Last night, AM attended the VIP opening of Eric Haze’s latest solo “New Abstracts and Icons” in Manhattan’s Level 2 Gallery. With DJ A Trak and Jay-Z’s DJ Neil Armstong working the turntables, many patrons of NYC’s art community and fashionistas came out to pay respect to an artist that has rocked the NYC scene for over three decades. Notables such as Kaws, Jose Parla, Logan Hicks,¬†Charming Baker and many more were in attendance.

The legendary New York artist came with a fresh new series of works based around the hybrid between fine art and seemingly simple design with many of the works comprising of his signature “symbols,” “arrows,” and “lines.” It was the very definition of “less is more” as his icons represented and conveyed so much more than meets the eye. Utilizing numerous mediums such as paper, canvas, sculptures, and drawings, Eric proves that he not only has dynamic concepts, but also mastery over a wide range of techniques. We also enjoyed his multiples approach as his abstract pieces worked well and complimented each other in groups of three.

Photos by Joe Russo (AM-NY)