New York City’s Chelsea may be one of the centers – if not the center – of the art world, but more often than not, if you go there without knowing what you want to see, you’ll spend the day wandering in and out of galleries without seeing much of anything you really cared for. On rare occasions, however, you may just stumble on a show that really blows you away. Luckily, this latter scenario occurred over the weekend, when AM wandered into Metro Pictures and experienced Swiss-born artist Olaf Breuning’s new show entitled “Small Brain Big Stomach.”

Walking into the gallery is like entering a funhouse, filled with whimsical black and white sculptures and wall drawings. But even though Breuning’s art seems simple and childlike, as with Alexander Calder’s circus or the work of David Shrigley, it also poignantly explores the comedy and tragedy that is the human condition. “Small Brain Big Stomach” is up until early December, so if you are wandering aimlessly in Chelsea anytime before then, we highly recommend you check out the exhibit.

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