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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Baby Tattooville ’09: Dr. Sketchy’s @ Riverside Art Museum

One of the cornerstones of last year’s  Baby Tattooville was the fabulous “Life Drawing” party (here), where a model is featured in varying poses for participants to sketch alongside their favorite BT artists. Think playing catch with your favorite quarterback or jamming with your favorite band. Well this year, BT decided to shake things up a bit and invite Molly Crabapple’s Dr. Sketchy’s to host the event and to up the ante by bringing a professional model to be the muse.  The drawing session was held at […]

Openings: Miss Van – “Love Stain” @ StolenSpace

Last week, Miss Van brought her signature “poupes” for a well-received visit to the StolenSpace gallery in London. “Love Stain” (teased) was definitely a special show as it was a retrospective (with new works as well) that showcased the many stages and facets of her work. You can imagine the significance and breadth of this exhibition as the French but now Barcelona-based artist has been painting in the streets for almost 20 years. More images after the jump…

Highlights: Recommended Openings For October 3

The art season is in full swing as we head into the Fall, with Halloween just around the corner. AM is entrenched in the thick of Baby Tattooville this weekend, but know that we’ll still be keeping up with the art world at large while hanging out in Riverside with some of the movement’s hottest artists and biggest collectors. There’s still much ahead this season and you can rest easy knowing we will be there covering it all so you don’t miss a beat. Check […]

Baby Tattooville ‘09: “Son Of Baby Tattooville” Museum Reception

After a successful exhibition last year (“Beyond Baby Tattooville”), the Riverside Art Museum brings back Baby Tattooville with this year’s roster of artists, with a show called “Son of Baby Tattooville”.  It was a unique museum group show in that almost all the artists who had works in the show made it in person to the opening.  Museum-goers were greeted with highly-representational pieces by each artists, such as Audrey Kawasaki‘s classic Two Sisters. More images after the jump…

Teaser: Tes One – “Stencil Art Show” @ White Walls Gallery

Tes One, aka Leon Bedore, is a stencil artist hailing from the Tampa Bay area.  Tes first caught AM‘s eye at Manifest Hope (covered) with his gorgeous painting “Change We Made“.  On October 10th, Tes will showing at White Walls for their “Stencil Art Show”, a well rounded selection of up and coming X-Acto luminaries such as Chris Stain, Ernesto Yerena, Casey Gray, David Soukup and Adam 5100.  For his Floridian fans who won’t be able to make it out to Frisco, Tes will also […]

Baby Tattooville ’09: Opening Reception

Following last night’s late sketch, swap and sketch again session, AM and the participating artists reconvened for the official commencement of Baby Tattooville 2009.  Much like last year’s Shag badge (covered), this years attendees were greeted with a special name tag/art print by none other Greg “Craola” Simkins.  In addition to this signed and numbered mini print, Baby Tattooville debuted this year’s “X in one” print, a complimentary, limited edition giclee featuring the art of all participating BT artists.  Check out the goody, print and […]

Baby Tattooville 09: Orientation Dinner and “Duets”

Today will mark the official start of Baby Tattooville (BT), but the artists all arrived last night at the resort. All meticulously planned events of this scale requires an orientation and AM was honored have the opportunity to treat the artist team to dinner as they prepped for their big weekend at BT. After a hearty meal, the the artists took out the tools of their trade and teamed up to create what we would like to call “Duets.” “Duets” are the exclusive original artwork […]

Teaser: Hush – “Innocence” @ Urban Angel

Not only is Hush (interviewed) working on some new imagery for the streets, he’s also hard at work getting read for his upcoming show in London. Scheduled for November, he will be bringing a new body of work entitled “Innocence” to share with his fans at Urban Angel. Of course, we’ll have more to follow as the show draws nearer… A closer look after the jump…

Openings: Swoon & Ben Wolf – “Squinches and Pendentives” @ Urban Art Info

Fresh off their stint from Norway at this year Nuart Festival (covered), Swoon (Interviewed) and Ben Wolf stopped off in Berlin for a show at Urban Art Info Gallery. The show “Squinches and Pendentives” was held in UAI’s large gallery space which allowed the artists to really showcase their styles. The space allowed Ben to build his impressive and self reflective installations/sculptures. Swoon also did her part and effortlessly integrated her always touching figures into Ben’s complex urban-themed installation. It was a fun night as […]

Openings: Angelika Trojnarski – “After the Gold Rush” @ Kinsey/Desforges

We stopped by the Kinsey/Desforges Gallery in Culver City a couple weeks ago on a night of chock full of openings. On the walls were new works from Angelika Trojnarski, a Polish contemporary artist, back for her second show with the gallery. Entitled “After the Gold Rush,” the show featured paintings and abstract structures as well as sculptural representations of deconstructed buildings made from found materials. Check out all the pics after the jump.