As AM turns its eyes to October, one of the shows that stands out is Adam Neate’s new solo at Elms Lester. Following the fantastic Dalek & Delta show this month is “A New Understanding,” a body of work that Neate has been working on for 2 years.

There has been news here and there from the cardboard street specialist, but we are really looking forward to seeing what Neate has to offer because in his own words “this body of work has changed totally from how I was working on it at the beginning, to how I am working on it now; I have a whole new direction with it. For me it has become a whole new way of thinking and learning. In some ways I feel like I have pushed it so far in the space of a year that people who know my work might now not recognise it, or that it will be unrecognisable to some. There are signs in there, bits of my language that have continued, but ultimately this exhibition demonstrates that I have tried to go one step further”

The collections of 22 new works opens on October 9th.  As always, we will have more for you as the show draws nearer.

Via Art Knowledge News.
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