800’s where she meets a young Gaston Louis Vuitton.

Check out the entire story after the jump and also take a look at the original “Superflat Monogram” video after the jump…

It’s been six years since the young girl Aya was swallowed by a Giant Panda who appeared on Tokyo’s Omotesando. Having returned to the real world from her trek through the Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore universe, Aya is now a middle school student and has recently been assisting the maidens of a local shrine.

She has continued to search for the gateway to the fantasy world she discovered, frequently walking past the entrance to the Louis Vuitton store, but the giant panda has never reappeared. The photo she took with her cell phone has disappeared as well, leading her, at last, to the faint conclusion that the whole episode was but a mere dream.

One day, having finally forgotten everything, Aya is once again walking past the Louis Vuitton store in Omotesando when she runs into a small, adorable creature, not unlike the ones she encountered before. Staring her in the face is a tiny panda and she is unable to resist the urge to lift it in a great hug. It is then that Aya is swallowed yet again.

The world that unfolds is the same Multicolore dimension that greeted her six years previous. “It wasn’t a dream, after all!” Just as this thought runs though her mind, the giant panda that she remembered so well comes bounding into her path… Looking around, she also notices several of the familiar creatures with the flower hats.

But wait – has this already strange world become even more mysterious?!
That’s right; the Multicolore Universe has grown with each passing day, building wormhole passages to several worlds. It has even found a way to bridge the intervals in time itself.
And then there’s the location… for some reason… Paris.

The year is 1897 and we find ourselves in the old Louis Vuitton factory. Working there is the child head of the family’s third generation, Gaston Louis Vuitton, 14 years old. The monogram created by his ancestors has become a tremendous hit and, at the wishes of his father, young Gaston is training himself to carry on the family tradition. It is this spot where Aya and the panda family emerge, bursting with commotion right from the trunk that Gaston is working on.

“Who are you?” “Aren’t you…” Aya, 14. Gaston, 14. The young girl has found herself face to face with a classically handsome Parisian. The boy, for his part, is red faced; he’s fallen in love at first sight. What will become of their love??? What happens next???

Original Story/Director:Takashi Murakami
Music:Tomoyuki Tanaka(Fantastic Plastic Machine)

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