Come and get it, fresh off the line. Banksy is serving up “Donuts!”

There has been much speculation on when Banksy was going to release a print from his recent Bristol Museum show (covered). Well, the wait is over cuz “Donuts” are served! Banksy is releasing a new print online through Pictures On Walls. There will be two “flavours,” each with a different glaze color (pink or chocolate). The edition size will be 299 for each “flavour” and measures 30 x 22 inches.

No need to warm up your F5 fingers… Due to the overwhelming demand from the public, a new “lottery” process will be implemented. Between now and noon (Tuesday, 7/28/09) you can go online here and register for your chance at “Donuts”.

Check out our detailed pictures of the real canvas from the Bristol show after the jump.

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